Classic Distant Early Warning (DEW Line) Film DVD: 1960s Cold War Nuclear Attack Defense DEW Line Radar & Antenna Security System Construction Film
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This film documents the construction of The Distant Early Warning Line (DEW Line) during the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The DEW Line was a joint venture by the United States and Canadian governments designed to give early warning in the case of a nuclear attack. A variety of radars and Doppler antennas including the AN/FPS-19, AN/FRC-45, AN/FRC-101 were constructed. The DEW Line was strategically placed along the 70th parallel near the artic circle. Table Of Contents: (1) The DEW Line Story (1960s) - This documentary explores the planning, design and construction of The Distant Early Warning Line (DEW Line). The cold war era "next generation" defense system is discussed at length including political, military, scientific and national defense benefits. At a cost of 346 million dollars, over 450,000 tons of parts and materials, and 75 million gallons of fuel had to be flown and shipped to the upper reaches of the earth to enable the construction of this futuristic undertaking. The film also highlights the work and lives of the brave men who ventured to the artic circle to build these massive radars, in bitter cold, to preserve the security of North America 27 Minutes

  • Table Of Contents:
  • (1) The DEW Line Story (1960s) - 27 Minutes