WR-A100 Wireless Remote Control for Canon Eos-1v/1vhs, Eos-3, Eos-d2000, 30d, 40d, 60d, 1d, 1ds, Eos-1d Mark Ii, 10d, 20d X fully compatible with RS-80N3
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Product Description

Wireless RF (radio frequency) remote control for your Canon EOS 5D, 1D, 1D Mark II, 1Ds, 1Ds Mark II, 20D, 10D, 60D, 30D, 40D, 1V.. Maximum operating range 100m. Compared to an infrared (IR) remote control, it allows you to operate the shutter from either direction/angle. It supports unique coding for anti-interference and avoiding wrong operation. 3 operations modes: At W Mode; the receiver is active, you can use the transmitter to control the shutter or focus. At O mode; the receiver will be a normal remote switch, and it will not consume any power. At L mode, the receiver will lock the shutter for long exposure (Bulb Mode).

  • Fully compatible to: Canon EOS 5D, 1D, 1D Mark II, 1Ds, 1Ds Mark II, 20D, 10D, 60D, 30D, 40D, 1V
  • 100 M range; does not require line-of-sight release
  • 3-mode operation for shutter, sleep, and lock; locking function for bulb exposure
  • Supports unique coding for anti-interference and avoiding wrong operation
  • With rechargeable lithium battery and charging device that has LED indicator
Customer Reviews:
  • Wireless remote
    I had looked at a lot of products and a lot of reviews for a wireless remote. This unit had the best reviews for the money. Too bad Canon does not offer built-in remote capabilities on the 40D with an inexpensive remote fob like they did for the original XT. I am satisfied with the remote. Only small compaint is connection to the camera is not the best and wireless antenna hangs loose unless taped or attached to the camera or tripod somehow. I would have been willing to pay a little more for a neater fit/connection to the camera or tripod but not the $300+ that Canon wants for its wireless remote....more info
  • WR A100 Wireless Remote Control
    I received my WR A100 Wireless Remote about 5 weeks ago and was very surprised at the simplicity of the gadget. It is very light and easy to operate. It took longer to unpack the control than it took to plug it in and try it out. Best bang for your buck and I highly recommend this item.

    The directions that came with it were easy to understand. The average person should be able to figure out how the device works without the directions.

    I purchased the remote primarily for use with my Canon 40D and 5D cameras and telephoto lenses coupled to a 1.4X or 2.0X multiplier. Using my 400mm lens with a 2X multiplier and my 40D mounted on a sturdy tripod gives me a very long focal length but, its still virtually impossible to prevent camera movement while pressing the shutter release. The remote solves the problem.

    Other uses for the remote control are noted in the many reviews written on this web site.

    The merchandise was delivered on time and it good condition.

    ...more info
  • Satechi WR-A100 Wireless Remote
    Delivered without delay, works as advertised. I would buy other products from Satechi on the strength of their follow-up alone. I received an email from them after I received the product. They wanted to be sure I was happy with my purchase. Now that is a delightful change. Usually the product maker lies low, not wanting to do anything to encourage criticism. Not this manufacturer. Good job, Satechi.

    Chuck Sale
    [...]...more info
  • great product
    This remote works great. I love all of the functionality you get for such a low cost. I would highly recommend it....more info
  • WR-A100 Wireless Remote
    I have the Canon 50D and was looking for a remote for it. I came across this product and read great reviews about it, so I ordered one. It came a day earlier than the estimate delivery date, and it was well packaged. The battery was fully charged on my unit, so I was able to get a couple of test shot immediately. It worked flawlessly, what else can I say. ...more info
  • Good, basic does as it says on the box
    The wireless remote was lost in the parcel service between USA and UK because Parcelforce had to collect VAT and made a larger charge for them collecting it - so add £23. Post Office traced it and Parcelforce clerk sorted problem for me. The transmitter has US plug so off to Tesco for adapter - although not needed immediately because the transmitter arrived fully charged with both units functioning. Worked and then seemed not to work...! But that was my 20D not firing due to me not focussing. Once twigged, had good fun shooting off from another room [Er.. no, no-one else in house..]. Am looking forward to using it for nature shots....more info
  • Good stuff!
    I haven't been able to use it too much yet, but overall it's a great product that works really well, so I am pleased! Was a little surprised at the bulkiness of it, but with the alternative being the Canon remote for the 40D costing over $1000 NZD I am more than happy with this version!...more info
  • Awesome Gadget!!!
    I received my order less than 10 days uncluding the weekend,then after making several tests with my canon 40D, I am very happy and satisfy......more info
  • WR-A100 Wireless Remote
    WR-A100 Wireless Remote Control for Canon Eos-1v/1vhs, Eos-3, Eos-d2000, 30d, 40d, 60d, 1d, 1ds, Eos-1d Mark Ii, 10d, 20d X fully compatible with RS-80N3

