Uniden DECT 6.0 Cordless Digital Answering System with Caller ID and 2 Extra Handsets and Charging Cradles
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The Uniden DECT2080-3 DECT 6.0 Cordless Digital Answering System includes a base station, two charging cradles, and three handsets. Because the phone uses DECT technology, which uses the 1.9 GHz frequency range, there is no interference with wireless networks, microwave ovens, cordless phones, and other household items. The result is less interference, more range, and better security. The built-in digital answering machine has a recording time of 14 minutes.

Each handset can hold up to 100 phonebook entries, displayed on the three-line backlit LCD. Caller ID is supported, and with call waiting caller ID you can see who's calling even when you are already on the line. The DECT2080-3 comes with three handsets and can be expanded to a total of six handsets working with the single base. A conference feature lets you hold a three-way conversation between your handset, an external caller, and another handset user. A speakerphone is built into the handset, rather than the base, so you can bring the speakerphone with you wherever you go. The handset features up to 16 hours of talk time and a 10-day standby. The Uniden DECT2080-3 DECT 6.0 Cordless Digital Answering System is backed by a 1-year warranty.

  • Cordless system includes digital answering machine and 3 handsets for extra convenience
  • DECT technology for outstanding range and clarity
  • Built-in answering machine with 14 minutes recording time
  • Up to 16 hours talk time and 10-day standby
  • Backed by 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Love this phone system!
    We've had several cordless answering systems before, but this one is fabulous. Not only do the handsets feel good in your hand, but they feel good at your ear, too! They are curved just right. The absolute best thing about this system, though, is that you program all your numbers into one handset and "send" them to the other handsets. My other two handsets are on opposite ends of my house and I sat in my family room (middle of the house) and "sent" the numbers to the other phones. Another great feature is that you can name your handsets so they can always be returned to the cradle they belong to. These are just 3 features that I think are wonderful, but there are so many others. Buy this sytem -- you will love it!...more info
  • Phone Review
    Overall, a pretty good product. The only thing I disliked was the lack of a speakerphone on the answering mcahine base. It is on each phone, but otherwise, it works great. Good range on the phones, and good charge time....more info
  • broke twice in first six months--customer service terrible
    I purchased this product at the end of January and the center navigation key, which provides access to both Caller ID and the phonebook, broke on one handset within the first couple months. After putting up with it for a bit, I called customer service. They said the handset would have to be replaced, but I needed to pay $10 to do so. I sent in my money and received a refurbished handset, which did work--for a while. Meanwhile, the second original handset developed the same issue. When I called customer service about that, it took four tries to get through, after being on hold for 20 minutes or more each time. When I finally got to someone, I was told that I needed to send in another $10 for a new handset. When I protested (very politely, I might add), I was transferred to a customer service supervisor. AFter being on hold for 47 minutes, my call was disconnected after a message saying they were experiencing "technical difficulties" I called back, got through right away, and was again transferred to a supervisor, and again disconnected after 36 minutes on hold! I would not recommend this product or anything made by this manufacturer, because they do not stand by the quality (or lack thereof) of their products!...more info
  • Outstanding Phones
    After years of fiddling with various cordless phones, we finally have a long term solution. These phones have twice the range of any previous phone - 900MHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz...nothing compares to these phones. We've had them for a month and they work flawlessly.

    I un-boxed and charged the phones for a day. I then set up each handset using the menus...it was easy to do, without reading the user guide. I use several features, but the best part is that I can talk on the phones (and talk and talk and talk for at least five hours at a time) while traveling almost anywhere on my 2 acre property with no problems.

    Voice quality is fine, both through the handset and any of our several headsets. The belt clips (included for each phone) allow the phones to be carried easily, keeping both hands free to work while talking via a headset.

    The answering machine was easy to set up as well, and it works fine.

    I highly recommend this phone set. Others are more expensive but I don't see any sense in paying more when you can get great performance and reasonable features with these phones instead.
    ...more info
  • missed the basics
    I found a deal on this phone system. I got 5 cordless phones and base for $89.99 in store. Set-up was really easy, no configuring. I was expecting this phone to be very clear. It started making staticky noises when it is 30 feet away from the base. In addition, the ringer volume is pretty bad. I've had uniden phones before and they lasted a long time and quality was great. But for most people, I think the two basic features of the phone set are poor....more info
  • No more "do not disturb button"
    The "do not disturb" button in an earlier version has disappeared. Bummer, because it was one of the most useful features of my old Uniden. Also the answering machine sounds "scratchy" and the old one didn't. Other than that, the phone is OK....more info
  • good phones
    at first I had an issue of receiving them from the seller in plastic bags and not in their original box (they were supposed to be NEW). but they seem to be working fine.
    I just wish they had a few other features like a flashing light on "new caller ID calls".Or "speaker phones" on the cradles...
    Haven't used the answering machine part of it so I can't rate it....more info
  • Uniden DECT 6.0 Cordless Digital Answering System
    This system is very easy to set up. It is very conventient to use. Each handset can be programed to a different ring or be programed not to ring. They are small and do not take a lot of space. We are very please with our purchase....more info
  • cobaltclem
    I have a hearing impairment and use hearing aids, so clear sounding speaker phones are essential. This system provides clean, static free sound with amplification to spare. I am very pleased with the performance of this system....more info
  • Great phone system for my house
    Uniden DECT 6.0 Cordless Digital Answering Sys. w/ Caller ID and 2 extra handsets and charging cradles

