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In this adrenaline-pumping thriller from Fritz Kiersch director of the cult classics Children of the Corn and Tuff Turf Armand Assante (The Mambo Kings Judge Dredd) stars as Harley an out-of-control mall security guard whose perfect work record masks a horrifying reality of deception blackmail and murder. Guaranteed to send a chill through anyone who's ever gone shoppingSystem Requirements:Run time: 90 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: MYSTERY/SUSPENSE/CRIME Rating: R UPC: 014381292527 Manufacturer No: GMP2925DVD

Customer Reviews:
  • Assante makes this b-movie a B+
    This is in most every way a standard b-movie: weak script, basic production values, cliched lines and shots left and right, but Assante takes his character and overplays it so hard that he actually lifts this film singlehandedly into the watchable and even enjoyable categories.
    The whole horror subplot was thrown in afterhand, as the producers admit in the doc on the dvd. It feels that way, and is basically pointless. This is really nothing more than a character study of a true American weasel, the moronic policeman/security guard/power freak who has no real brains of his own, or ideas, or heart. So he lives to screw happy, decent people over.
    Assante brings it all home most convincingly; his overacting fits perfectly. He really cracked me up at moments. This is a three-star film at best, but his almost five-star performance makes it worthwhile....more info
  • Great action flick!
    I really enjoyed the flick. Good acting (even a bit over the top) by Armand Assante! Great afternoon or evening's entertainment....more info
  • Highly recommended mystery/action thriller
    Harley is a reclusive mall security guard whose life's obsession is to apprehend potential shoplifters through a state-of-the-art electronic surveillance network. Trouble is, the would-be shoplifters mysteriously disappear. Dennis, Harley's young apprentice, starts to dig into the shady past of his introvert boss. What he discovers is not very pleasant.

    The concept behind "Surveillance" escapes the stereotypical clichés of the genre. The movie is solidly built around a robust script with emphasis on plot and character development rather than special effects. Armand Assante delivers a convincing performance as the enigmatic Harley. Direction is by legendary director Fritz Kiersch, whose credits include the cult horror classic "Children of the Corn." The producers include none other than Academy Award winner Gray Frederickson, whose resume boasts "Apocalypse Now" and the "Godfather" series. The production was filmed for very little money in Oklahoma City. Especially notable is the production design by Rebekah Bell and the art department who managed to pull off a credible job on a shoestring budget....more info