Lexmark Wireless 802.11g AIO All-In-One Dual Cartridge Inkjet Printer X4850
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Product Description

The Lexmark X4850 Wireless All-in-One offers the convenience of wireless technology combined with efficient 2-sided printing and business class speeds - up to 30 ppm black and 27 ppm color. Produce high resolution scan documents and easily copy with 1-touch of a button. Robust photo performance allows viewing and editing of photos on the 2.4" (6 cm) LCD and direct photo printing from memory card, USB Flash drive or from PictBridge compatible cameras. Enjoy vibrant resilient borderless photos on popular photos sizes printed with Lexmark evercolor2 ink. The Lexmark X4850 provides maxium performance for your home. Printing in draft mode and excludes time to first page feed.

  • Wireless Printing - Users gain freedom and flexibility with built-in 802.11g wireless technology. High quality printing from virtually anywhere in the home over a secure wireless network. Share the Lexmark X4850 wirelessly among multiple computers.
  • Print - Fast Speeds! Up to 30 ppm black and 27 ppm color printing. Save paper, money and the environment with built-in two sided printing.
  • Copy - 1-Touch PC-free copying (color or black). Up to 27 cpm black and 21 cpm color(6)
  • Scan - Flatbed scanner easily handles thick books, reports and more. 48-bit color scanner depth; 16-bit grayscale.
  • Photo Printing - Direct photo printing with memory cards, USB Flash drive or with PictBridge? enabled camera. View and edit photos easily with 2.4" (6 cm) color display
Customer Reviews:
  • Unsatisfactory
    I bought this printer at Sam's club (under $100) to replace another wireless machine - an HP Photosmart psc 2510 that was worked successfully for several years.

    The full installation process takes well over half an hour. Unfortunately, I was not able to get the wireless function working, despite many attempts and installing/uninstalling/reinstalling on two different computers. Lexmark live text support was very responsive, but after several hours of back and forth with them over the course of two days there were unable to get it going. In the end, the printer was accessible on my wireless network (I could ping it and log onto its URL) but it just stubbornly refused to print via wireless.

    The machine did print reliably when connected via USB cable. Nice graphics, although fairly slow to spool up and to finish printing. Also, their software seems to enjoy putting annoying pop-ups on the screen.

    Lexmark finally suggested that I give them remote control over my machine, but I was unwilling, considering that I would have to repeat the process on at least four different machines (2 desktops and two laptops).

    It just shouldn't be this hard to install a printer. I finally boxed up the thing and took it back.

    They can call me when they have a better product.

    ...more info
  • Lameware
    How about a pop-up once a week? you ink is low, for about 2 months.
    How about anther pop-up? did you know you can recycle your ink
    How about another? time to order more ink.

    Not to mention the 5 calls to tech support, and I only get it to print about 1/3rd of the time. Save your money. Buy a print server and a real printer!...more info
  • Efficient, good looking, breeze to install
    This printer does all I could ever ask. The software and installation were so easy to understand. Quick print or copy is just that! Many many options for resolution, color choices, 2 sided print..etc.

    If you want simple..this works. Want to fine tune your printing/copying, that can easily be done was well.

    Really glad we picked this one! ...more info
  • A Great Buy
    I purchased this printer because I use a laptop with a router in another room from the printer and was tired of constantly getting up and having to take the laptop into the other room and connect it to a printer. This printer installed flawlessly and works great. I am able to send print jobs to it anytime without moving and can change printing options from the printer software right on my laptop. I like that it also can be used without the laptop to copy or scan items and to print pictures. This is my 3rd Lexmark printer and I have never had a problem with any of them. Anyone looking for a wireless printer this is a good buy. Also can be found for less money at Circuit City this week. (4-6--4-12)...more info
  • So far, so good...
    While I have not tried the scanning function yet and, therefore, can't comment on the criticisms of that feature offered in the other review, the wireless printing has worked flawlessly for me both from an Windows XP and Vista set-up. The print menu is helpful and has worked wonderfully thus far as well. My only complaint is the black ink cartridge runs out rather quickly. ...more info
  • Wireless on Mac OS 10.5.1 doesn't work
    Wireless on Mac OS 10.5.1 doesn't work

    After downloading a patch and the proper drivers from lexmark webpage the printer worked, but only for usb cable connection, It never worked on a private wireless network after endless technicall assistances online

    Quality of scanning and copying it's ok though...more info
  • The software is horrid!
    First, the software that is packaged with the printer malfunctions, and the buttons go off the screen. So you need to download the updated software from the Lexmark website.

    I bought this printer for scanning multi-page documents into .pdf files but the software makes it a gruelling and hapless process. If you try to do a document of more than 10 or 12 pages, the software often crashes my laptop, because it is so resource intensive. I have a Pentium 4 laptop, 2.4GHz CPU with 1 Gig of RAM, running Windows XP. It takes forever for the Lexmark Productivity Suite to produce a .pdf file from your scanned files. And the more the pages, the more likely it will crash your system and you have to begin anew, scanning in all the documents once again.

    Thirdly, the wireless connection often conks out and you have to disconnect and restart both your computer and the printer, for the wireless to work. ...more info