Crosley Keepsake USB Turntable Black
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Product Description

Crosley Keepsake USB Turntable ? Black Can?t bear to live without your vinyl albums, yet can?t seem to find the time to fire up the record player these days? Well, have we got a solution for you ? The Crosley Keepsake. You can now simply take your old vinyls and convert them to CD in minutes with just a few simple steps. The Keepsake allows those old albums to be recorded in a digital audio format for high quality sound on a smaller, more modern compact disc. It easily interfaces with the USB port on any computer by utilizing the supplied software suite. However, if you still want to enjoy your albums old style, then Crosley?s Keepsake offers a 3 speed turntable for your listening enjoyment. Preserve your entire music collection with the Keepsake. Features:USB Enabled for Connection to Windows? Equipped PC and Mac? Software Suite for Ripping and Editing Audio Content Belt Driven Turntable Mechanism Plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM Records Plays 7", 10" & 12" Records Automatic Return Tone Arm Diamond Stylus Needle Adjustable Tone Control Dynamic Full Range Stereo Speakers Solid Wood Construction Vinyl-Wrapped Chrome Snap Closure Corner Guards Metal and Resin Handle Color: Black *Computer Show in picture not included. Dimensions 7"h x 17"w x 11"d Shipping Carton Size 22" x 16" x 11" Shipping weight 16 pounds

  • Crosley CR249-BK Crosley Keepsake CD Recorder- Black.
  • USB Enabled for connection to PC or MAC.
  • Play 7'' 10'' 12'' at 33 1/3, 78, 45.
  • Auto return tone arm and Diamond stylus needle.
Customer Reviews:
  • love it
    I love this player! Nothing bad to say about it.
    turntable arm is not plastic like the cr49(which is a good thing). And it does not have a tinny sound that a lot of people were complaining about with the cr49. You have to love the return arm feature as well:)...more info
  • Dude,Your getting a Crosley !!!!!!!
    Best Purchase made in a long time, This Record Player is the answer. I have been using it as a stand alone but it comes with input,Output and USB for ripping the music.

    I Like it.

    Kurt...more info
  • dont respond to queries
    I can't seem to get the software to work and the player only works on one speaker, not in stereo. I've sent multiple e-mails to Crosley but they do not respond....more info
  • Great record player.
    This was a great product at a good price. I'm excited to be able to play all my old albums again!...more info
  • The Crosley Keepsake: Definitely a Keeper!
    I recently started to collect vinyl and was looking for a way to play my records. I wanted something small (I live in studio) and easy on my wallet. I was also looking for something that looked old, but had more modern technolgy. The Crosley Keepsake Turntable was the answer that I was looking for. I have been using it fairly nonstop for 2 weeks now and it has been a blast! What's more, I have installed the software and have been ripping some mp3's! Also, the auxillary jack allows me to play my ipod through the built in speakers (which sound fine for a small, portable record player). Everyone that sees this product asks me about it and they are suprised at how reasonable the price is. I recommend this turntable to anyone looking for a cheap and unique way to enjoy analog music in this digital age. ...more info
  • Fun with Records!
    Let me tell you a story. Recently, I went on a road trip up and down the west coast. In a small city known as San Francisco, I came across a record store, alas, it was the famous Rasputin! Marvelous music abounded everywhere, the earthly delights, it was paradise of rare form.

    Since then, I have returned to my humble abode and realized that I do not possess a record player nor have I ever owned one (seeing as my birth was a decade after the 70s). Thus began my holy quest, many retailers have I visited and many forums have I searched for wisdom and an answer.


    One learns soon that the Crosley name is well-spoken of in this trade. One also learns soon that record players are a dying breed. Golly! This is where the Crosley CR249 comes in. This behemoth of a record player also provides a future-proof USB connection, thus allowing one to interface it with a modern age contraption known as the Personal Computer and digitize those wondrously rare LPs that have never seen the laser light of CD form.

    Hooray, I yelled at the top of my lungs. And for those desiring a more vintage look, Crosley offers this in tan. If I could trade this in for tan, I would, but I can't so I won't but in the end I am still content and extremely pleased with my purchase.

    - case is fully portable with handle, like an oversized briefcase
    - dynamic range speakers put out decent sound
    - USB interface
    - 3 SPEEDS
    - cables and software are included

    - lack of outputs (only USB and an AUX IN)
    - speakers are not for audiophiles

    If you are in the market for a very well made basic record player with USB output that is also SIMPLE to use, then this is wonderful product to start with. If you already have great speaker system and receiver, you may want to choose another record player w/ USB that offers more output options....more info