    I have been using the wired remotes for my Canon Rebel XT and XTI, so when I purchased my Canon 40D I knew I would need a remote for that camera also. I searched the web and came up with the WR-A100 Wireless Remote Control for Canon Eos-1v/1vhs, Eos-3, Eos-d2000, 30d, 40d, 60d, 1d, 1ds, Eos-1d Mark Ii, 10d, 20d X fully compatible with RS-80N3.
    As with all new electronic devices purchased over the internet, I'm thinking I Really Hope this works the way they say it does.
    I ordered this remote on Sunday with the standard shipping for a PO Box thinking, OK I will have to wait 7-10 business days. I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up at my door on Tuesday. 2 Days after I had ordered it by USPS mail.

    OK, next thing on the list is, will it actually work. I charged the remote as suggested in the owners manual (Overnite) and hooked it up to the camera for the test run. The first thing I noticed was that the wires on the camera where the remote is plugged in are very slim so you have to be fairly careful when plugging the remote in to the camera. After plugging the remote in, I started playing with the buttons and they worked as advertised.

    The next test was to set it for time exposure; I was able to set this with no problem. The receiver plugged into the camera has the same function buttons as the transmitter. I took my 1 hour exposure of the moon and then turned the remote off. So far so good.

    The next test was the distance test. The company specifies a 100' range. I played with it in the house (50' straight line) and it worked as advertised, but I wanted to shoot pictures of my nieces wedding with the camera set up remotely so that I wouldn't be too obtrusive during the ceremony. The wedding was an outdoor affair with the bride and groom about 30' from the front row of seats. I set the camera up to get a good view and then went to find out if the remote would work from where I was sitting (about the 100' distance the company claims) it wouldn't trigger! Crap! I tried turning the transmitter so that the RF signal might get a better shot to the camera, still no good. I'm thinking maybe the battery in the transmitter is low (supplied with the unit), I opened up the transmitter and see that the battery is a camera battery and I don't carry spare batteries of that type. So now I go to the tripod and play around with the receiver and get it facing where I will be sitting and start walking backwards to where I will be sitting and taking a picture about every 5'. It works! There is a blue light on the receiver that shows when the shutter has been tripped, now I could sit at about 100' and take remote pictures all during the ceremony. So, now it has lived up to the expectations that I have for the device.

    If you buy this device (I Recomend) make sure that you pick up a spare camera battery or 2 for the transmitter. The receiver is rechargable....more info
  • Great product
    I used this remote with the Canon 40D and it works great - both the wired remote and the wireless remote....more info
  • WR-A100 performs as advertised.
    Easy to set up and works as advertised. Simple to use and serves its purpose well. The ability to use the receiver alone is a nice feature that should be mentioned. This allows "getting yourself into the picture" capability should you not desire to use the remote. ...more info
  • Great Service
    I purchased this remote based on the other good reviews posted here, and can't say I was disappointed. The remote arrived quickly, and Satetchi followed up to make sure it had arrived & worked well. I rarely get an unsolicited email from any retailer asking if my item was received, the customer service from Satechi is outstanding. ...more info
  • It works perfect but for Europe take care for the plug-type
    I decided to go with this wireless unit for this fine price. It works great with my Canon 40D, easy to hook up and use. The seller quickly shipped it and after ca. 1 week (customs etc.) it was delivered at my home in Switzerland. As the recharger-plug was an american type (not useabel in Switserland) the order-department of Satechi promissed me immediately to send me an EU-plug. So in the future, when you are ordering from Europe mention this plug-wish in advance......more info
  • Great Product - Great Service
    The Remote works great - a fraction of the cost of other big brand units, works great and the service was fantastic, timely and well packaged. Thanks!...more info
  • Outstanding
    I found this item online and read the reviews that were posted and said, I've got to see this to believe it....
    Well I ordered it and you would have thought that I had requested overnight shipping. This thing shipped I think before I close down my computer.
    Great product as the reviews stated and great tech support if you need it. I didn't. It worked as stated.
    Thanks guys for a great product at a amazing price.
    Don...more info
  • Cant beat this for the $$$ Best company to deal with!
    I received my remote in just 2 days! The wireless transmitter dint work well, the button had to be wiggled to get it to work. I called the company and I had a replacement in another 2 days! This one works perfect!! Awsome experiance dealing with this company!...more info
  • WR-A100 Wireless Remote Control Review
    The WR-A100 Wireless Remote Control is an outstanding product. It works perfectly with my Canon EOS 1DS. It has independent focus and shoot capability as well as very good range. In addition, you can use the transmitter as a wired remote. Another niece feature is the rechargeable transmitter. In my opinion, it is an excellent value. I was also pleased with the very fast shipping. ...more info
  • Great for the price
    Satechi got it to me in great time and it has worked really well so far. I'm happy with my purchase and my interaction with this seller....more info
  • WA-100 Wireless Remote from Satchi
    I wanted to take photo's of birds in my back yard and out in the field. After reviewing different remotes I picked this one. I have tried it out from about 70 Ft. and it performed flawlessly. I did have one problem with the blue signal light I couldn't see it. After closer inspection I found that it was facing the wrong way. Dummy me. I can see many possibilities for this unit. Self portraits , family portraits and for Macro. I have a feeling that this will be one of my main piece of equipment. The service and response from Satchi was appreciated. If you want a economical remote I would highly recommend this unit L. D. Y....more info
  • Excellant Service
    WR-A100 Wireless Remote Control for Canon Eos-1v/1vhs, Eos-3, Eos-d2000, 30d, 40d, 60d, 1d, 1ds, Eos-1d Mark Ii, 10d, 20d X fully compatible with RS-80N3

