Moultrie? Game Spy D - 40 Digital Flash Trail Camera
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Product Description

Moultrie Game Spy D - 40 Digital Flash Trail Camera... a game scout you can depend on! Friend, here's a great Game Camera that lets you begin monitoring deer patterns on your land! It has all the essential features you need to start taking pictures and tracking game with its quick trigger time, long-range flash and generous battery life. Affordable, and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed by us here at the Guide! Picture these fine features: 4.0 megapixels; Rapid response time captures moving game; 60-day battery life; 45' white flash ensures optimal, viewable shots; Imprints time, date and camera ID on every photo or video; Takes day or night color pictures; Makes video clips during the day; Laser and IR aim for quick and precise camera setup; Multi-shot pictures (up to 3 shots); Weather-resistant, airtight camera housing and seal; Operates on 6 D-cell batteries (not included); 1-yr. limited warranty. Order yours today... it'll pay off when hunting season's here! Moultrie Game Spy D-40 Digital Flash Trail Camera

  • Made By: Moultrie Feeders
  • Model Number: MFHDGSD40
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Customer Reviews:
  • Good value for the money!!!
    It works perfect. Pics are very good. Somthing i didn't consider prior. View pics right there and then. If you're going to buy a few trail cam's, perhaps to save money just buy one of those screen viewers, otherwise just spend the money on a built in viewer. A buddy uses a digital camera that he can connect it to. But nothing of mine has a rca connection. Good hunting!...more info
  • Moultrie Customer Service leaves a lot to be desired!!!!!
    I recently purchased 2 of this units. Out of the box, one was defective. I called Moultrie who said ship it back and they would replace it. After waiting a week to hear from them I called and learned that it would take "3 or 4 weeks before my problem was evaluated". I explained that the unit was new and defective but was told it would have to go through their normal repair process, again 3 to 4 weeks.

    If you decide to buy this product and have a problem, prepare to be very patient....more info
  • Very pleased with this camera
    The battery life is excellent on this unit, ours has been out a good two months and battery life is still at 50 percent, and it does not take a lot of unnecessary pictures. We are pretty happy with it. The only peeve is that it does not come with a USB cord, but mostly you can just use the SD Cards and view them straight from the computer on newer computers anyway. You can set it to take like 3 pictures every 10 minutes, or 2 every hour or just one at a time. We haven't tried to do a video yet.

    I hope I haven't reviewed the wrong thing, ours says Infrared Activated Game Survelillance Camera 4.0 MP. It looks the very same.
    ...more info