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  • Great Show!
    I wish people would rate the show and not Amazon's Unbox or Video on Demand service. ...more info
  • I Loved It
    If you don't know anything about the office, watch some earlier seasons first. It would be like jumping into the middle of a season of 24 or Lost. This has to be the funniest show on TV now!...more info
  • one of the only two tv shows i watch
    this show is amazing and so funny. the characters are all on their own and each have different personalities. poor michael scott who tries so hard, but seems to always offend someone. deep down, he is a good man. oh and jim & pam for life....more info
  • Amazon disappoints me for the first time
    I never thought Amazon would let me down like this. I am a huge Amazon customer. My purchases go all the way back to the beginning of Amazon. I have spent thousands of dollars on Amazon. I am also a huge Mac fan and user. Amazon is preventing me from using my iTunes, my computer, my Apple TV and my iPod for playback of The Office Season 4. Unbox is so antiquated compared to the elegant method I was allowed to use for the other three seasons. Please reconsider and get together with NBC, will you?...more info
  • Hell Ya!!
    o my some people are pissed off about unbox!! im happy to say im NOT one of them. i was very pleasantly surprised to learn that i could download new episodes of my favorite show, the office of course, right to my computer!! it sure beats waiting for it to come to DVD. i also really liked the idea of the office going to hour long episodes (just downloaded the 3rd episode), so i was kinda disappointed when i found out they went back to half an hour episodes :( but that didnt change my love for the show!! ill take the office anyway i can get it!! the first 3 seasons were just great and with what ive seen of the 4th season my opinion hasnt changed. and isnt likely too. although i do want to punch Ryan in the mouth!! but i have a feeling hell get what he has coming to him........ill keep my fingers crossed!!...more info
  • The Office rulez all!
    This is one of the best shows, that I have seen, in a long time. The cast is amazing and the writing is top notch....more info
  • This is a Shame
    Apple, with iTunes, revolutionized downloading and digital subscriptions to TV. NBC blew it when they severed their ties with iTunes and the consumer suffers. Amazon seems to be perpetuating the pain by issuing their service for PC users only. I would wager that a huge percentage of people likely to pay for the downloads and the convenience are looking for it on a Mac. Amazon should seriously reconsider which platforms they are catering to. ...more info
    The Unbox sucks. I will NEVER try to use it again and I will NEVER downnload a video from it. I was very eager to purchase and download season four of The Office. You would not allow me to purchase it without registering for some stupid Pepsi points which I did not want to do. There was no other way that I could find to purchase the product. I am going to write NBC and tell them that they should sell their product through i-tunes, which is much more user friendly and delivers quality product without having to coerce its customers into providing personal information to Pepsi. I am also a regular book, DVD, and CD customer, but I am so turned off by this experience that I am going to purchase my products from other sources from now on. I should charge you for my wasted time! Tell Pepsi that they lost you a loyal customer!...more info
  • Best Comedy on Television
    The only negative I have to say about "The Office" is that it hasn't been on in so long (!!!) due to the writer's strike...I am going through withdrawal!
    The Office is one of the best off-beat (which makes it ultimately the best) comedies ever. If you need a laugh track & straight-forward silliness to laugh, then The Office is not for you.
    Much of my laughter is internal, as I sit watching with a constant smile on my face for almost 30 minutes straight. I love thinking about the story lines, because there is so much going on in just 1 segment that I know I often don't catch it all the first go-round.
    Yes, I do own Season 1 and 2, and just finally ordered the 3rd.
    I know this review might be lame, but I LOVE the Office, and please writer's, producers: Cut a Deal!! ...more info
  • Wonderful Show & Service. Stupid Reviewers!
    I promised myself that I would never become one of those people who use these reviews as an opportunity to critique the Unbox service itself rather than the actual show we're supposed to be reviewing. But I read the first reviewer's comments for this title about an hour ago, and it so annoyed me that I had to take a moment to respond.

    The reviewer offers two primary complaints about the Unbox service: that it doesn't warn users about the need for a Windows-based PC and that the video quality is poor. Neither of these complaints falls into the category of misguided opinions. Rather, both claims are objectively false in every possible way, on every imaginable level.