    Had a problem with 1st one I received contacted seller and they sent me a replacement that same day.

    Excellant service...more info
    While looking for a wireless remote for my 20D, I found the WR-A100. When it arrived, I found that it would also work on my CANON 5D, so I got more than I expected from this remote.
    It is well constructed, and seems like it would stand up to use both in the studio and in the field. It is small and compact and easily carried in your kit, pocket, or backpack.
    I am extremely satisfied with this little gem and expect to get a lot of use from it. ...more info
  • Satechi Wireless Remote for Canon 40D
    I will start off by saying don't hesitate if considering a Satechi wireless remote! I received it promptly (WR-A100) and it worked flawlessly out of the box.

    When I decided I wanted to be part of the "group" pictures and not have to scramble each time to beat the timer, I decided it was time to looked at the Canon LC-5 wireless(I have the Canon RS-80N3 wired) and was shocked at the sticker price. So I did some research and of all the 3rd party vendors that made a comparable product, the Satechi seemed to have great reviews. And just as important, all indicators were that the post sales support was outstanding.

    So for value, meeting or exceeding performance expectations and outstanding support, I give this product 5 out of 5 Stars!...more info
  • awesome!
    exactly what i had expected to come in the mail! works perfectly with my canon 40d. havent had any problems with it yet and is easy to use! thanks so much....more info
  • Wireless Remote
    Works great with my Canon 40D. The only thing I wish was different would be that the connection to the camera would face down.( When connected, the cord points to the front of the camera.) Great price compared to name brands....more info
  • Best affordable item for my 30d
    I've looked high and low for a remote that was affordable for my Canon 30d. After buying cheap on eBay and being disappointed I found this remote. The fact that it was offered by Satechi on a secure site like Amazon was a blessing.

