Digital Blue Disney Princess Pix Micro Digital Camera - DS10010
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $14.99

You Save: $5.00 (25%)


  • Point & Shoot Digital Camera and Printer
  • Features Status LCD
  • Additional Features: Attaches To Your Key Chain or Backpack, CIV 320x240 Pixel Resolution
  • Also Includes USB Cable, Manual, Wrist Strap, Software
  • 2.75L x 0.75W x 1.9H "
Customer Reviews:
  • Completely useless junk - don't waste your money!!!
    Got this for my daughter's 3rd birthday - she loves to take pics and see them on the screen...well, no screen here (for $20, not unreasonable). However, I installed the software, uninstalled it, reinstalled it, and still couldn't get the camera to connect to the computer. Tried to contact customer support and got NO RESPONSE. We just took ours back to Target for a refund. Looking for something that actually works now....more info
  • worthless
    Aside from not connecting to a mac, this camera is a total waste of plastic, completely non-functional as a camera. It doesn't have a display screen, which for $20, okay. But the pictures are absolutely useless: tiny, muddy, blurry, postage stamp size smears. That's if you even manage to get them onto your computer. The controls are counterintuitive. It's hard to tell whether you've taken a picture, and it's unbelievably easy to erase all the pictures you've taken, because there's only 2 buttons on the thing, so the erase button is also the power or shutter button. And if the battery is removed or happens to run out, all the pictures are erased! It looks cute enough, but functionally it's one of the most poorly designed products I've ever seen. If you buy this you'll have a $20 necklace. ...more info
  • Mac Support Nonexistent
    With a perfect price point for aggressive little hands I thought this might be a perfect gift for a child I know. Sadly there is absolutely no support for Macintosh computers. Shame on the manufacturer for not using industry standard technologies to deliver what seems like a great idea.

    I was unable to get any further than taking a couple of snapshots and attempting to connect with iPhoto. This cannot even be mounted as a removable drive. I cannot recommend avoiding this device (or anything else this company makes) any more intensely without being rude. ...more info