    Amazon could not be more up front about the system requirements necessary to download and watch Unbox videos. I don't follow Macintosh news, so I'm not sure -- but I think Unbox either does or will soon offer Macintosh compatibility. But the first time I used Unbox it was a Windows-only service, and I remember extensive verbiage explaining exactly what kind of equipment was required.

    Just because one customer is too lazy to read instructions doesn't mean a service is bad. Sometimes it's the customer who is bad!

    The claim about video quality is even more absurd, since the actual resolution of Unbox downloads are some of the highest on the entire internet. If you have old or semi-compatible codecs installed, who knows what the video would look like! Anyone who isn't too dumb to configure their computer properly will confirm that Unbox downloads look and sound better than most standard-definition cable television broadcasts.

    In any case, that was my little rant against self-righteous inaccuracies purported as valid opinions. The Office itself is a wonderful show, but I will have to come back to that one in a later review!

    ...more info
  • The Office will always get five stars from me!
    The 1 star is for the Amazon Unbox service!

    It's slow... very very slow! My download time was around 5 hours for a forty minute show!

    This is completely unacceptable. I will find another means of downloading the episodes, thank you!

    ...more info
  • Great download
    I love the office and I was dissapointed I have missed this episode;however, I am so glad that I was able to download it. It was very quick and user friendly, I higly recommended. Very pleased.
    First time user
    Andrea ...more info
  • No Problems - A++
    I love the fact that Amazon is offering The Office now. I bought an Archos 404 and downloaded all the programs that I wanted. Included some I had bought previously on iTunes. I have an iPhone, but couldn't get season 4, so I had to come to Amazon and use their program. But I love the Office so much - I was just relieved to have the option.

    Susan, North Florida...more info
  • office is a great series; lack of ipod support will kill it though
    when the office first started out, it was a great show that got bad ratings on network tv; thanks to itunes though, it got enough money to make it for another season. well now nbc is being greedy and taking the office away from itunes. not only that, but they are making it so u cant use it on ur ipod without a converter that is hard to use for people who arent that good with computers. this is going to kill revenues for the show and might be the reason it ends earlier than the fans want (that is if the damn writers strike doesnt kill the show first)...more info
  • Awesome Service. Great Selection, No-wait Downloads!
    If I forget to TiVo/DVR a particular show, Unbox is my number one resource. I can download DVD quality shows or movies directly to my TiVo at home or to my computer. Cheaper than Apple TV and better quality than watching on network websites.

    ...more info
    Even though American Bases Overseas are considered American soil, the videos will NOT download on base. According to the player, we are considered overseas...Nice. You know Apple Itunes NEVER gave me this problem. Way to support the troops and boost morale!...more info
  • Please Rate the Series not Unbox
    If I read one more review which is supposedly referring to the series but actually is a bitter diatribe about the Unbox experience I'm going to scream. The disclaimer already says Unbox doesn't work with iTunes they should apologize for this? Why, when iTunes is not compatible with any other player besides the iPod line. So what unboxed doesn't work with MAC. Hello? MacHeads have iTunes! Any download service is going to be as fast as your Internet connection so if it's too slow, upgrade your Internet speed! Unbox is a great service with reasonably priced videos that is more user friendly an accessible than Cinema Now and Netflix. It is what it is. So can you just review the shows instead of Unbox? Some of us really want to know whether or not the show is download worthy. Which by the way, Season 4 of the office is not. Michael has gone from cute to annoying and the plots are only really funny when Dwight is in at the center of them....more info
  • Unbox is Worthless!!!
    after spending all this money on itunes and i-pods...
    why does amazone even sell ipods?...more info
  • An amazing show with great humor
    I absolutely love "The office". The characters are great fun and really crack me up. After watching one episode I couldn't resist and ended up watching all the episodesThe Office - Season One in a week. Jenna Fischer as the receptionist does a great job and so does the sociopathic Rainn Wilson. It is extremely funny and something that I could totally relate to. Steve Carrel also does a great job as an egomaniacal boss....more info
  • Eyes wide shut
    It is amazing to read the amount of complaints the MAC community create. While unable to make the switch out of fear of the unknown, users continue to blame others for their woes. MAC users fail to see that they are victim of a tyrant, and rootless business entity. Apple has always refused to share what they create with others. Proprietary hardware, secret source code, even ITunes is a pain in terms of compatibility. MAC users have been impervious to all of these practices... instead APPLE followers like members of a freak cult keep 'crying' and 'complaining' about their self-created misery. Just switch platforms and stop trying to be cool and different. The truth as always is plain and simple....more info
  • Call the MAC user WAAAAmbulance
    The Office is hands down one of the funniest shows on TV right now. I'd consider it the Mary Tyler Moore of this generation. And since I opted to buy an Archos multimedia player instead of an ipod, I have NO issues downloading any episodes and watching them to or from work.

