Uniden DECT 6.0 Compact Cordless Phone with Caller ID and Extra Handset and Charging Cradle.
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Utlizing the newly ratified DECT 6.0 frequency band, the DECT2060-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Digital Answering System provides the clearest voice reception available and can easily be used with Wireless Home Networking (WLAN) systems without interference. This phone system offers state-of-the-art technology for brilliant sound and maximum voice security without any negative impact with other wireless devices. Brilliant Sound Maximum Voice Security Whole House Coverage Wireless Network Friendly Longer Battery Life Expandable up to 6 handsets to 1 base Caller ID and Call Waiting 30 Caller ID Handset Memory Locations Intercom or Call Transfer between handsets Up to 16 hours of Talk Time, 10 Days of Standby Time Personalized Ringers Last 10 Number Redial Copy Phonebook from handsets Bilingual Menus (English & Spanish) NiMH Battery Included

  • DECT 6.0 Interference Free Cordless Frequency - (1.9 GHz Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)
  • Extra Caller ID Handset and Charger Included
  • Wireless Network Friendly
  • Whole House Coverage
  • Maximum Voice Security
Customer Reviews:
  • Terrible phone!! lots of noise and static!!!
    the phone has very good looks but it's the worst phone I've ever had. A LOT, of noise and static!!!, I really mean A LOT when I say it. It says WI-FI friendly but thats just for marketing purpose. I hate when I speak and some times I can heard my own voice, like an echo. I'm gonna try installing a DSL filter and see what happens, if I can't solve all this problems with the filter I'm returning the phone.

    VERY GOOD battery life. THATS ALL!!!

    not worth spending the money... DON'T BUY!!!...more info
  • Almost perfect
    This is a pretty great phone system (almost perfect) with only one major flaw that could be a deal-breaker for some people.

    First, all the good points: Great sound quality, very easy ability to add extra handsets throughout your house without the need for any additional phone jacks, fully-featured phone with all the features that you would need (ringer off ability, belt clip, headset-compatible, speakerphone, mute ability, voicemail indicator, caller ID history, easy-to-use menus and instruction booklets)!

    Also, as you probably already know, the DECT 6.0 technology uses the 1.9 GHz frequency, so it will not interfere with your wireless devices around the house (computers, routers, TiVo, Roku Netflix box, etc.) that are broadcasting at either 2.4 GHz (802.11b/g) or 5.8 GHz (802.11n).

    Now onto the bad news: The only major bad point about this phone is that the number keys that you press to actually dial the phone are NOT individual buttons that you can press! Each horizontal row of 3 buttons is actually ONE GIGANTIC HORIZONTAL BUTTON, which makes it more difficult to press the individual button that you want to press without looking at the phone. Although Uniden did indent the middle button on each row, it's not indented enough for you to feel where each button begins & ends. Furthermore, we have found that because the horizontal rows of buttons are nothing more than one gigantic button, the phone does not always respond to our finger presses at all -- we have to press VERY HARD to get it to respond to our button presses. This did not happen at all on our previous Uniden 2.4 GHz phone, because each one of the buttons was an INDEPENDENT & UNIQUE BUTTON.

    So because of the way the buttons are designed, we're trying to RETRAIN ourselves to get used to the very basic of function of DIALING THE KEYPAD!! We have to press the keypad HARD and we have to LOOK at the keypad to see which button we're pressing.

    This seems to be a very poor design choice on Uniden's end.

    But overall, the rest of the phone is great....more info
  • Great phone, one major defect
    Just picked up a Uniden DECT 2060-2 at OfficeMax for fifty-nine ninety-nine (USD) today. Two handsets, no answering machine.

    First and by far the most serious defect: As mentioned in another Amazon.com review, address book entry names don't override the incoming caller ID strings. Really, crappy, Uniden. I took two stars off for this. With this feature, I could put in names for known numbers that have no name information when they come in from the phone company.

    Second defect (minor): It was not possible (or not easy to understand how) to preview a ringtone when defining a custom ringtone while adding someone to the address book. Same problem when just defining the handset's default ringtone. How do I preview these? This is a bummer but it's ultimately trivial. The first defect, however, is a terrible oversight....more info
  • Uniden DECT 6.0 Compact Cordless Phone
    We have used the Uniden for at least a month and it has been a solid performer. We have all the bells and whistles with our last cordless system at more than double the cost and it was a horror to deal with.
    We have used this not only for personal but for business conference calls and the speaker phone performed well even during an outdoor call. I had 2 other business associates on my porch for the call and left the handset standing on a table and had no problems during a call that lasted over two hours. The intercom has also come in handy and most features of this phone are intuitive. The result: The BEST cordless we have had to date! ...more info
  • FINALLY, a phone that does it all!
    I did extensive research on cordless phones when my old Panasonc 5.8GH finally died. I tried and tested quite a few but always ended up returning them for one reason or another. Then I found the Uniden DECT 2060-2 6.0 GH model. It had everything I needed. I did not want an answering machine and that is hard to find these days. It has small, well lit and comfortable handsets, a soft, easy to use keypad, incrediable clarity and range. There's also fun ringtones, a phonebook, speakerphone, message waiting indicator, caller ID, redial, intercom, headset compatible and it's expandable. I also needed to be able to hang the base on the wall which is almost impossible to find. I've had this system for about 6 months and have never had a problem with low batteries or being out of range. No problems at all and I plan to purchase additional handsets. I would highly recommend this phone to anyone in the market for a new cordless!...more info
  • Danger, Will Robinson!
    I bought this as well as aonther handset.