    It does just what it says it will do. It also has an intercom from phone to phone which I like. We have only had it a few days, but it really looks promising! I can recommend this system without reservation if it fits your needs. It certainly fits our family needs. We have added another phone to the system. You need one phone jack for the master...only electrical outlets for the other handsets. And Amazon's price beat the competitors handsdown....more info
  • Great Phone
    I have the base unit on a shelf of my entertainment stand. My cable modem and my wireless router are behind the stand. Needless to say, there are many(too many) components within a foot of each other. There is no interference to my Wifi network and the phone sounds fine throughout the house. I can't comment on the answering machine, I don't use it. ...more info
  • Not a fan of Uniden
    This is my third set of Uniden cordless phones/extra handsets. For some reason, this particular model has been the worst. I like to use a headset when I talk, and after just a few months, the headset has worn out the inside of the hole it plugs into(on the phone). The phones often disconnect me and say, Searching for Base. All the Uniden phones I have had have not lasted long, but this one is by far the worst. I think I'm going back to Panasonic. ...more info
  • DON'T buy this phone!
    I bought this phone specifically for two reasons: 1.) So I would have no interference with the wireless communications and 2.) the speakerphone capability. Both are TERRIBLE. I get complaints on EVERY call that the phone CUTS OUT and is DISTORTED. Whatever the cause, it shouldn't happen. Also, the speakerphone reverberates and creates noise so the call is nearly inaudible. Also the digital recording capabilities are terrible (as Uniden phones in the past also have proven to be). Try another maker - but Uniden is WAY OVERRATED. DON'T buy this phone!...more info
  • What's not to like?
    My wife and I ordered these Uniden phones after doing considerable research, and we're very glad we did. The voice quality is superb, as is the range. As a test, I walked nearly a block away from our home and still had a clean, strong signal!

    Setup couldn't have been easier or more intuitive, even though we hadn't installed a cordless phone since purchasing our V-Tech phones many years ago.

    The backlighting is helpful, and the charging cradles are very positive in their mating to the handsets, something we also appreciate.

    The only minor gripe I have is that the rubber cover for the headset jack puts a bit of tension on the jack when a headset is plugged in. I use a headset often for hands-free use while at the computer or writing, but this is a small negative alongside the plentiful positive attributes.

    Overall, if possible, I'd have given this system a 4½ star rating, especially for design, functionality and value....more info
  • Uniden phone review
    Works Great I would recommend this system to anyone who needed a cordless phone system ....more info
  • Best speaker phone
    If you are looking for clear sound with speaker phone, this is the best choice. It's very easy to program. The light keypad is great....more info
  • almost perfect
    I like this phone a lot. First of all, it DOES have a time and date stamp, but does not work until you set up the phone with a date and time. I think most other people who said they had trouble, such as the phone not ringing loud enough or the out of range message must have defective units. I find none of these problems and I do have high ceilings and other equipment that could interfere, but doesn't. I wanted to set up this new phone to screen calls and found to my delight that I can screen not only from the base unit, but also from the other phones. This way I don't have to run to the base unit to find out if I want to answer. I find the connection clear and hasn't cut me off. The set up reminded me of a cell phone, in that there is a menu button and a list to go through to choose what you want to change. It's very easy and intuitive.

    My only complaint - which is very minor - I wish it would go to the answering machine after 3 rings. My only choice is 2 or 4....more info
  • Great phones!
    I got these for alot less then store prices and they are great! I love these phones! They work great and have alot of wonderful features! They are real real clear and you control all the functions from each hand set! Great buy!...more info
  • Great Phone
    This is a great phone with excellent sound and range. I bought this to upgrade from a Uniden 5.8 which was excellent but one of the handsets finally went out. Unfortunately I first bought a GE 5.8 which was the worse phone I have ever had. I am VERY happy with this phone!!...more info
  • Great phone!
    These phones are compact and light, but have great sound quality, both send and receive. The speakerphone is very clear and the one button operation is convenient. The one rocker for Caller ID and Phonebook is slick and simple. The range seems better than that our our previous, 5.8 Ghz cordless phones. Battery life is great, and the ability to manage the phonebook for all handsets from one handset is nice....more info
  • So small my hand cramps
    I bought it yesterday after reading good reviews here on Amazon. It requires 20 hour battery charge, so I've just been setting it up this afternoon.

    You have heard all the good things like this is the new, DECT technology which is supposed to be good. And it's nifty how one can easily copy the phone book from one handset to another. So, I'll chime in on my immediate complaints:

    There aren't enough ringtones (and whoopee -- Merry Xmas and the National Anthem as ringtones? Puleeze! That seems too irreverent!)to utilize the assigning to callers. Further, the base unit seems to have only one, jarring and disturbing ring (I like soothing rings), so I will have to keep that turned off. Further, I haven't yet found any way to use the base as a speaker. Can't find that in manual nor is it intuitive.

