Sigillu Secure Encrypted Phone: Nokia N73 version
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Product Description

This Sigillu Secure Encrypted Phone is a Nokia N73 unlocked phone bundled with strong encryption software which makes it absolutely secure and unbreakable. It was developed especially for those who work every day with sensitive data and know how important it is to prevent confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. It passed highly advanced security tests performed by both civilian and governmental experts, and is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Encrypted text messages can be exchanged while in a secured voice conversation. Key Features: - Military-grade strong encryption key - 256-bit session key which replaces the encryption every 5 seconds - End-to-end encryption (ciphered communication between two devices) - No additional hardware required (software-only solution) - Implemented on regular phones and GSM cellular networks - The encryption process is not perceived by third parties - The user is not prevented from updating the phone firmware or operating system - One mobile phone for both regular and secure calls If somebody manages to illegally intercept your communication, its content will be protected even against the most sophisticated interception devices. Sigillu encrypted phones provide secure communications anytime, anywhere.

  • The encryption process is not perceived by third parties
  • Complete end to end protection, from phone to phone, for both audio and text messages
  • Dual layered combination of unbreakable encryption algorithms at a military level
  • Encryption keys automatically generated by the phone - no external intervention
  • Software-only solution. No additional hardware required.