Zune 4 GB Digital Media Player Black (2nd Generation)
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Product Description

Music and entertainment, your way. That's what the Zune 4 GB Digital Media Player is designed to deliver. The Zune easily connects you with your music, videos, and pictures wherever and whenever you want, and unlike the iPod, it even has a built-in FM tuner so you can keep up with local news and sports. Your Zune gives you the power to wirelessly share full-length tracks, playlists, pictures and podcasts with your other Zune-wielding friends, and it is available in four bold colors. And when you receive songs that you just can't get out of your head, you can easily tag the songs and buy them the next time you sync up. Whether you're listening to music, radio, or rocking out to the latest music videos on the bright, roomy screen, the Zune allows you to tailor your entertainment, right in the palm of your hand. Watch a demo on Zune.

The Zune easily connects you with your music, videos, and pictures wherever and whenever you want, and it is available in four bold colors.

Share full-length tracks of your favorite songs, albums, playlists, pictures, and even audio podcasts with other Zune users.

(Red Zune shown here with Dock Pack v2 with remote, sold separately.)

Store up to 1,000 songs, 25,000 pictures, or 12 hours of video.

Get all your favorite music at the Zune Marketplace.
Simple, Innovative Controls
The Zune is a breeze to use with new, intuitive touch controls. Don't subject yourself to cumbersome, slow scrolling. The innovative new Zune pad makes browsing your music, video and picture collections fun and effortless. You'll fly through your favorites and get to just what you're looking for in no time flat. This powerhouse device stores up to 1,000 songs, 25,000 pictures, or 12 hours of video. (Please note that music estimates are based on 128 kbps WMA files, with length of 4 minutes each; pictures transferred to Zune will be optimized for Zune screen size; and video estimates are based on 500 kbps WMV files with 128 kbps WMA audio tracks.)

That's a lot of entertainment, and you'll appreciate it even more with the Zune's awesome screen. The super-slim, ultra-portable Zune sports a durable, 1.8-inch color screen that provides uncompromising portable video viewing. This Zune also comes equipped with headphones and three pairs of foam headphones covers. Your favorite music, videos, and pictures have never looked and sounded better.

FM Radio
The Zune also features a built-in FM radio tuner so that you can listen to local FM stations or tune-in programming while you're at the gym. Advanced tuning capabilities allow you to see the name of the song that's currently playing on select frequencies.

Wireless Sync
We're all exhausted by the cables and wires that tangle up our lives. Luckily, the Zune is one device that doesn't require another cord. You can easily connect to your home wireless network and sync your Zune with your PC collection of digital goodies. You can also sync using the dock, AC adapter, or speaker dock accessory (not included).

The Zune Community and Marketplace
Zune is all about sharing and community. At the Zune Online Community, you'll discover, share, and leave your musical mark. Create a Zune card and Zune profile page to reflect your musical identity. From the Zune Online Community you can invite friends, share song recommendations, post comments, and browse member pages to unearth new tunes and connect to others who share your musical tastes.

When you're ready to purchase music and load your device with new tunes, turn to Zune Marketplace. With more than 3 million songs, DRM-free MP3s, music videos, audio/video podcasts, and more content added every day, you'll certainly get your fill. The store is always open and just a mouse click away. You can also choose between the download or subscription packages--buy individual songs and albums, or snag a Zune Pass subscription with all you can eat access to discover and explore the nooks and crannies of artists and genres.

Zune-to-Zune Sharing
Once your Zune is loaded with good stuff, you'll be ready to embrace wireless Zune-to-Zune sharing. Share full-length tracks of your favorite songs, albums, playlists, pictures, and even audio podcasts. You can listen to the full track of any song you receive up to three times, and you can even pass along songs that are shared with you to other friends. If you find a song you really love, you can easily add it to your wishlist and buy it later when you sync to your PC. When it comes to syncing and importing your music, the Zune makes it easy. Zune software can automatically import your existing music, pictures, and videos from iTunes and Windows Media Player in a variety of formats, including your existing playlists and song ratings.

Recorded TV or Movies to Go
The Zune will also automatically import TV shows or movies recorded using a PC running Windows Media Center in Windows Vista. Record all your favorites, sync to your Zune, and hit the road with your favorite TV shows right in your pocket.

Your Games. Your Music. Your Way.
Another awesome feature is the Zune's compatibility with the Xbox 360. Plug your Zune into your Xbox 360 to customize the soundtrack in supported games. You also can stream music, pictures, and videos from the Zune software on your PC to your Xbox 360 console using a wireless connection. Whether you're staying in or going out, travelling or working, the Zune can be right there with you, providing loads of entertainment direct from your pocket.

What's in the Box
Zune 4 GB Digital Media Player, headphones, sync cable, and three pairs of foam headphone covers.

  • 4 GB digital media player stores up to 1,000 songs, 25,000 pictures or 12 hours of video
  • Features wireless Zune-to-Zune sharing so you can swap tracks and other media
  • Big, bright, 1.8-inch color screen
  • Compatible with Zune Marketplace for media downloads and subscription services
  • Automatically imports your existing music, pictures, and videos form iTunes and Windows Media Player in a variety of formats
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Device, Great Value
    I had a 30gb zune before i added this one to my collection, excellent quality and feel. very light, great for running and working out when you want something thats a little lighter, but has better capabilities than an ipod shuffle or something similiar ...more info
  • Love It!
    I've had my Zune for about a year and I still love it. I used it all the time when I work out and have never had a problem. The software is so easy to use and I love how you can set it up on more than one computer. I will never buy another iPod after owning a Zune! ...more info
  • good product
    I like this much better than the iPod. I guess it comes down to personal preference and I always seem to choose Microsoft products over Apple. iPod seems to be more mainstream, but this product gives you everything you need....more info
  • Zune 8GB
    The Zune MP3 player is hands down better than the Ipod. My family has 5 ipods (4-30GB) between them, but the Zune is so much more user friendly. We've solved the itune store dilemma by purchasing songs from Amazon....more info
  • Doesn't sync with computer anymore
    I've this device for almost a year now. It still plays, and my computer will charge it with the USB cord, but my computer no longer recognizes it. This started about 6 months into it's life. I can no longer add music to it, or take it off. After all the updates from Microsoft, it still doesn't work right. My husband also has the older original 80GB Zune, which does the same thing. It seems like Microsoft has a lot to work out with these MP3 players. It's not worth the money spent. I wish I had gotten something else....more info
  • Doesn't sync with computer anymore
    I've this device for almost a year now. It still plays, and my computer will charge it with the USB cord, but my computer no longer recognizes it. This started about 6 months into it's life. I can no longer add music to it, or take it off. After all the updates from Microsoft, it still doesn't work right. My husband also has the older original 80GB Zune, which does the same thing. It seems like Microsoft has a lot to work out with these MP3 players. It's not worth the money spent. I wish I had gotten something else....more info
  • Zune ROCKS!
    I really like the Zune software for the computer that goes along with this player! It is FAR superior to iTunes and runs 100x smoother and faster on Windows (huh, imagine that). The Zune player itself is excellent and I love that you can listen to the radio, not just my own music! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!...more info
  • Zune vs iPod
    I purchased the 30 MB Zune from Amazon on a Black Friday sale for a HUGE discount. I like the device myself, but I hate the software. Why Microsoft didn't just expand Windows Media Player to include their marketplace is beyond me. The Zune software is a memory hog, and isn't very user friendly. Unless they have changed the software, you can't put iTunes music on the Zune until you remove the DRM software, and every time the new iTunes comes out if stops whatever software than takes the DRM off and makes you feel like a criminal just because you want to listen to your music on a non-iPod device.

    On the plus side:there is a FM Radio - iTunes doesn't have that! It's a pretty good one too. With a little conversion, you can play youtube videos on the Zune (change the flv to wmv). I think Zune can use Rhapsody too, but I haven't tried it because I still have a $23 credit on my iTunes account.

    If you want an MP3 player to put your existing CDs on, and non-DRM laden MP3s, as well as videos, this is a good choice - beats the iPlod on a bunch of levels. If Microsoft would only fix the software interface, they would give iTunes and iPod a real challenge....more info
  • It Looks Like a BRICK
    It looks like a brick, and it is worth about that much too. PLEASE, PLEASE don't get this. The iPod nano works much better and looks better as well....more info
  • paul
    Zune 8 GB Video MP3 Player (Blue)Recieved in 3 days very fast service.Haven't used it yet as it is a Christmas gift. Hope it better than the Zune 4 GB one I have that's on its way back from being repaired after only owning it since May of this year. Only was using that 1 hour a day while walking before it stopped working....more info
  • Zune Bests the Competition
    I have owned iPods (I still have the Touch), Zens, Sony Walkmans, and Sansas, and this takes the cake. Here's what the Zune has going for it:


    1) Software (I hate having tons of duplicate songs in my iTunes library and having to import new files. Zune does this automatically. It also has a great system for downloading album art so that your musical library is very organized and colorful. It eliminates duplicates too. It's beautiful, really.

    2) User-friendly. The Zune is designed for the sole purpose of playing music and videos. There's no fancy stuff like a calendar, but really, I didn't want this in a player to take up space I would rather use for music and photos.

    3) Radio. The radio is great quality and a necessity for me.

    4) Sleek design - I love the design of the Zune. It looks great and is very sturdy!


    1) Battery Life - I usually only get about 25 hours out of this guy, and I wish it were higher, but I'm sure Microsoft is working on this for the future generations. Apple kicks their trash in battery life.

    2) Lack of color options. I really wish they offered a bunch of color options. The 120 and 16 GB only come in black. Come on!

    3) Smaller selection than iPod and no movies available yet for Zune, but I don't use mine for movies anyway, but if I do purchase the 120 GB, then it might make sense to store movies on that baby.

    There are other things I could mention, but that would be nit-picky. Really, the software makes all the difference for me, but I just love the device better. If I could use the software with a different player, I would probably still pick the Zune. I love the touch-pad and the size of the thing.

    One last note, I've been doing a free subscription for the Zune Subscription Pass, and I may just sign-up for the $15/month deal. So much good music and you get to keep 10 songs a month permanently, even if you cancel! Awesome!

    If you're trying to think of which MP3 Player to get your family or friends for Christmas, you cannot go wrong with the Zune!...more info
  • Absolutly sucks
    I bought a Zune about half a year ago because I wanted something portable to listen to music on and have found this product to be nothing but an expensive disappointment.

    For starters, the Zune is only compatible with the Zune software is came packaged with. This means even if you had downloaded music from CDs you own to your computer and stored them on other software you can not tranfer them to the Zune. Even if you are using Microsoft Windows Media Player you have to re download all your music from CDs to the Zune Software (there is no easy way to transfer them).

    Next, the Zune did not come packaged with a charger. This has to be bought separately. Of course, it has been designed so that it won't work with a generic charger. You are stuck paying whatever Microsoft wants to charge for this important part of the product. Also, you can charge the Zune from your computer but its batter life is a short 20 to 30 minutes if you charge it that way.

    Finally, the Zune market place is a total rip off. First of all, you buy everything in points. Things like TV shows are marked as 160 points which looks good but then you go to buy points and you can only buy 80 points for a dollar, meaning that show you wanted to buy is going to cost you two dollars. This isn't a huge difference but it adds up. Also, the market place is not available everywhere. If you're outside the U.S. they have no problem selling you points but they sure won't let you use them to buy anything.

    Thanks for cheating the American public once again Microsoft. ...more info
  • Not ready for prime time
    Ok, first the good. I really, really like the way it looks and the way the navigation circle work. Much better than my Sandisk Sansa (8GB also). I would give it five stars on those two things if it weren't for what I didn't like about it.

    The bad: I just like to play songs continuously so I choose that option in the play menu. But everytime I turn it off when I leave my car, when I turn it back on again, it begins playing again at the last song SELECTED, not where it left off in the list. So it could start playing 15 or 20 songs back from where I want it too. I'm always losing my place in the list. That's just plain stupid, stupid, stupid. My Sansa is awesome. When I turn it back on again, it's playing the same place in the same song as when i turned it off!

    Second, if I find a song in my list that I discover I don't like, i don't think there's anyway to directly delete it from the player without hooking it up to your computer and using the Zune software. How bad is that! I could be wrong on this one but I haven't found a way yet. Nothing obvious. My Sansa once again shines. Don't like a song. Bam... Deleted!

    Third, really bad battery life. I went through all but about 20 songs on my 8 GB Sansa on ONE CHARGE. I've charged my Zune twice so far and I'm only half way through the 8GB Zune.

    Fourth, the random song selector is a joke - worse than an FM dj playing the same songs over and over on a playlist every hour, ignoring my favorites that will never be played.

    So to sum up, this is the most beautiful of these types of devices I've seen and it's physical interface with us the users is awesome. But because of the really unusability of this device (at least for my purposes - maybe you'll like hearing the same songs over and over), I'm giving it a One star. It deserves a negative star until they correct it's deficiencies.

    Too bad, because physically I like it so much better than my Sansa but the Sansa just works better and has WAY better battery life....more info
  • The ZUNE ROCKS !
    I won the Zune 8GB thru the Pepsi Points sweepstakes, I own a Creative Zen Sleek Photo 20GB which holds my entire music collection, so the Zune is my work/exercise/take everywhere MP3 player.

    The Zune is an excellent MP3 player, the unit itself is well built, it's controls are common sense, the FM tuner works well, the volumune range is good and the overall high end is higher than most MP3's. The sound quality is good, unlike the Creative player I own, the Zune doesn't have a EQ, but the sound is good. The software is very good and easy too use. This MP3 player comes with WiFi built in, although I have yet too use it. Charging the zune is done thru the sync cord via the USB on your computer, and fully charges in about three hours, and battery life is great, I work 9-10 hour days and use both FM tuner and music library all days long and the battery has never dipped below half way. The only downside I can think of is this......with my Creative player which is hard drive based, the music downloads are quick, 4 CD's in under a minute, with the Zune which is Flash (memory based) the downloads are much slower. The upside to the Flash based player is that battery life is much greater.

    All things considered, I highly reccomend the Zune....more info
  • Microsoft's half-hearted attempt
    I bought the 8 gig Blue Video Zune in a transition over from iPod. iTunes has been having compatibility issues with my PC, and I was interested in trying a different brand of MP3 player. Unfortunately, I should've done more research before making what now feels like a bit of an impulse buy.

    The Zune's greatest strength is probably its FM Tuner. You can turn the search on - meaning it'll skip through and find the next station - or off, if you want to go through stations traditionally, every couple of steps up the dial. You can use the click wheel to add any particular stations to pre-set, and if the station is broadcasting it, the Zune will tell you what kind of music the station plays, as well as the name and artist of the song currently playing. And it gives you the option to add a song to your shopping cart, so you can buy it when you get online via the Zune's PC player. Unfortunately, I found the signal strength rather pitiful - as I often shove it in my pocket, then it would kind of fade in and out. And my work place is a half-level underground, and the signal was coming in zero.

    Aesthetically, it's very nice. The blue is a very pretty color; it's thinner than my last iPod was (though the same size lengthwise) and the click wheel serves with the same functionality as that on the iPod. And the battery life is about the same length as the iPod nano - around 25 hours (when listening to music).

    My greatest criticism of it is in its music interface. It gives you a series of subcategories (genre, artist, album, etc), with a drop-down of all the music below in that order. But it's meaningless. I suppose they thought it would make it easier when searching out one specific album, etc. but it's just as easy to leave it all in one category and find it that way.

    What I really hate is the shuffle function. With each of the subcategories, at the top is the option to shuffle through your music, and then it will go through your entire library at random. If you want to listen your entire library with the tracks in order for each given album, you have to make a playlist. And shuffling through that does the exact same thing - shuffling by song, without even the option of shuffling by album. This probably isn't a big deal to most, but I listen to a lot of soundtracks, and shuffle by album is the only way I want to listen to my library.

    In the Settings menu, you can also then turn a separate shuffle feature on - which, in turn, will, for example, take an individual album, and play it in a random order over and over. Which makes absolutely no sense. Who wants to listen to one album, out of order, over and over?

    These can be seen as minor nitpicks, but they're the kind of details that make me feel like a) Microsoft, knowing that Apple will continue to dominate the market, isn't trying very hard; and b) It continues the Microsoft trend of "I know better than you." In using it, I always felt like access to my own library was restricted, and I could only listen to my music under specific terms.

    Add to this the fact that the Zune player you have to install on your PC (separate from Windows Media Player) is a technological disaster. They made it specifically to mirror the interface of that on the Zune, but it's a pain to use. It's a pain to find or alter anything; it's a pain to make playlists on it. And the only Settings functions you can adjust are options primarily related to the online social network. I was so appalled by it that I immediately switched back to using iTunes when listening to music on my computer.

    I also didn't like the fact that when it turned off - ever after I left it on pause for a minute - in turning it back on, it would reset itself back to the main menu where you switch between music, videos, radio, etc. Which meant having to go back in and search through to pick up where I left off. Even if I'm listening to a playlist and it transfers it over to the Now Playing subcategory, you still have to scroll down to find that song again. Which makes the Now Playing just as worthless as the rest of the subcategories. And it's just one more detail that makes it feel like the makers of this device weren't thinking out it very practically.

    These complaints might not seem like much, but they were enough to make me go back on the Zune and buy an iPod Nano to replace it.

    Sure, the Zune isn't the worst MP3 player you could buy. If it's your first, or if you really want something more for a radio, then you might be very happy with it. But if you're transitioning over from another - especially iPod - then, like me, you may find that the Zune leaves much to be desired....more info
  • Best MP3 I've had yet
    I've had a lot of players over the years and this is by far the best I've ever had. It's not just the player but the Zune software and website combined with the player that make it so nice. If you need a fair amount of space but don't need 80 or 120 GB, then this is for you. I filled it three quarters of the way with ever song I have and I'll still get about 1,000 more songs on from the Zune website. It operates smooth and easy. It doesn't take a dozen moves to get your music playing and your options are great. Well worth the price....more info
  • zune 16
    the zune 16gb device is great, i had to return it because the battery was defective but the device was awesome....more info
  • Zune Pnk'd by iPod
    I have iPods and decided that the iTunes software rendered them too difficult to use on my PC; iTunes also does not share well with others. This negative opinion is contrasted to the Zune software which slows down my computer, permanently renames directories, is slow and negates much of the drag and drop functionality. I hate to open the Zune software as it is so hungry for attention little else runs and and when songs are finally loaded, a reboot is necessary. If iTunes is annoying, Zune software makes one wonder if a virus has taken over.

    The Zune's player controls are good, the sound is good but not quite up to Apple's standards. I kept the thing after very seriously considering sending it back. ...more info
  • Zune Tunes
    What an easy system to use to get the music and FM radio that you want. This system is really too easy to use and downloading great music via Microsoft Zune web is a snap. Great wireless capability, and the ability to hear a song on the radio and download later is amazing technology that is again, too easy. Great system in a small package. ...more info
  • Customer over 40 Review
    I purchased the Zune for my wife to use for audio books. The setup was easy enough but trying to get items to the playlist doesn't work all the time. The unit we received from Amazon was deliverd promptly as promised, but after spending 2 hours setting up the Zune and downloading items to it we found that the plug for the earphones was defective. I notifyed Amazon and they promptly sent another unit. However after setting up the unit and downloading we descoverd the unit was also defective. Amazon stated they would refund our money since there was a problem with the units we received. ...more info
  • Customer Service Nonexistent
    UPDATE 10/30/2008: I finally got my Zune back today, 3 weeks after I sent it in, and as expected based on others' experiences, it was returned unrepaired. According to the note I received (this was never revealed online in the "status" section of my repair), cracked screens are not covered by the warranty. See if you can find that language in your warranty, I couldn't. Good luck if you open your brand new Zune and find a cracked screen. Needless to say, I'm disappointed. I've already allowed my Zune Marketplace subscription to expire, and now I guess I'll pop to get the device fixed by a 3rd party for $50, just so I can list and sell it on eBay. I'm going with what my brother got -- the Samsung YP-P2JCB P2 8 GB Touchscreen Bluetooth Portable Media Player (Black). I can keep my Rhapsody-To-Go account that I've liked with my iRiver H10. Too bad -- I had high hopes for this device.

    ORIGINAL REVIEW: I received my Zune 16GB flash in early October. I also bought the dock for it. After setting it up and loading some videos on it, I removed it and took it to work. When I got to work, I noticed that the screen was cracked. The device was never out of my pocket or dropped. I can't say it was cracked when I got it -- even slightly -- but it was cracked nonetheless.

    So I went online, created a repair ticket for the cracked screen and Microsoft sent me packing material. Easy enough...

    I shipped it to them on 10-08 and they received it in McLaren, TX on 10-09. Today, 10-19, the Zune repair ticket still says "Waiting for device".