    I always use speakerphone, and hold the unit in my hand. This worked comfortably with my older Panasonic, but this Uniden is so tiny (about the same width as a cellphone) that I cannot palm it, I need to hold it with my fingertips. My hand is tired and cramping.

    I have had only one telephone call so far, and that caller reported that I sounded great, so it was good for her. Meanwhile, I have to go take ibuprofen for my sore arm (from holding the teeny phone).

    FWIW, I always have my mobile phone on a car speaker -- at home and in the car. But this hookup won't work with those speakers

    I'm afraid this isn't the solution for me. Perhaps I'll see if a new battery will work with my old Panasonic TG2226 which is a more comfortable fit for my hand....more info
  • Speakerphone useless
    Bought this phone when the batteries in our old one started failing. Why do new batteries for a cordless phone cost almost as much as a new phone?!?

    In any case, we're heavy speakerphone users and I was excited that this one had a speakerphone on the base as well as the handsets.

    After all the setup, putting in our extensive phone book and charging the handsets overnight, our first use was disappointing. The speakerphone only works if you're head is a foot or two away from the base or handset. Another foot away and your voice cuts in and out. Past that, nothing. Our old at&t 5.8GHz speakerphone would work from 5-6+ feet away before your voice would start fading.

    Sending it back. A speakerphone that has to practically be held to your head isnt any good....more info
  • HATE IT!!!!!!!!
  • Uniden Cordless PHone System
    Uniden DECT 6.0 Cordless Digital Answering System with Caller ID and 2 Extra Handsets and Charging Cradles
    This compact phone system is packed with features. Most are very easy to use, but I recommend you read the manual to get the best this system has to offer....more info
  • Upgraded system, downgraded features :(
    I've had this system for the last few months. I bought it to upgrade from the 2.4 that I loved, except for the electronic interference. I also have the Uniden 5.8 in my second home, and that one carried over the features from the 2.4.

    However, the new 6.0, though it works well strictly from the standpoint of clarity and lack of interference, is very annoying because Uniden has decided to strip it of many of the nice features that the earlier models had. For example, the ringtones. I don't like using all those annoying sounds, but do like having the individual song clips. The 2.4 had about 10 songs to choose from; the 6.0 has a measly three, and one of those is a Christmas song, which doesn't go over big in our Jewish house.

    The second annoying oversight is the lack of SPEED DIAL. Who would think even to question that? Doesn't every phone now have it? Even my old corded phone does. Nope, not the Uniden.

    The date and time no longer show on the handsets, as it did before. Why?

    The messaging system allows the user to allow the caller either one or four minutes to speak. Why not two or three?

    Many others have mentioned that caller ID will never display the caller's name as the one that you've already programmed into your phone, instead displaying a generic name, unknown, or the way it's listed in the phone company's directory. There is no reason on earth to not show names that are already programmed into the system.

    These annoyances reek as nickel-and-diming from Uniden, which apparently is following the lead of cereal manufacturers, coffee companies, toilet paper manufacturers and seemingly, everyone else, by reducing the size, volume, contents, or features in an effort to fool the consumer into thinking the price hasn't gone up. Would it have cost Uniden a few cents per system to retain the old features?

    Shame on you, Uniden. Technology is advancing at Mach 1 speed, but Uniden has taken a big, backward step with this phone system.

    ...more info
  • No problems
    I've had no problems setting up the phones, setting up the answering machine, activating the system and/or putting the options I prefer into place. The product and sound quality of the phones and the digital answering machine is good and I've had no problems with the battery life. The caller ID display on the phones is larger than most and much easier to read. I am completely satisfied and will buy Uniden products in the future....more info
  • Quality Phone w/ Extras!
    Having come from an inferior Motorola product (yeah, Motorola!)I'm very happy with these phones. Clear sound, solid phone with "gel like" buttons, speakerphone, intercom and one touch phone number transfers to satellite phones makes this a complete package! ...more info
  • Disappointed
    I purchased this DECT 6.0 cordless digital answering system after reading the manufacturer's description that "there is no interference with wireless networks, microwave ovens, cordless phones, and other household items" and reviews of other customers. This phone has disconnected me on a number of occasions--I am talking, I hear a 'beep' and am disconnected from my call or, I can here the person on the other end, but they cannot hear me. The display shows out of range! Each time his happened I have been in another room or even in the same room as the base. At times during conversations, the background seems to go silent as if I have been disconnected and I find myself asking "are you still there."

