Kensington SlimBlade Media Mouse, Wireless Mouse with Media Controller (Dark Wine) K72282US
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Product Description

This mouse does a whole lot more than just control your cursor. The Kensington SlimBlade Media Mouse combines a mouse and media controller into one slim, sleek device that fits your hand as well as your home space.

  • Unique Scroll Ball provides easy and intuitive 360-degree scrolling
  • Multifunction navigation pad allows you to control your digital media from anywhere in the room
  • Navigation pad on the media controller includes: volume control, track control, play and pause
  • Battery indicator light is green then changes to red as the battery level is getting low
  • Mouse goes into sleep mode when your notebook does to prevent power drain
Customer Reviews:
  • No Complaints! Works with Ubunu 8.0.4!
    I bought this mouse because I thought that it was the best looking mouse on the market. I like its slim look and glossy black finish (minimal fingerprints are left behind). I was worried when I bought the mouse that the media controls on the bottom would not work in Ubuntu w/o the drivers (drivers supported are for Windows XP/Vista and Max OS 10.4). I have to say I was quite pleased to learned that all the functionality worked just by plugging the USB dongle.

    The media controls on the bottom of the mouse work fine with Rythmbox...I am not sure about any other media player.

    If you are on the Ubuntu desk top, using the scroll ball to the side will switch to alternate desktops...kinda cool.

    If there was any one con I could think of, it would be that there is no 3rd mouse button, but that is fine for someone looking for a simple design....more info
  • Smooth!
    This mouse works wonders with a Mac. Its much smoother than the mighty mouse. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great mouse!
    I bought this mouse thinking it is a little on the big side, but its size is just right. We love this mouse, and all its features. There is only 1 bad thing about it. It used AA batteries, which made it heavy. What were they thinking? AAA batteries all the way for wireless stuff!

    We still LOVE it... A LOT! :-)...more info
  • Ideal, but not realistic.
    I'm going to begin by saying that I only used this mouse so that I would have the ability to scroll, not only up and down, but also left to right. For my Yearbook class at school we use Macs and the mice available have the 360 degree scrolling, so I decided to search on Amazon for one that worked with a PC. I ordered the SlimBlade and it generally worked fine, but only if you scrolled exactly in a straight line. If I tried to scroll left, but it wasn't straight to the left, then it didn't work. It only seemed to function if I used the four cardinal directions, which was silly considering most people aren't perfect.

    I really liked howthe USB can be stored inside the mouse and that made it more efficient for when I traveled....more info
  • Comfortable, Convenient, and Well Designed
    I was looking for a large (i.e. normal sized), low-profile, wireless mouse for my laptop -- something that fit my hand like a normal mouse, but did not create a big lump in my laptop case. The Slimblade fit the bill perfectly, and imagine my delight when I found out it also had media controls on the underside (brilliant!). No more lugging around a bulky Media Centre remote when I'm on the road.

    The rollerball is very comfortable to use, and I like it much better then the typical "tilting wheel" arrangement on most mice, because you can move in any direction with the rollerball. I am not coordinated enough to roll and tilt a wheel at the same time to move diagonally on-screen. The downside to this arrangement is that it does not have the "clicks" a wheel does to provide feedback, so until you get used to it, you might find yourself accidentally flying through pages rather than scrolling a few lines at a time.

    The construction is nice -- a smooth finish with enough of a "hump" to fit your palm comfortably. Like other reviews, I wish the rollerball was in fact, a trackball, but hey -- you can get that if you're willing to pay more $$. I like the concept of storing the USB wireless dongle inside the mouse -- no more lost dongles or fishing around in the laptop bag. It has the low-friction feet that you typically find on gaming mice, and the rubber sides are a nice touch, too.

    All in all, a solid 5 stars for me....more info
  • very comfortable
    This is great for traveling, it is very slim but easily fits the hand without undue fatigue....more info
  • Ideal mouse for me
    I love this mouse. I've gone thru various mice in the last six months to replace my mighty mouse. And this has produced what i want the most.

    360° scrolling, very low profile( doesn't have that bulky rear end like most mice ).

    It is missing a 3rd mouse button, but I've never had much need for a 3rd, so it suits me fine. And the media control are just what i was lookin for for my Apple monitor that doesn't come with the little hand held that the iMacs do.

    So short and sweet, outstanding!

    ...more info
  • A hit and miss, and is not a trackball.
    I really wanted this to be a trackball mouse (that version cost more) for my SZ VAIO, which is also small and slick. First, I like the design and feel of this new mouse. The maroon color is fine. The design is somewhat flat like a fillet rectangle, but is very stylize and small, but not too small. The laser is responsive as my other Logitech laser mice, but I prefer Logitech contour. The 360 scroll ball feature is not a trackball, which for some reason I wanted it to be. It is smoother, but it is similar to MS and Logitech tilt feature to scroll up and down, and side to side.

    I use Vista and saw little or no different with the driver install verse the Window default driver, so I uninstalled it. With or without the drivers, I did not get the mouse to do MS PowerPoint; which is part of the media buttons on the underside of the belly of the mouse and why it cost more than other mini mouse. The forward and backward media buttons work for Window Media Player, but not for Winamp, which I use. So it is a hit and miss on the software.
    The USB dongle is very small, but I wish it was Bluetooth, so I wouldn't have to unplug it from my laptop all the time. The construction is a lot more solid and comparable to Logitech design details then previous Kensington's design that felt cheap.

    Since, I don't use the media feature that often and it doesn't do much for PowerPoint, then the price is somewhat high. Without the promotional price I got, I would have returned it, even with its slick design. My idea mini mouse would be the Kensington SlimBlade Trackball Mouse with Bluetooth Wireless. That is piece too high right now.
    ...more info
  • 1 star shy of 5
    I got this mouse to replace my apple mighty mouse. As a replacement for the Mighty Mouse it works fantastic. The only thing I miss that keeps this from being a five star mouse is the middle click, which I too used for Expose.

    The reverse itunes, dvd controls are an awesome plus which get rid of the need for the little remote. Also the optical sensitivity and speed is much better than Apple's. One of the things I loved about the mighty mouse was its 360 degree scrolling. This replaces it, and gives me opportunity to program expose keyboard shortcuts.

    As a windows mouse, since windows doesn't have a 360 scroller mouse this is a great add on. Something one will find invaluable in design work. ...more info
  • Scrollball is great but no middle click
    I bought this mouse because I have been looking to replace my wireless Apple Mighty Mouse. The mighty mouse's scrollball is what I like best but the touch sensitive buttons are hard to use.

    So I bought the slimblade to see how it compared. I own a Macbook Pro 17 inch and the mac driver software must be downloaded from kensington's website. The windows drivers are included in the box. The mouse works great without the drivers but if you wish to control iTunes with the media controls then you will need to install them. The major thing that I noticed was that I could not click the middle scrollball. I really miss this as I normally have the middle click button set to expose'.

    Pros: Rollerball works great. Works with OS X. Drivers on cd for Vista 64, 32 and XP. Nice response and feel. Scrollball provides nice "rachet" feedback much like Apple's Mighty Mouse. Underside media controls work well and can control iTunes without putting focus to the application first. The button action is tight and quick.

    Cons: Scrollball does not act as a middle click button (I really miss this). You have to open and close the battery compartment to store the wireless dongle which is a huge pain....more info