BoomerangIt Mobile ID - Large
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Your precious belongings and irreplaceable data should not be gone forever! Protect your portable world in 3 easy steps: 1. Apply BoomerangIt security ID labels 2. Activate BoomerangIt service online 3. If your item is ever lost or stolen and recovered, BoomerangIt will return it to you speedily and confidentially, anywhere in the world. BoomerangIt ID labels make it easy to get lost or stolen items back. Our professional, friendly staff communicates with the finder and leading carriers to arrange for the speedy return of your property. Confidential returns protect your privacy. You are reunited with your valuable items and the finder receives a reward from BoomerangIt. It is that easy! BoomerangIt recovers items every day with the help of Good Samaritans, police, security personnel, Lost & Found departments and others who contact BoomerangIt 24/7 to report finds. That is why more than 1.2 million members worldwide already trust the service to protect personal and corporate assets from loss. BoomerangIt security labels are ideal for consumer electronics such as a cellphone, iPod, laptop, and digital camera, as well as luggage, car keys, and other valuables people want to ensure can be returned if ever lost or stolen. Get BoomerangIt today. Be worry-free with BoomerangIt Mobile ID.

  • 18 security property labels
  • Durable tamper-resistant material
  • Unique ID numbers
  • 2-year BoomerangIt Lost & Found Return Service
  • Easy worldwide returns