    I selected Uniden as my previous phone was a Uniden and the DECT 6 because I do have a wireless network. I am going to have to purchase another phone as this one just does not measure up to its manaufacturer's description and I can't afford to have my calls dropped. Very disppointed in this product. My previous phone was Uniden TRU9485-2 5.8 GHz Digital Cordless Answering System with Dual Keypad and Extra Handset which worked well for a number of years before losing its ability to retain Caller ID information on one of the handsets....more info
  • Great phone, even with the static
    This phone was really easy to set up (my 7-year-old did it in about 15 minutes). The manual is good. The handsets are comfortable to hold, though they don't cover your ear when talking (because they are small) which I would prefer as I am half deaf and this would help block out noise in the room. I like that you can see from any handset whether you have a message, and that the main unit notes how many messages are there. The intercom feature is mostly a toy for the kids. There is a slight static on this phone compared to our old Panasonic 900 mhz model. It comes and goes, and moving the base unit didn't seem to solve the problem. We have decided to keep the phone despite the static, as it has so many other good features. The only other minus is that the base unit looks kinda ridiculous when mounted on the wall - it sticks out at an odd angle. ...more info
  • Good Value
    The phone is easy to set up and has worked fine so far. There were a couple of long distance calls to the same number that had poor quality sound, but that may have been a problem on the other end.

    I'd recommend purchase to anyone looking for cordless phones....more info
  • Great phone system for the price
    I read all the reviews re: various phone systems on Amazon before proceeding to buy this one. Basically there does not appear to be a "perfect" system out there. After using this one for a month now, I think it's pretty much as good as it gets. Pros: good sound quality, no reception problem,long battery life, it beeps to tell you've got a message, phone books, caller ID retrievals etc. all work well. Little things that make this phone imperfect: caller ID does not have a "1" in front of it (to store a caller ID no. onto your phone book, you have to press "*" first to add a "1" in front of the numbers, and then press "menu" to go through the storing process). You can retrieve messages on any handset, but you can't delete a message except at the base unit. When you store numbers onto the phone book on one handset, you have to pair the information with other handsets, ONE AT A TIME, now why won't they give you an option of pairing it to "ALL"?

    ...more info
  • Great phone!
    We love this phone! The sound is crystal clear. I like the ability to control the ring tones for each phone and for different callers. It makes it easy to know who is calling. The answering machine is easy to operate. The range is great. I once took the phone in the car while talking to my sister. I was two blocks away before I realized I was on my house phone and not my cell phone. I hung up before the connection was broken! The phones are very light and portable, no heavier than a cell phone. They are also stylish and look great, but are small enough to hide if need be, even the answering machine is small in size. We are very happy with them. The only complaint is that the connection is so clear that the caller can also hear everything from your end. So, when the kids are yelling, the caller can't hear me through the noise. I have to be away from the loud noises to talk. I haven't had any problems with our dish network interfering with the phone either. It is nice to be able to talk anywhere without interference. ...more info
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    The Good:

    1. Looks great. Unlike Panasonic, keypad lites up (also, keys have a nice tacky feel... very good quality). Base looks really cool at night.

    2. Sounds pretty decent. Wide range of volume control. Has tone control (high, natural, low). Speakerphone sounds great. Reception is fantastic.(Be very sceptical of bad reviews in this area, either that person works for Panasonic or they have a lemon.)

    3. Nice features (worth noting): Transfer individual entries or whole phonebook to other handsets. Assign ring tones to saved entries (yes, the caller id will probably come up different than your entry, but the phone will recognize the number and use the assigned ring tone). Label "banner" to each headset (ex. kitchen, bedroom, etc.). Led blinks when there is a new voicemail or answering machine message. Access answering machine messages thru headsets.

    The Bad:

    1. No bluetooth. Who the heck uses wired headsets anymore? (There's a headset jack.)

    2. Some ring tones are not very loud. The default is loud enough (wouldn't hurt to have the option of turning it up a little louder though).

    3. Only 2 handsets can be used at the same time.

    The Ugly (I can't believe nobody else mentioned these yet):

    1. The speakerphone cannot be used during intercom use. ????!! How can you call it an "intercom" without the speakerphone functionality. That's how the original intercoms worked... like speakerphones, not having to hold a handset up to your ear. Also, as mentioned by another, the "calling" handset rings (loudly) until the "receiving" handset picks up. So basically, you have to hold the phone with your hand over the speaker on the back until it stops ringing at which point you bring the phone up to your ear to say "hello" to your spouse (even though you didn't hear her say hello because you had the phone away from your ear when she first answered). How stupid!

    2. Only the base rings on the first ring. The handsets don't ring until the second ring. If your base is in the bedroom like mine and you don't hear it because you have your stereo on (I keep the base turned down so we don't have a heart attack when a wrong number calls in the middle of the night), then that's that much less time to answer the phone before the caller hangs up or it goes to voicemail (or answering machine). For us, this is particularly inconvenient. We have Vonage and my wife has her cell phone set up to ring at the same time as our home phone (Vonage feature called "Simulring"). Only problem with simulring is when she tries to call home, it's as if she's calling her own cell which of course brings up her cell voicemail. Fortunately, the home phone (the base) will ring once before going to voicemail. If my cell phone is turned off or in my coat pocket in the closet, this may be the only way she can get ahold of me when she's away and I'm at home. If I hear the phone ring once only, I know it's her and I can be ready to answer when she calls back. This worked fine with my old Vtech but now I will be forced to run a new phone line (for the base) to the place where we keep our kitchen handset.

    I emailed Uniden about these last two concerns and here's a quote from their response. I also asked if there is anyway of updating the firmware:

    "1. Intercom is to be used to call another handset. It has no ability to work on speaker phone.
    2. It will be normal for the base to ring first then the handset.