    It works perfectly with my camera and now I can take stable night shots and better self photography....more info
  • A great accessory
    This is such a great item to use especially for portraits with family and friends. With a few kids running around, the perfect picture is easier to achieve!...more info
  • Everything advertised
    Once the battery in the receiver is charged, it works exactly as advertised. For an inexpensive wireless remote, I heartly recommend this one. About a week after they shipped it, I got an e-mail inquiry from them about its performance. When I suggested they mention on their instruction sheet charging the battery, they e-mailed me an updated sheet that now mentions it. I'd have to say that the company's performance is certainly above average. ...more info
  • Why pay more?
    Works great as corded or wireless remote. Don't know why anyone would pay for models that are hundreds of dollars. One weakness: I would like to see a built-in way of connecting the components together for storage, and a way of connecting the receiver to a camera strap....more info
  • Works great for a great price!
    I had no desire to spend nearly $400 on the Canon wireless remote, but I was skeptical about the 3rd party options, especially because the price difference was so huge. But I took the leap based on the good reviews of the Satechi remote, and I'm glad I did. Works great and does everything I need. The plug is secure when seated properly, though as one reviewer noted, the blue light when it fires is pretty bright (and easily addressed with electrical tape or a pouch). This can actually be used as both a wired or wireless remote, and in fact, for bulb mode, it must be used wired using the receiver. That's probably my only quibble with it: I wish it could be used wirelessly for bulb mode, but it hasn't been a huge deal that I couldn't. I've used this for long exposure (10-20 minutes) night shots and shorter exposure moon shots where I wanted to make absolutely certain there was no camera shake. The remote has worked flawlessly every time....more info
  • perfect work on Canon 40d!
    Excellent product. works great on Canon 40d! I bought yesterday and my wife love it so much!...more info
  • working 3rd party wireless remote for 30D
    The Satechi WR-A100 works as advertised with my Canon 30D. The button on the receiver doubles as a wired shutter release and halfway-pressed focus button. The buttons on the transmitter provide focus and shutter release control as if on the camera itself. My use is primarily for taking photos of birds in my backyard at distances of 90-120 feet from transmitter to receiver/camera. Unlike IR remotes, lining up transmitter and receiver is unnecessary. I have not tested the set-up to see what is the maximum working distance, but I have had success up to about 150 feet. When the shutter fires, the receiver flashes a small green light, which confirms success, but is probably not visible beyond 120-150 feet in bright daylight for the average eye. Re-charging the receiver on the day of use is advisable as battery "trickle" drain does occur when it is not used for several days. I have not had a problem with "same day" battery drain. The AC adapter for re-charging is small (not one of those two pound blocks) and easy to carry on trips. I use a small, flat, soft pouch with a zipper for the whole package. The transmitter uses button type batteries, which have good life spans. I am thus far very pleased with this much more affordable alternative to the Canon brand wireless remote....more info
  • Good price
    It works as described with the price tag much lower than the canon brand one. And you have the wireless one which canon does not offer for their 20d/30d, 40d line. (The Rebel line has it)...more info
  • great product
    it's very quick and has a surprisingly far range. I would recommend it for anyone in need of a remote for a canon 40d....more info
  • WR-A100 Wireless Remote Control for Canon Eos 40
    I didn't know if I really needed the WR-A100 Wireless Remote Control to begin with but after receiving it I don't know how I ever lived with out it . Taking wildlife pictures with this is incredible, so much so I looked for anything and everything to shoot with it. The order was delivered on time and I recommend it highly. Thank you for your product and your service.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful remote
    I love this wireless remote. It arrive quickly and it's so easy to use!! I bought it for self portraits and family photos. It works great....more info
  • nice remote
    worked well, did not have any problems with this unit
    nice feature to have...more info
  • Great product! Only a few drawbacks!
    Great product!!! Works as claimed.

    Only complaint:

    Blue light emitting from it is very bright (not good for long night exposures). I used a pouch or tape to cover it.

    Falls out of socket often so not a tight fit.

    But overall...awesome product.

    Thanks!!...more info
  • Great Service
    Having tried a couple third party remotes for my Canon 40d and being dissatisfied, I tried one more time and I'm glad I did. The service from Satechi was terrific. I've not used the unit a lot, but it seems to be well made and the plug (the failing of many third party units) fits securely into the camera....more info
  • WR-A100 Wireless Remote Control for Canon Eos-1v/1vhs, Eos-3, Eos-d2000, 30d, 40d, 60d, 1d, 1ds, Eos-1d Mark Ii, 10d, 20d X full
    Excellent Product, really works almost 300 yds, I used to make a Stop Motion Sequence, inside a Factory, at the same time I Record a Video with my videocam, an works perfecttly.
    It dosen't look nice, It's kind of rough, to big, an seems fragile, but It Works!!!, as a Battery Indicator, so you know, how much battery it's left.
    Nice product....more info
  • Satechi WR-A100 Wireless Remote
    I ordered this remote it arrived on time as it was supposed too. I had to use the remote the following afternoon and it worked as it was supposed too. I used it the following weekend and too approximately 600 photos with it. It gave me the capability to shoot with another camera mounted from a fixed position, and be able to move to another position with another camera to take photos of other action shots after the ball was hit or caught and catch the action. ...more info
  • Great wireless remote
    When I made the jump into the Canon 40D I had to purchase a new wireless remote. I use it daily for self portrait work and have not had one issue with it. I love that the receiver is rechargeable with indicator lights showing the amount of charge.
    A great price for a fantastic product....more info
  • Great product! Incredible customer service!
    The transmitter on the first unit I received did not work. I emailed Satechi on a Sat. morning and withing TWO MINUTES I got a phone call from them. I had another one delivered four days later and it works flawlessly....more info
  • It works.
    This remote feels cheap and plastic-y like many off-brand electronics do, but it works great....more info
  • Wireless remote rocks!
    I bought this untried based on some other recommendations, figuring unless it didn't work at all it would not only save me a ton of money over Canon's overpriced unit ($hundreds more!)but also satisfy my need to trigger the shutter on the camera, bolted onto exterior airplane struts etc, from the inside of the cockpit.