    I'm giving all these facts because you should know that if your device breaks the only way to check on your device is to call Zune customer support (there's no email account for customer service) and figure out the secret word to say to talk to a human (it's "OPERATOR").

    Then when you talk to a human, they will not listen to you and instead go through a prepared Q&A. After you convince them you just want to know when you'll get you frackin' Zune back, they'll tell you "10 to 15 days" with no idea what the current status.

    So you'll go on the Zune forums and find out that Microsoft considers any screen breakage to be not covered by the warranty and figure out that you'll be without your device for a month without any hope of getting it repaired. Instead, you'll discover you could have sent it in to get it repaired for $50 at a 3rd party iPod/Zune PDA repair place and had it back in a couple of days.

    This will be the last hardware I'll ever buy from Microsoft. I'm going to get the screen fixed and sell it on eBay. Too bad -- I was ready to cancel my Rhapsody account and go with Zune Marketplace, which certainly would have made Msoft more money than a $20 screen repair......more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    The zune 16 is awesome. The features were great. Unfortunatly, the backlight on my Zune was broken when it arrived, but Microsoft is very good at fixing these fast and it is all covered in the warranty. BUY THE ZUNE 16!!!...more info
  • Better than the new Nano
    I will admit that I generally hold some kind of bias against apple products, but it is not unfounded. One example of why I chose Microsoft over apple can be seen in their hardware lines. Apple creates new ipods every 6 months to a year and basically counts on your current one to somehow fail so you keep buying the newer model. Meanwhile, since launching the Zune, Microsoft has stuck with the same hardware platform and instead upgraded the firmware (for all Zunes) between launches. This means that even if you were an early adopter, you now get the benefits of FM radio tagging, XNA games, accessing the marketplace over wifi, and much more.

    Now to talk about the product itself: the flash Zunes are practically identical to the new ipod nanos in terms of size, storage, battery life, and price. Allow me to talk about the few differences here:

    FM radio tuner: This is one of those things I would have expected to be standard in mp3 players. While I only occasionally use it, it's a nice feature to have. One interesting use I thought of is plugging an FM transmitter into some other product (cd player, friends mp3 player, home entertainment system,) and using your Zune as a wireless receiver. Zune 3.0 software also added FM song tagging, which displays song info and allows you to add songs to your "cart," queueing them for purchase/ download.

    The Controls: as the scroll wheel (which is a wonderful concept) has been patented by Apple, Microsoft needed a different approach for the Zune. it settled on on a square pad that allows you to control two axes by either pushing the sides of the pad down or sliding your finger vertically or horizontally across the pad. This form of navigation becomes very easy to adopt and allows you to quickly navigate through your library. This also becomes useful for XNA games, which can now make use of a trackball-like control system.

    Wifi: This is definitely a feature that some people will use more than others. The first of two main uses for the wifi is connecting to other zunes. Doing so allows you to trade songs with eachother (the other person will get 3 plays out of your song for legality's sake.) In addition, you can simply see nearby Zunes and what others are playing, if they choose to enable that feature. This would be great features if more people actually had Zunes around me... as a result, I usually leave the wireless turned off to conserve battery life. In addition to this, you can connect to wireless networks (which don't require web logon pages) and access the Zune social network and download songs from the marketplace directly to your Zune. This becomes especially useful with the Zune Pass, which I'll talk about now.

    The Zune pass is a subscription music service which charges $15 a month for the opportunity to legally download any amount of songs from a very vast library. It is NOT necessary to use a Zune, and Microsoft also allows you to buy songs with one dollars' worth of Microsoft points, similar to itunes. Music you get with the zune pass is DRM'ed, and will only play on your computer and Zune (no cd's/ file sharing.) In addition, if you cancel your subscription, the music becomes no longer playable. Some may be wary of a system where you're renting your music and do not actually own any of it, but it liberates you to try many bands and genres that you wouldn't otherwise consider and pays off if you consistently buy 1-2 CD's per month. I would at least recommend trying it for a month or two, in which time you can greatly expand your musical tastes and then if you wish, cancel the services and buy any of the CD's you've discovered from your trial. Microsoft is actually currently offering a free 14 day trial, so it doesn't hurt to give it a shot.

    One last thing I want to mention is the new XNA games system that released with the 3.0 firmware. This is the same platform that Microsoft has for the XBOX 360 (constrained to 2d games though) and allows developers or even your average Joe to make a game and put it on Zunes or share/sell. The Zune comes bundled with Hexic and a Texas Hold'em game, but I'm sure many more games will come out soon. Microsoft has additionally announced support for multiplayer games over wifi, which seems promising.

    In conclusion, I agree with many others who have called the Zune a viable Ipod contender. While you may not use some of its features very often, they are still nice to have. In addition to the great hardware platform, their record of updating the firmware and the XNA game system offer plenty of new potential for your device over time....more info
  • Good Switch from an IPod
    I was using an IPod touch before switching to the Zune. I'm glad I made the switch as the simpler controls make it much more convenient. I only decided to switch after reading many articles on the improvements made with the 3rd generation player and software. The included radio tuner, functionality with Audible, the available subscription service, and an available 8GB flash drive model is what prompted me to finally switch. Perhaps if I were traveling more, the touch would have more functionality, but this is a much more convenient and functional music player for me. The sound quality is excellent combined with the included headset and I was glad to find that it had a progressive fast forward feature for my podcasts and audio books. The display can seem a little dark at times and probably the one featue I would like to see them add would be an easier way to flip thru the tracks of an album as it plays. I'm very happy with this player and I don't miss ITunes in the least. A few of my coworkers, after having seen my new player and heard about the improvements have told me they plan to buy one for themselves soon.

    I really hope to see MS do well with this player as better competition in this market will only be good news for us as consumers. I think what MS has done with this generation Zune is good step forward and I look forward to their version 4 software. ...more info
  • Zune Differences
    Some of the differences over many MP3 Players:
    Custom Background
    Wireless Sync
    Wireless Download of Music (any hotspot)
    Touch Pad Navigation
    Wireless Sharing with Other Zunes...more info
  • Zune Review
    I got my zune from Amazon at an amazing price and it was brand new. the music plays and adds into the zune great very fast also. i used to own a IPod mini with the little gray screen LOL. now my screen has color its smaller in size i even added my own background the zune is a great product....more info
  • Great Buy
    Im very satisfied with my purchase. It works great, its the perfect size and fits my needs just as I hoped....more info
  • Typical Microsoft Product - Broken
    I had such high hopes this would be the music player to replace my old Ipod, but I was wrong. Just like everything Microsoft sells, it broke almost immediatly. I didn't even make it one week with this Zune before it bricked.

    The device looked nice and worked pretty good out of the box. I liked the sound and video. And getting used to the touch pad was easy. Downloading the Zune software wasn't to bad and it installed real easy. I actually like the Zune software, it was a nice change from the Itunes. I was able to move most of my ripped CDs over to it by copying the MP3 files. I wasn't able to figure out how to get my Itunes purchased music transferred, that was something I was going to look into.

    But, on day 3 my Zune died. The display screen turned black, the back light stayed slightly lit, and it stopped working. The support site reffers to this as frozen. I tried the online zune support, but my Zune wouldn't reset per the instructions from the support site. I called Microsoft's Zune support and they walked me through the same reset process, which still didn't work. So they suggested waiting a few days till the battery lost it's charge and see if the device would reset. Uh, ya right. That's just stupid. Maybe installing an on/off switch to physically disconnect power or a hardwired reset switch to interrupt power. The other option I had was to ship it to their repair center to have it fixed.

    Well since it needed to be shipped, it got shipped back to Amazon for a refund, I only had the Zune for 4 days. In my opinion, Microsoft needs to stick to software, at least then they can make a patch. Hardware is just not for them. Between Xbox failures and now this Zune, Microsoft just fails every time....more info
  • The YUGO of mp3 players!
    Oh, Microsoft why can you not compete with iPod in this device? I so wanted to like this product and software. Received it on a Friday, spent ALL weekend trying to get the darn thing to recognize ALL of my music collection in my hard drive, but it never did. I returned it on Monday. Bought a Creative Zen 30gb for just a little more money, but sooo much more capacity. If the Zen can't cut it, I'll break down and support Steve Jobs. What a disappointment Microsoft. Phooey on you. The device sounded o.k. That's why I gave it 1 star. ...more info
  • Best MP3/MP4 player i've ever had!
    As a former iPOD nano user, I bought this player just to test it and see the difference between my ipod and the Zune. The winner stays with me, and the other goes to my sister. After testing the player out, Zune stays with me :)

    Zune is more of your "music enjoyment device". If you dont need a calendar (which you can get in your mobile phones), games (which are better on PSP), PIM (which your organizer does best), or tend to forget your player cables often, then Zune is just for you. I got my hands on the Zune, the first thing that attracted me was the packaging! Not just a transparent cheap looking transparent plastic which many China players have imitated, but rather an elegant black box with a nice Zune logo embedded on it. I opened it and the player, earphones and USB cable are separated with smaller boxes. Very neat indeed! Above all, amusing but rather fashionable, Zune came with three pairs of earphone sponges with three different colors to suit your current style!

    After charging the player, the Zune loaded and I just loved every second I discovered the new features in it. What it has and iPod doesnt have, is the Wireless sync which enables you to sync your player with your laptop without cables. Although syncing 8GB is slow and battery consuming, wireless syncing comes handy after you have added your favourite tunes for the first time! Another thing I love about Zune is the background changing feature. Trust me, I really dont like the root menu of iPOD. Even before I had my Zune. The idea of having the screen always splitted into two for iPOD just didnt attract me. Also, I love the quick playlist feature! I mean, I just uploaded all of my music from my hard disk to my Zune. BUT, not all of the songs are my favourites. Hence, as you are listening, shuffle all the songs, skip the ones you dont like, listen the one you like and add them to the quick playlist. You dont have to make a playlist from your computer anymore! I guess Zune's "Now Playing" screen is awesome! Why? Because the new iPOD nano has a similar interface for their Now Playing like that of Zune's! ;)

    I know I'm sounding bias here. I'm not saying that iPOD is a flop. IN fact, iPOD ranks second among all other players (iRiver, Sony, Creative, etc) and that is why I have not used the term "loser" for iPOD at all :) Its just that Zune has won me over iPOD. And took the first place which once blonged to iPOD :)

    shahz...more info
  • zune
    The zune is good for ease of use and playing videos and such cause you do not have to go through all the different conversions like with the pod. in the hand it is also more sensitive to the touch for scrolling and such, but I think it is also less rugged. I got two for friends and they both got broken super quick. also the software support does not have data for many song yet unlike ipod, but since the zune is fairly new I expect these are growing pains which will be resolved soon enough. plus you can listen to the radio with no extra equipment....more info
  • Excellent and affordable
    I bought it for my daughter's birthday. She loves it. It easy to use and has great quality...more info
  • How Can These Reviews Be Under 5 Stars????
    While going through DELL buying a new laptop, I was offered a huge discount for a 2nd Gen 8GB Zune. I thought about it and I only have one other MP3 player and thats for running / Working out. I've had other before it but they were eith to big / bulky, or not as user friendly really. So I went for it, granted I was familiar with Zune through my music share option through my Xbox 360.

    Like the title heading says, I have no idea why the Zune has bad reviews period. Granted not every Zune is made exactly the same, sometimes theres deffects or issues with certain ones made....It just happens sometimes I guess. Well anyways I got my 8GB Zune and it's the best MP3 player I've ever had. Here's my reasons why.

    1. The Zune: Extremely user friendly and comes with FM Radio, Quick List Option, easy pick menus, a awesome scroll feature, and a wireless feature.

    2. What comes with the Zune: Of course the Zune, Sync Cord, Head Phones / Ear Buds, and a directions booklet.

    3. Computer Software for your Zune: Granted it does take some time to download the software, but the site itself is huge and the amount of info and content would slow any download down alittle. Besides once it's done it's done, just have some patience.

    4. Content: Weather your putting old music or new on your Zune, the album / song library is enormous. unless it's underground you can probably find it on the Zune album finder. Even if you can't find it if you have a pic you can place album art which lets you customize and edit your artists.

    5. Wireless / Wireless Syncing: I've seen a few complaints on this but I have had zero issues with the wireless features, granted it's not like high speed internet, but it gets the job done. Atleast it has the feature and can do it.

    All in all this is a great product and I've been hooked ever since getting it. I even recommend other Zune products like the FM Radio Transmitter for your car, or the Zune Alarm clock. ...more info
  • Love the size and sound!
    I really like how small it is and it seems to have a really good sound to it. Love the color too and that it works easily with Windows Media Player, which is pretty much standard on all PC's. All in all, seems like a great item. Don't like that you have to keep all the music on your PC in order for it to stay on the Zune, but it isn't a huge deal. ...more info
  • Zune Is In...Bye, Bye Apple..Microsoft is on the money!!!
    I just traded in my 8gb zune for a 16gb and I love every minute of it. This product is completely flawless and the quality of the product is absolutely beautiful. The features are incredible and the video quality is phenomenal on here. If you love music of all types and you are on the go...upgrade to a 80gb to get the best of this product, but my zune gets the job done with space to spare!!! I highly recommend this product to anyone that loves mp3 players and this is the definite one to buy and microsoft is always the best in the business with electronics of any kind. I had a Samsung YH-925 and Samsung T9 and they were okay until they just stopped working and then just when the new zune was released. I grabbed late that night at 430am in the morning haha :). I love everything on this Zune and just check out the other reviews and you will see its the best MP3 player on the market!!!!...more info
  • Zune 16 GB
    After owning a video iPod for a few years, I finally decided to get a Zune after getting tired of terrible Apple customer support and product reliability. First of all, the interface is very easy to use and moves very quickly. The touch pad works flawlessly and the two buttons are in well placed positions. The audio playback is very good quality and plenty loud, and included headphones are also very nice and comfortable in comparison to others (iPod). Watching videos is nice and smooth, although the small screen makes them a bit harder to watch. The 2 new games included are a very nice feature, with Hexic being one of the greatest things to ever come to a handheld device. All the new wireless features also work very well and have a decent range, and the radio works its purpose excellently. I would definitely recommended this over any iPod thanks to the better features, software, and pricing.

    5/5...more info
  • Microsoft does it again
    If you want something done right, buy Microsoft. They have more money than God and can afford to hire the best design team and do it right. The Zune 16 is no exception. I still buy CDs because I like to have a physical backup of my music. Once you set up your preferences (which is easy and intuitive) you just drop in the CD and it rips it the way you want it and spits it out. Next time you sync the new music is automatically loaded.
    The Zune operating system is fast and intuitive. I didn't read any instructions and I was using my Zune right away; navigating the menus and going through my library as if I was born with it.
    Goodbye ipod. The touch pad works beautifully and just makes sense. Easy control without being over sensitive. The first time I picked up an ipod I had to play with it for a while to figure it out. Somebody had to tell me how to turn it off. Not Zune.
    I have the home AV kit with the remote control. This is the way it should be done. All my music at my fingertips.
    16gb is enough for me. I have about 4000 songs and three movies on it and still have 5.5gb available.
    One thing you will not hear in any of these reviews is the difference between the codecs. The WMA 9 codec gives you a much smaller file size because you can compress the music at a lower bitrate than MP3 or AAC and still have the same sound quality. The variable bitrate WMA produces the tightest files. Ipod does not support the WMA codec because it is Microsoft, while Microsoft does support the apple AAC codec. Again, Microsoft has more money than God and can afford to develope the best codec.
    Buy the Zune 16. You won't be sorry. If you own a PC, you will love the Zune software. It has everything you need. It won't take over your system like itunes. The fact that the ipod is more common does not make ipod the best. Do not listen to people who have never owned anything else. I have used both and there is no comparison. Zune 16 is much better.

    Enjoy your Zune...more info
  • Love the Zune!
    I received the 8GB Zune as a gift from my husband. It's my third MP3 Player, my first Zune. The two previous players were SanDisk Sansa's. I just love this Zune! It gets such a bad rap from so many people....mainly those pro iPod, but it's a great little, easy to use player, and the best part is you don't have to be tied to iTunes. I just installed the 3.0 software that was released the other day, and now it's even more fun than before. I've bought music from the Zune Marketplace, which is very easy, and of course, there's nothing better than Amazon MP3 for DRM free music purchases. I certainly can see a 16GB Zune in my future!...more info
  • Beautiful and easy to use
    I bought one for my wife and she love is. It has it's own style, has very light weight and is easy to use....more info
  • 8 gig zune Media player (2nd Generation)
    I have to admit that I was not expecting to have very much memory when I ordered this zune,But as I began loading songs I was amazed at how much it held. I was able to put my entire music library into it.
    The quality of this device is by far more then I expected and I really love how easy it is to add songs and etc. They have a set up menu that is easy to understand and access and quick!
    In my opinion the zune beats the i pod by far.
    I loved it so much that I bought the 80 gig for my daughter, and she tells me that she loves it, and all of her friends are now going over to the Zunes. ...more info
  • 3rd Generation Zune 16GB rocks!
    I just picked this up yesterday and I am very impressed. Move over Apple!
    - Great user interface. It's elegantly designed and very easy to navigate. I like the button touch volume control which allows me to change volume through a cover or through my pockets (something you can't do on the ipod). The player itself is beautiful too.
    - Lightweight and easy to use device. The actual device is basically the same as the 4GB and 8GB 2nd generation models. LCD, weight, and hardware functionality is basically identical as far as I can tell. Of course, here you get 16GB of memory.
    - Love the FM radio and new Zune 3.0 features. You can easily add songs you like while listening to the radio to your cart (on your device) and then download them either when you connect to your computer later or immediately through a wifi network. You also have the wifi marketplace which allows easy download of songs with Zunepass and I like now that there is a clock on the device.
    - The software PC interface is slick and intuitive. You can easily drag and drop songs to reorganize them and I the interface is far more slick than iTunes. There are helpful features to get album art or even missing tag information on music as well. MixView is a very cool feature that enables you to see related artists with a simple click of the mouse. There's also a user rating system for songs though the classification is binary - either like or don't like.
    - Great sound fidelity, although there is again no equalizer
    - Superfast download/sync speeds. Downloaded about 3,000 songs in minutes!
    - You need Zunepass to get the most out of the marketplace, and it's expensive at $15/ month. But for that, you can wirelessly (through wifi) preview songs and download them (and most songs/artists are available on Zunepass). And if you ever stop your subscription, you lose your music. If that's unappealing, you can always download and pay for songs individually.
    - Online marketplace interface can be a little vexing and still a work in progress. The music is there, but not the easiest to get to it.
    - Earbuds that come with the device are so so. To get full sound fidelity, probably will need to upgrade them.
    - 1.8" screen is great for navigation and music, but only adequate for video. If you want primarily a video device, I'd get the 120GB 3rd generation video player. The screen is much bigger (3.2") though the overall device is bigger and heavier (4.5 ounces vs. 1.7 for the 16GB)
    - 16GB model only available in black and like previous versions, scratches/smudges show up easily.