    There is no way to update the phone. These feature are stored in a chip that is nonupgradable."...more info
  • No real complaints
    Overall, I have no major complaints. Sometimes it will tell me I'm out of range and put my call on hold. A bit annoying but not a big deal..this happens rarely. Other wise reception is great, has features I enjoy and anything else that bothers me I'm sure is just my laziness for lack of ambition to read the owners manual.

    I'd buy this phone again....more info
  • Worked great for 3 months, then suddenly garbled
    Bought this phone with 3 handsets in Dec 07. Worked great for 3 months, but just last week, everyone started saying I sound garbled and choppy (but I can hear them fine). Plugged in a $5 wired phone and callers can hear me fine, so I know it's not my phone service or wiring (which haven't changed). Tried resetting the base and handsets as described on the Uniden support site, but no luck. Unfortunately, I can't return it because the store has a 30 day return policy. I've had Unidens for so long and loved them, but will now go find a different brand to replace this one which cost over $100 but only lasted 3 months....more info
  • Excellent Phone better than my 900!
    If you use this phone with the very inexpensive Uniden headsets, you will have a phone that is clearer than my favorite of all times 900MHZ phone! I've tried several 2.5 and 5Ghz phones, quality was not as good as my old 900, and I would return them. I think it has great range, and when I tested it with my friends, they were all very impressed with excellent quality, better than my 900MHz.

    What can they improve? UNIDEN HAS NO PROCEDURE TO ACCEPT CUSTOMER SUGGESTIONS!!! I tried to contact them.

    The phone could add speed dial (like cell phones), and it could let the led blink after a new call (if customer wanted to enable it). Also, as others have mentioned, a number coming in that matches the address book entry should display it as such.

    Great phone! No static, very clear and natural sounding voice for both parties....more info
  • Pleased with product
    I bought the telephone for my parents and they are very pleased. No complaints....more info
  • Almost perfect
    I have two VoIP lines at home. I've had a Panasonic phone with 4 handsets, and a clumsy ugly uncomfortable GE phone with 2 handsets. Both were seriously damaged by the dog, so it was time for an upgrade. Replacement Panasonic handsets are $70, and besides, I wanted more than 4 handsets which was more than Panasonic model supported. So, I went with this Uniden model.

    First, the good. The phones are comfortable to hold, very good voice quality, and long range. My adapter is in the garage, and I have no problems on the second floor.

    Somebody complained about inability to add 1 for redial or storing from Caller-ID. But, as was explained here, pressing * adds 1 in front of the number. Weird, but it works. One time, I tried to add an international number (that came across on Caller ID, but without any 011 prefix) - and I couldn't. But at least, it adds `1'

    One unique benefit if you have two sets. You can set *all* 6 handsets to *both* bases and easily switch between them. So, in the end you get a two-line phone system.

    Other good things (but no better than old Panasonic): ability to copy address book, comfortable keypad, bright LCD screen, blinking VM light from answering machine or service provider.

    Now the annoying part. Most of those have been described by others. One that I will miss from Panasonic - CallerID voice feature. The phone was "reading" out loud Caller ID name between the rings, so I knew when to ignore kids' friends' calls without getting off the couch.

    UPDATE: One more annoying feature. When I am using Intercom feature - the *calling* handset rings as well. What were people thinking?! I am trying to locate a missing handset that is making faint noise from under the bed - and the ringing in my hand is louder than a rooster!

    Matching the incoming call with the directory (ala cell phone), bluetooth, computer integration (for address book, CallerID, and additional ringtones). ...more info
  • Great phone system for the money
    I just bought the larger set which is one base and 4 add. handsets. I had to change from my previous uniden cordless phones when I started getting severe interference from my WI-FI network. As the other reviewer wrote, 3 are black and 1 is metallic red and 1 is metallic blue, which my teenage daughter stole for her room.

    The reception is wonderful but I havent tried it for distance from the base. My old Uniden worked pretty far from my house outside so im guessing this one will be even better. I love that the phonebook now holds 70 entries per phone! The one draw back of my old system was if someone called long distance, and you wanted to redial from your caller ID, there was no way to insert a 1 infront of the number to call it back and now you can.

    The style of the phones is not impressive, the v-tech is much nicer looking, but Uniden is a much better phone. I didnt find the phones themselves cheap feeling, but the bases are, but they have been the same design for awhile. The volume is fully adjustable and I saw people complained about ear piece volume and ringer volume and both are very loud when adjusted correctly.

    I havent tried out the answering machine since I have a VOIP system and it comes with voicemail, but it is a nice option if you need it.

    It has multiple ring tones and even some corny songs which could be fun around the holidays.

    The intercom is a nice feature..especially when my daughter is locked in her room and I need her, and the speakerphone comes in handy too. I especially like that you can page all the handsets not in their bases if you misplace one. No more lost phones in the house!

