2-Channel Wireless Radio / Slave / Strobe Trigger Solution by Square Perfect
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Product Description

Square Perfects 2 Channel Wireless trigger will fire your power pack and/or strobe from 50 feet away. Talk about distance. With a sensitivity range of up to 50 feet, the Square Perfect Radio Solution provides a coded radio signal that works indoors, outdoors, around corners and through walls. Designed to trigger a flash remotely, a line of sight is not required between the Transmitter and Receiver. It works with nearly any camera that has a hot shoe or X-sync terminal. Quality. . . This set-up is made from CE approved electronic components and has a full 1 year warranty. NOTE: It is not compatible with H-prong connections. Additional Features: Includes one 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter Includes one 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter Receiver has the led indication Receiver adapters various synch cord of strobes Synch Speed: < 1/250s (Leaf Shutter) Batteries Required: 2 AAA Battery Life: > 1200 Hours Triggering Delay: 1/1600s Remote Distance: 50 Feet Working Indication: LED

  • Can be operated by your camera hotshoe or the included sync cord.
  • 2 Channels with no interference; Automatic Channel Search
  • Micro-computer controlled. Triggering delay is 1/1600 second
  • Will support full spectrum bulbs up to 85 watts; Long life battery
  • Has two channels and works without interference with each other