Samsung SPF-72V 7-Inch Wireless Digital Photo Frame
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Product Description

Here is an opportunity to enjoy photos in your PC remotely. Just let the SPF-72V access your home network through WiFi or through WMP11 of Windows Vista which will automatically find your SPF-72V. Even if your PC does not have Vista, the SPF-72V has an update file for Windows XP to share photos with the SPF-72V. You will be guided on how to enjoy photos on a website.

  • 6.5-inch viewable LCD display with 800 x 480 resolution
  • Displays your digital photos with high quality and the full spectrum of colors
  • Access to home network through WiFi and save the address of your Windows Live Space or RSS feeds from other websites
  • Accepts SD/MMC, MS, and xD memory cards; includes AC and headphone jacks
  • Auto-rotates images for a display that is always fresh
Customer Reviews:
  • Beyond Photos - An Information Appliance!
    I received mine last week. I bought it because I was looking for a way to marry my pictures on Flickr with weather content. I found a free service called FrameChannel which allows me to program the content for my Samsung frame. The frame works beautifully with this service. There may be other such services, but I'm please by this combination! Plan to buy another one for my parents....more info
  • Yet Another Half-Finished Product
    This is the second wireless digital picture frame I bought. The first was a Kodak, which I returned after a few days, since it just didn't work. The Samsung is better, since is sometimes works. However, I suggest that everyone save their money (& time and frustration) by purchasing a cheaper, non-wireless frame, and a USB stick or SD card and forget the wireless feature until the manufacturers debug their software.

    Good features:
    Looks nice (except the intrusive "Samsung" logo on the front).
    Simple to set up.
    Does not install much software on your PC (unlike Kodak, which installs lots of crapware).
    Good, sharp image.
    Works just fine from a USB stick.

    Bad features:
    Wireless sometimes connects to my network, sometimes doesn't. No diagnostics when it fails.
    Frame starts in mode that displays internal pictures, so you need to manually configure it to display pictures from PC -- everytime!
    Manual configures is a pain. Buttons are small and on the side of the frame. The process is slow and involves many steps.
    When the PC goes idle and powersave goes on, the frame dies (note to Samsung: there are APIs to prevent this).
    Overall reliability of wireless is low....more info
  • Somewhat disappointed
    If I wanted to buy a picture frame with a memory card reader there are dozens (for a lot less money). What I wanted was a wifi picture frame that accepted internet feeds that I could send to my parents. They could plug it in and it would work. End of story.

    It's never that simple...

    First, the good stuff...
    Configuring this frame was relatively easy. And the pictures look good.

    Now the PITA stuff...
    It seems to lose its mind whenever you turn it off. It ALWAYS asks what language every time you turn it on. Then it asks how to connect to the wifi network including having to type the wep code in again. I finally figured out that it really remembers this... you just have to hit a bunch of random buttons before it remembers.

    I might not be reading the manual correctly but then I would need a microscope to read it.

    I've tried both Windows Live and Flickr now and once I tell the frame where the pictures are it takes a LONG time to check for new ones.

    I'm hoping 1) I can teach my parents to operate this thing and 2) a firmware upgrade will fix some of the silliness.
    ...more info