    All in all, I am psyched they came up with a 16GB version without increasing the size. I primarily use this as a music player and couldn't be happier with my purchase! ...more info
  • 16GB Zune
    I got my new 16GB Zune today and I looove it. Didn't take very long to load up all my music, and the controls are great and easy to use. I love that it has an FM radio. The screen is beautiful, and yay no itunes! I've already listened to hours of music and the battery meter hasn't budged. I recommend this slick little number. - oh I almost forgot - no equalizer. That is the only mark against it, but so far it hasn't been a problem for me. ...more info
  • Zune's great
    The zune has been great and was a great price. I don't like buying into the apple marketing hype and believe the zune is every bit as good if not better than any apple product....more info
  • Excellent customer service
    bought this as "open box"; paid for the 8GB player; the zune box said 8GB but the player showed 4GB; called customer service; they asked me to return the item -postage paid- and they shipped the correct one right away--no waiting!! How easy is that??...Thanks for doing what you said you would! Sure means alot to get that kind of service today!.....more info
  • Awesome possum
    This thing is amazing. Better than any iPod or Zen. Huge screen, and has a touch scroll for fun. Never freezes and is a great price. The only downside is the crappy Zune computer software. It takes 30 seconds to change picture folders or switch from Device to Collection, I recommend using Windows Media Player. But all in all, neato mosquito....more info
  • Awesome
    It's pretty awesome my wife loved it, but of course the price is a bit extreme....more info
  • 4gb zune
    broke after 2months, MS is sending a new one and their return process was easy but still a pain in the rear...things should last longer ...more info
  • Zune player
    ipod may have a massive market share of this type of product butit is much more restrictive and difficult to use than the Zune which has comparable if not superior playing quality. I don't understand why the Zune is not more visible in the market but I strongly recommend it. ...more info
  • Zune Review
    This item was delivered in perfect condition and was received two days after the order was placed. Unbelievable service and superb business. ...more info
  • Zune 8 GB
    The Zune 8 GB Media Player arrived on time and in good condition. The sound quality and usability of controls were everything I had expected. I may buy others for family members. Very happy with purchase....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I purchased one 8 GB Zune and one 80 GB Zune. I replaced an Archos 20 GB Jukebox. I was afraid I would be intimidated by the newer equipment but it is more user friendly to figure out than the Archos was. Now I see why there is no user manual included. It's available at their site if you need it. It pretty much runs itself. I've just started listening to it so I don't have a feel yet for how battery life is but so far these are great compared to the older Archos....more info
  • Injoying it
    I love the Zune. Great sound, tiny and light weight. One big complaint. No real instructions come with it. A small foldout tells how to set up and start the Zune, but nothing about how to load and manage the songs, photos, etc. I had no experience with any kind of mp3 player so have been relying on asking questionf of my grandson. I like to be able to follow instructions step by step through an entire process. I am one of those people who actually reads the manual. Wish the Zune came with one....more info
  • 4 GB Zune Media Player
    I bought this for my 13 yr old daughter. She liked my 30 gb Zune but didn't want to spend that much. Item was shipped ond recieved on time. Operation is just like the bigger models. We both like the ability to sort and play songs using custom playlists. Very easy to use. I think it is easier than any i-Pod model. The price was lower than local stores and was shipped free....more info
  • Zune
    It is a very good product, easy to load. My only problem with it is the softeare, you have to go online to download the software, personally myself . I wish it came with a disk, and unfortunately, if you do not keep all your music on your hard drive, the next time you connect your Zune to your computer all the music in the Zune will be deleted out of your Zune, which will add additional expense to the product of purchasing a auxiliary hard drive for backing up your musid, videos, photos etc., to me, this is a very annoying feature that I wish It did not have....more info
  • A Zune is Exactly What I Was Looking For, The Zune Software Wasn't
    Previously owned a Creative mp3 player (a Zen Microphoto) and junked it after I ran into the same problem that almost everybody who has a Zen has run into - I tried to upgrade the firmware and ended up dead in space. I went searching for a new player, trying to keep in the same memory range (8 Gigs). Never been a fan of the ipods, I feel like I'm paying an unneeded 80 extra bucks for a lower case i. I bought the 2nd gen. Zune and I'm completely satisfied. It has awesome audio quality, and, even though I wasn't looking for it, video quality. It's incredibly easy to organize songs and playlists, and is great whether you're like me and just want to make different playlists for different things and don't care about anything else, or you're really obsessed with putting you're life into an mp3 player with album art and info, friends, and the whole Zune social thing.
    All being said, the software is sadly lacking, and the fact that Microsoft (1) couldn't design a player that just had a regular old mini usb jack instead of their own custom jack so they could make more money off accessories, and (2) couldn't make their own MICROSOFT product compatible with MICROSOFT software (like Windows Media Player). WMP 11 is a surprisingly versatile player/software, but the Zune can only be run with the Zune software, which while having some nice qualities has really annoying quirks. It always tries to sync with the Zune (so maybe I want my library to be different from my player!), has annoyingly small pop-up windows which you can't make bigger, won't recognize a great deal of video files which it also doesn't have the capability of converting to a file it will recognize, isn't able to change the media information of a file (it will change information in the software and the Zune, but can't change info for you in My Computer like RealPlayer can) and doesn't have a feature that allows you to play songs at one volume. Despite these quirks it is incredibly easy to make and organize playlists, and if you're into it you can find album art for all your songs in a fairly easy manner. If you're like me and just want to load songs into playlists on your player in a one-time deal, this is a great player, and a much better deal than an ipod or creative product. Even if you're obsessive with neatness and organziation, this is an awesome product if you're willing to put up with a few quirks that seem like they could easily be solved in a few software patches.
  • The Zune Disappointment
    I ordered my Zune on August 1st. It was supposed to be instock and ship the next day. It didn't. I got the Zune about two weeks later - I had already received the travel kit and the fm-car charger. The Zune has aready died and has been sent back for repair or replacement - it was purchased for a special long airplane trip but probably won't return in time to make the trip. The fm receiver charger doesn't work well in a large metro area - too many fm stations. Now if the Amazon 90 days same as cash with your Amazon Visa doesn't work, the cycle will be complete....more info
  • Microsoft finally got something RIGHT
    After purchasing 4 or 5 30GB Chocolate Zunes from Amazon.com when they were at "fire-sale" prices, and being totally pleased with them, (I gave some away as gifts) I decided to try the 8GB Zune2. I couldn't be happier! For my needs all my Zunes work perfectly. On my 30GB Zunes I watch mostly wmv videos, many of which I DVR from the cable, remove the commercials, convert them to wmvs using Sony Vegas, and watch them on my Zunes at my convenience. The 8GB Zune2 I just got is used mostly to play streamed talk radio, because I like to listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity at my convenience, plus I play wmv videos while waiting for my wife at the doctor's office. Excellent job Microsoft, you finally got something RIGHT!!! wrh...more info
  • Love this player!
    For those of you who are looking for an alternative to the iPod, you won't be disappointed with this player. The controls are easy to use with a nice layout and very visually appealing. Although the screen is a bit tiny, the picture is exceptional. The player is very lightweight, and can easily be slipped into your pocket and carried around. I also really like the Zune program used to transfer your music onto your device- easy to use with a cool layout.

    I wish the player had a clock, but I guess we can't have it all....more info
  • Strongly preferred to iPod nano which I also like
    Bought the Zune 8GB (2nd gen, Pink) after being very happy with 80GB Zune. Was trying to decide between this Zune and iPod nano, of which I bought for my niece and brother. iPod nano is a solid unit, and very solid so I was attracted to the iPod, especially because older daughter has a 30GB iPod Video which is two years old and has been great). Nonetheless, the radio feature on the Zune was a plus for me, and the price point of the Zune beat the Nano. This unit cost $30 less through Amazon than a 4GB Nano at best price I could find. That made it a no brainer since I was happy with the quality of the Zune 2nd generation device I myself bought (80GB unit).

    After researching video encoding on the internet, I was able to figure out how to rip/decode my dvds, shrink the file size, and reencode them to a format was compatiable with Zune. Took some time (about a week, starting with virtually no previous tech knowledge of video files), but the 8gb Zune reviewed here has 3 full length Harry Potter movies on it, a modest audio collection and is still only half full. I myself can't see watching a full length movie on that screen, but 10 year old child does it without complaining.

    Wireless syncing of library and wireless syncing between this Zune and my own worked as advertised.

    Overall, very happy with Zune 8GB--definitely recommend, especially to those who want FM radio. ...more info
  • Great MP3 Player - Horrible Instruction Manual
    The Zune 8GB media player is an excellent MP3, picture and video player. The menus are very easy to use (once you figure it out on your own) and the storage space is ample.

    My only frustration after purchasing the Zune and beginning to try to use it is that the very vague, short and overly simplified instruction manuals are basically worthless. I had to guess about pushing the center of the control pad to select something in a menu. It took me several minutes to figure this out on my own and no where in the instructions does it instruct you to do this. I think they need to include much more detailed instructions so that new users don't have to go on line and search for instructions on something so basic and simple. It really wouldn't be hard for them include a slightly more detailed instruction manual....more info
  • Zune 4 GB
    This is a great product. I'm very impressed with all of the Zune MP3 players. I already have a 80GB & a 30GB. We love them all. I would suggest a Zune over an Ipod anyday....more info
  • zune 4g
    I really enjoyed this product I recommened it to any music lover. Great sound and clear videos.

    I would purchase another one for my friends.

    ...more info
  • Finally joined the 21st century...
    ...and got a Zune. I'd wanted to get an iPod for a couple of years, but was gun-shy with the price. The Zune was about $40 cheaper and I knew could hook it up to my Xbox 360, so I went ahead and picked an 8 GB version up. I have not regretted my decision. The controls are easy to use, the software is easy to use, the screen is small but the images are crisp. I am really enjoying it! I've had it about 3 weeks and have had no issues so far. I ordered a silicone case and armband off of amazon, which has also been a good addition (since it doesn't come with a case). ...more info
  • Zune - 10 year old loves it!
    Perfect for my 10year old.....she easily got on line and began downloading tunes and the best thing is now her friends give her Zune Tune Cards for birthday gifts instead of items that she won't use....more info
  • the begining of the future
    After carefully debating if I should purchase a Zune, I am fortunate to invest in what I call "The Begining of the future" . It's simply more diversed with very user friendly instructions. My only hangup would be that the 2nd generation charger is sold separately....other than that, I'm extremly happy with the product....more info
  • I would give it three-and-a-half stars if I could
    Since Amazon.com lets us only rate in whole-number amount of stars, I decided to round it up to 4. I absolutely love the interface, much more than that of my iPod. However, there are flaws that make me wonder what Microsoft is thinking!


    1. Aesthetic interface of firmware
    - Certainly much better than that of iPod. Face it, iPod firmware ain't that pretty.

    2. Vertical and horizontal scrolling, rather than clockwise and C/W.
    - It just makes more sense this way. Not only do you have an option to move both up and down as well as sideways, but also, seriously, who on earth came up with the idea that Clockwise = move down, C/W = move up???!!

    3. Wireless Sync'ing
    - Okay, I never got to use this feature because I am too lazy to set up a network for my computer and such. But if it did work, it would be great to be able to sync without clogging up another USB port.

    4. FM radio
    - I also didn't get to make good use of this feature because it wouldn't get the stations I usually listen to (95.9, 103.5, 102.7 -- I live in OC, California). But seriously, it just makes sense for an audio player to come with an FM tuner. I don't know what Apple is thinking.


    1. Can't transfer music/video without the Zune software
    - Just like iPod. You have to install the software and sync through it. No direct drag-and-drop transfer.
    - This also means that your music files have to stay on both computer and Zune player. Waste of hard drive.

    2. Can't read Zune as an external disk
    - Even iPod gives me an option to read it as a hard disk, so that I can store documents in the extra space to use like a USB drive. With this Zune, your computer won't read it as a hard disk at all, unless you mess with the registry (which is not very recommended unless you have a good computer knowledge).

    3. No foreign language support
    - Menus only in English, French and Spanish. (On the contrary, iPod has so many language options that I can't even remember.) But, this probably isn't a problem for most people. Frankly, I don't really care either.
    - But what does bother me is that it doesn't read music titles that are not alphanumeric (a Japanese song, for example). It plays the song, but the characters break, so I can't read the title or the artist's name. A big downer for me, as I like to listen to songs from a variety of cultures.
    - You can install foreign language fonts by doing various high-tech-level tricks with the software installation (that I do not know how to do.. I've only read of them), but why bother, when you can just get an iPod, which reads almost any language?

    I was very very excited to see that Microsoft had made an audio player that could definitely beat Apple iPods for many reasons. (More features and more aesthetic and easy interface among others).
    However, I was very saddened to find out that other than the reasons above, Microsoft had kept everything bad about an iPod (e.g. must sync through software) and added more obstacles.

    Seriously, a global company like Microsoft can't even make their audio players read other languages? Please.

    Other than these details, this product is definitely a good one if you only listen to English songs and care less about the things I mentioned above. Great sound, the video has good quality. Cute design. =]

    ...more info
  • Very pleased I chose this product
    I got a Zune 4GB about three weeks ago and it is great. It took just minutes to download the Zune software and sync a few dozen songs to get started. The sound quality is great. I have two issues: 1) the ear buds wouldn't stay in my ears when I was active (gardening) and 2) the software is not the easiest to grasp, though I don't know how it could be improved much. I bought a set of headphones to solve the gardening problem and by perseverance (and trial and error) I have just about mastered the software.

    The built in FM tuner is a nice addition - that was the tipping point in my comparison with the i-Pod.

    I would certainly recommend the Zune to anyone who wants an MP3 player....more info
  • Zune 4GB podcast shortcomings
    Zune 4 GB Digital Media Player Black (2nd Generation) This MP3 player advertises it will play podcasts. I found that on a daily 3 hour podcast the device will only play the first hour. Listening to podcasts was the only reason I bought this device so I sent 3 e-mails to Zune in as many weeks without any noticeable interest by Zune in my problem. It appears I have wasted my money....more info
  • If God would make an MP3 player...
    ...he would call it Zune. I'm not a "Zune Fanboy" or an "iPod Fanboy". I was just on the market for an MP3 player. My older brother owns an iPod Nano(first generation) and absolutely loves it. I've played around with it a lot and really like the product. The first Zune came out and I thought it looked stupid. I finally got a job and got tired of burning CD's and changing them and looking "Old School". Then I saw the Zune 2. I thought that it looked very similar to the Nano 1st Gen.(which I have no idea why they changed it to that dumb triscuit lookin' thing) And decided that now was the time, I was either gonna buy a Zune 2 or an iPod. I up and one day spontaneously bought a Zune. I don't even remember how the decision came to be, but it happened. I bought red mostly because of it's glossiness. I was overwhelmed with impressiveness. I thought that it was amazing. I didn't know it contained a Radio(which is very, very good.), had video playing capabilities, Wireless song, pic, and video sharing. You can also set picture backgrounds in place of album art. It's built completely solid, and actually kind of heavy(which is a good thing). It's a very sturdy MP3 player. I've dropped it several times, and nothing has happened to it. The buttons are really tight fitting into the holes for them, which keeps dust and water out. The screen is made of glass and not plastic. Glass is stronger, more scratch resistant(I have ZERO scratches on my Zune screen, my brother's ipod...looks like he put it in a blender). And provides a clearer picture. I did have a problem with the Zune. One day, the back button didn't work as responsively as it should have. Sometimes wouldn't work at all, sometimes worked right away. I filed a report with microsoft. The next day a box arrived at my house with all the packing materials and free overnight shipping back to the repair facilities. Four days later, brand new Zune was at my house. No questions asked, no paper work, nothing. I am DEFINITELY a Zune fanboy now. All of my friends have a Zune now, and the wireless sharing is so much fun. You no longer have to say "Listen to this song" and hold out an earbud, but just send it to them. There are absolutely ZERO cons to the Zune. It's Economical, user friendly, stylish, durable(very...very durable), fun, just overall one of the best purchases I've made in my life. Click the "Buy" button. 'nough said....more info
  • Best MP3 Player On The Market
    Great overall quality, price, and features.
    The Zune offers a wide array of cool features like wireless song sending to another Zune, and has good album art display....more info
  • Major Upgrade
    I am a technologist and musician, and love both with a passion...I love this techology and being able to take it with me. Now I own a Zune 8. This review is more about how I think MSFT should improve the Zune and gain some market share over iPod, which IMO is overrated.

    A little background first: Christmas 2006 I bought my teen girls 80GB iPODS. These replaced Creative 20GB Sleek's which were just not very good, especially the clunky cable design and poor battery life. The iPods are good and lots of folks keep buying them but I am not a fan of being forced to use iTunes.

    My first personal MP3 player was Creative Zen 1gb for exercising - sound quality actually better than either Zune or iPOd but the interface is tiny, and the unit eats AAA batteries. This year I decided to step up in capacity first with a Sansa Clip 4Gb. But it was hard to read the display and the menus were confusing and fiddly, and it was buggy, so I sent it back.

    In the mindset of "you get what you pay for" I finally just decided it was worth the extra bucks to go with the leaders, being either Apple or MSFT. I really like the design of the Zune over iPods, especially in the 4 and 8GB offerings. So I ordered this Zune 8GB from Amazon (the price beat all, to boot). It arrived in just a few days, the order being fullfilled in typical Amazon expediance.

    Zune Pros: great form factor and build quality. Menus are well thought out and easy to navigate. Don't have to use iTunes...IMO iTunes is a pest... Zune sound quality, compared to my teen's iPods, is superior. Also, the FM radio is a huge deal for me and I'm baffled as to why Apple avoids including this in iPods.

    Con's: the removal of an equalizer and a proprietary cable instead of mini USB (Sansa Fuze now offers this but I think they have other issues i.e. their interface is awkward, quality suspect)

    Thoughts on Zune:

    Lack of equalizer - I'm not sure this is a big deal as the sound is pretty good and I have not missed it. I have experimented alot with the iPod equalizer and I never found it to help much. However, I think MSFT is making a mistake here just because people expect it to be there.

    Proprietary cable interface - only hurts, IMO does not help build market share. Sansa Fuze offers standard USB. Is Zune just copying iPod to have a proprietary cable? what's up with that...I say to heck with the marketing guys - give us standards where it makes sense and proprietize in areas where it does not hurt the consumer. Let the essence of the product - the user interface, build quality, reliability and performance - speak for itself.

    Build quality: very good. I turned away from buying more Creative and Sansa products after experiencing first hand, and also reading about persistent quality issues. Comparitively, the ZUNE has been trouble free after several weeks. The unit feels good in the hand. Come to think of it I have always had good luck with MSFT electronic gear - even my xBox and xBox 360 work just fine.

    Battery life: The battery life so far has not been great BUT this is likely the way I use it....I hardly ever use the ear buds as I prefer to run it through AUX jacks into car, home and even my home studio mixer, where I run the volume at like 15, 16 etc way higher than most folks using ear buds so batt life may suffer. But running the sound from the 3.5mm headphone jack into an AUX jack is likely way less efficient than if it were via the main Zune port - my guess being I would get a stronger signal and would not have to crank it to get the signal to overcome lack of preamplification going into the AUX jacks.

    UI: Compared to the iPod, although I like the wheel on the iPod, the Zune is easy to flip through to find songs. The user interface is well thought out compared to Sansa and Creative products. I would say iPod and Zune are both well design interfaces and it comes down to what you get used to.

    Accessories: I see a sea of iPod junk,,I mean, accessories,,, when I walk into a store or browse Amazon and alot less for Zune. This likely hurts Zune market share and so it chicken vs egg etc. I think MSFT needs to get on top of this and drive OEMS to build more accessories i.e. a Bose system for Zune with a Zune port (instead of just the AUX jack). Or just go with standard USB for goodness sake. In fact, I think MSFT should pander to technologists like myself and even audiophiles - offer things I take for granted in my home studio i.e. fast USB 2.0 interfaces, higher sound resolutions that appeal to audiophiles etc....just me 2 cents. Apple does not do this and I think Microsoft could win market share by educating folks about better sound quality and features that differentiate Zune from iPod (right, right, going off topic I know but just a little grist for the mill).

    RAP: I look forward to two things - 80GB of flash memory instead of delicate hard drive techology; and the ability to control Zune from my car and home stereo - not just in a Ford via Synch...hmmm...does Synch even let me control my Zune?

    Bottom line: Zune is a superior player that deserves way more credit and attention. Maybe version 3 will take the cake. ...more info
  • Love My Zune!
    I was late to the ipod game when I decided to purchase an MP3 player and while I still have accessory envy (especially around speaker/docking station options), I absolutely love my Zune! From the initial, simple "out of the box" experience to my "all you can eat" plan in the Zune marketplace, everything I need to do has been straightforward, easy and fun to experience. The device itself is great, with clear menus, a good size screen for such a small device (even for videos) and ample battery life to get me through a week of long runs and cross country flights. This is my second Zune (I also own a first generation "brick") and I am hooked. I hope Microsoft can land enough accessory partners to provide real competition to the ipod as the device itself offers a great alternative....more info
  • Zune Review
    Zune 4 GB Digital Media Player Red (2nd Generation)
    I had a little trouble realizing the phone jack needed to be inserted completely (really had to push to completely insert). I find the thumb control to be a little over sensitive for me but every other feature including software installion is A1. I think the FM receiver is an absolute great feature. This is a pretty neat little piece of technology....more info
  • This B-Day Present was a big hit
    I bought the Zune for my daughter for her 15th birthday and she absolutely loves it. She had nine friends over for her party one month ago and now all of them have either bought one themselves or got their parents to buy them one, even if they already had an ipod. Now they carry the zunes and the cell phones with them everywhere. They really like the fact that they can share zune to zune. They also like the quality of the screen for videos and the amount of storage space for the price....more info
  • Zune 8GB Digital Media Player
    I love this Zune!!! Bought this for a technically challenged person and loved the ease of use. I know it won't be shoved in a drawer somewhere and not used. ...more info
  • Excellent
    Great for road trips and passing the time The Zune does everything very well and I have no problem managing all the songs via the Zune Application.

    I recommend this over and Ipoo in terms of reliability and less likely to be stolen. ...more info
  • Good but lacking
    I was fortunate enough to win the 8gb Zune from Pepsi Stuff. I have owned it for about three months and enjoy the concept of an MP3 player. However, this one has some issues that would not have me buy another Zune (or replace it with this brand when/if mine fails).

    The Zune software does not offer track leveling (setting a consistant volume for your music) unless you go through their marketplace (a way to purchase music). Therefore a third party software like media monkey or mp3gain must be used.

