Cables Unlimited 3 Meter USB Micro B Cable with Ferrites (USB127003M)
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Product Description

Cables Unlimited's USB 2.0 MicroB cables provide the perfect solution for connecting the latest generation of ultra slim PDAs, Smart Phones, Cameras and USB OTG devices to your PC. These premium cables support data transfer rates up to 480Mbps, allowing you to easily transfer your favorite pictures or music to and from your PC. Fully compatible with all Micro B equipped USB and USB OTG devices

Customer Reviews:

  • Package says Micro B but contains Micro A cable
    I can't really say I dislike the cable or anything, but wanted to inform you that Cables Unlimited put a Micro A cable in the package even though it's labeled Micro B. I just emailed them for an RMA, which hopefully will go thru fine, but still I am going to have to pay to ship it back to them and then wait at least a week before I receive the correct cable. Meanwhile, I will have to get under my driver's seat and plug in my only Micro B USB cable to my car-puter in my WRX to charge my LG Dare phone on my road trip, then get back under my seat and unplug the cable and take it inside if I need to charge the phone while at my destination. Overall, an amateurish mistake, especially for a company that specializes in cables (Cables Unlimited) and one of the only actual Micro USB cables on (you might see another one made my Zen that says Micro USB but it's actually just mini USB)....more info
  • Great Cables
    The perfect cables for our project. The best price we could find and delivery was rapid....more info
  • Connects the latest mp3 players and digital camera to your PC
  • UL Rated
  • USB Micro A connector
  • Plug and Play
  • Lifetime Warranty