    It not only does the job, but has an excellent range, dozens of yards at least, plus I tried it through a brick wall and it worked!

    I'm using it on my Canon 40D, it also works on my 20D. I also like that I can mash the button on the remote and it fires continuously.

    The mode button could be a little more predictable...it's a little too easy to set it in the wrong position...but a little mark to show you for sure that you're on the right setting does the trick...or just be careful. It's not an issue for me at all.
    Excellent company too, I called to ask if they could expedite shipping in time for my shooting trip and they were not only courteous but very helpful. I got the unit on time and it worked right out of the box.

    I'm checking to see what else they sell that I might need, I like this company....more info
  • Great Unit - Some items miss the mark
    First, the unit works well. Outstanding is the customer service.

    The down sides are:

    1) The mode switch is difficult to operate. While it works, is tough to easily choose the 'mode' (Off, M-mode, L-mode) you want.

    2) There's the less-than-clear instruction sheet. The charging instructions say "When the transmitter is charging, the light of the transmitter is on. There are 5 lights; each light represents 20% of the battery power. ...."

    Problem: It's the receiver that is charged (recharged) not the transmitter. The transmitter uses an A-23 battery. Secondly, it's easy to confuse the 'power light', which is on the bottom of the unit, with the charge status lights which are on the back of the receiver. These status lights are tiny and unless at least one of them is 'on', you won't notice they exist.

    Upside: Customer service called me withing 3 minutes of getting my email. Once you know what to look for, this is not an issue.

    It's also unclear that the battery charger (which they call a power adapter) shuts down after charging the battery. The instructions make no mention of this and do say "... remove the power adapter.." once all five lights are on. I suspect that this means you should not leave it charging overnight etc.

    ...more info
  • Won't Be Disappointed
    This is the first wireless remote control that I have purchased so I am not an expert. I can tell you that it works great on my Canon 40D and I received it in no time at all. I ordered it on Friday, they shipped it on Fridy and received it on Tuesday. I could have bought a more expensive one . . . but why? I could have bought a prettier one . . . but why? I am very pleased with the product and even more pleased with the speed at which Satechi shipped it to me. Leave it to Amazon to find the best suppliers for their shoppers....more info
  • Outstanding results
    I ordered this product based on other positive reviews that I read and I am happy to say that it works great. You get what you pay for. Even the bulb setting works perfectly. I recommend this wireless shutter for anyone who wants a great accessory for their camera but can't see paying Canon outrageously overpriced fee....more info
  • Yes it works... Yes it works on the Canon 40D
    Works perfectly with my new Canon 40D. Please note that at first it did not work. Satechi..com was incredible in their service. They called me within 2 minutes of sending them an e-mail. In my excitement the firing unit was charging while I was trying to use/play with it. It has a safety to prevent current overload to the camera, so it would not shoot the picture while charging. Unplugged the charger, works like a charm. ...more info
  • Just what I needed....
    I've recently switched from film cameras to digital. I'm not great pro photographer or anything, but I do take a lot of pictures. I've learned over the years that a remote can be a VERY handy thing to have. I recently picked up this remote for my new 30D. Needless to say, I'm very happy with it so far. It gives me the option to click the shutter either at the camera (without the remote) or from up to (at least) 30 feet away (standing either in front of the camera or off to the side somewhere, such as when taking complicated landscape shots). Overall, I'm very happy with the product and the seller who provided....more info
  • Works great for 40D
    I considered a couple other options but decided to go with this wireless unit. Works great with the 40D, easy to hook up and use. The seller quickly shipped it and followed-up to make sure it was working well. ...more info
  • Works perfect for Canon 40D!
    Excellent product. works great on Canon 40d! doesn't say that it does in the description, but it does! :)...more info
  • Awesome Wireless Remote
    I bought this prior to my vacation in the Big Apple, and I am so happy I did. Finally, I get to compose my own pictures AND be in them at the same time! Coupled with my Joby Gorilla Tripod, I was able to get awesome shots at night in Time Square, and evening shots in Central Park. It also came in handy with family portraits with the in-laws. No more running back to set the 10sec timer, just autofocus and "click!". ...more info