Moultrie? Game Spy I - 40 Digital Infrared Trail Camera
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Product Description

Moultrie Game Spy I - 40 Digital Infrared Trail Camera... gets the shot without a flash! You won't miss a shot with this great Trail Camera! Trust this model with its infrared operation (no visible white flash) and you'll snag excellent game shots every single time! Priced to fit your budget... as you've come to expect here at the Guide, this camera has my personal recommendation! Take a shot of this: 4.0 megapixels; Infrared Camera with NO visible white flash; 1-second trigger time; 150-day battery life; 50' flash; Easy-read photo strip; Temperature, moon phase, time, date and camera ID on every photo and video; Takes color pictures during the day; Takes both day and night video clips; Laser and IR aim for quick and precise camera setup; Time lapse mode; Multi-shot pictures (up to 3 shots); 1-yr. limited warranty; Better trail pictures and videos = more game for you... order yours today! Moultrie Game Spy I-40 Digital Infrared Trail Camera

  • 50 foot infrared flash - Captures night images without emitting a white "flash"
  • Rapid Trigger/Response Time
  • 150 Day Average Battery Life
  • Captures color day images and black & white night images
  • Upgradeable Software
Customer Reviews:
  • wildlife camera
    These two items were delivered promptly at a great price. I am already using three others on the ranch and have found them to be quite satisfactory for the price....more info
  • Awsom Pictures.
    The advertised Battery life appears to be realistic. My dad and I put the Camera out where it ran taking 1200 to 1500 pictures for about 5 weeks and the battery life was still showing around 80%.

    The picture clarity is very good, with deer often visible at distance beyond 150 ft. in the day light with color pictures.

    This camera has outperfomred my expectations and I have already recommended it to others. I really really like this camera. ...more info
  • I40
    Great pictures. Batteries last a long time. The only reason I don't give this camera a 5 star rating is because of the cheap strap that you use to mount it with. Just be sure not to tighten it too much....more info
  • very happy
    Ive owned a few cameras, and i bought 2 of these. I had them out 9 days and had 800 pics on 1, and 450 on the other. the battery life was still 92% after taking all those pics. that was with raovac batteries!the only problem i have is the strap is way to short, it wouldnt fit around an 8 inch fence post.definetly the best camera for the wouldnt let a snake slither by without getting its picture!after 25 years of hunting I would love to afford 2 more!...more info
  • Great easy to use camera!
    I got this camera for my husband for a gift and he has had the best time with it. Really easy to use and set up. So much fun to see what's 'Out there'. He changes locations weekly. Battery is still going after a month and pictures and videos are clearer than I thought they would be. The deer do 'see' that something is there(the red lights), but it doesn't seem to bother most of them and they just keep on eating. Love the video shots too. You see alot the pictures doesn't show. Great product! Buy one of these from Amazon!I buy everything from Amazon-they have the best price and service. Fastest shipping too! How can you go wrong?...more info