    All in all, I was happy with Uniden before and so far, im happy with them this time....more info
  • Exceptional phone for homes with a wireless router
    I've always been a fan of Uniden's phones and this handset package is no exception. The voice clarity, handset range, features and design are all exceptional. Even better is that it doesn't interfere with my wireless router, the voice connection doesn't get garbled when I turn on the microwave and the battery life far exceeds any predecessors we've ever used. I am extremely happy with this handset package....more info
  • Well worth its money
    I have it for couple month already. Works very well. No complains on quality of sound or reception. In my three store home base is on third floor, on of the extensions on first. ...more info
  • Impeccable design and execution
    I conducted an a-b comparison between the new Uniden DECT 6.0 system and the new Panasonic DECT 6.0 system. Both are excellent, but the Uniden is far easier to program and has a lovely, high-contrast orange screen....more info
  • Good little phone
    This seems to be working just fine. The only drawback I have discovered so far is that the answering machine does not have a date and time stamp. Otherwise good buy....more info
  • Can't go wrong with Uniden
    Uniden makes a great phone. These phones work fine. The only negative I have found is that my cheek hits the mute button on occasion which makes it odd when you can't figure out why the person on the other end can't hear you.......

    However, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this same phone again. ...more info
  • Disappointed
    I was hoping that this phone would work wonders for me with the Dect 6.0 range, but I was very disappointed. One of the first problems I had was that the handset I had in one of my rooms would go to "Out Of Range" mode and incoming calls would take a few seconds longer to hit that phone then the others in the house. When I did get an open line there would be static on the line and the callers could not hear me or I sounded like I was in a tunnel. The other problem I had was while on a call I just happened to bend down to pick something up and the phone just went dead. I didn't hit the end key, the phone just dropped the call. I sent the phone back after that. ...more info
  • Wonderful Product!
    This is a wonderful product that I am very happy with. I have only used Uniden phones now for years because they are very good products!...more info
  • Best phone system we ever had!
    We are very pleased with the clear conversations, the paging feature, the fact that you enter the phone numbers on one phone and all the phones have all the numbers and it works at great distances. My wife is handicapped and when she needs me I get a page. What a good solution. I can be outside, in the garage, etc. and it sure makes her feel likes she not alone. One of the best feature is the speakerphone. Now days, when you make a call it seems like you are put on hold all the time. This is great time saver. Just put it on speaker and you can work on our computer, paper work, taxes, etc. I have an old Panasonic, easa-phone, with a speaker, but it is noisey, hard to understand the message and is hard wired. My only problem is I wished a would of gotten one additional headset when I ordered. I will be adding another handset shortly. ...more info
  • Looks good, bad performance
    Great design, light handset with lighted keypad, good sounding speakerphone, smart answering machine base.... but .... multiple complaints from callers of voice cutting off over multiple days of testing. I am returning it and will try to find a better DECT phone....more info
  • Great phone system Great Price
    Purchased the uniden phone system and really like it. The receivers are light weight, very easy to install and load the directory. Great sound quality....more info
  • Good phone, few frustrating features
    This is our second set of DECT 6.0 phones, the first being similarly featured Panasonics. This phone is comfortable to hold and so far has good clarity and battery-though I would not claim to be an extreme phone talker.

    A few features I find annoying:
    1. I go to the troulble to program in the Phone numbers with names etc... but every time my friends call it pulls up their caller ID off bellsouth network, in otherwords it doesn't show the name I assigned to the phone #. Very annoying given that my 2 brothers, my mom and dad all have cell phones that show up under my dad's name, not their individual names like I programmed.

    2. Once you program a # in the phone book, if you want to edit the #, you have to delete everything up to the point you are changing. That means if you want to add a 1+areacode, you delete the whole # to add it. You can't just scroll to the beginning of the # and enter it in.

    3. The individual phones show time/date on the caller ID, but not on the main screen of the phone when not in use- this is minor, but it's just a nice feature.

    4. The menu is not at all hard to navigate, but it's not particularly intuitive. You'd think with all the cell phones on the market now, one of these geniuses would just look at the menu on their own cell phones for some ideas.

    Anyway, it's a good phone, I can't decide if the issues are important enough to me to return the set or keep it and suck it up. I really liked the panasonics we tried but we had to return 2 sets of them after 2 weeks of use each because the base station just quit working and the handsets were useless when the base is jacked up. We thought the first time was a fluke, but then the same thing happened the 2nd time, so despite loving the Panasonics, quality control seems to be a pretty big issue. I have used Uniden for a long time and have never had quality control problems, just wish they could figure out some of these minor kinks to make a really solid product....more info
  • Great phone system!
    I bought the Uniden DECT 6.0 system about three weeks ago and it's the best phone system that I've owned, to date. It was very easy to set up, has clear sound quality and has very good range. I live in a 2270SF, single level home on 3/8 of an acre and have no problem with reception anywhere inside or outside the house. The speakerphone function on the handset is a handy feature; the handsets are also capable of retrieving messages from the answering machine. Programming the phone and the answering machine was very simple, even a retarded monkey could do it!

