WR-100B Wireless Remote Control Shutter for Nikon D1, D2, D300, D200, D100, D1X, D2Xs
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Product Description

Wireless RF (radio frequency) remote control for your Nikon D1,D2,D200,D100,D1X,D2Xs. Maximum operating range 100m. Compared to an infrared (IR) remote control, it allows you to operate the shutter from either direction/angle. It supports unique coding for anti-interference and avoiding wrong operation. 3 operations modes: At W Mode; the receiver is active, you can use the transmitter to control the shutter or focus. At O mode; the receiver will be a normal remote switch, and it will not consume any power. At L mode, the receiver will lock the shutter for long exposure (Bulb Mode).

  • Fully compatible to:Nikon D1,D2,D300,D200,D100,D1X,D2Xs
  • 100 M (~300 feet) range; does not require line-of-sight release
  • 3-mode operation for shutter, sleep, and lock; locking function for bulb exposure
  • Supports unique coding for anti-interference and avoiding wrong operation
  • With rechargeable lithium battery and charging device that has LED indicator
Customer Reviews:
  • Cheaply Made But Does The Job
    I used this with my Nikon D300 DX 12.3MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) to take some family photos that I would be in. My first impression was how cheap it was. Its made of flimsy hard plastic that you are afraid you will break. After figuring out what needs to be charged (the part that attaches to the camera) it took some wiggling before a connection was made and the lights indicated it was charging. The remote has a battery that is included. The remote has a couple of slide settings and it took me some experimenting to figure out what worked with the D300. When I started taking photos it did not work until I wiggled the slider. I did get pictures with it. I was about 20 feet away, I think it is supposed to work up to 300 feet away but I have not tried it. So, yes, it works, but don't expect Nikon quality and be prepared to jiggle the slider to get a connection. ...more info
  • Excellent wireless remote!
    I bought the WR-100B in May 2008 and used it on several shoots (about 300 shots). I used it with a wireless Nikon SB-600 flash off camera in commander mode and covered the camera viewfinder from light. The receiver is a little big but it's no problem to just let it dangle from the socket. The connector is very tight from the receiver to the D300 with no alignment markings. After a few connections the receiver connector fits fine. I prefer it a little tight rather than loose. The transmitter was used for some focusing but the camera fired off everytime with this transmitter remote. No problems at all. The antenna on the transmitter is a pull out metal rod to give extra distance to the remote. After a four or five hours, I got sloppy and put the transmitter in my pocket and it broke off. The transmitter continued to work fine without the antenna for at least 30 ft. which was OK. I called and emailed Satechi about fixing the antenna. They were very responsive and gave me instructions for mailing the transmitter back to them. Within a week including all mailings I received a completely new unit (I mean, receiver, transmitter, and charger) in a new unit box. I was overwhelmed. I had never had anyone give me a new product for a minor problem (may have been easier to just mail a new one than fix the antenna). No charges were applied (other than my cost of postage of $1.68 to mail the transmitter back to them). So, the service was outstanding and the product works as advertised extremely well. Other than the few minor annoyances indicated above I would have to say this is a company that appreciates its customers and produces/distributes a quality product. I highly recommend. It's not perfect but it does what I want with no major problems and I can count on backup service if I need it....more info
  • Works but has some quirks! :(
    - Works as expected.
    - the transmitter has two buttons. One to focus and one to shoot. Works! even out of line-of-sight as claimed. Love it!

    - I did not expect the receiver to be bulky! :(
    - Difficult to plug into the din 10-pin socket since the receiver plug does not have any guide to match with camera socket. There is a great potential of misaligning the pins! if one is not careful :(

    ...more info
  • WR-100B Wireless Remote Control Shutter for Nikon D1, D2, D200, D100, D1X, D2Xs
    I stil have not received your device. It is at customs. Can you send me an invoice in german for teh customs? ...more info
  • Terrific product that does exactly what it is supposed to do.
    I'll be doing family portraits in a couple of days, and my family wants me to be in them. (Imagine that.) So I thought I'd try this wireless remote. I've used the self timer for shots like this before, and that method is a pain in the neck.

    Upon receiving this product, I ripped open the packaging, read the single page of instructions, and set about charging the receiver. It charged in less than a few hours. (I don't know how long exactly, as I left it alone while I did other things with my life.)

    Everything works as it should. And better. Setting up in my spare bedroom, I was able to trip the shutter from my master bedroom-- through three walls. I've tested the range out to about 50' outdoors, but I'm not sure how much farther the signal will travel. The company claims 100 meters-- so figure a football field distance. Even 50 feet is more than I need, but it's nice to know I have that extra range if I ever change my mind. =)

    The remote has two buttons-- one for focus and one to shoot. The shutter release button will also trigger auto-focus and may cause a delay in shooting. If, like me, you prefer to focus manually with this setup then there is no detectable lag.

    It can also be used in bulb mode-- set your camera to [B]ulb, then set the receiver to 'L' to lock the shutter open. (Funny things happen when your camera is set to Continuous shooting, Program mode and turn the switch to 'L.')

    I'd be happier with the product if it were built a little tougher with some weather sealing. It could also be a little smaller. So it isn't perfect-- big deal. I can wrap the transmitter and receiver in plastic bags for use in foul weather, and it does do everything the maker promises.

    Great price for a 100 meter long shutter release! (Try finding a cable release that long!)


    Postscript Added 2/11/08: I've been using this product for almost three months now. This works so much better than Nikon's equivalent. (Nikon's remote is infrared and limited to 5-10 feet.) The recharge times are minimal and the reliability has been 100% so far. There is no better wireless remote for Nikon cameras on the market. It is not perfect, but it is closer than anything else. And the Christmas portraits are pretty good, considering the photographer.

    Cheers again!...more info