Cables Unlimited 2 Meter USB Micro B Cable with Ferrites (USB127002M)
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Product Description

Cables Unlimited's USB 2.0 Micro A cablesprovide the perfect solution for connecting the latest generation of ultra slim PDAs, Smart Phones, Cameras and USB OTG devices to your PC. These premium cables support data transfer rates up to 480Mbps, allowing you to easily transfer your favorite pictures or music to and from your PC. Fully compatible with all Micro A equipped USB and USB OTG devices.

  • Connects the latest mp3 players and digital camera to your PC
  • UL Rated
  • USB Micro A connector
  • Plug and Play
  • Lifetime Warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Fits Nokia 3555b
    This is 5 pin micro USB cable and works perfectly fine with devices such as the Nokia 3555b. Some of these micro USB cables (apparently) use 4 pin (conductors) which MIGHT explain the reported razr problem. The conductors are as close to the edge of this cable as possible and necessary....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I am very pleased with this cable. It was exactly what I was looking for and it was very reasonably priced. I did not need any special cd or software to use it with my Nokia phone. Now I can download all the music I want on my phone!...more info
  • Well made & Works with Nokia N6555 Phone
    What more can I say, fast delivery, Well made & Works with Nokia N6555 Phone...more info
  • Does not work with Nokia N800 Internet Tablet
    I bought two of these cables, and neither one will work with my Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. Another reviewer mentioned the same problem with a Motorola Razr, so it seems likely that the cables are at fault....more info
  • Works perfectly
    It works as expected when connected to my Sanyo S1: the battery charges and the computer is able to transfer data to/from the phone without any problem....more info
  • Not for RAZR2
    Bought this to work with a Motorola RAZR2 phone, but it won't connect to it. I compared it to another cable that does work and while the pinout is the same, the contacts on the micro usb side of this cable don't extend as close to the edge of the connector as they do on the other cable that works. It isn't a very big difference, but it's apparently enough to keep this cable from working. May work for other devices, but it doesn't seem to be useful for a RAZR2....more info