    Just a thought to all you MAC users - sure, you can be angry at Unbox for not being MAC-compatible. You can be angry at NBC for not making the show available on itunes. But while you're at it, you could also be angry at itunes for a: not trying to work out an agreement with NBC when they felt they were being short shrifted, and b: not working with amazon to make unbox work with MACs. I'm sure amazon would love an extra 10% more business on their download model (probably more than 10%, as so many MAC users seem to be tech/download-savvy), but we all know how apple likes to insulate itself from competition...heck, itunes could have had 10% more business if they had opened up itunes to non-ipods sooner (and even now, there's only some music available DRM-free, no video content. Amazon saw an opening, and now they have video downloads (that, again, they'd probably LOVE to offer to MAC users if apple would open up the process a bit) and a wider selection of DRM-free 256K music at better prices. I'm just saying you can spread the blame around, is all...

    BTW, any Mac owners with Tivo out there, consider this: Archos' optional DVR station can be hooked up to a TiVo (any DVR really) and you can record content to your player that way. So even if you forgot to TIvo a particular show, if it's available to download to a Tivo via unbox, you can record copies of shows or movies or whatever else you opt to watch. Unbox and Archos and Tivo, putting the "Ah!" in "Options" (whereas I put bad half-baked homonyms in reader reviews)....more info
  • Don't listen to the other reviews!
    Many people are downvoting The Office because they have a Mac and didn't bother to read Amazon's information about the service. Had those "geniuses" bothered to read, they would know you can't put these videos on a Mac or an iPod. That's what makes them Mac users; they just pressed BUY and didn't realize that their Macs are garbage.

    Enough Mac dissing, though; review for The Office. The Office is, frankly, the best show ever concieved by man. Steve Carell is amazing in the show. And the Unbox service? For a downloadable video service, nothing beats it. Sure, the image isn't DVD quality, but it isn't bad either, and for the price, you get MORE than you pay for.

    It won't play on an iPod, but with all the DRM garbage you have to go through by owning one, those who have brains will have a Creative Zen or some other sort of player like that, and this will work for those people. Thumbs way up for the service and The Office, and thumbs way down for those Mac worshippers whose intelligence is what makes Apple their money in the first place....more info
  • Mac support
    I bought all 3 seasons via itunes and enjoyed them on my ipod and apple tv. NBC / Jeff Zuckerman - who I used to respect from his days at the helm of the today show have actually ruined my return to episodic tv. I haven't really watched a show since Seinfeld. Good move Jeff! ...more info
  • Awesome
    I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside whenever I sit down and the opening credits of "The Office" comes on. It's a great show....more info
  • Awesome Series
    I don't have cable or satellite because most shows on TV are worthless. This is not one of them. The character development, humor, story line and sub-plots are what makes this show a hit. I can't wait to get the next season.

    It's a shame that people have to write reviews about Amazon's service or platforms rather than about the actual show....more info
  • I Love This Show
    I knew this show was funny, but I never really made an effort to keep up with the show. So, on my birthday I asked my sister to buy me the box set for season 2 and now I am hooked! I watched season 1, 2 and 3 in two days! Dwight is so hilarious, Pam and Jim's secret interest in each other kept me wanting more! I needed to know what was going to happen next. I really enjoy watching this show. I haven't been so hooked on a show in years. Give it a chance....more info
  • Mac users getting short end of stick!!
    To echo what half the people here are saying, I don't get why Apple is getting shut out of selling new Office episodes. Did they do something wrong by not agreeing to sell episodes for more? No, NBC is wrong for asking more, or not letting them be cheaper. I still watched it on TV despite downloading it, thus still getting ad revenue. Big mistake, bad karma....more info
  • Unbox Disappointing
    Expats beware! Its extremely disappointed that Unbox is only available in the U.S. This isn't a problem for iTunes...not sure why Amazon can't solve for it like Apple can! I guess Amazon isn't a global company yet....more info
  • It used to be my favorite show...
    I guess I'm not alone on this one.. Amazon you've lost another customer by not letting Macs use your Unbox. What a disappointment....more info
  • Proof that sometimes less is more
    Minor Spoilers!