    I had condsidered the Panasonic DECT6.0 system but it lacked a back lit key pad and some reviewers found the instruction booklet to be vague. Uniden has Panasonic beat, hands down on this phone system....more info
  • The best cordless phone yet.
    We have owned half a dozen cordless phone systems over the years, graduating along the way from 2.4 to 5.8 Ghz and now to the DECT 6.0 cordless technology. This is EASILY the best phone we have owned both in terms of call clarity and features. It's even the first phone my wife has been enthusiastic about.


    Call Clarity
    Small (but not too small) size and weight
    Large Phonebook and ability to designate ring tones to certain addresses
    Ease of use; controls are much more intuitive than the AT&T and GE phones we have owned in the past


    Nothing really, except that the orange backlight wouldn't be my color of choice. That's a real nitpick!
    ...more info
  • Worst Phone Out There
    I bought this phone a little over a month ago...Everything is fine except for the sound quality which is bad for a pricey phone. There is a horrible echo on the phone when you make local or international calls. If anyone knows how to fix this echo problem please let me know; I tried a dsl filter and it does not seem to help....more info
  • Finally I Can Hear
    Replaced a digital 5.8mHz phone due to static received either from my doorbell intercom or flourescent lights. As stated, phone has ton of features that are easy to use and not difficult to set up. YOU WILL HAVE TO READ THE MANUAL. First, this phone, model 2080 and it's cousin model # 2060 has an earphone jack. Second, the volume control actually works both with the headset and jack. If you have been on a call with any customer service department, a headphone is a must. The reception is super clear and can now understand what people are saying that have an accent. One other note, I read in an earlier review that you can not hear a conversation on another headset, you are shut out. I want to point out that in the manual it tells you how to engage "privacy" but by default it is not turned on. Highly Recommend!...more info
  • The phone is great but I can't edit Caller ID
    I bought this phone last December. The phones are working very well, good reception and voice quality is excellent. I like the built-in intercom to page between the phones. And has many more futures.

    The only problem I have had so far is editing Caller ID. When I get a call say by name B. colosei and I want to edit as Colosei Bewtwa , the next call come as B. colosei. I tried again and again but I am able to edit caller ID as I wish. Is there any one can help me in this issue?

    Except this problem, the Uniden 2080-3 is a very first-rate phone I have ever seen. I post 4 stars.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Phones
    What a great deal I received with the purchase of this phone system! The quality of the sound is excellent and the construction overall is very good. It was easy to set up and get started too. The feature that copies your entered phone numbers copies to each of the handsets, very convenient. You can even program in special ring tones too. I am most pleased with the sound quality, very clear, no static or undertones, that scores a big plus with me! Also there is no interference with my wireless router and computer products. The handsets are very comfortable to handle too and the keys are easy to use too. I also like the volume control for the ringer and one for the handset too, nice features to have.
    I would recommend this phone system very highly! It's easy to use and works excellently!...more info
  • good phone
    won't say so much here except that this is a good phone and I'm not often impressed with electronics but I am with this one from a functionality, design, and usability perspective. So five star here. ...more info
  • Love Everything About it EXCEPT...
    Got this expandable system a few weeks ago, and I really love everything about it except one thing: even at the highest ringer volume, I have a hard time hearing the phone ring if there is any other background noise. No, I'm not hard of hearing, and no, my TV isn't turned up too loud. The dang thang just doesn't ring very loudly! The base rings loud enough, but not the handsets. I have missed several calls by just not hearing the phone ring. I do have an older home with large rooms and tall ceilings, so maybe that contributes to the problem, but I've never had this problem with any other phone or expandable system.

    Everything else is great - the looks, size, feel, setup, and features. But what good is that if you don't hear the thing ring??

    Can't say I'd recommend the phone to a friend because of this.

    ...more info
  • Crystal clear - Best phone ever purchased
    This purchase was to upgrade from a similar 2.4 Uniden wireless phone system purchased four years ago. The new phones have a larger display, are smaller and lighter, and are individually dentified by handset number. More importantly, the 6.0 system does not interfere with my wireless internet. The price was great. I would highly recommend this phone. ...more info
  • Great phone set!
    This is probably one of the best phone sets out (as of 12/2007). It provides great signal throughout my entire house, and no interference with any other wireless devices!

    Only two things could make this phone better, bluetooth and internet connectivity.

    I'm still giving this 5 stars, because this set does what it does well....more info
  • I'm hard to please
    My husband and I research every thing we buy to death. We very much wanted the personalized ringers and this is one of the few phones that offered it. The sound is very clear and the phones are easy to install. The viewing area is large and bright. The phone book holds more numbers then I can possibly call. So far I am very happy with this phone system. We added one more to the standard 3 and felt the price was very reasonable. ...more info
  • Good but not as good as my last Uniden phone
    Decent performance but the audio quality is not as good as my older Uniden cordless 900MHz phones. I can hear OK, but it seems the high tones are missing so it sounds muddled. I do like the backlit buttons and the and the UI of the keypad. The key touch is very tactile and you know when you have pressed the key which is unlike the Panasonic flubber keypads.
    All in all a pretty good phone.
    The answering machine works well. Easy to use. One thing I don't like is the timestamp comes at the end of the message....more info
  • A great update
    We just upgraded our old two-handset cordless Uniden with this DECT three-handset model. We loved the old one, but it interfered with our wireless network, and was getting difficult to charge. But we loved the features -- caller ID, the address book, the individual ringtones for specific callers, and the multiple handsets.