    Within 2 months, all 3 of the phones were dysfunctional in the same exact area. The 4-way navigational button that lets you look at your caller id, saved numbers, and also lets you control the volume no longer work...on all three phones!

    So, yeah, I'd say staying away from these would be the best bet....more info
  • Uniden sucks
    Bought this phone. Within a week, it died. Since the phone was still under warranty, I called Uniden. The rep immediately asked me if the phone's transformer was cold. It was. He said the transformer died and if I fax Uniden my receipt and tell them what happened, they will send out a new transformer. So I waited. Two weeks later, a new battery showed up!!! I got on the phone again. They apologized and said they would mail the transformer off immediately. Another two weeks passed. Nothing has arrived.

    Even if the transformer someday arrives, my wife doesn't expect it to last too long since the rep immediately knew this was the problem. I would never buy from this company again. ...more info
  • Great Product!
    I researched a lot of different phones, and found this to be great quality for a good price. My favorite part?... the different ring tones....I assigned a specific tone to someone who calls too much so I don't have to look at the caller ID. This is a good way to get another phone in a room without a jack... it has saved a lot of running up and down the stairs!...more info
  • Great Uniden phone
    This phone works great, I use the Vonage service, nice size and works at least 100' away from base unit. Clear sound and nice features easy set-up....more info
  • Disappointed with the Uniden DECT 2060
    It's a really cute and sleek phone, easy to set up and to use. However I bought it because it advertized great clarity. I found that there was a little static, but the worst thing was a tinny echo when I speak into the phone. It was fine for listening to the other person, but it was very annoying when I was speaking. I also read that another reviewer had this same problem. So I am returning it and getting what has been so great before - a 5.8GHZ digital cordless phone....more info
  • great phone
    This is a great phone for the price. Works great around computers and other wireless products without any interference....more info
  • Did not live up to the reviews for me.
    I bought this phone based on reviews here. It functions as explained, however:
    The earphone is very tiny and very hard to hear out of (even with the volume turned up)

    Even though it claims "no interference" there were a lot of times that the person I was talking to did not hear anything I said. The incoming voice was clear (when I could hear it) but if I tried to talk, whole sentences would just disappear.

    The ringer on the second base is delayed - I understand why, but with our phone service we only get 3 rings before it sends to voice mail, so if I was not near the main phone and base I would miss the call.

    The assigned ring tones also seemed to cause a delay. (That's just a frill so I turned it off.)

    The user interface for storing numbers was very clumsy and frustrating.

    I think someone mentioned that it does not recognize incoming numbers that are stored in your phone book.

    It does come with a belt clip and earphone jack, but the phone is very lightweight and I was afraid to drop it because the clip is cheesy. There is no way to lock the keypad and put it in your pocket.

    I'm going back to a 5.8Ghz phone - I have been using 2 of them in the house for years and it has not caused a problem.

    ...more info
  • Great Phone System
    I needed something to replace the old V-tech cordless phone system in our home. Since we have Voice Mail provided by the local telephone company, I did not need an answering system. The clarity of the phone is great. I have lots of wireless electronics in my home and have found zero interference. I like that the buttons are lit. I am not a fan of the orange color, but it is something I can live with. The handsets are comfortable and buttons are easy to use. The only thing I would have liked was for the base to have controls on it. I used that a lot when the old phone was not in its cradle and I could not find it in time to answer a call. I have already expanded my system to 4 handsets and can place them anywhere in my home without worrying about where the phone jacks are....more info
  • Nice Phone
    Don't be afraid to buy this phone. Set up was easy.
    Different ring tones. All in all this phone works great at my house....more info
  • Uniden 2060
    This phone has extremely clear voice reception. No echo whatsoever. This is the best landline phone I have owned and am amazed at the clarity....more info
  • ok phone ify voice quality
    This phone has a lot of nice features for the price point. A little light in the hand I like a phone with a little weight to it. Incoming voice sounds clear but it gets a lot of echo to it when you speak also I get some vibration in the ear piece. I've been using it only a couple of days but I am going to bring it back because the echo is just so prominent....more info
  • Pretty good features, so-so voice quality
    I bought this particular phone because it was the only one that has all of the features I needed for my home office phone -- voicemail indicator, belt clip, earphone jack, speakerphone -- as well as the usual things like speed dialing and Caller ID. (I was surprised at how few phones come without answering machines now.) This phone was easy to set up and program. The handsets can send copies of speed dial numbers to each other. It's also a nice-looking phone that doesn't take up much space on the desk. The microphone in the handset is not very good. My voice sounds overmodulated to people I'm talking with. I usually use a headset, though, so that's not a huge issue for me. One very strange thing I have discovered is that the Caller ID on this phone does not interface with the programmed numbers, so if someone who's in my list of speed dial numbers calls me, their name is not displayed. I've never had a phone that did not recognize programmed numbers, so I find this very strange. I contacted Uniden about it, and they say this is the normal operation for this phone. This is probably the biggest con from my point of view, because my coworkers are all at another location, and I would like to be able to greet them by name when I answer the phone. It's not enough to make me take back the phone, because this is still the only phone that has all of the other features I want. But I do find it very strange that any phone would not have this feature. I always thought it was standard. Everything else about it appears to work well. ...more info