3.5" LCD Wireless Backup Camera System - Truck RV Rear view Camera + Color 3.5" LCD Monitor + Night Vision
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Product Description

Get the security you need to protect your family and friends. Eliminate the blinds spots and see what's behind you before you back up. Large 3.5" monitor is easy to view. Wireless Back-Up Camera System with Color LCD Monitor allows you to see what is behind you before you back up Comes complete with everything you need to install Avoid accidents and injuries in your Car, Van, SUV, RV, or delivery vehicle Night Vision Camera mounts to your existing license plate holder and provides wide angle viewing 3.5" color monitor mounts to your dash or visor For use with 12V DC electrical systems Installation is easy with the elimination of wires from camera to monitor Easy to read English installation manual [Package contains]: * 8907T Back Up Camera * 7610 3.5 inch LCD Monitor *Cigarette Lighter Adapter *Monitor Wiring Harness (if not use cigarette lighter) *Mount Holder *** [We also have "GPS+BACKUP CAMERA SYSTEM" in one unit in our web store]***

  • Night Vision Camera mounts to your existing license plate holder and provides wide angle viewing
  • 3.5-inch color monitor mounts to your dash or visor, use with 12V DC electrical systems
  • Build-in 10 high-powered IR LED night vision helping to see better at night (see sample picture)
  • Automatic activate LCD backup view when on reverse position, with SunBlock and 4 rotation feature (see sample picutre)
  • Installation is easy with the elimination of wires from camera to monitor, complete with everything you need to install
Customer Reviews:
  • See Video Demo of this wireless backup camera set
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2I821N365Z327 Video is the live demo of this system.
    Main Camera (wireless night vision) was installed on the license plate location on a Toyota Sienna Van. 2nd camera (without night vision) in front location. Monitor sat on the dash board in front.
    Additional camera style selection can be found on our web store.
    We also have GPS + wireless backup camera in one unit.
    Thank you for your time. ...more info
  • Outstanding Customer Service by 4UCam
    I purchased a backup camera system for my truck from 4Ucam but needed to exchange the original for a system with a different monitor.

    I found 4Ucam, and their representative Joe, to be the most responsive, cooperative and accomodating internet merchant that I have ever encountered. The exchange process required email and phone communications and in every instance 4Ucam (Joe)responded immediately in a conscientious, diligent and caring manner.

    4Ucam and their representative(Joe) rate a 5 on a scale of 5 in every respect. I give them the highest recommendation. With the manner in which commerce is conducted today, it is truly gratifying to encounter someone who really cares!...more info
  • Very Happy with Camera's Performance
    I purchased this camera for backing up to my snowmobile and boat trailers and am very pleased with how well it works.

    Camera: Mounts easily to the top mounting screws on license plate. The camera has a slight downward angle built-in but did mount it with the wedges to get a better angle at the hitch, which I later found I didn't need and removed. The wiring is very simple. My 2001 Silverado Crew Cab has the labeled wiring harness right up under the bumper. It also only took about 30 seconds to confirm the correct wires in the owner's manual. Throw away the inline wire connectors that are included. There are much better ones that can be purchased anywhere. I ended up removing some of the wire jacket form the wire I wanted to splice into, wrapped the camera wire around the exposed wire, soldered and then taped. MN has salt spray 6 months out of the year and wanted a reliable connection. A larger gage wire would have been easier to work with.

    Monitor: 3.5" is the perfect size. I did spend a couple of hours figuring out the ideal location to mount it. It is illegle in MN to mount anything to the windshield and it just fell off anyway. The air vent mount is worthless. This model does not come with the velcro as shown in the picture; 4UCAM website has an accurate picture of what is included. Mine did include a video cable which isn't in either picture. I ended up wiring it into my reading lights using inline connectors I already had and used velcro on the bottom of the suction cup to mount into my overhead compartment for the garage door opener. They should provide a mount with a flat base that could be used with velcro. CAUTION: While removing the monitor from the mounting arm so many times I broke the retaining clip on the back of the monitor.

    Function: I used it this morning to hook up my trailer (in the dark) and it worked great. The night vision is awsome! The depth perception is a little tricky so I ended up about 2" too far back; but will get use to that. Objects seem far away and then come up very quickly. The monitor does flicker due to being wireless; if you live in an area where you have a lot of bluetooth interference you may want to consider a hard-wired camera.

    Overall - very happy. I may change the camera wiring so it is on all of the time and not just when in reverse. Also, I can't see behind my enclosed trailer so I plan to add another camera to the back of my trailer (the 8907T model with the separate transmitter) and wire it to the running lights so it is on all of the time. I don't see anything that explains how to set the channel for each camera so need to figure that out. The monitor has the ability to have up to 4 cameras.

    This item would get a 5 rating if they improved the monitor mounting options, inline connectors, and added heavier gage wires....more info
  • Better and easier than expected
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R11QHNQJ07RFL5 I have purchased a lot of products through Amazon and this is the first review I have written. I find the reviews very helpful and thought it was time I gave something back.

    I was looking for a backup camera to help me in hooking up trailers to my 2005 Silverado extended cab. I settled on the 3.5" LCD Wireless Backup Camera System from 4UCAM because it was priced right and looked like it would be easy to install.

    I was NOT disappointed!

    Wireless means that there is no wire to run between the camera and the video screen. You still have to supply power to the camera and the screen. The wire between the camera and the screen would make the installation much more difficult.

    The installation was fairly easy for my particular case.

    The camera mounts to the license plate bolts and then you just need to hook up the two wires, black to ground and red to the wire that goes to the reverse lights. Since my truck has a trailer plug and the plug is labeled as to which one is the reverse lights finding the correct wire was easy. I also used the supplied wedges to aim the camera down as much as possible so that I would be able to see the hitch.

    The video screen just happened to be the perfect size to fit in the overhead console where I used to keep my sunglasses. (I will have to find another place for those). I just put 4 little rubber stick-on dots on the bottom and top of the screen to help hold it in place after I jam it in the console opening.

    This wireless backup system works very well and seems to be constructed well. I have just installed it, so I am not sure how it will stand up over time and how the camera will survive out in the weather. I also don't know how well the night vision portion will work. This will be important since I am often moving trailers around after dark.

    I was worried about this purchase and actually wanted to purchase it locally so that I could return it if it did not work. I could not find it locally so I had to take the chance ordering it on-line.

    Check out the video that I included with this review. A picture is worth a thousand words.
    ...more info