Invisible Shield Classic Shield Case for iPod classic 80 GB 6G--Full (Clear)
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Product Description

The invisibleSHIELD is the premier name in handheld device protection. Made from a urethane film originally used to protect the leading edges of military helicopter blades, the invisibleSHIELD is clear, durable, and virtually scratch-proof. The invisibleSHIELD is precision cut to fit your Apple iPod classic (80GB), giving it perfectly contoured protection that other screen protectors can't match. The protection provided by the invisibleSHIELD is unique, not only in the way itkeeps your device from getting unsightly scratches, but also how it doesn't add any bulk or obscure the sleek aesthetic design of your Apple iPod classic (80GB). If your invisibleSHIELD ever becomes scratched or otherwise damaged while protecting your device, don't worry, all invisibleSHIELDs are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Simply send it back to ShieldZone and ShieldZone will send a replacement, for free, for life!

Customer Reviews:

  • NICE
    This product comes in a big box along with some other accesories, but it's very nice and if you are careful when you put it on your iPod, nobody will notice that your iPod has a protective film...more info
  • Great product, but buy elsewhere
    First off, I didn't get the cover for the iPod Classic. It was the same model as the one for the 5.5G iPod. This will fit a Classic, but the actual Classic model fits better and provides better coverage with a more detailed cutout shape. Second, Invisible Shield will NOT honor the warranty if it is purchased from Amazon or any seller on Amazon, as they're not an authorized reseller. So, if you have any issues, you're SOL like I was.

    That being said, these things are amazing. A bit difficult to apply properly, but once it's on, your iPod is completely safe from scratching. The video on their website is no BS: you really can scratch at it with your keys, and it won't touch the iPod. I can't emphasize how effective these are. I carry my iPod around in a pocket with a set of keys and an uncapped USB flash drive, and while this would ruin an iPod normally, mine doesn't have a scratch. I got one for my phone, too (they make them for everything from phones and iPods, to laptops, to wiimotes). It makes it easy to clean fingerprints off a screen, too, as you don't have to worry about scratching the screen.

    In conclusion, highly recommended, jut make sure you buy from one of their authorized resellers if you want warranty service....more info
  • Scratch Proof Film
  • Invisible Protection
  • ShieldZone Lifetime Guarantee