    The Zune software assignment of album art is bad. It assumes that the customer has one folder for each album in their collection. If you don't (like one folder of singles) the program adds an album art file to the folder and assigns it to every song that doesn't have the album art embedded in the mp3 tag. If you digitized your cassettes and LPs (as I have) this creates album art being assigned incorrectly. Using a third party program like media monkey allowed me to correct this issue easily. However, why do I continually have to use third party software?

    Songs must be added to your Zune through the Zune software. However, if you move your music files and fail to correct the location in you zune software BEFORE connecting your portable device, the program removes the songs from your Zune requiring you to reload the music.

    I also discovered that the Zune software fails to import any MP3 files using a variable bit rate (vs constant bit rate). Therefore, in order to load any songs having a VBR you have to re-encode them to a constant bit rate.

    The case I purchased for the Zune required modification to allow the connectors from different brand headphones to properly seat. In my case, in order to use my Bose headsets, I had to cut a larger opening in the case to make a good connection to the Zune when it was in the case. A bad design.

    One positive note in winning this device, I discovered Amazon.com MP3 downloads. That is a great service (but the search engine could be improved).

    Again, overall I enjoy having an MP3 player. However, I would not purchase this one for a gift or to replace mine when it breaks. Microsoft has enough problems with it's software and should probably stay out of the hardware market....more info
  • Menu more navigational then IPOD
    I would definitly say yes, of course most of have owned multiple ipods in the past and i'm in that group as well. I just bought my gf an 8gb ipod nano and i was tempted to buy one as well, but i wanted to give the zune a try.

    I'm glad i did, the best thing about this is the navigational menu on the zune, i thouht the ipod was easy..this is just simpler and cleaner and easier to use interface. There is clicking but not as much and hardly any scrolling involved navigation. The zune is lightweight, wireless which is pretty amazing and the screen looks so much better on this then the newest nano. Microsoft did an excellent job with this MP3 player.

    Plus i love having the FM tuner, seems like a little deal but it sure is nice to have when you just want to listen to something different, sound is excellent on the device and the packaging it came in was quite a surprise. Very applesque like, and the best thing is that it's cheaper then the 8 gig nano.

    Give this MP3 player a try and i'm sure you won't be dissapointed. It's and excellent alternative to the ipod....more info
  • why?
    who in the world would buy the zune when you could buy an ipod??? Makes no sense...more info
  • Very Happy - and a Built-In FM Tuner!
    I'm very happy with my 8GB Zune. The fact that it has a built-in FM tuner gives it a big edge over the Nano, which requires an extra add-on piece of hardware for FM. The FM tuner is excellent and gives the station genre, song name, and artist name. My daughter has a 4GB Nano and she's jealous because I got my 8GB Zune for less money and it does more....more info
  • no zune for me
    the zune looked to be just what i wanted. but it was not, to use the zune you must have an internet connection. to use the zune you need to load software from the internet on to your computer, you can not put it on a flash dive then load it and i have no wireless lapton. so i returned my zune. ...more info
  • Better than an IPOD
    For a long time I waited for a product that I could say was worth using and finaly the ZUNE came out wow great product...more info
  • Zune
    I think the zune is best media player and best the ipod by 3 to 1. I know that the Iphone came out and everyone wants one but they cost money around $599.oo with no deal with deal $299.00 from at&t. Zune 3 is on the way out in 2009. The zune makes its easy to buy songs not $0.99 you pay $14.99 monthy or $44.99 every 3 months and with that you get all the music and podcast you want. The videos cost around $1.50, but if you are Driving who needs videos. I got the 30gb model and planning to by the zune 3. ...more info
  • Cool as an iPod? No way. More loved? Yes!
    We have 4 in our family (myself, my wife and 2 kids). Over the years we've had several iPods and recently we have a mix of Zunes and iPods.

    IPods are great. My wife has an iPod Touch and we've had several previous iPods over the years. However, our Zunes get far more use than the iPods these days.

    Here's why:

    1) Subscription Service - Microsoft's all you can eat subscription service costs about $16/month. It supports up to three devices. That covers, me and my kids (my wife insists on using only her iPod). The kids and I get gobs a new music as it comes out.

    2) Easier to use software - Surprisingly, the Zune software is easier to use than iTunes. Hard to believe, but my wife has no end of problems syncing her iPod and finding stuff she wants to download. My kids (11 and 7) don't have this problem with the Zune software.

    3) It works with Tivo2Go. If you have a Series 2 or 3 Tivo connected to a home network you can download TV shows to the Zune. Yes, this is also true for the iPod, but it works very will with the Zune too. My kids have been watching old movies (The Adventures of Robin Hood w/Errol Flynn and Captains Courageous w/Spencer Tracy are their favorites from the TiVo - not to mention Mythbusters).

    4) Microsoft has good customer service with the Zunes. I had a HD version die and they replaced it promptly after providing proof of purchase. The warranty is for 1 year I believe.

    The big wins at our house is the subscription service. Lot's of great choices (including currently released albums) for 3 devices for about the price of one CD a month. That's hard to bet and makes us very happy.

    This particular Zune model is especially nice. It's nice and small, but with the same interface as the large Zunes. Movies play very well on this device. The battery life seems quite a bit better than the HD Zune I have, especially when playing movies. Hopefully it will be a bit more robust than the HD media players. I had problems with both iPod and Zune HD units dying (or is it wearing out). I'm very happy to make the transition to solid state storage with this unit. 8G seems reasonably large for my needs - I don't really need to store my entire music collection on my media player. I currently have 4 full length movies, about 30 albums and several Zune recommended playlists with room to spare.

    Granted it's not a iPod Touch, but to be frank, all my wife does is fiddle with her iPod Touch. She doesn't really use it to watch video's or listen to music. I think the iPod Touch is really targeted to folks with a short attention span -folks who'd rather be reading their email or browsing the web than enjoying good music or a classic movie.

    This Zune might not be as cool as an iPod Touch (or an iPhone for that matter). But it's an excellent media player with a great subscription service. That makes the Zunes far more used in our house than our iPods.

    So don't let your smug iPod owning friends tell you their iPods are better. Just smile and enjoy all of the new music you've downloaded legally for a pittance.
    ...more info
  • The Audiophile's Digital Media Player
    Judge this player by any standards you may wish be it ergonomics, size, price, appearance, storage, or even brand allegiance, but I'll judge it by the way it sounds. Any media player corporation that has the brains to eliminate equalization completely from the signal path is a company that is concerned about what you are hearing through your headphones. Out of the four flash players I purchased in a 30 day period the Zune 8 wins hands down over the other junk that had absolutely no gusto, control, spaciousness, detail, or focus. It is clear that Microsoft is using superior parts in this unit in comparison to the competition. Connecting this player to legendary headphones like the Sony V6, (which is easily one of the greatest audio products ever produced below $100) or the Etymotic ER4 P, or S (which offer the incredible detail, and transparency of headphones costing way more) will give you an audio experience unsurpassed by what many other companies have to offer, and you will have Microsoft to thank for it. ...more info
  • Pretty cool...
    The Zune's LCD crystal-clear screen is so great! I watch many videos and download many (free!) video podcasts from the Zune software and they look as if they were being watched on an HDTV. That's definitely a point for Microsoft. The touchpad control is so easy to use, and it looks very sofisticated and somewhat futuristic. The sound quality of the headphones that are included is very good. The Zune software is very helpful, and I truly don't understand why anyone would be confused by it. However, don't get tricked into thinking you can't put music that was not downloaded from the Zune Marketplace as you might sometimes think from reading the instructions on how to get music. As long as the songs you've downloaded elsewhere are in a folder that is preset to sync with the Zune software, you'll have no problems and everytime you turn on your computer it'll update itself (sounds complicated but when you install the software it'll ask you from what folders you'd like to sync music from).

    I have some complaints, though:
    1) Zune only accepts two video formats: MP4 and WMV. Most videos are not in that format, but you can still find them if you look carefully.

    2) The Podcast download process is slow. And I mean SLOW.

    3) Unlike and ipod, it does not have a clock, games, or a calendar.

    4) Very hard to find accesories unless you look for them online.

    Otherwise a great buy. =)...more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    It is too bad Microsoft didn't (couldn't?) release the original Zune at a lower price point as to better compete with the iPod.
    I find this second generation Zune to be near perfect in its design, functionality, and overall feel.
    This is the third media player I have owned. My first two were by SanDisk. I find the SanDisk players feel very cheap and they simply remind me of toys. The usb cable for the Zune looks identical to the cord for my SanDisk Sansa though and so I wonder if SanDisk makes the Zune.

    I ordered my Zune from OfficeMax and so did not have a chance to play with it / try it out before purchasing it.
    I must admit I was excited to discover the touchpad as I had not known this was a feature.
    I have never owned an iPod and do not plan on owning one any time soon.
    Generally speaking 'first' is always superior and with Microsoft playing catch-up I doubt they will ever be a serious player in the media player market.
    I find the menu navigation of the Zune to be very intuitive with a nice look.
    The sound from the included headphones is not great but like most iPod and media player owners, I will be buying higher-end headphones soon anyway.
    Battery life is very good and as long as I remember to bring the usb cable I can just plug it into my pc at work and not waste battery time.
    The touch-pad is just like you would find on a laptop and is very responsive. Again, maybe if the first Zune had this it would have truly taken off.
    The case back is metal while the front is plastic with a rubberized (ala IBM laptop coating) feel.
    I will not (and have no reason to) try to convince the Apple / iPod loyals that this is an option for them because they are already attached to a great product they love. What I will say is this. If you are not one of the anti-Microsoft/Bill Gates crowd, don't want or need to jump on the bandwagon, and want a truly nice player for you $, and have found a freat deal on one, pick up the Zune.
    You will not be dissapointed.
    I must warn you, I had mine on my desk for 10 minutes before someone walked over and said, "oh, is that a iPod wannabe?"
    Like I said, the iPod loyalists remind me of far left fruitcakes, not only do they have an opionion and beliefs, but they cannot keep those two things to themselves.
    Hope this helps.
    ...more info
  • Love It!
    First MP3 player for me, up until now I still used my old Sony Walkman. So being used to having the FM option, the Zune was the perfect fit for me! Also bought one for my husband and we both love it. The size is perfect and the features all work well, the sound is great and as I knew we would, we love the FM feature. Was a cinch to download the CD's onto our computer and then onto the device. With the box it comes in, the only way to charge the device is through your computer. I found (on Amazon) a great, inexpensive package of a wall charger, car charger, and a rubber skin to hold the Zune which can affix to a belt clip, arm band or hanging strap. Very, very happy with my Zune and accessories!! ...more info
  • Sweet!!!
    I was given an ipod nano for my birthday and found a lot of distortion on bass heavy music and the only way to stop it was turn off the EQ doing this made the music sound nerve grading and trebley I went online and found other reviews saying the same thing. My son recently got a zune and I asked him if I could test out the same songs on his zune,well the bass was clear as day with no distortion the next day I got a green one and love it, the only drawback is if I remove music from my computer to save space the zune software will remove the same music from my zune when re-synced but that's o.k. because it sounds so good. if you like hip hop, R and B or drum and bass or even tribal drumming you will be happier with the zune....more info
  • the ZUNE
    Very nice product. Once you down load the software from Microsoft and get that sqaured away the ZUNE is very nice. Very easy to rip CD's and burn to the player. I haven't tried to down load an audio book as yet. I have looked at some websites and no one has the ZUNE listed as a player they support. This could be a problem but haven't really checked it out. ...more info
  • Tiny Powerhouse
    Got this after I sold my first gen Zune which I would rarely use. The screen was the first suprise- crisp and high detail. I also love the scratch-proof metal back, and the tiny pocketable size.
    I use it every day in the car to listen to music as well as podcasts (another great feature from the 2nd gen!) and the quality is great. Battery life is also really good.
    The only thing I don't love is the Zune desktop- although I hope they can make it more feature-rich in later versions.
    Definitely one of my better purchases....more info
  • drawbacks of zune
    # USB cable has a non-standard jack at the device end. Standard USB interface cables such as used by digital cameras and portable hard disk would make sense

    # obscure software - had trouble installing on Windows XP.

    # could not find a way to use zune as a USB drive (as against creative's players)

    # device heavily tied with the software - restricts portability.

    overall not worth the hassle and price.
    ...more info
    We can NOT download the software to even get started. The "support" pages are a joke. My son tried and he has a computer science/engineering degree from a Big 10 university. This is the biggest rip-off ever. Hopefully we can return it, but what a terrible disappointment for my 13 year old....more info
    Why would anyone want an ipod? the zune pad is ten times easier and faster and cooler-looking than the ipod's "thumb-dislocating" clickwheel. The whole thing looks way better than even the ipod nano, too. It has the same features as an ipod classic, but also an FM radio, the Zune Social and games are available for download.
    This is a great music player....more info
  • NerdBoyTV gives high marks to Microsoft's Zune 4GB
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1WKAP2Z3TL9KI In this episode of NerdBoyTV (a weekly video podcast on technology, Internet services, and gadgets), Ryan Yee reviews Microsoft's Zune 4GB MP3 Player and compares it to Apple's comparable iPod Nano. For more videos and links, go to http://www.NerdBoyTV.com....more info
  • The Perfect Gift
    The Zune is a sleek little device that packs more power in its size than it would let you believe. First off, the software is easy to download and set up. Once on your computer, if you have Vista it can wirelessly sync through your router. Music, videos, and pictures can easily be transferred with a click of the mouse. A surprising feature is the FM tuner. Now I admit I haven't listened to the radio since the 90s but never did I expect this little player to have a crystal clear FM radio. The stations are clearly labeled on the screen and even includes the song name and artist. The BEST feature in my opinion is that unlike the Ipod, it doesn't matter which computer you sync it with. As long as it has the Zune software, you can transfer your files.

    Now I only gave it 4 stars for the following reasons:
    The Zune does not come with an AC Adapter. It is sold separately at retail price for $30. To charge the player, you must plug it into your computer via the USB cable. This little piece of information was not included with the leaflet that came with my unit and took me the better of 5 minutes to figure out. (And no, I am not technologically challenged.) The unit also gets quite hot when charging.
    Another reason is that the touch pad seems too sensitive. Keep in mind that I'm one of those people that hate touch pads in general and even went as far as buying a separate mouse for my laptop. Regardless, there are times when I'm scrolling through my song list and getting frustrated because I flew past the one I was looking for ten times in a row. There is the option of pushing on the pad instead but it goes a lot slower. Also, when you do get to the one you want and try to press the center button to select it, 2/3 times I just end up scrolling again.
    And lastly, Microsoft does not yet have Asian character support for the Zune. I recognize its not an issue with a lot of people but it is annoying for some of us who have more than 1 Japanese or Chinese album and all we see is a row of boxes. It seems like a lack of insight on their part and hopefully they'll release a patch for it.

    So all in all, I would definitely recommend this product to others. Once you get it set up, it will really impress you. ...more info
  • Love it
    So I accidently left my sony walkman radio at the gym, and went shopping for a replacement. Much to my surprise, target and walmart do not seem to carry pain old radios anymore, and I wanted something that day. So I figured that it was time to jump into the 21st century and buy my first mp3 player (although I did have a refurbished dell jukebox once, and it sucked, so I'd put off buying one until the technology improved).
    Its was very easy to set up, and the FM radio works much better that my old one! I'm looking forward to downloading music as well.
    Anyway the only complaint I have is that I immediately had to install an upgrade to the 2.5 version, which apparently eats up quite a bit of storage....more info
  • The best player!
    Excellent player (I have 30gb and 8gb). Integrates well with Vista and my Xbox 360. Can control the player content by Xbox controller when it's plugged into the Xbox by USB, or all content in my Zune library on my computer is streamed right to my Xbox 360. Growing variety of accessories (and better variety to date than many other players .. except iPod, that will change).

    The player is light; the new 2nd generation controller excellent, the screen is vivid and larger than iPods. The sound is excellent (don't let Apple Fanboys who have never held a Zune tell you differently) compared to any other MP3 player.

    I have a voracious appetite for music. I can't just buy 1-2 CDs a month and listen to them over and over. I rotate through hundreds of songs per month. With Zune Pass, I have access to over 3 million. I can also wirelessly share them with my friends who have Zunes. Sorry iTunes, I'm not going to give you 3 million dollars to have access, at will, to the same songs by paying you 99 cents each. With Zune, 15 bucks a month, 3 million songs. (Rhapsody is excellent too, but Zune is a better player than Sansa et al; Yahoo Music has hundreds of thousand less songs than Zune or Rhapsody, but is still a better choice than iTunes, although the Yahoo Music Sansa is better than other Sansas). I don't use CDs anymore, so burning doesn't matter to me; you don't get burn rights with Zune pass. If it did matter, I could always buy the rights for 99 cents a song .. from Zune Marketplace.

    Another note, Zune Marketplace is (or soon will be) Xbox Live Marketplace. Right now you can very easily download songs, videos, movies, podcasts, etc.. Many sites are now having one click Zune podcasts ... go to their site, look for the Zune symbol, click it and you've automatically subscribed your Zune player to the podcast.

    With XNA games (the ones you download from Xbox Live Marketplace) playable now on Zune (you can get them on there with some tweaking from developers, do a google search for zune games), or wait until enough developers have ported the games and Microsoft integrates it into your player. Multiplayer wireless gaming with other Zune owners? Later this year. iPod games are pathetic in comparison, and most other mp3 players lack any future in this. Microsoft OSs are kings of gaming, Apple just can't seem to keep pace with gaming options.

    Best MP3 Player choice today, and for the future. Yes, a Microsoft product that had a real vision and gameplan, is VERY stable, and can't help but be a factor in the market.
    ...more info
  • I love my Zune
    What can I say about this thing? I have had it for over a month now and I love it. Everything about it. The videos are very clear and the music sounds great. I use the radio often. This is the reason I choose this over the I-pod.

    By the way, the player along with the software are extremely easy to use. I paid $129 BRAND NEW so shop aroung!!!!!!!...more info
  • Just does not do what I want
    This is my first MP3 player and I purchased this based on the Microsoft name. I am sorry to find out this device does not work with the online libraries in my area. ...more info
  • Great Player
    I waited & waited & waited......my trusty 250 MB Intel Pocket Concert Audio(original MP3player)was long overdue for upgrade. This device/software work wonderfully. THe audio quality is excellent. I am totally thrilled, now I can go for weeks of workouts whereas before I downloaded every other workout. One annoyance is the fact that if you play a song, when you cut the player off it start from the beginning, this is a real bummer and hopefully new software will correct. You will definitely need to invest in a case....more info
  • The ZUNE is Awesome... music, pictures, videos,podcasts
    I recieved the 8 gb ZUNE for my B-day. I am so tech challanged thats its scarry. However, I had no problems with the zune. You download the software. It scans your computer for music then you just click & drag to your zune. The pictures & videos are crisp & clear. The music sounds great. You can choose to play music at random or you can choose to play by the album, or the music by song title. I have about 20 pictures on mine, 5 videos, and about 25 albums and I haven't even uesd 3 GB jet.
    Also, It is small enough to fit in my bra when working out out gardening. (Hey, I usually don't have pockets). There is nothing I don't like about my zune. Just like and ipod, but cheaper. whats not to love....more info
  • Zune is way better than iPod
    I just bought one, and it's better than ipod. Zune pad is way better and cooler than click wheel. I love my zune!...more info
  • Zune
    The Zune we purchased was in excellent condition and works great. However no software or anything came with it, had to find and download off internet....more info
  • Looks nice, sounds awful
    I just wanted to write a short review of this player before i put it up on ebay. The zune is nice looking, the video playback is good...the audio quality is TERRIBLE. i bought this thing to replace my ipod nano (1st gen) and cannot even hold a candle to it. i have a $300 pair of Shure earbuds and it still sounds bad. low power amp, no presets or EQ..was very upset. finally wised up and bought a cowon iaudio7 today. if you listen to your music or video at low volumes this would be a nice player. as for mentioned, the display is nice..decent battery life..but thats about the only good i can give this device. ...more info
  • The Microsoft Zune ROCKS!
    I tried an Apple iPod first. If you need FM radio for the machines in the gym, Apple requires you to buy a $50 adapter and to have another three feet of cord hanging off you. The Zune website for music download works just like itunes. But, unlike itunes, your music downloads as MP3 files which can be played by any player in the world. In order to download MP3 files from itunes, you have to buy itunes plus music which is less than 25% of the itunes inventory - not 10% like the Zune Marketplace. While we have not used the wireless sharing feature yet, we have used the wireless sync! This is great, my wife keeps her cell phone and Zune plugged-in near the door and syncs her Zune without going to where the PC is located in the house! The 8 GB Zune cost about the same as the 4 GB ipod - actually $10 less - but you get twice the storage! And the FM radio! And the wieless sync! The second generation Zune is small like the iPod Nano! We bought this Zune refurbished for 70% of retail price - could not tell it was refurbshed!...more info
  • Great over all experience ..recommend more capacity
    I am very satisfied with over all experience. If I could change my decision, I would go back and over higher capacity. Now that I have this, I may live this one for a while!...more info
  • Zune Rocks! Nice screen + radio, sharing and games
    The zune works and sounds great. I purchased 2 one for my wife and one for myself. I love the zune to zune sharing and zune to zune messaging. The fm radio is a huge plus as well as zune games which should be released shortly. I've tried some of the beta games and zune to zune pong is fun. That's right you'll be able to play multiplayer games with other zune players.

