Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat, Lemonade
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Buy a Quinny Buzz Stroller and a Mico Infant Car Seat (at regular price), and receive a $50 Rebate at check-out! Add the stroller and the car seat to your cart and the rebate will automatically be taken a checkout. Both the stroller and the car seat need to be purchased on the same receipt in order to qualify for the rebate. Offer good while supplies last.

The Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat offers European style while providing the ultimate in comfortable transportation. Includes EPP foam for energy absorption, plush cozi dozi infant insert and a stay in car base. The Mico's weighted base (included) installs in a rear-facing configuration with LATCH connectors, but you can also install the carseat using only your vehicle's safety belts and the carrier's special belt guides. Compatible with the Quinny Buzz and the Quinny Zapp. Weighs 8.65 lbs.( without the base). For children 5-22 lbs. and up to 29 inches. 14"H x 17"W x 25"D. Juice, Lemonade, Black, and Happy Flowers.

  • Rear facing: 5 to 22 pounds
  • Cozii-Dozi infant insert for added comfort for a smaller baby
  • Multi-position, rotating canopy
  • 5-point harness with up-front harness adjustment
  • Trigger LATCH
Customer Reviews:
  • Well designed modular car seat
    We use the car seat pretty much every day and appreciate not only the design and cool color but especially the modular fit with Maxi Cosi and Quinny strollers. It is a tremendous convenience not to have to move our baby to and from the car seat to the stroller. Instead we just pop the car seat out from the car seat base and snap it directly onto the stroller. The fit is easy and secure. ...more info
  • Attractive AND Safe!
    I decided upon the Mico based entirely on the fact that it works with the Quinny Zapp, which we knew we wanted for the stroller. I am absolutely delighted that this carseat really worked out well for us.
    The first great thing about it is the EPP foam, which gives it a much nicer look (most other models have the big, squishy pad-like foam making them look like old discarded sofas) and its upholstery is soft and cottony, not squishy and velvety like most carseats. The fabric marks easily but it is pretty easy to take the cover off and wash.
    The seat comes with a base that has trigger release (like regular seatbelts, just push the red button to release) LATCH hooks - they make installation so easy that we really could have gone with only one base for our two cars and had no trouble at all. Initial installation involved two steps: making sure the LATCH belt was the right length, and attaching it to the anchors. Literally, it took under five minutes to install.
    The base can be tricky to release, particularly by those with arthritic hands like some of our grandparent-type-people. But once they learned the trick (pull on the handle, THEN pull the seat up) it was less of an issue.
    My favorite thing about this car seat is likely an unintentional plus of having the Quinny Zapp and the Mico combined: you can use the stroller combo as a "high chair" before baby can sit up. We would just fold the top handle back, then release the handles of the stroller so that they would fold back over the top, and suddenly the end of the seat is right at the table! As a restaurant family, we really appreciated being able to include our little one in all the fun we have when going out to meals. And not having to disassemble the stroller, put him in the sling, worry about people knocking him around or him getting in the way, are all worth it!
    The only (minor) complaint I had was that the newborn head support was set up kinda weird: it seemed like the holes on it didn't line up to where they should have been, causing my son's head to be pushed forward (kinda slumped), thereby defeating the purpose of said support. So I just didn't use it, which worked well too, because the padding is snug enough around the baby's head that it really wasn't necessary to have it in the first place.
    Overall, I absolutely loved this car seat and would have no reservations about recommending it to anyone. It comes in some fun colors, and it's unique-looking enough that people will never stop asking you about it!...more info
  • Great Car Seat
    My wife and I spent a long time researching car seats both here in the US and in Europe, we were very close to ordering the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix and Easy Base and shipping it from Europe, based on the very positive reviews we found on the internet and from friends/family in Europe.

    We pleased to find the Mico, come onto the market just as we were about to order. The Care seat is very well made, well thought out and works very well for our baby. The base unit stays in the car, and is a breeze to use, I do recommend that you get this car seat in advance of when you need it. It does take a little bit of time to figure out how to get it installed into the car, mostly based on the fact we had never used a car seat before. Seat is fairly light, and easy to carry with our baby in it. We also purchased the foot muff, it works very well here in Ohio with temps in the single digits with wind chill.

    I would suggest that you go look at one in a store if you can, the actual colors do look a little different in real life, in particular the red/orange.

    Removing the car seat from the base and reseating it works very well, and is very quick.

    We also purchased the bugaboo adapters, Read the instructions if you are going to use them, make sure you have the left and right sides correct before you try them out. (if you don't its going to be a fight to get them back out of the car seat sockets). Trust me on that one.

    We have had lots of positive comments from the local hospital staff when they looked the seat over (apparently they see a lot of different levels of car seats).

    I will update this review as things progress with our use....more info
  • Great car seat
    I purchased this seat as it was necessary to go with my quinny zapp stroller. I am very pleased with how light this seat is. The only problem I had at first was I couldn't find the instructions, I thought that none had come with the seat, however a friend who purchased the same seat later told me that they were attached to the seat on the back, underneath the sun shield. Once I found them I was so happy! The straps are easy to adjust, and the seat comes in an out of the base with ease....more info