    The new system is great. THe handsets themselves are lighter, but just as easy to use. I love that we could add up to three more handsets if we want. And the base station works nicely on a desk instead of wall mounted -- the angle lets you see right away if you have messages.

    The only problem I have had so far is moving phone numbers from Caller ID into the Address Book. Caller ID leaves off the "1" in the front of the number, and I haven't figured out how to move through the number to the front of it to add the digit....more info
  • Terrible sound quality
    This phone is full of features but they are badly implemented. The screen is nice and helpful but emits a very annoying electric hum, like if you turn on your speakers all the way up and play bad audio through it. It's like talking on the phone through a set of high voltage lines. The people on the other side can hardly hear you and it crackles and pops all the time. Design of the dialing buttons is also pretty bad, there are 3 "cool" rows of buttons instead of separate ones so you tend to misdial all the time. Wish it had an alarm but it doesnt. I returned it; trust me I never return anything I buy but this phone turned out to be totally unusable.

    The only nice feature was the intercom system so if you are looking for a 100 dollar walkie-talkie you could get this phone.
    ...more info
  • Awesome!!!!
    I bought this set because I was very dissapointed with the sound quality on my Panasonic 5.8 GHz phone set. The sound on these phones is crystal clear - such an improvement. It was definitely worth the extra money....more info
  • Great Phone with Answering Machine for the Money
    Bought this phone at Circuit City last week. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to set everything up and to get it working. The phones seem to work very well, good reception and voice quality is good. The phones also support a wired headset, a must in my book. The redial function allows you to redial several of the last numbers that were called; very handy. I like the built-in intercom to page between the phones. I also like the functionality of the answering machine. It seems to do what you want it to do without any unnecessary complexity. It is easy to record a custom greeting, easy to pick up messages, and easy to delete messages. I also like the fact that it is a lightweight unit that can be wall mounted....more info
  • sound quality a bit off
    My husband brought this phone home 5 days ago. We needed a new phone so badly, I am trying to overlook the hollowness of my voice when talking on the phone. The caller sounds fine, however the phone does feel a bit on the cheap side. I will say that the fact that it doesn't crackle when far away from the main base is a huge improvement from our 5.8GHz....more info
  • Finally! No "out-of-range" feedback on LED screen.
    I just rec'd this system (w/total of 5 handsets in the set: #2080-5) a few days ago from a different vendor and so far I am very happy!! I had been using the Uniden TRU9485 and loved that phone system with one glaring exception: Two of the four phones furthest from the base kept cutting out constantly, with the message "out of range" on the screen despite only being maybe 50 feet or less from the base in my one-story home. Made those 2 phones virtually unusable. This was a 5.8 GHz phone but it was no good for me!

    So, here I am with the new DECT 1.9 GHz version and so far, no problem. It has virtually all the same features as the TRU with slightly different cosmetics. The Uniden 2080-5, with the 5 handsets (we have a larger home) do have a cute little addition: two of the silver/black phones have a brightly colored frame: one in metallic red, the other in met. blue - kinda kicky. Xln't sound, including the speakerphones, which is a feature I use 70% of the time. Phone directory holds 70 listings and can be auto-dialed with a quick press of the button. Enter your phone numbers and names just once and you can then send it to all the other extension phones without having to retype them in individually. Each phone can also add their own entries. Has intercom bet. the extension phones, Caller ID, which I don't use, the usual digital answering machine with up to 4 min. message allowed per caller. But, book says when retrieving your messages remotely, after listening to 4 min. of messages, machine will stop and require you to push 2 buttons if you need to hear more messages: a bit of a bother, but 4 min. of messages IS quite a lot for most, unless you have a lot of wordy friends who read to you daily from War and Peace. Keypad and screen light up nicely for night viewing by pressing any key. Each phone has a little light on top that will flash to let you know an unheard message is available. You can then play back that message from any of the extension phones, a nice convenience so you don't have to go to where the base is located to retrieve them. Ans. machine will emit a message beep if there are any new ones for you or you can turn that alert off. A lot of options with these phones: individual volume controls for both earpiece and speakerphone, method of answering the phone (press any key to answer or automatically have it connect with caller by just picking up the phone from the charger or base) - are just a few. Most important to me: the distance from base doesn't seem to affect the connections - yay!! A very long talk time is present - 12 hours stated, I believe. I've talked a couple hours without the battery signal even stepping down. Book says can leave phone off the charger for up to seven days, but I'm more conservative.

    Oh, for those of you that don't know - another wonderful feature: Only the ans. machine base needs to be plugged into a phone jack. All the extensions only need an electrical outlet, no phone connection! Little complaints: too few choices for types of ring when receiving a call, wish there were a couple more letters allowed when entering the names & nbrs. into the auto-dial directory (16 letters/spaces allowed). But, those are petty. This is an excellent phone or my name isn't Bill Gates (okay, just kidding about the name!); you'll be pleased! ... Arline ...more info