    The zune software (I'm running it on Vista which is awesome) is beautiful and has worked flawlessly so far. The only problem I had was with the install. I would get "install failed", which was due to my antivirus software blocking access to the internet.

    I haven't used zune marketplace. I have only transfered my existing cds, which is a breeze.

    I'll be getting 2 more, one for each of my children.

    You won't be diappointed...more info
  • The way MP3 Players should be!
    I tried a couple other MP3 players before that ended up being such a pain to use, I eventually lost interest in them. The Zune is very easy to use, it sounds great and works like you would expect it to. I love it....more info
  • Used Item
    This seller, of Zune 8 GB Digital Media Player Black (2nd Generation)
    Does not have any understanding of used item.
    This sell sent me a physically abused Zune 8 GB Digital Media Player Black (2nd Generation) in box apple I-pod. No manual, screeched screen, misused earphone.
    And I do not know the condition of battery and internal. This is 2nd time I purchased used Item that is bad deal. I would not buy this product form this seller if I could see it. before
    ...more info
  • Not worth the money!
    I never got the Zune marketplace to work with this product. After spending hours on the phone with tech support, they determined that my account had somehow been locked and could not be unlocked. So, I had a really expensive MP3 player. I sent it back when it wouldn't hold a charge when it was off longer than 10 hours. Absolutely worthless.

    BTW - I bought an IPOD and had everything up and running in 5 minutes....more info
  • very good
    Haven't use ipod before, so I have not comparison between these two. Zune is very nice, but I don't think touch-control things are sensitive enough....more info
  • very very good
    well, I am throughly pleased with the Zune 4gig (2nd gen). from size, to feel, fm radio, and the zune market place. I haven purchased any music and dont plan on to as I rather listen to pod casts. love how I can customize it to dl a certain amount of podcasts and then it just syncs with the player.

    I have watched some vids and well, it does a splendid job as well in that category.

    next for me might be the 80gig, 4gigs just isnt going to cut it for vac's. ...more info
  • Zune 4 GB mp
    I like this mp3 player I can shuffle all the songs or just a gengre and it will down load a ton of pictures. Not to hard to understand to work. I had a Zen 2GB before it went though the wash but I could not shuffle any songs. The head phones that came with the Zune were hard to stay in my ears when I worked so I used my old head phones which still worked after going though the wash. My 15 year old son set up the whole system which was nice of him so I had to do was play the music....more info
  • Zune 4Gb is great.
    This is my first experience with the Zune line and I am impressed.
    The interface for the PC takes a bit of getting used to as they assume
    that everyone is a dumb as a rock. It can be useful though if you understand the mind set....more info
  • Random Reboot-Fest
    This product is a decent music player... when it isn't interrupting your favorite song with one of it's random reboots.

    You'll be blissfully jamming along to your favorite song and then--bam--the Zune goes silent and a moment later the boot-up screen shows.
    Not only does the device reboot while playing songs downloaded from the Zune marketplace, but it also reboots frequently while simply playing the FM radio!

    My red Zune 8 GB started with this behavior within the first day.

    I'm so frustrated with the darned thing. I've tried wiping it and reinstalling the firmware, etc. but nothing seems to work as the random-reboots inevitably resurface no matter what.

    Don't buy this!...more info
  • Buggy, unclear, hard to use
    Good sound and player.

    But ... synchronisation is a headache. It hungs while synchronisation.
    Sometimes, it started synchronisation when You are trying to remove music from player. It is fun to watch, how it is removing and adding the same songs, and reporting about it continuously. That's boring...more info
  • Zippy Zune in Power Pink
    I love my Zune and I am in awe of the support from Microsoft. I am not a computer techie and I was able to download music and pictures and even videos with little or no difficulty. The music sounds great, the artwork is fantastic and I love how the album cover shows up so vividly on the screen. I am very happy with my purchase and I look forward to using it on my next trans-continental flight. ...more info
  • The best starter-MP3 player!
    This is a great MP3 player! I have the red 8gb and it's the perfect size, shape, and color. The menu is easy to maneuver, the touch options are the right sensitivity level, and the personalization aspect is a nice touch. I love being able to listen to the radio whenever I want and the software (that you download yourself off of the website) is also easy to maneuver. Overall, it's a great product and I'm thoroughly impressed....more info
  • Great!!!
    I received my Zune and immediately began charging it. Downloaded the software and was on my way. It took me a little while to figure out how to use the Zune website (Marketplace), but once I got the hang of it, it's now a piece of cake. I had alot of my own music on my Windows Media Player that I added to my Zune. My only issue is, I'm still not sure how to sync it from my Media Player to my Zune. My Media Player is not recognizing my Zune when it's connected. So, I guess I'll still have to play around with it a little more. Overall, I love my Zune. The sound is awesome and I love the screen! It's perfect for my workouts and for traveling!!! I would definitely recommend!!!...more info
  • Zune Pink
    Very easy to use even the wife can use it...One draw back is the long download time and install software takes quite a while......more info
  • Zune 8G
    I loved my Zune Red 8Gigas, I had previously brought a 30 gigs from Creative Zen, but the Zune is way better!!!!...more info
  • Great - with a couple downfalls
    I have been very happy with this product. The interface is much simpler than the ipod. I really like the fact that you can make your own background from personal pictures, etc. The touch pad is very easy to use and makes scrolling through data a breeze.
    I only have a couple complaints about it. One is the fact that it doesn't support some formats for audio and video. I have had to use a third party software to convert the files to compatible formats. The Zune software is easy to use, but it doesn't do a very good job of ripping music and retrieving data for the cd.
    Other than those couple complaints, I have loved the zune. ...more info
  • My Favorite Mp3 Player
    I've used several iPods (2nd-3rd gen), I've borrowed my friend's iPod nanos, and I have used the first Zune (30GB). So I expected a lot from this little device.

    Installation of the Zune software was a lot easier than I remembered it with the first generation Zune. Getting everything setup took around 3 minutes. Very easy!

    Getting my music to the Zune took a little longer. The Zune marketplace did not allow me to easily copy Windows Mediaplayer playlists or copy/paste folders to specific playlists.

    The sound is perfect... I have a set of Grado-60 headphones and Ultimate Ears fi-5 EBs. No complaints on the sound. The volume is plenty loud - I can hear everything nicely at 6 in a quiet room and 10-12 in a car doing 70mph.

    The main reason I got the Zune 2nd gen was the podcasts. It is everything I dreamed of... CNN, The Economist, NPR - ALL automatically downloads to my Zune everyday and old podcasts are automatically removed. All I have to do is plug it in and it goes to work! I've got over 2GB of podcasts on my Zune right now.

    The screen quality is seriously impressive. Even though it is super small my co-workers watched several of the movies that came with the Zune - they were really impressed (so am I). It is REALLY sharp for such a small screen.

    Battery life - I always have this plugged into my computer whether at work or at home so I've never gone below the first "bar" of battery life.

    Sorry, haven't used the wireless feature - my family is getting a few Zune 8GBs so I will try and report back.

    Definitely recommend this over the iPod. Why? I've had enough iPod vs Zune wars with my co-workers to last me years... I think Zune Marketplace is easier to use, I like the feel/look of the Zune better, and the ability to listen to the radio has always been a big plus for me (when I get tired of my music). Never understood why the iPod didn't get FM... I really hate iTunes - though it does have tv shows. The iPod can also be used like a USB drive - something you can't do with the Zune (WHY???).

    My sister got an 8GB Zune as well. So I turned on wireless and sent her a song. It is so easy anyone can do it - the transfer rate is pretty fast too. I was even able to do it from 3 rooms away (wow). However, any song you receive from a wireless zune - you can only play 3 times. AND I noticed the Zune sometime hangs when it detects wireless networks/zunes. So I usually keep wireless off by default....more info
  • Absolutely worthless product
    This is by far the most worthless product I have purchased. Microsoft really should have gotten their act together before they marketed this product. I am a very computer-savvy person but it took me almost 3 hours !!! to install the Zune software - every install would result in different errors and necessitate extensive Windows updates!! What MP3 product software requires such an extensive software update to be able to use something as basic as an MP3 player. Even after all this effort, the power-on button would respond very inconsistently and the MP3 player would randomly lock at the Zune logo. The button design of this MP3 is beyond pathetic. Try calling Microsoft Zune support - you get a 14-year-old kid in a 3rd-world country with a squeaky voice who has no logical skills to troubleshoot any problem but simply reiterates a pre-programmed script that Microsoft has told him to say for each catch phrase the consumer says. If Microsoft thinks they have anything even remotely close to a viable and simple-to-use MP3 player, they really need get their head out of their A* and relook at the other MP3 players on the market. IF anyone is considering this product, I would advise you look at other MP3 players which offer a simple yet elegant design and don't require almost a complete reinstall of your windows operating system. ...more info
  • Good product with poor product support
    This is a very good MP3/portable music player. It has performed wonderfully. The features like the FM receiver are most welcome, and I find navigating and organizing my songs much more intuitive than the ipod player. It's very small and thin and attractive (I got the green version). The charge life is very long as well... I have never run out of juice before recharging the Zune at home.

    OK - here are the drawbacks: The Zune software, which you must download to your computer, is, well... quirky. Those with older video cards on thier computers will have issues - in other words, the graphics and screen resolution are going to have problems... so before you use Zune, do yourself a favor, and upgrade to a newer, more powerful newer-generation video card if your computer is several years old. Also, the Zune software is very minimalist and "zen"-looking, so navigating is a bit tricky at first. Remain patient. Eventually, it'll become easy to make your way around.

    My biggest complaint is the sheer lack of Zune 4GB/8GB product support - in the form of accessories. Everywhere you turn, there are thousands of various accessories for ipod and its various versions. But for Zune (especially the newest generation 4GB/8GB)? Butkis. Nada. Or damned little. Why roll out a new player if you aren't going to have the required (and necessary) "toys" to make the player useful? Honestly, I can not recall a product being rolled out for sale - BEFORE any accessories come to market! I'm speaking of cases, speakers, gell case protectors, earphones, etc. Go ahead, try and find 4GB/8GB accessories out there. I dare you. You may find a few on-line, with intense web navigation, but the selections compared to ipod are tiny in comparison. A few crumbs here and there.

    Also, do yourself a favor, and spend the extra money and upgrade to the 8GB version player. The 4GB fills up in a hurry, especially if you plan on storing any byte-hungry videos in addition to your music collection.

    Overall, this is a very good personal MP3 / Media player, but with very shoddy product support (accessories) and quirky software. I'd recommend it with some reservation. It's a better player than Apple's offerings, but does not have the popular product support of ipod at the date of this writing. ...more info
  • wow......
    i love my zune the wireless works extremely well but it is slower than a usb cable but still the touch pad is better than the one from the ipod because well you can actually turn it off if you want, the interface is simple a second grader can figure it out although an ipod have higher volume levels who really needs them that loud? oh, i've found ways around the incompatibility of some things like videos. The battery does last as long as they say headphones might or might not be an issue depending on the person i recommend sony headphones but not the ones in black packaging the touch pad is fun at times plus it has an FM tuner what's not to love?...more info
  • Over-rated E-device
    Being new to MP devices & not very computer literate, I took a chance on this 4gig unit. I had no idea that I would spend 6.5 hours downloading & installing: Windows' upgrades, Zune "set-up" pack AND software. My 2 year old HP Media Center computer made 5, yes 5 attempts to install the Zune software. It finally succeeded. As for the user's manual, THERE WAS NONE! I had to download and print it which was like putting together a pictureless jigsaw puzzle:" You can do this, this, & that"...but they don't tell you how. There are 114 songs on it now that sound amazing. A $30 headphone upgrade came free w/ the unit. With 3.5 gigs of space taken up by just 114 songs, there is NO WAY this unit is going to hold anything close to 1000 songs. The 24 hrs. of battery life is wishful thinking on MS part. It may hold memory for 24 hrs, but battery is half full after playing 2 hours worth of music at a reasonable volume. Granted, I shoulda got the 8 gigger, but I didn't know anything about these units and this one was on sale w/ free headphones so it seemed like a good deal. Does sound great though. Just be selective with what music you put in. We'll see how long it lasts & then see if we buy another one w/ more gigs. Hopefully, the software will be more user friendly to computer morons such as myself. Does sound really good though....more info
  • A great item... don t let Vista get in the way of enjoying it! Solution to potential problem included.
    If you re a Vista owner, there s a slight chance that the driver besides the software will refuse to install, preventing your Zune from being detected by your software it ll keep telling you to connect your Zune, when it already is .

    I don t know exactly what causes this, but the a working solution I found online is to add Local Services to the Administrator user group in your Computer Management console.

    The steps look like this:

    1. Right-click My Computer
    2. Click Manage
    3. Click Local Users and Groups
    4. Double click Groups
    5. Open up the Administrators group
    6. Click Add
    7. Click Advance and the Find
    8. Double click on the LOCAL SERVICE user to add it to the Admin group

    A problem I encountered during this procedure is that this isn t even possible if you have Vista Basic or Vista Premium.

    What you have to do in this case is go to your Command Prompt just type Command Prompt in your Start Search bar in order to launch it and type the following:

    net localgroup Administrators Local Services /add

    It should say that the user group was successfully added. Close the Command Prompt and reset or plug in your Zune in again. The driver should automatically install this time successfully and your Zune software should automatically OPEN and detect your Zune.

    Now, this solves the Zune detecting problem for pretty much only those whose drivers fail to install upon the Zune being plugged in.

    I hope this helps anyone who wants to enjoy a great Microsoft product which is ironically hampered by another Microsoft product.

    The Zune itself is very easy to use and aesthetically pleasing in almost every aspect. It s extremely easy to navigate and scrolling up and down through your tracks is a matter of pure convenience.

    I won t downrate because of the problems that arise with Vista, since the Zune itself didn t cause them.

    ...more info
  • nice design, excellent fm radio
    I bought a zune as an open box special when I lost my old zen player on an ovenight flight.

    My sense is that the sound quality is much better, the fm radio is also much better, with obviously higher selectivity which allows it to receive clean signals in an urban environment.

    The ergonomics are great also (screen and control).

    I actually don't use the wifi. The rest of the industrial design is great....more info
  • Music To My Ears
    I opened my new 8GB Zune to the pleasant surprise of what amounted to 3 pretty simple steps to getting started:

    1) Download the Zune software (required from the Zune web site). However, while a pretty simple step, it takes about 20 minutes or so to get through if you include signing up for a Zune account.

    2) Load the songs you want.

    3) Let the unit fully charge.

    And that's it. You're ready to rock and roll. Or at least that's it for me. For now I don't see myself using the Zune for anything but music. But it should be noted that the Zune also plays videos, pictures, podcasts, FM radio and can also network with other Zune owners in your direct vicinity.

    The Zune charges on any USB connection, but you won't be able to get it to do anything else until you download the cruddy software package. Did I say "cruddy" software? Let me share a few gripes:

    All of the music stored in my PC library from CDs that I've ripped is Windows Audio Lossless...apx 30mb per song. With other media devices like the iPod, Zen or Walkman they automatically convert to much smaller mp3 files (like 3mb per song) when syncing. But the 8GB Zune syncs my collection at the full file size allowing me to put on only about 250 songs instead of thousands. I spoke with Zune customer support and they confirmed that the Zune won't convert my WMA Lossless library to MP3s on the Zune. I'm really disappointed that the Microsoft Zune won't do this with my Microsoft WMA lossless files but my Creative Zen, Apple iPod and Sony Walkman all WILL!!!! The customer support person did hint that an update that includes the capability could be on the near horizon, but she wasn't making any promises.

    {5-7-2008 UPDATE! A PATCH HAS BEEN RELEASED THAT ALLOWS CONVERSION OF ALL MUSIC TO "DEVICE QUALITY"; hence, WMA Lossless audio on your PC can now be converted to apx 10 MB or less...whew!} (However, after all my complaining, I find it strange that the Zune now will not allow transfer of music at any higher than "device quality"; in other words, I could now not transfer songs at the full WMA Lossless file size even if I wanted to.)

    If you're used to the Windows Media Player's 5-star rating system, that's out the "Window" with the Zune. With the Zune all you get to do is rate a song "I like it" or "I don't like it". Who has songs that they "don't like" in their library? All I wanted on my Zune was my 4 & 5 star rated songs from Windows Media Player. Since the Zune didn't identify with that system, I had to go through hundreds of songs and either rate them or tell the device not to sync with a certain song, BECAUSE....

    The device will automatically sync with every song in the folder(s) that you tell it to monitor on your PC whenever you connect the device. You can tell the Zune not to sync with a song by right clicking on the song in your Zune Library and selecting "never sync with my Zune", or with the 5/7/2008 you can now tell the Zune not to sync with songs that you "don't like". You can also choose the option that stops the Zune from auto-syncing and make it sync to songs only when you do it manually.

    Finally, the unit comes pretty bare bones: it includes some fair-at-best headphones and a USB connection...no AC Adapter.

    So all in all, is it a decent music player?...sure. Is it as good as it could be?...It could still use some patches, but hearing that the patch that fixes the sync conversion is available was music to my ears.

    5/12/08 update - Since the Zune Version 2.5 update was released, I bought a second Zune for my son. The second Zune had an issue recognizing the new update prior to being fully charged, because Zune's that are being shipped at the time of this writing are still version 2.3. Therefore, the fix for this is (at least for me) was changing the order of my 3-step instruction above to:

    1) Let the unit fully charge.

    2) Download the Zune software. However, while a pretty simple step, it takes about 20 minutes or so to get through if you include signing up for a Zune account.

    3) Connect the Zune; it may then tell you that you need to upgrade the device to version 2.5 which takes only a few more minutes.

    4) Load the songs you want.

    ...more info
  • Zune 4GB
    I am very pleased with this smaller, updated version of the 30 Gb Zune. I wanted something to keep in my gym bag for working out and it is ideal. Installation was easy and I was able to download the same things that I had on my original Zune....more info
  • Great player!
    I bought this zune, just because i did'nt wanted to go the regular ipod way... But I am liking it more and more day by day!
    The zune software is really cool.. easy to use.. the best part is you can listen to the songs from ur zune on ur laptop, without connecting it to the laptop.
    The sound, video quality is awesome.. friendly interface.. many many good features.. i will recommend this player to everyone.....more info
  • Important to know!
    If you are evaluating Zune models, only the capacity is readily compared. It can be challenging to find all the relevent info necessary to choose between available models. Here are three key facts one should know:

    1. Only the Zune 8GB and Zune 80 GB are 2nd Generations models. The 4GB and 30GB models are 1st generation, but still quite good.

    2. The Zune Home A/V Pack is an outstanding accessory that makes your Zune more useful - especially with the remote control. It's essentially a powered dock that charges your Zune and provides audio and video out cables to your TV and/or stereo system. The cables are standard composite a.k.a. "RCA jacks", the same red/white/yellow kind that come from a traditional VCR or video game.

    3. When using the Home A/V dock, only the large capacity Zune models (30GB and 80GB) support the video output feature letting you view your Zune screen on your TV. Therefore, only the 80GB model has both the video output feature and the 2nd generation technology. Compared to the 30GB model, the 80GB Zune has significantly increased resolution which helps considerably when viewing digital pictures or videos.