    This is the first half hour episode of the season for THE OFFICE and the show is all the better for it. Although I enjoyed all four of the hour-long episodes that started the season, even on the very good ones my internal clock kept telling me that the show should be over after the first half hour. In the past, some of the extended episodes have worked quite well, in particular the superb "Beach Games" from late Season Three. The widely reported rumor last spring was that NBC wanted the show to expand to a full hour on a permanent basis. Hopefully the relatively flatness of the past four hour-long episodes has permanently squashed that idea.

    In this episode, the Scranton branch is asked to participate in the making of a commercial to publicize Dunder Mifflin Infinity. But after learning that the Scranton people could only be involved in the final 2 or 3 seconds, merely enough time to wave at the camera, Michael insists on his people making their own video. There are many great moments in the episode, none so great as the "director's cut" of the Scranton-produced commerical that they play at Poor Richard's Pub after the officially authorized version plays on TV.

    I have upset some people the past three years by letting it be known that I have not been a huge fan of Dwight. Sometimes he has been less of a real character than a caricature of a character. I'm finding that I'm enjoying him a lot more in Season Four as he struggles with his inner pain following his break up with Angela after he euthanized her cat. He constantly is going online to play the game Second Life, obviously for escapism. And he suffers uncomfortably as Andy recounts his efforts to get to First Base with Angela. One of the funniest bits of the episode comes when Andy tells him that he did get to first base with Angela, though she remained astonishingly unresponsive except to moan the letter D, which Andy bizarrely interprets to mean An-DEE, but which Dwight interprets in its more obvious sense.

    So, all in all a great episode. The director, by the way, was Jason Reitman, son of Ivan Reitman....more info
  • Office Good, Unbox Bad
    The bad thing is, the only people this will hurt are fans of The Office. iTunes was instrumental in the show finding an audience and making it past the first season, and now, well, Unbox is NOT going to generate the same kind of revenue because it's Byzantine and preposterously restrictive.

    So thus, less revenue will be generated by The Office and cancellation will occur sooner.

    Thanks, NBC. Go f*** yourself....more info
  • Great episode!
    What a great episode! Almost every scene was a winner, which was great considering the episode was an hour....more info
  • This is pathetic! WHERE'S MAC SUPPORT?
    10% of all computer users today have Macs. At least iTunes let Windows users spend money! I guess it's Amazon and NBC's loss here, though I miss out too. At least they have the episodes online, though I can't watch them on my iPod. I can't believe they just totally nixed the whole Mac market. BAD IDEA!...more info
    Just plain and simply the best sitcom in the last ten years, gets better every week. Was kind of hoping it would have stayed on iTunes but such is life. ...more info
  • Love the show! Hate the service.
    Sorry Amazon - you aren't going to get my business. This is a horrible service. Come on, a 10% discount for a subscription for the ENTIRE season? Utterly ridiculous.

    The office is a great show - and I intend to not miss ANY episode and will just wait for the DVD to come out. It amazes me you are going to charge almost double for a season online vs. buying a hard copy of the season. What are you guys thinking?

    And NBC - what is wrong with you?!?! Did you really think fans will follow you over to this? I will just start watching other TV shows on other channels. Not a big deal to me - our house will turn from NBC only to whatever shows I can get on iTunes. I follow my iPod and wherever it takes me.....

    Bad move...bad bad bad move.......more info
  • One of the weakest episodes yet of one of my favorite shows
    Warning! There are some spoilers in this review.

