Disney Pix Micro Digital Camera Cheetah Girls
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  • DO NOT BUY!!!
    I bought this camera thinking that it was small and my daughter would be able to take it with her to take random pictures, well she did, except that NONE of them came out. I wasn't expecting great quality photos, but I was expecting at least 1 decent photo out of 100+. It takes a long time to shoot the actual picture and even if you center what you want to shoot and it will cut off at least 1/2 of the image (I tried it several times myself!)
    The bottom line is that a cheap disposable camera is SOOOOO much better than this junk!...more info
  • Not a good buy.
    No description I could see as to the size or features. Very small. I purchased for my grandaughter who wanted a Cheetah Girls camera but evidently not this one. Waste of money....more info