    All things considered, I recommend the 80GB Zune over the 8GB model. With 10 times the capacity plus the video output feature, it's well worth the price jump from $150 to $250. It really is cool to browse through hundreds of CDs with your remote and then play songs (or playlists) with the album art displayed on a big-screen TV with surround sound.
    ...more info
  • Better than the IPod
    Finally, an MP3 player that is giving the IPod a run for its money. It is very easy to use. It has a lot of the features that the IPod doesn't. I like the fact that it has FM radio integrated into it so you can listen to your favorite radio station. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an MP3 player, but most important of all, you can download music DRM free, which you cannot do w/ an IPod most of the time....more info
  • zune
    Very Happy With my purchase, Works Great, In Great condition, Company delived what was stated....more info
  • Zune 8 GB Digital Media Player Pink (2nd Generation)
    I love this Mp3 player! Sound quality is great and the screen quality is fantastic! The only thing is that i would like it to have the time and a calendar on it but i can live without it. I had a creative labs 2gb zen v that i really liked but it just stopped working one day about a year after i got it. So it took me a couple months to decide which i wanted next so i was going to get the 1 gen. 30 gig but i went with this one and im so happy i did! Its the perfect size and has just enough space on it. I would recommend this product to anyone. Oh and its very easy to use My friends daughter is 3 and she knew how to do everything with it she could turn it on and change the song and turn the volume up and down as well....more info
  • Great player
    I have this one and have used it on multiple windows vista computers. No problems and love the marketplace to download mutliple songs for just a flat monthly rate. Only thing I don't really like is no equalizer and not enough accessories at the stores. Even though there are plenty online. Still sounds great and has better operating system than Itunes. ...more info
  • Good little player
    I have had a great time with this little player. I have multiple computers and all are running on windows Vista and have had no problems with them so far. I am a marketplace subscriber and love being able to download whole albums for just a flat monthly rate. Great sound also, I play it from earphones and link it to my home theater and have had no problems. Only thing is there are not alot of accessories for it at the store, but there are plenty online. Only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is the lack of equalizer and like I said not enough accessories able to be found locally. Other than that it's great....more info
  • The coolest "different" DMP
    It's a great device, easy to use, resistant (I dropped it once against a concrete sidewalk, it only suffered minor scratches on one side), long battery life -I updated the firmware as soon as Microsoft made it available, it solved some battery issues-. The "squircle" really stands out, it makes incredibly easy the navigation through the songs, playlists, pictures and videos. It's sensitive, but it will only respond to the touch or your finger, no problem with leaving the thing in your pocket or purse while it's on as it won't be affected by any object that could make contact with it. The squircle also controls the volume, but, unlike many players, I don't have to go through the menu and different screens, all I have to do is slide my finger up or down while a song or video is playing. The software is easy to use, it does what it has to do, still I'd rather to be able to sync the Zune with WMP, since it is my main player, but it's not a big issue. I haven't tried the wireless sync or transfer, there's nothing I can say about that.

    ...more info
  • IPOD Killer? Maybe? but works perfectly for me!
    I have had 3 Ipod's Starting with a Classic 3rd Gen IPOD, Mini, and Nano.
    When looking to replace my classic I was looking at the 3rd Gen Nano, but there were issue's I didn't like, Namely size and lack of functions, My Classic pretty much still does the same thing that the Nano does with the exception of Video which is not a issue. Anyway to the review
    I looked at the Zune with interest but concern, since it's Microsoft, but I am extremely happy with my choice. This is the first PMD that I have really liked. It works flawlessly, the screen is crisp and the text easy to read. the controls are effective and very responsive and the included features fit my needs very well. The software installed on my PC (Vista) without a hitch and I was listening to music within minutes.
    About my only Con was the fact that it does not sync to Media Player, but the included Zune software was easy to use (a Plus in my opinion).

    If your looking for a PMD and looking at the IPOD, do yourself a favor and look at the Zune, you will not be disappointed....more info
  • Zune 8GB Review
    I have tried several different MP3 players, Sansa comes to mind and I really like their hardware but the software was extremely frustrating. Finally MS comes out with the Zune and their music managing software, while very basic finally does what I want it to do, not what some programmer thinks I want to do. Now you can create a playlist, move that playlist to your Zune and play all or part of it. Other devices force your music into different catagories, like Genre, Artist etc. Seems to have good battery life. The touchpad is a little sensitive to use. The back button is a separate key and not on the touchpad like most, otherwise a decent product. ...more info
  • I love it!
    I love my new Zune! It's perfect for when I go to the gym and I love that I can keep my picutres on it so that I don't have to lug around my camera/memory card everywhere to show off my unprinted photos! I have not tried all of the features yet, but I'm looking forward to learning about podcasts and can't wait to try out the wireless sync option. It was slightly hard to figure out in the begining, as the manual doesn't give as much info as I would like. But I just played around with it for a while and figured it out on my own. Bottom line, I would suggest it to anyone looking for a new MP3 player!...more info
  • Zune Sucks
    The 2nd generation Zune is a real pain in the *** it is not detected by your computer or the zune software. I have windows xp and was in search of an mp3 player that would work seemlessly with my pc system. But after three days of frustration and repeatedly following their troubleshooting guidelines, and even a usb upgrade via the Geeksquad and $82.00. The Zune is totally not worth all the trouble, I am also frustrated by the amount of time and gas I have expended in search of an Mp3 player. I will try one more time then I am giving up on this whole mp3 deal and just go back to cd players. ...more info
  • Great MP3 player!
    This little thing has it all and my wife absolutely loves it! Music, pics, video, podcasts, radio, All Included!! What else could you ask for! And I got it for 99 dollars, way cheaper than all the big electronic stores around!...more info
  • Surprisingly pleased with it.
    When I switched from an ipod to this Zune, my main concern was the lack of an Equalizer function. But it turns out that the sound is very good as is. I think the earphones are better than ipod's. The reason I switched from ipod is because I couldn't get the ipod to communicate with my computer - turns out the Zune had the same problem. So I went to another computer in the house and the Zune works fine -I'm sure the ipod would have worked as well. Anyway, I have no complaints with the Zune device, nor with the software. I think the screen size is fine, unless watching a movie....more info
  • the "awesome" small mp3 player
    since my older mp3 player is broken, I decided to buy a new one, with the specs I want, such as FM Radio, less space (that's why I chose to buy the 4GB), and it has the ability to play videos.

    I bought the Zune 4GB, and I was blown away, It's completely amazing, the Touch Pad is amazing, how small it is, and almost no weight in it, the video playback was awesome, the FM radio was good, and of course listening to music, was so nice, also, the ability to send and receive music with your friends who has Zune MP3 players wireless, it's 10000% better than my old mp3 player.

    simply put, If you're looking for an ultra portable mp3 player, I recommend the Zune 4GB/8GB. It has "EVERYTHING" you need....more info
  • microsofts 4 gig paper weight
    Bought this over an iPod for a handful of reasons. I bought the Zune Originals for the bangin' Sam Flores artwork, the FM tuner, and the whole sharing concept. Also, I loathe iTunes and Quicktime and have grown rather found of the Zune Marketplace.
    However, all these features are for naught when the player can't continuously stay on. From the first time I powered it on and played music I had bought from the Zune Marketplace, the player has the nagging problem of resetting itself. Usually it's within the first song but I have been "lucky" enough to go about a half hour before the restart. I've been to the Zune message boards and there is currently a post in its 60th or so page of similiar complaints. To my knowledge, an admin for MS has yet to post in there to help resolve the issue.
    If you're looking for an iPod alternative, then I'd suggest you move along. If this player would function normally, I would absolutely love it. I'm all good with accepting caveats of certain products, so long as they aren't device crippling. You've been warned......more info
  • Love it !
    Well, being that I'm not a child of the technology era I'm always apprehensive when purchasing a new gadget. Much to my happy surprise it seems this product had me in mind when created. It is simple, user friendly, new age tech at it's best! Just love it!
    I remember back when I was installing the software, that was the only step which challenged me. But, I believe it was due to an incompatability issue with windows Vista. I got the New Computer with Windows Vista at the same time as my Zune so I didn't realize then that the culprit was Vista. But now I know, for this Vista program surely is the opposite of the sensibly designed Zune. I especially love how the radio feature identifies the name of the Artist and Song it is playing, just awesome!...more info
  • Don't buy the Zune player
    The Zune player does everything it says it does. It's small, looks pretty cool and physically is functional. It has a radio, wireless connection ability which is something the iPod doesn't.

    However, connecting with your computer, your only option is to use the Zune software. Even the Sync ability of Windows Media Player isn't compatible with Zune. Zune will not show up in 'My Computer' when connected. Typical of Microsoft to act in this way when releasing a product. It works, but I highly dislike this limited way of using my hardware.

    Strongly consider products by the other manufacturers, such as Creative....more info
    My son loves this. He plays it regularly. fast delivery. It was cheaper to on this site then others at the time I was looking to buy one for him....more info
  • Luv My Zune
    I love this little MP3 player! It's tiny, light weight, and the sound is great. I didn't even need to read the manual to start using it and my workouts at the gym are so much more enjoyable. It is really nice having a radio to listen to from time to time as well. I use it for about 60 to 80 Minutes a day, 5 days a week and the battery holds a charge to last the week. What could be better? I have been thrilled with my decision to purchase this great little player....more info
  • So far so good
    I am enjoying the Zune very much, but at first it was a little hard to figure out how to work....more info
  • Fabulous
    My husband and I both bought the 8gb Zune and we love them. No complaints....more info
  • stopped producing sound
    I am now waiting for my third Zune 4gb from Microsoft. The first two would play no sound. I am very disappointed with a product that would be wonderful IF it worked....more info
  • Amazing!
    I have personally owned an Ipod and 2 different Sandisk mp3 players, and by far the Zune is the best out of all of them. In my opinion, there is way too much hype over Ipods. The Zune software is user friendly, the interface is nice, and the clarity of video and pics is just amazing. I would recommend this player to anyone, and by far blows Ipods away. Also, I think Itunes is horrible. The only downside to the Zune in my opinion is the scroll wheel can be a bit touchy. There is no equalizer on it either, but it doesn't matter because the sound quality is excellent. So if you are considering in buying this, go for it you'll absolutley love it!...more info
  • Hardware, great: Instructions stinks
    I purchased a 4 GB Zune (2nd Generation) when I couldn't get an iPod to work with my Vista laptop. The product is excellent--trim sexy, full-featured.

    My problems have been with the software and instructions. Nothing comes with the product except a link to an online site which is supposed to guide installation. Maybe it's generational (I'm over 55), but nowhere could I find a linear guide to how one sets up the product and its linked software and merchandise area, or just how each function works. The so-called "users guide" is nothing of the sort. Looking for an answer to a question is like playing a game of "mole." I never found an answer to the question: "How do you know when the product is fully charged?"

    An afternoon of trial-and-error got me up and running, but it was several days of the same before I could successfuly log onto the merchandise site and look for downloads. Whoever wrote this linkage should be forced to try to make an Apple product work with a PC for the rest of eternity.

    I've had no luck making the wireless link sync with my laptop through my home wireless network, but I think that's a network problem, and not one with the Zune.

    Now that I finally have it working and linked, I couldn't be happier. The FM radio is a very nice plus.

    ...more info
  • Wonderful - Highly Reccomended
    I love this thing. I have used iPods, Sandisk players, Rio, and more. I must say this is the best MP3 player I have used yet.

    The sound quality is superb and should give apple a run for its money. I have already seen alot of these pop up in public and have convinced a few of my friends to get one of these instead of an apple product. They were not disappointed, neither was I.

    I don't think you can go wrong by getting this thing. A++...more info
  • Very impressed by Microsoft
    I bought one two weeks ago and am really happy with it. It is very sturdy and built from high quality material. Browsing menus is much easier that iPods. Menu design is elegant and very intuitive. Headphones have very high quality, better than iPod headphones. Sound quality is excellent. The software that came with took a while to install, but works fine and is more intuitive than iTunes. Radio quality is very good. I have not yet used the wireless capability, but it is cool that you can "wirelessly" share music with people around you!...more info
  • Better than iPod! Love it!
    I bought the 8gb Zune in black after owning two ipods. My first ipod (mini) got stolen and my second ipod (nano) just stopped working after I got done with a run. My body heat created condensation that some how got into the nano's plastic frame and ruined it. It just kept blinking on and off till it died for good. So I decided to give a Zune a try as I heard great things about it and honestly Microsoft knows how to enter a market and make great products, i.e. xbox. Anyway here are my pros and cons of the zune:


    >Beautiful video and sound quality
    >easy to navigate
    >wireless link
    >love the navigation pad (touch/slide/click it)
    > cool customizing if ordered from zune webstite
    > Marketplace is easy to use
    > ulimited downloads for cheap (zune pass)
    > songs cost less than itunes
    > Automatically adds album art to songs (even ones not from marketplace)


    > Album art may not load right away
    > Sharing feature only allows playback of songs 3 times
    > Marketplace doesn't have Tv shows...more info
  • Wow, this is even better than I thought...beats the competition
    I bought the red 4gb Zune from Amazon for V-day and bought my wife a Sansa e260 from Radio Shack so we could have different ones. I am not a Microsoft fan, at one point was going to replace computers in my house with Apples because of the crashing, etc. I was reluctant to get Zune having no experience with it, but knew itunes and wasn't impressed with itunes.

    The Zune is wonderful. The Zune marketplace is easy to use and easy to do things like subscribe to podcast. With my wife's Sansa we must convert videos using Sansa Media Converter to watch them on her player, and we must download a "podcatcher" just to receive audio podcast - what a hassle. My daughter's ipod nano obviously uses itunes and it has more options (like TV shows, etc) but everything is DRM'd (majorly protected) and unless you strip DRM (which can't be done easily on the latest itunes version) - this makes saving backups to an external drive or allowing me to listen to songs of hers on my player (which I paid for) next to impossible.

    The Zune's radio displays not only the station but the songs or programs on it - not something talked about much. The big button on front can either be set to be touch sensitive or you can use it like a click pad. You can customize the background display - unlike most mp3 players. The sound quality is excellent - even with the headphones that come with it sound good, but I bought some better quality ones. Some say the wireless downloading feature is "worthless", but I don't agree if you have wireless networking in your home. It is very convenient for me to sit on the couch and do a wireless sync vs having to find the cord and plug it into the computer just for the latest podcast or to download a song (but if you are syncing a bunch of stuff - best to plug it in).

    The negatives? The display on some pictures and album art doesn't seem as crisp and sharp as on my wife's Sansa or as on my daughter's nano. So far, there are not any TV shows on Zune Marketplace (but probably will be in the near future). If you are going to watch tons of videos and have thousands of songs, you should probably get an 8gb. I found that 4gb is plenty for me as I have 200 songs now and plan to have less than 1000 songs that I would want to listen to consistently anyway. I have read that some people have problems with the headphone jack, but I have not had this issue at all (maybe quality control fixed the issue at Microsoft?) The Zune was also was more expensive than my wife's Sansa (hers was 50 dollars cheaper than my Zune at Radio Shack). The only other "negative" that I can think of (and to me this is not a negative) is that you have to use Zune software (the Zune Marketplace) to get your songs.

    Overall, it is really a great product so far. I bought a clear case for mine which works good and will hopefully protect it. I love this thing....more info
  • Zune 2nd Generation is like a NASA space flight
    Zune 8GB 2nd Generation is a blast. Does it all. Easy to use and even the Zune Software get an A+. Plenty of Podcasts, music including MP3, strong battery system. Price at Amazon can't be beat....more info
  • Great mp3 player!
    I love it! I just bought it recently and it works great. I love that it has wireless connection and you can send music, pictures and videos to your friends. I got pretty excited when they decided to make smaller zunes. The price on the 80gb is incredible. Too high for my range. This 4gb zune is great for me....more info
  • ipod is better
    I purchased Zune because I was sick of all the ipods out there and wanted to be different. I checked the reviews for Zune and found some good ones. There was one that even stated that the Zune software was better than the ipod's (itunes). whoever said that must have been a plant for microsoft because I purchased the Zune and found the software confusing. I thought it would run through Windows Media Player just as ipod runs with itunes but this is not the case. The Zune software is separate from Windows Media Player. With ipod you only need the itunes. I returned my Zune and got the ipod. there's a reason why they are so ubiquitous: they are better. The scroll wheel on the ipod is just a much better feel and i-tunes is the better player. But be prepared to shell out an outrageous $25.00 for a standard plastic cover (a necessary accessory) if you get one at a Mac store. ...more info
  • Zune, will it ever come to Europe ?
    So, I thought I'd buy a Zune player at Amazon because it isn't for sale in Europe, I clicked on the product which came into my cart, went to the check-out and guess what ? There was a slight problem with my order...........it could not be delivered in Europe. Thanks....more info
  • do not buy any zune players
    please do not buy any zune players they are worst...

    i had one zune 8 GB (red)

    pros = pretty slim
    good screen resolution

    cons = very short battery life only 15 hours
    bad functions
    worst ear phones
    very high price

    my suggestion is pls do not buy zune u will loss money ....more info
  • Defintion of amazing
    The Zune 8 came as almost a complete surprise to me. When i opened the box, it was almost as if i couldn't believe that it could be that small and that light. It's super thin, has a huge screen for it's size and is amazingly easy to navigate around. I could go on for a long time about the greatest thing about this amazing product, but instead I'm going to address the main issue.

    -and how to fix that...

    The main problem with the software is that it's clunky, slow, and syncs when you don't want it to, sometimes creating fifteen copies of one song.
    In the setting panel, before even connecting your device, select that you don't want it to automatically sync anything. That means that whatever you tell it to put on there, it will put it on there and nothing else. Other then that, if you're patient, the software is actually pretty nice. Its super easy to use and has really nice aesthetics to it.

    If you want a small player that won't break on you, get the Zune 8. If you want a high capacity player, get the Zune 80, which is identical to the Zune 8, except it has a hard drive and is a little bigger. Apple had better be biting its nails....more info
  • Horrible priority software !!! Do not purchase
    I must preface my comments by saying that I am a professional videographer and producer for 15 years. I had no problems with calculus at 15 years old. For the most part I am fairly adept at getting around what most would consider problems on the computer.

    The good: The design itself is excellent and attractive.

    The bad: Almost everything else

    The software is by download only. Don't buy this as a present for a friend in a country where high speed internet is uncommon. I spent hours trying to upload my very rare collection of classical CD's that I spent thousands on. I tried every trick I could think of to organize the files. Originally I bought a Samsung K3 for a friend and had no problem upload the music. I believe the K3 can even operate without the Samsung software. I thought I could not go wrong with a Microsoft player that was second generation and offered 8 gigs of storage. I could not have been more wrong. Unless you are satisfied with music downloads only you are wasting your money on this device. If you are so lucky as to be able to get your files into this player you will then find out that both the software and the player have minds of their own. No matter how painstaking you may label you files they software will rename the music. I may even revert some of the names to things on the web which are often incorrect. I have no idea where it was getting the info from. Originally I wanted to load some Pimsleur language CD's on it and the player failed miserably. it refused to recognize my WMA files that were burned from my personal discs on windows media player. After an extended effort I got "most" of them to be seen but they were placed in a very odd order. it is unacceptable to be forced to go through anything close to the procedures I went through. It should not be a requirement to trick the player to get the music on. It is obvious that Microsoft wants you to spend the extra money to buy their music. It was only after the fact by going on line at the Zune site with a problem that they state how resistant the player is to any file that is not one of theirs. Check this out for yourself. Quote from Zune web page: If you buy protected songs from someplace other than Zune Marketplace, for example, they won't work with Zune. If your content is in a format that doesn't work with Zune and it's not protected, you might be able to convert it.

    What is up with "might" be able to convert?

    I cannot describe the frustration as a result of the hours I wasted trying to make this work. I hate to be defeated but that is not even the point here. The near complete lack of organizational ability in conjunction with the restrictiveness of this unit are nothing less than appalling. this is in no way a "personal" player. It is an unwitting investment in Microsoft. ...and yes, I am a PC user exclusively.

    A last note is that it is very susceptible to fingerprints and they are hard to remove from the screen.
    ...more info
  • Zune
    I love my Zune! Not only is it easy to use, I like all the features, especially linking to the radio. ...more info
  • Great Player
    The Zune appears to be well made and durable (another player I had lasted about 48 hours.) The only con I have found is that the only way to load content is to use the Zune software which must be downloaded and is not included with the player...more info
  • Great MP3 player
    This was my first mp3 player EVER, so I did my reasearch before I bought. I'm very happy with the product and it sounds great-takes some getting used to, simply because I personally have never had one. The only drawback is not the product itself, it is the marketplace-where you buy your music. It advertises about 3 million + songs, however, it doesn't have alot of songs I am looking for-mostly dance music, as I wanted to use it for when I to my cardio workouts. I was very disappointed also, when I couldn't take files from my computer and put them on the Zune-I tried many many ways, but just couldn't do it. I will keep trying, there may be a secret to it-I just haven't figured it out yet. There are ALOT of songs on the marketplace, don't get me wrong, but just not all the ones I was wanting!!! Still a great product, tho!!!...more info
  • Fantastic. Glad I got rid of the ipod.
    This product is Amazing. I had many mp3 players including the ipod nano, Sandisk Sansa and creative zen v. This is by far the best. Great navigation menu, great software! It is the first mp3 player that my wife can use without asking me for help on how to get files on and off it. With the ipod she couldn't figure it out and it itunes froze every computer we ever put it on. I was so frustrated with the ipod that one day i just threw it out the window onto a busy street....more info
  • i love my new toy
    I just got my zune red 4 gig thang. I have never had any mp3 player. Rather a late convert to such gadgets. I must say this toy is everything i hoped it would be with a few happy surprises. I went with Zune since for better or worse i am married to Mr. Bills microsoft land on my new Dell laptop. All my music is loaded into windows media player. I hoped that this would make syncing my existing media data easy and I am pleased to report that this is truely the case. Its very easy to set up, sync and use within a short easy to follow download. My music loaded no problems and even my entire picture portfolio. I set my own skin. In the zune marketplace I found a bunch of free podcasts on topics that are of great interest to me that I did not know even existed. Anyways if you are a windows user and are wondering which way to do I would reccomend this product. ...more info
  • Big Disappointment
    Other posts had mentioned before - First it takes FOREVER to charge, second the battery seemed to go out right away. The info says a life of 12 hours, more like 12 minutes. Seriously, after I play a couple of songs, I stop, turn it off, put it on hold, and the next time I come back to it, it's dead and in need of a re-charge. I've only had it for less than 2 weeks, and I was experiencing these issues the first day. This alone was enough to call on a return, but wait, theres more...