    In the spring of 2007 it was reported that NBC had asked the producers of THE OFFICE to expand it permanently to a one-hour format. Initially I thought this was a terrible idea, that the show would be irreparably weakened by expanding it to an hour. Then I saw the Season Three DVDs with the deleted scenes and with so many really great deleted scenes, I though that perhaps it would be possible to expand it to an hour. Now, however, I'm not so sure. Especially after this last of the four one-hour episodes that start off Season Four. As a half hour show, THE OFFICE almost always leaves you wanting more. But as a one-hour show, it always seems to go on too long. Like most of the four episodes starting off this season, this one just felt like it was over before it was over.

    I'm not saying that it would never be a good idea to have an hour-long episode. The show has had some very good expanded episodes in the past. But four in a row seems to have stretched the show further than it really wanted to go. I'm actually looking forward to it going back to shorter episodes next week.

    This episode revolves largely around two major stories. First, Michael's increasing money woes created by having Jan live with him without working any herself. To help make a bit more money he takes a second fulltime job as a telemarketer. The scenes showing him at his second job are the weakest in the episode and really do feel like padding to make the show go a full hour. The other major story centers around Pam and Jim deciding to visit Dwight's bed and breakfast. After three years of teaming together to play tricks on Dwight -- and indeed this visit starts off as a trick on Dwight -- they realize how deeply he is hurting because of his break up with Angela (caused by his killing her elderly but deeply beloved cat by putting him in her freezer) and make a couple of gestures to try and make him feel better. For instance, they give his utterly dreadful B&B a stellar review on the Internet. I like the symmetry of Pam and Jim not being together for a long period of time during much of which Dwight and Angela had a hidden relationship. And now that Jim and Pam are together, Angela and Dwight have broken up.

    I have no doubt that the show will get back on track, but to do so, the network needs to permanently commit to the show being only a half hour each week....more info
  • This episode is hilarious
    What a great show! Why only 1 star? Well amazon decided to reject us mac owners. (And to think I almost bought my macbook through amazon!) Looks like we can now add Universal and Amazon.com to the list with Microsoft of shoddy corporations that have complete disdain for their customers. Can anyone say - antitrust lawsuit. Sorry amazon but this just shows your complete hypocrisy and inward focused logic. I know you might despise iTunes, but don't take your adolescent hatred out on us ordinary citizens. But I guess when people can't find legitimate ways to win they all resolve to cheating....more info
  • Office great, amazon unboxed sucks
    The show is 5 stars, but I feel ripped off after I just bought and downloaded the last 4 episodes to find that I can't watch it on my iPod or convert it to DVD to watch it on my TV or Portable DVD player. ...more info
  • awesome!
    $1.99 per show. It ends up being a little more expensive than buying it on the dvd, but I am willing to pay the price for convenience. My schedule is kinda hectic so I don't always get the chance to catch the shows. It buffers pretty quickly on my 5mb cable, so I can start watching it within a minute or 2. I do support the "Plays For Sure" system, I just wish I had more devices for it.

    However, it is unfortunate for people to use these reviews as a way to bash NBC for dropping an inferior online distribution system. Apple should not have bit the hand that fed it.

    As of right now, this show has a 2 1/2 stars out of 5. 5 out of 13 people voted 1 star. All 5 of those people are upset that their mac/ipod/itunes will not work with Amazon's Unbox. Don't pay attention to the star rating, as it's obviously skewed.

    ...more info
  • MAC users get screwed
    Once again mac users get the shaft. I will never download from Amazon. Why? Because they won't let me. I guess my money is not any good. I'll just take my money somewhere else then....more info



    EARTH TO AMAZON... COME IN...more info
  • Simply the best comedy on television
    This show's comedy hits on so many levels, from slapstick, to surreal, to cerebral. The combination of characters is like none you've ever seen, even though they are derived from a British sitcom....more info
  • A Great Program - Lousy Network
    Given how iTunes was instrumental in The Office finding an audience, it blows my mind that NBC would take their programs off of iTunes. ...more info
  • Please don't punish the Mac owners
    Please do not punish the Mac owners due to iTunes. MAKE IT MAC COMPATIBLE or get out of the download business. You are automatically excluding 5-10% of possible business....more info
  • No Mac support
    No Mac support equals poor customer service. iTunes has been successful because of the seamless transaction and viewing process. Until this functionality is fixed for Unbox Video Downloads, business will suffer. I look forward to Amazon raising this service to the service levels and standards of other Amazon product and services.

