Elk M1 RF Wireless Receiver / Input Expander
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Product Description

Add the Wireless Receiver and Input Expander to your Elk M1 Gold, INSTEON-Enabled M1 Gold, M1 EZ8 panels. The receiver connects to the 4-wire data (keypad) bus of the control and integrates in much the same way as the M1XIN 16-zone expander except that a single Wireless Receiver / Input Expander can handle up to 144 wireless zones (e.g. transmitter sensors or points). You may now cover thousands of square feet - this receiver has a 300-500' line-of-sight range, which can be enhanced up to 1000' by adding ground plane antennas. You may add up to 11 receivers on an M1 system for redundancy or greater coverage. The receiver may be installed virtually anywhere in the building for convenience and optimum coverage. Power is supplied to the Receiver / Expander through its connection to your M1 system.

  • Wireless (RF) Receiver and Input Expander for use with the Elk M1 and M1EZ8 Controls.
  • Adds up to 144 individual wireless zones (sensors/points)
  • Operates from the 4 wire RS485 Data Bus
  • Up to 11 Additional receivers may be connected to one M1 panel for redundancy & better coverage
  • Flash memory for updating of operating firmware