    Also, the ZUNE MARKETPLACE, or whatever it's called, fails in comparison with iTunes. The program never takes up an entire window space, so it looks like a pop-up, organizing your songs is a pain (it does play mp4s, but mine were unprotected), it looks like they were more interested in making it pretty (it's pink) than making it user-friendly. For now, that's a small issue for a new-comer but microsoft better get their act together.

    I know microsoft does not want to copy the ipod too much, but the wheel is the biggest pain of all. It's just that one big button, one button that you have to use for your ups, downs, sideways and enter. So if your finger is not on the exact spot its suppose to be, your going to up when you want enter, volume down when you want to enter and so on.

    And lastly, the radio turner was a bust. Everything is static. Scrolling was a pain.

    I really had high hopes for this product. It looked really nice, especially compared to the nano 3rd generation I was picking between. It has video and radio, how could anything go wrong right? Well, too many things. You would think that with a 2nd generation, microsoft would be on top of things......more info
  • What a drag
    The form factor for this device is great. I like it as well if not better then any of the iPods I have had. Unfortunately like iPod iTunes, you are forced to use the proprietary Microsoft Zune software to put media on the device. This would be OK if the software was not kludgey and lacked settings that would be nice to have access to, such as the simple ability to refresh your media collection after pointing it to a new folder. It took me an exceedingly long time to rip several audio books, language CD's, and have the software correctly and consistently read the data that I had to manually enter. For example, a Spanish language CD that I ripped did have consistent file names, however the Zune software interpreted it as having multiple "unknown" album titles (therefore multiple albums to sync) and inconsistent song names (therefore lessons not in order).

    I guess I am classified as an "old fart" now and missed the reason why I can't just "drag and drop" my songs onto my device using MS Explorer. The ancient MP3 players I used to have were able to do that.

    So if you just want to plug in and play digital music you own or rip the CD's you buy this is a great device. If however you just want to put your obscure stuff on a device and listen to it the Zune is overkill. ...more info
  • Love my Zune
    I bought my Zune a few weeks ago and after I figured out a few quirks with the software I completely loved the thing. Its compact, has great sound, is easy to navigate, and has a long battery life.

    I haven't tried all of the features and options at this point but I have really enjoyed the product. Hopfeully there will be more accessories offered as the popularity of the Zune grows. ...more info
  • Love the Zune
    After playing with the new Zune UI I'm totally convinced that this is just about "perfect" - of course there are other more full featured players out there like the (lame) iPod Touch; however for the money, purpose and size - the Zune 4/8 is fantastic.

    You've probably all heard of the neat features they've (finally) added like Podcasting but they've also added some best in class items like Wireless Sync. This one has proven to be an awesome addition to the mix. Think of it this way. You're just about to got to work for the day and you don't want to go plug the thing into your computer. Simply sync wirelessly and all your latest downloads and Podcasts are there in just a minute or two.

    Last but not least, I bit the bullet and purchased the Zune Pass. The Zune Pass is a all knowing ticket to download as many songs as you want and as long as you keep your subscription you can play them on your computer or Zune as much as you want. Couple this with the ability to share tracks with other Zune users and it really opens up the world of new music.

    I would gladly reccomend the Zune to anyone who wants a GREAT player for music, videos and Podcasts....more info
  • Gets the Job Done
    I bought it for X-Mas for my Mom(she's 50)and she LOVES it. It's simple and easy for her to use. She in turn bought me one, I like it, but the battery seems to have some issues. I usually take a one hour train ride to work, battery is full, by the time I get to work, battery is almost low. But overall, it's easy to use and it gets the job done.. ...more info
  • My new black baby!
    Absolutely love my 8 gig Zune! As a 80gb Ipod Classic owner, I like my Zune better, and am purchasing a 80gb Zune. I was looking for a flash player to kick around with. I choose this over the Nano & am glad I did.
    Has a FM Tuner!! (That I did not have to pay extra for)

    Ease of navigation.

    Easy to read the bigger letters at a glance.

    Zune marketplace seems to have songs that Itunes does not.

    The software works flawlessly with Vista Ultimate.

    The headphone jack is on the bottom.

    Lack of accessories.

    In summary, this Zune surpasses the Ipod Nano. I cannot wait to order my 80gb Zune!!...more info
  • Awesome!!
    This mp3 has been the best i have ever bought. I used to like the ipods but i have deffinetely changed my mind. The Features and the screen just look amazing. The Zune Marketplace is not that great yet but i am sure they will make it better. I just love it!!...more info
  • Zune 2
    This is without a doubt the best MP3 player I've ever used and I've had quite a few. My son has an IPOD and loves the Zune 2 just as much.
    I've had some regrets with the downloadable software player that Microsoft has provided, but I'm extreemly happy with the player overall. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is the software. Too many error codes associated with its use that Microsoft needs to fix....more info
  • Very good player with a few issues
    The sound is great. The size is good; small. The interface is good. The touchpad/control works pretty good, but when trying to press the center to 'enter' it's easy to press left, right, up, or down instead. The touch scroll seems to work fine. In order to download files to the zune you have to download software from Microsoft. The software works fine....more info
  • This Green Machine is hard to beat!!
    I purchased the 4gb Zune 2nd gen in green, and so far love it! First of all the Zune software installed and worked flawlessly on Vista Ultimate. It was also very easy to sync my couple of playlists to. With only 4 gigs, I didn't want all of my music auto syncing to it and it didn't. The Zune marketplace has just as many songs if not more than iTunes. I even found a Mp3 to download that I couldn't find anywhere else. Between my wife & I, we own several mp3 players (Zen Vision M, IPod Classic, 8 gig Zune and my beloved Zen Stone!) This new player is quickly becoming my favorite!! The controls are very easy to use and are not to sensitive that you bump them, or wiz past your song. (you can also lock your buttons) The radio feature is also very useful, just be sure to disengage the "scan" or you'll blaze right past your station. I just really enjoy this player & highly recommend it..
    As far as cons..Just small ones..I would not recommend using it for vidio 'cause the screen is a bit small, and it would be dumb to squeeze a movie file on 4 gigs. There really is no manual, and not many accessories, cases etc..The supplied ear buds are huge! I just plug in my Creative ep630s and all is well...Am kicking around ordering the 80gb Zune.
    p.s. I'm not suzerstar..I'm her better half. :-)...more info
  • 8 gb zune
    Bought this item for my son for christmas, it works great and got a good price....more info
  • Love, Hate thing
    To be very short about it, It does what it suppose to do and does it good, the only problem with zune is some software problems, nothing big. Unless you have old DRM mp3 files, like msn music, then you F...ed, it doesn't support old DRMs. So better if your music is DRM free. My biggest problem was that the idea of small mp3 players like this, is to take it with you when you go workout. And for that, you will need armband/sportsband of some kind. You know what, there are none design for Flash Zune. I end up buying one for older ipod, from amazon, works not to bad. But thats where I would rather stick with ipod. There are hundreds of accessories with only very few for Zune. The Another thing I don't understand, why the is no clock? Ok maybe I wasn't that short :) ...more info
  • Great Christmas gift
    Great value and fast shipper. The product was as described. Thanks for a great transaction....more info
  • Thank u Santa!
    I bought this little item for myself for xmas and my daughter got the 4gb. Well, we are both happy, but speaking just for me, I am excited. It's got a lot of features that I am still learning about. See, I was using my 4gb creative zen plus and it's ok, but the Zune is a big step up for me.
    First, it was simple to download the software, after that it was ready to go. I must admit though my daughter had to show me how to add songs to it but hey, we gotta learn somehow. Anyway, now I'm a pro.

    Then the sound. It's GREAT! I have no complaints so far. My previous one(Zen) required me having to adjust and readjust the equalizer- alot of songs were staticky.(Not sure if it was the earbuds that came with it) But with the Zune- I am so happy. The songs are clear and sound really good. (I'm not sure if it has an equalizer, but so far I have no need for one)Also, now I can rewind and fast forward songs, which is not available on the Zen.
    Next, the radio. Very easy to preset stations. It provides the name of the artist and song that is playing at the time. Cool, I no longer have to guess. With my Zen, I never could figure out how to preset those darn stations and that urked me.
    The social feature on the Zune is very different. You can share a song with a friend by sending it to them (Zune to Zune). And the song can be listened to by the receiver 3 times. It can then be added to a wishlist on their device which I haven't used yet so I'm not too sure how it works. Anyway, my daughter and I share songs and that part is simple to do- just click the song and press send. The device will search for a nearby zune user, u select who to send it to if more than one comes up by chance.
    Lastly, I can store photos, recorded video, podcasts(which I'm learning about too)These are small video clips (some are audio only) that are free(?) from the Zune website. Not sure if all are free but the ones that I looked at were free. I noticed that there are subscriptions available. They are categorized by interests/hobbies. Just select and download then sync to the device.There are already some preloaded. The screen is so clear,video and pictures look really good.
    Did I mention the color? Cute. As grown as I am even though I'm a bit of a tomboy, I couldn't deny the pink. The only thing that I'm not happy with is that I am having the hardest time finding accessories for this thing. Every where I go, ipod this and ipod that. Well I don't have an ipod and don't want one. All I want is a nice cover or case, it can be a belt clip or even a sports arm band- just something to protect it that doesn't look like crap.(After all I would like to protect my investment with something. I am careful, but it could fall then that would probably be the end of that) But the main thing is I like choices and so far I haven't really found any. That is the only downfall about owning this item for me. Other than that, I am very pleased with the features and style and would recommend this to anyone. Especially, if you are a gadget freak, like me. ...more info
  • Almost, but not quite
    After having a couple of small mp3 players and being limited by their 1 and 2G sizes, I decided to bite the bullet and give the 8G Zune a try.

    The good: Fantastic packaging and quality; when opening the box and handling the Zune for the first time, I felt like I was handling something special. The screen resolution is excellent and surprisingly useful. Once you play with it a little, operation and navigation is intuitive.

    The Bad: I'll try not to be long-winded here... If you like your music and videos to be even somewhat organized, this thing will frustrate you to no end. I'm accustomed to the drag-n-drop convenience of my mp3 players, maintaining any directory structure and folders I create. Not so here; you are limited by the Zune software for syncing, and no organizational power is given. Zune doesn't know how to deal with my Jazz and classical sampler CD's, separating the tracks and scattering them about in a long "various artists" list. The software totally ignores some of my CD's and seems to be picky about video codecs, as it won't sync many of my mp4 and wmv videos. Other media software such as Media Monkey can't be used to sync either, not even Microsoft's own Windows Media Player! Also, forget using it for external storage; there is a hack to allow this, but it requires a routine every time you want to use it. Ugh. Oh, and just because your cheap mp3 player has useful features like an equalizer, don't expect to find it here, nope, no EQ.

    So I took it back. I'll try again in a couple of years when MS figures it out. Perhaps MS should consider letting their clever package designers have a crack at product design...
    ...more info
  • Too static sensitive
    I purchased the Zune 8 Gb 2nd Generation in January of 2008. I loved the product's features, particularly the FM radio with station and song identification. The Zune software is well designed, and the wireless is OK, however, it's really just an "invisible" USB cable. You still have to choose songs, etc., using your computer.
    My Zune immediately started rebooting itself, randomly, once or twice per hour. Web reviews said the problem is common, and is the result of static electricity. I tried everything ... housing it in protective covers, and so on, but no result. Microsoft tech support did not help either, and did not admit to any static electricity problems.
    So ... I returned it. If it had worked, this would have been a 5 star review. ...more info
  • Move over iPod, Zune is in town
    First I'll say I've used an iPod for over years. It's a nice player but I always struggled with certain features. Its restrictive in what you can do with it and every time a new update for iTunes came down the pike, it would take me what seemed like hours to get everything working again.

    Anyway ...

    My wife wants an MP3 to use for exercise. It MUST have an FM radio because several TV's are available in her exercise studio and the audio is broadcast on low power FM frequencies.

    After looking around I decide to try the Zune. I am nothing but impressed.

    First of course it has the FM tuner and reception is pretty good. After installing the Zune Marketplace software I see why no instructions are packed with the unit. You simply do not need any. The interface and features of both the Zune player and software are very simple and intuitive. My wife has tried other MP3 players and was always calling me to try and figure out how to do this or that. Within 30 minutes, she had mastered the Zune and hasn't called me one time to explained something to her.

    She loves the LCD screen and how easy it is to add and remove photos. She loves how easy it is to create play lists and add new music. I gave her the 8GB model and last I heard, she had almost 50 albums and 100 photos on it and it was barely half full.

    Ripping music from CD's is extremely easy and they rip in standard MP3 format. Nothing proprietary, music you can play on any thing or burn to CD.

    It has a infrared transmitter so you can trade songs with friends.

    Finally, its wireless. Again, my wife can update her music and photos on her PC, simply turn on the Zune, it connects to our wireless home network and automatically updates.

    To be honest, Zune is by far the BEST MP3 player I have yet to see.

    iPod gets a lot of hype but it must be good marketing, its sure not about features and usability.
    ...more info
  • terrible product for audio books
    I bought this product to mainly listen to audio mp3/mp4 books. ie. foreign language lessons. The device will not sync all the lessons, will not tell you why. However, you can play all the mp3 lessons on your computer, so the format must be correct. Also the zune software on your computer which you use to navigate playlists or manage the device is poorly designed and doesn't work properly. Once you spend time to organize your playlists after syncing the device, the audio mp3's have been re-arranged from the playlists in the actual device. You can not re-organize your playlist on the device without doing it through the software. Another terrible product from Microsoft!!...more info
  • Great Alternative to iPod
    I previously owned a 2nd Generation iPod Nano and msotly liked it, but was sick of the iTunes software and the DRM music Apple offers.

    This Zune is the perfect size and has just the right amount of weight to make it feel sturdy, but not a brick. I especially like the metal case. The screen is very bright and to my untrained eye looks nicer than my Nano. The new navigation on the Zune is very intuitive - requires no thought. Audio quality is just as good as an iPod. One huge plus over the iPod is the digital AM/FM radio. It also has wireless capabilities, but I personally don't have much use for that.

    The Zune software is OK, not great, but easy enough to use. No problems with installation.

    Overall, this is a great product - exactly what should be expected. If you want a high quality music player, take a look at the new Zune....more info
  • Pink Zune
    Excellent product. Integrates easily with my music library and PC. Zune site is easy to use....more info
  • Zune in, iPods out!
    I really like my Zune. I use to have an iPod mini and eh, there was nothing special about it except the cost! I've come to realize that if you don't want to pay for just a name, pass on the iPod. The Zune I got has the most vibrant screen I've ever seen on an MP3 player, it does everything an iPod does but at half the cost, and it's much easier to use then the iPod. I've had my Zune for about 2 weeks now and so far so good, it seems to do well against drops and scratches. And the first time I hooked it to my computer and downloaded about 600 song to it, it took only 5 or 6 minutes.
    Bottom line: It's of better quality and price then an iPhone. It sounds awesome and it plays forever before needing a charge again....more info
    I got the Zune for Christmas. I had never heard of it before, but recieved it based on the fact that everybody knows I would have never bought an MP3 player on my own, and would have probably spent the rest of my days avoiding the whole craze, and sticking with portable CD's.
    Well, I have it now. It's been a few weeks, and I like it. I like the fact that it's not an I-POD, just for political reasons, and the fact that the "I'm a Mac" kid has been on my crap list for a while now.
    I don't like the fact that I can't figure out how to play albums that I've loaded into it, without them playing on shuffle. For some reason, everything in my I-Po.... err...Zune, keeps playing on shuffle.
    Also, and I saw someone else complain about this; the headphone jack is screwy. This happens to me a lot lately though, with various devices that use headphones, so I don't know who or what to blame this on.... I never had problems with my headphone jacks in the nineties.. I know that much.
    Plus points go to the FM radio. I love those things.
    Minus points go to the ultra sensitive touch pad. I've turned it on several times already without realizing and killed the battery.

    Anyway. It's cool. Mine is olive green. It's harder to make jokes about the name Zune, than it is to make jokes about the whole I-Pod, I-Tunes, I-sex, I-friends yada yada yada stuff. Spell the word I-cup....

    ....you see me PEE?! ha ha ha... gross.

    Can't make those kind of jokes with a Zune. However, if you go to Zune.com and read the whole introductory page, you are bound to get a few laughs. Especially at how "hip" they try to make the Zune community sound. Oh well. I'm sporting a Zune. Que the Odd Couple music... I'm sure we have a whole future together of hillarious stories to tell......more info
  • Satisfied with the product, but not with the so called free music download
    The product I purchased was great, but the music download that you were suppost to get, which I think was $5.00 or $15.00 worth, it doesn't really tell you where to go to claim that. That is the only thing I am unhappy with. ...more info
  • Testing the portable media waters again
    To be honest, when I got a Zune for Christmas, I wasn't too sure that I'd like it. I had an iPod before, but like almost everyone I know, it broke (non-mechanical failure, no less!) and simply wasn't worth repairing for $100+. As a result, I decided I'd just be fine without an mp3 player during my workouts and such.

    When I first opened the Zune, I was pleasantly surprised at the very small size. It is comparable to my brother's older iPod Nano, but has a much larger screen. The menus worked well and the touch sensitive scrolling is very simple. The layout and operation are nice and easy, as expected for such a device.

    After going through the installation process, I just highlighted all the artists in my music library and dragged them to sync. It takes a while to put 8 gigs of music on to one of these, but that's to be expected, obviously. I also tested out a video file just to see (I don't think I'll be keeping videos on this for the most part; I have too much music fighting for the space) and it looked great. The subtitles were small but legible. The radio works well - I didn't test the wireless stuff or the podcasts yet since I don't know anyone with a Zune.

    The music quality is pretty much what you'd expect. MP3s sound the about the same no matter what the source is. The headphones are what makes the difference. The earbuds that come with the Zune are fine if you like that style, but they always seem to fall out of my ears when I move my head (the iPod ones did too), so I spent 10 bucks on a cheapo pair of Philips headphones that clip onto your ears at Wal-mart. If you've got problems with regular earbud headphones and aren't an audiophile, I'd recommend the simple, cheap, hook-on earbud-style headphones. I can hear my music and the world around me (if I want to) without a problem.

    The only complaint I have with the Zune is the lack of cases/accessories, but hopefully more will come once they become popular. I've been hearing more and more positive reviews of the Zune and, I know a ton of people that are tired of their iPods breaking after only a year or so of casual use, so perhaps the iPod won't rule the world completely in the future. I'm definitely very pleased with mine and would gladly recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Great Alternative to the Ipod
    The 8gb zune is easy to use, well built, and has great software to go with it....more info
  • easy to use
    I got this Zune 4gb mp3 for my wife.She has never had a mp3 before and she found it very simple to set up and load with songs. She finds that they need to put simple instructions for deleting songs. She not a computer person and still found it very friendly. So far a great product!!!! More simple Instructions.....more info
  • Zune
    We have been having trouble trying to set up the Zune. When plugging it in to our computer, the setup comes up garbled and unreadable. When we go to the Zune website, none of the options for setup are working. Very disappointed! We have windows XP and that option on the website did not work. We don't know what to do....more info
  • Great MP3/MP4 player with excellent radio
    This is a great product. It plays MP3's and videos very well and the FM radio is one of the best I've seen. The only difficult part was getting the Zune setup software to work. It would not load on my Windows XP Pro 64-bit machine because it is not supported yet. So I tried loading the Zune setup on my laptop from work and I got a cryptic error code. After some searching on the web I found it was due to the firewall at work and changed the BITS registry setting down to zero. Overall I think the hardware is 5 stars, but Zune(microsoft) needs to get their act together on the software for Zune setup. I think the setup could frustrate most beginner/novice users that run into problems. ...more info
  • Bad connection in Williamson
    The Zune has been great so far, the only problem is with the headphone jack, the connection is bad. Getting a hold of anyone to fix this problem has been impossible so far....more info
  • best mp3
    Such a great item. An accessories pack is highly recommended. So many great perks to it. Only drawback is their needs to be more products(ex. clock radio) that are compatible with it...more info
  • GREAT!
    I wanted an MP3 player, but I didn't want to fall into the IPod crowd. This is great! It holds all my CD's, plus podcasts, and all my pictures, with tons of space to spare! Very easy to operate, and the software is very user-friendly as well. Even my computer-ignorant Dad could use this little treasure. Highly recommend this for any Apple haters!...more info
  • Zune Not As Good As Nano
    I needed an MP3 player to wear on my arm for bicycling and working out. I have a 1st gen Ipod that is huge and impractical. The technology has gotten so much better that the Zune 8GB is about 1/5 the size of my 10GB Ipod. And my Ipod doesn't play vids and has a black and white display.