    Kennedy...more info
  • Best Show Ever! Unfortunate change from iTunes to Unbox
    I have been a fan of the office since before it's pilot episode. It is the only TV show that I've regularly dedicated time to watch.

    For the last three seasons I've downloaded all episodes through iTunes so that while traveling I could watch them on my ipod. This was a great relationship for me making things very convenient.

    Now that Amazon Unbox has rights to the office and itunes does not have access to season 4 I've had to learn how to make things convenient again.... but to no avail.

    Downloads are first much larger with the .wmv format then the .w4v provided by iTunes. For the sake of comparison an hour with .w4v is approximately 500 megs while the .wmv format is approximately 900 megs. Second the quality appears far worse in .wmv than it is in the .w4v format. Third, iTunes will only put .w4v videos onto my ipod which means I have to go through the added step of converting my Amazon Unbox videos from .wmv to .w4v before watching them on my ipod.

    My suggestion to increase the Amazon Unbox fan base is to make this download system slightly more compatible with iTunes. The more convenient you make this the more likely it is that I will use Unbox. If nothing changes then I will just buy the season on DVD....more info
  • Great Show! Terrible service!
    First off, let me say I am completely in love with The Office, and it is one of my favorite TV shows in recent history. The plot is engaging, the story entertaining and the characters very memorable. Even people who have not seen the first few seasons would not miss much if they start with the fourth season.

    However, my review is more of the Unbox Amazon player and service than the TV show itself.

    I write episode recaps and review of the office for a small fan website and even though I watch the show on TV when it first airs, I like to have a copy of it to rewatch again while I am writing. Last season I used the iTunes season pass to accomplish this, but since the Office is not available on iTunes this year, I decided to download the video from Amazon instead.

    My first impressions were very good! It was very easy to plug in my current account information into their one-click shopping and buy the episode. However, I then had to download their proprietary software to play the video. Well, Amazon neglected to mention that the player would not work on a Macintosh computer, making my purchase completely worthless. Furthermore, they do not have any refund process in place, and even though I have not downloaded the video, and am incapable of downloading it, I have yet to receive a refund.

    Luckily, my girlfriend also enjoys this show and does have a Windows computer and had downloaded it, so I went over to her place to watch it, and the video quality is terrible. It looks like it was recorded on a cheap VCR. Much much worse video quality than the episodes I downloaded last season off of iTunes. Despite that, the files are twice as large as the ones off of iTunes, to the tune of 1 GB per hour of video.

    All in all i rate the video as a 10/10, but the service as 1/10....more info
  • This show RAWKS!!!!
    My boyfriend and I watched all 3 seasons in one week. It was liek we were hooked on crack. We could not get enough. Now we feel so sad that we are done. So eager for the new season to start. I promise you will not be sorry this show is amazing!!!! Everything about it is AMAZING!!!!...more info
  • Not MAC Compatible. Not Available in PR USA
    It's not MAC compatible, but I gave it a chance an download it from my PC. After paying for the episode a window popped up saying that Amazon Unibox is not available in Puerto Rico because is non US.
    ...more info
  • Just buy the DVD
    Forget all this online video stuff, just go to the DVD section on Amazon and buy it on DVD, it's a way better deal. It'll be better quality and you can play it on whatever device you want. If NBC doesn't want to have their videos on all online stores and cut out the Mac crowd entirely, then show your support and just buy the DVD....more info
  • Works with only PC not Mac
    It's great that Amazon and NBC are offering this first rate TV show for download. But its compatibility with Mac and iPod users is not a smooth process at all. You'll need extra software to convert the show to a Mac or iPod compatible format. Most Mac or iPod owners would gladly pay the $1.99 fee here or at the iTune store for the convenience and the premium user interface, while any tech savvy PC users would likely download it free via other means. What's the use of a $1.99 show if you limited it to only one single platform while the show is actually free over the air. Hopefully, the executives of both NBC and Amazon can understand the reality of the current downloadable content market and lift the restriction....more info
  • Another hilarious office episode
    This episode is really funny. It pokes fun at racial stereotypes, and how they affect the work place. ...more info