    I checked out what was out there in very small MP3/vid/FM stereo players I narrowed it down to the Zune, Ipod Nano and the Sansa View. I already had an Ipod and I wanted to try something new.

    When opening the box you see the incredible cutting edge marketing that was involved in competing with Apple. So I was initially blown away by opening up the package.

    But then I got into comparing some of the features and the Ipod Nano started looking better. I was like - where is the EQ on the Zune . . . there is none! The Nano has EQ and you can play TV shows and output to your TV with it. You have to watch all your video sideways on the Zune and then the controls work differently because it is on its side. Also, I went to buy and arm band for the Zune so I could ride bike and work out and there is nothing out there. And if you want peripherals and speakers and stuff, it seems like everything is made for the Nano.

    And the software interface of Itunes is so much better than Zune.

    So I took back the 8GB Zune and got the 8GB Nano.

    Ignore the stars above I give it 3 stars.

    ...more info
  • Zune is great, software isn't.
    First, they didn't ship ship a software CD with the Zune. So, because I didn't have an internet connection at the time, I had to go to my friend's house just to download the software.

    I like the Zune hardware better than the Ipod. The interface is much easier to use and the screen is better vertically placed like the Zune.

    What I don't like is the Zune software and the limitations of it. The software is too simplistic and doesn't allow as much customization as iTunes. iTunes seems more complete and professional. The thing I hate most about the Zune software is that you can't drag and drop music to it. You have to have a folder monitored by the software and it will take care of it for you. That's the only way to add music to it.

    The Zune works similarly. You add music to the Zune by monitoring your Zune Music Collection which monitors a folder with your music in it. The lack of drag and drop convenience is the big killer of the Zune.

    Finally, the touch pad they changed to is just a gimmick. I couldn't find any use for it. I prefer the way it is on the 1st generation Zune. ...more info
  • Works pretty well for the most part
    I bought this for a Christmas present. So far it works pretty well. A couple complaints are that we've spent over 8 hours trying to figure out how to get podcasts to show up correctly in the player podcast area. For some reason, if they are not from the Zune Marketplace, they just won't show in the correct spot. They keep showing up in the music area. Screen is small with the 4gb model, but very sharp. I was able to play some videos, but they don't support enough types yet. If you like a nice small flash player for music, this item fits the bill. If you want more, you might be a bit disappointed. The price was very competitive compare to Ipods though so what you get for the money might be enough. I think Microsoft should spend more time on the basics and less time on the practically worthless wireless sharing thingamajig. ...more info
  • Works pretty well for me
    So this is my first MP3 player, so I cannot provide a detailed comparison with the ... you know ... the other brand. I haven't wasted my time in research on the topic either, this is a $150 device with a pretty simple functionality so I don't really care : when the time comes to drop 3 grands on a 60" TV I'll be more careful. I just happened to like the form factor better and I like that there is competition in a market too. I'm not invested in any particular DRM'd ecosystem, I use the device for listening to my ripped CDs and AmazonMP3 DRM-free tracks so anything would work for me....more info
  • Zune 4GB microsoft
    i really liked the menu of the zune (2nd gnrtion) it's way easy to use and
    also the browsing is easier than ipods, at least for me, i've been using both for several years and now i prefer zune. really good sound as the song is recorded.

    contras: well, i guess they didnt make a EQualizer or presets to set music. also when you buy it (even new), at least the (2nd GNRTION) dont bring the CD with it, you have to download all the software from the website, that's a little confusing for someone who's not Bill gates. but anyway, if you want to surprise somebody with a gift, this is a good choice.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic, Easy to use MP3 Player!
    This MP3 player was very easy to set up and use. I bought some music from the Zune marketplace that I didn't own, and uploaded a lot of my own music from my vast CD collection. I had no problems at all with the software-I run Windows Vista, and it was a snap-very easy, simple and fast. The sound quality is excellent, and the video quality is outstanding. The price is right compared to the Apple IPod, which I think is very overpriced. I'm glad to see someone competing with Apple and doing an excellent job of it. The only thing I did not like is the standard earplugs that come with this-they are very uncomfortable! I purchased thru Amazon the JVC marshmallow set and they are so, SO much more comfortable and keep the sound quality.

    The mistake I made was getting the 4GB. I should have gone for the bigger
    GB, even though I have about 160 songs saved in 3 different playlist headings. For next Christmas on my wish list I will ask for a larger Zune 2nd generation MP3 media player. Zune is definately the way to go!! ...more info
  • Great player, couldn't be happier.
    I got this player for my wife this Christmas just to try something different than the Ipod Nano I own. I was expecting to be pleased with the player but after using it I am very impressed. The player works great and is very easy to use. What I am most happy about is the use of the Zune marketplace with the Zune. The marketplace is very graphical and intuitive. This complete package makes me recommend this player to anyone looking to get their first mp3 player or someone who is looking to try a new brand. ...more info
  • Excellent
    I really like my zune, because it has:
    * Nice Zune software, somewhat limited but simple and easy to use
    * Excellent user interface and simple synchronization
    * Podcast support
    * Beautiful video and great sound
    * FM radio
    * Zune pad is easier to use than the wheel on iPods

    ...more info
  • Good Portable Media Player , but lacks expected WMP 11 integration
    First, I will admit that the Zune, by itself, is a pretty impressive PMP. I like how I can customize the background, subscribe to podcasts, and the high quality of audio output. I received this as a Christmas gift from my wife, and I had expected that it would easily integrate with Windows Media Player (WMP) 11--wrong! WMP can't even see the Zune but it can see my brother-in-law's lower-priced no-name media player. I expected that Microsoft would, AT A MINIMUM, allow users the option to sync directly with their Zunes from WMP. Honestly, I'm quite disappointed in that fact. When I get electronic hardware/peripherals that come from the same company, I expect it to seamlessly integrate into what is already established on everything else I have. I shouldn't be required to download software that stands alone from what I'm used to/enjoy using to use peripherals from the same company. On another note, I didn't have to experience this fortunately, since I hadn't ripped my CDs onto my computer yet or purchased a large amount of music online, but I'm going to echo a caveat from another fellow consumer that stated she had problems with synching her songs that she legally purchased previously. To sum it all up, it's a nice player, but integration truly stinks....more info
  • iWhat?
    I used to work at an Apple store and that experience was enough to convince me that I would be a fool to purchase an iPod. I just purchased the Zune 8 GB and I must say I am very pleased with my purchase. I decided to finally purchase an MP3 player because I am sick of packing CDs around with me. The Zune is so easy to use and the on-board radio is a definite plus.

    I don't care much for the headphones the Zune came with because they don't fit well in my ears.
    ...more info
  • Love mine - no issues at all
    Not sure why others are having software issues... I run Vista on my pc and XP on my laptop. I haven't had any issues with either and was downloading songs to it from my own music library within just a few minutes. Haven't had to buy anything from the Zune store, and have had no trouble programming radio presets at all.

    This is my 2nd mp3 player (last one was a cheepie) so I don't know what I'm missing with this vs. the iPod, but I don't care... I love my Zune! :-)...more info
  • Superb alternative to the iPod
    This second generation Zune is a lot of fun to use. In my opinion, the the touch-sensitive Zunepad is easier and more intuitive to use than the Ipod's scroll wheel. The Zunepad allows you to "swipe" to scroll, which makes it a breeze to manage long song lists. I also prefer the Zune's snazzy interface to the iPod's, which is getting a bit boring. The Zune software is also a pleasure to use, and makes it fun to explore new music (especially if you use ZunePass, the [...] monthly music subscription service).

    On the downside, the Zune does not play nice with [...]: it's currently not possible to play Audible files on the Zune. A Zune-friendly alternative is audiobooks.com, which offers their titles in universally compatible mp3 files, but they do not seem to have as many titles as audible.com, so if you're an avid audiobook listener, this may be an issue for you.

    The Zune 8GB is well-designed and feels solid in your hand. It's a very worthy alternative to the aging iPod line. ...more info
  • Very Impressed
    I got a Zune for Christmas. I have been an avid iPod user for many years. I wanted to switch to the Zune because I got tired of iTunes. The Zune is very small and lightweight. It is the size of a credit card so it makes it convenient to just throw in my purse or use at the gym. I like the fact that it has an FM radio because I can listen to NPR in the mornings. It's design is very impressive and I like the Zune interface. Overall I am very satisfied and will recommend the Zune to anyone. It is a great alternative to the iPod nano....more info
  • Fragile
    The first time out of the box, the weight from the usb cord pulled it off the table onto the ground and that was the end of my Zune....more info
  • perfect!!!!!!!!
    1st I must say the red is awesome looking. I own the 30gb, 8gb and the 80gb
    and this is my favorite out of all of them, and this is why, the screen is very sharp and the sound quality is amazing, I dont go anywere with out this thing, it's much cooler then the nano I really don't like ipods.... at all
    With ipods you can impress a few kids at school, but that's about it. With this and all Zunes you can customize the background, makeing it your own style. The red looks nothing like the red on the box, it has a much more glossy color. The interface is outstanding and the zune marketplace is very simple and actully has a subscription to it's music which ipod does not. You will want to buy a new pair of earphones because the pair it comes with suck, I suggest you go to your local fye and pick up a ten buck pair of skullcandy earphones. Oh yeah, the screen does not scratch easily because it's made of glass.The 30 gb Zune's screen was made of plastic and it scratched super easily. thanks for reading :) ...more info
  • Zune 8 gb
    Actual size was not what I expected. Could not view in store prior to Amazon purchase. Amazon shopping was not exactly clear that the Zune 8 gb was 1/2 the screen size as the 80 gb version. Cost me shipping on returning it to Amazon....more info
  • Amazing Device
    I recieved this device as a christmas present and have already fallen in love with its intuitive interface, simplistic design, and broad range of capabilities. It's nice to be able to wirelessly sync the device to my computer through my home wireless network. I highly reccommend this device....more info
  • totaly amazing
    My mom got me this zune for christmas, I had been anticipating the mp3 player for like 4 months. I had my mom install it on the computer because when i tryed it was to annoying and i was in a rush to play guitar hero 3. It took my mom about 3 hours to install it because we had to upgrade programs and they weren't working but after a bit i came over and just went by the directions and bam! it worked. I have about 200 songs and 2 shows on it, its awsome. The image quality is mind blowing and trust me on this buy zunes over ipods. Ipods SUCK! they snap, crack, break, all the time buy a zune they never break....more info
  • Not all files play
    I bought this for audiobooks that we download from our local libray. They are WMA format, and the Zune says that it plays WMA files, but when I tried to transfer it wouldn't work. After deeper reasearch I discovered that it will indeed play WMA files, but only if you buy them from the Zune store. It seemed like a good player but I returned it right away, so I didn't get a chance to explore it. I bought a Creative Zen and it is sweet and played all my files perfectly, including the audiobooks....more info
  • Great MP3 Player
    This is my third MP3 player after a first generation ipod mini (which I subsequently sold) and a creative zen micro photo (which recently died after 2 years of impeccable service). I liked the Zen, but wanted something a bit more sleek, so after reading some good reviews of the Zune, I bought it. I was not disappointed.

    All of its controls are pretty intuitive. I think the control pad works as well as the wheel on the ipod mini I had, if not better. The zune software, while not my first choice for music management, works well for its purpose. I definitely prefer it to iTunes. The screen is bright and the wireless sync worked flawlessly. I don't really have a bad thing to say about this player. Others have complained about the lack of an equalizer. I wouldn't consider myself an audiophile and I think the sound is just fine, even through the included headphones. This may not be the case for those with more discerning ears, but I think it's just fine.

    ...more info
  • Great little MP3 player
    My only regret is that I did not buy the 30 or 80 GB Zune. This device is easy to use, compact, and the software is even easier. The picture quality is amazing for videos.

    The only slight negative is the finger pad. It can be a little touchy as your finger needs to be right in the middle in order to make a selection....more info
  • Never owner an iPod, Zen, or any other player
    Having Never owned a MP3 player before I don't have anything to really compare it to, but I'm pretty happy with the Zune. There are some things the prevent it from being perfect in my mind, but it is well worth the money and works real well for music. For the most part I'm impressed.

    I did a lot of research before buying an MP3 player and decided on the Zune for a few reasons. Some of these reasons turned out not to be as important as I thought and others didn't work right out of the box, but a couple of them are really impressive. I was really intrigued by the Automatic Wireless syncing, but to do this you'll need to buy a separate AC power cable. You can still sync wirelessly by going to the menu on the Zune, but this uses up a lot of batteries and the only included way to charge it is with the USB cable. So, unless you're going to go out and buy the power cable you don't really get wireless syncing. Another thing that was advertised was syncing with your recorded windows media TV shows. I've tried setting this up, but I couldn't figure out an easy way to do it in the Zune Program. It could still be possible but, if it is it isn't as simple as syncing with your music collection. The one feature that really works and sold me on the device is the Zune pad. I tried it out in the store and it is even better in practice. It is really easy to scroll though the long lists of artist/albums/songs on the Zune.

    The Zune player itself seems pretty well built. Its small and light weight. The screen looks beautiful for the album art and for pictures. Video looks good too, but it is a little small. The Zune Pad that I mentioned before is a great feature. You can brush the pad to scroll through music and change the volume. It also responds to pressing it like a button. Overall the Unit is pretty nice. Battery life is good enough from my experience, I've never ran out of power when I needed it. However, like I mentioned before I don't have anything to compare it too.

    The software, though downloaded separately is a pretty big portion of this player and, thankfully, it works real well. When you first load it up it should be able to find all the music and photos and videos, unless you store them in a weird place. If thats the case you'll have to tell the program where your media is before it will find it. Syncing is painless and you can set it up to sync all your media, or just your music, or specific items. There are a lot of options for what to sync and what not to. Using the software is pretty intuitive and I doubt any one would have trouble getting acclimated to it. The Zune Store isn't too bad either. It uses Microsoft Points, which is 80 points per dollar and is the biggest downside, but the quality of the music is better than the music from iTunes. There isn't as much selection as iTunes, but for me most of my favorite music was there. You can actually download the software and give it a try without buying a Zune, which is something I recommend doing.

    There is also a social aspect to the Zune, but I wont go into it much. Right now it consists of a Zune Card that shows what songs you've played and a friends list where you can track the plays of your friends. Right now it can only be accessed by going to zune.net. Unless you have a lot of friends who also have a zune, I don't see this being very useful.

    Overall, the Zune if very functional and fun. Although it didn't live up to all my expectations, I am still very happy. The Zune is a great looking very fun portable music player and I would encourage people to give it some consideration for their next MP3 player purchase. I don't think you'll be disappointed....more info
  • Cooler than iPod nano
    I used to own both an iPod Nano and Video 30GB and bought the flash Zune to replace them after losing them.
    Style is certainly subjective, but I really think the Zune is much more attractive than the standard iPod, both on the exterior and the on-screen displays. The size is great and fits comfortably in the hand.
    The Zune has an innovative user interface. Like iPod, it allows you to navigate songs by title, artist and album. But one key advantage is that once you start navigating in a certain dimension, you don't lose the previous context. For example, if you start scrolling vertically through the list of artists and select one, you surely see the albums displayed, but that previous list of artists is still visible and navigable, just transposed horizontally on the top of the screen.
    The only negative mark I would give Zune is that it can sometimes be difficult to navigate without looking at the screen and the touch pad, to either change the song or adjust the volume, especially with gloves on.
    The FM radio tuner is a great feature and reception is excellent. The screen is sharp and although small, can play videos very nicely.
    Lastly, the Zune player and marketplace is beautifully designed and easy to use. There are some missing management features, but this program is without a doubt a lot more visually appealing than iTunes. The iTunes player is as fun as reading a spreadsheet.
    If you're going to buy music online, iTunes still has the best selection. I'd recommend buying from Amazon, which is cheaper, and comes without any DRM. I managed to find a clever way to import my iTunes-purchased songs into my Zune library, while still abiding by "FairUse" guidelines. The Zune marketplace requires you to buy credits in preset increments. I like having the ability to buy one song at a time rather than having to pay $25 up front. The songs on Zune have their own currency as well, which isn't pegged to the US Dollar. You might as well be paying in Euros. You pay 100 cents for every 80 credits you receive. As most songs are 79 credits it appears a bargain until you do the math. This seems a bit deceptive and for this reason, I will not buy music from Zune marketplace. It's a still good experience for sampling new music, however.
    ...more info
  • I love my zune
    I used to have the 4 GB Zen and decided to get the 8 GB Zune this year. I was surprised by the new zune which is much lighter and sleeker. The zune pad is also confortable to use. There is no power off button it just goes to sleep if not used. Picture clarity is cool. ...more info
  • Terrible user experience
    I received my Zune Thursday and affter a day and a half of trying it to work with my new HP laptop I've given up and will be sending it back to Amazon for a refund. Conversely, went down to Best Buy purchase a iPod nano and was down loading songs from iTunes in under 2 minutes.

    Microsoft's Zune, a failure so great Microsoft is still struggling to sell models from last year at fire sale prices.

  • good player!!
    I just got this player today. Previously I owned a 2nd generation ipod classic. Zune looks pretty nice though I wish the screen was a little bigger. It takes time to get used to the Zune software and player controls because they are quite different than Itunes and ipod. Unlike the last reviewer, I found it extremely easy to install the softwares and set up the player. Overall I am satisfied. However, I have found the following negatives:

    1. No equalizer, as many mentioned before
    2. Can't find how to play the file at any time I want. It may not be a problem for songs. But for some podcasts, I want to fast forward or get back to an earlier segment.
    3. Can't preset the radio frequences.
    4. Doesn't display song names in chinese (it is just my problem)

    It turns out that 2, 3 are not problems any more. I should have read the user's guide first. The control is as good as apple ipod. The software is better than Itunes. I guess I should play for a few days before I give reviews.. How can I change my rating to 5 stars?!!

    ...more info
  • Might be nice, if you can overcome the bugginess and software incompatibility
    It never ceases to amaze me that Microsoft fails, time and time again, to make its own products work well together. Before getting into specifics, I will say I'm not an Apple "fanboy" by any stretch of the imagination. I had actually gotten the Zune in hope of finding an alternative to the ipod, but it looks like the Zune is going back and I'm going back to Apple...

    I picked up a Zune this past weekend. This was my fifth audio player in the last ~9 years, having owned a Creative Zen, a Gen 4 ipod (20 GB, HD Based) and a pair of Gen 2 nanos. The ipods, while great devices, seemed to bring me bad luck, as I had gone through 3 in 4 years. I had heard good things about the Zune and, now that a flash-based version existed, I figured I'd give it a shot. It's a very nice looking device, feels great in the hand and has remarkable video quality for a player of this size (I haven't seen video on the Gen 3 nanos and as such, can't compare the 2 objectively). The sound quality is right up there with my old ipods (I never use the stock earbuds, but used the same pair of Shure e2c buds that I used with the nano)

    Unfortunately, that is where the positives end. I'll preface this by saying that I'm fairly computer savvy and have done plenty with software, hardware and peripherals in my day.

    A week before buying the Zune, I picked up a new, Vista-based laptop. I was unable to start using it until I got the Zune, and figured it would be a great opportunity to "launch" both of my new toys. I booted and updated the laptop, then downloaded the Zune software. Hooked the Zune up and as soon as it was detected, the software crashed. Tried a few more times with the same result. Uninstall and reinstall of the software caused the same problem. Growing frustrated, I broke out my old, Celeron-based XP laptop and tried the Zune on there - wouldn't even detect the device and wouldn't let me install the drivers manually. 3 hours on the phone with Zune support (nice enough folks) were wasted with no solution. I had one more computer in the house - a 5 year old Dell desktop (Pentium 4, running XP) and was able to get everything working on there. Not wanting to be tied to that dinosaur (especially given that its best days are behind it), I continued trying to get it running on the Vista laptop to no avail. Another 4 hours with tech support over the next 2 days provided nothing more than additional frustration, apologies and a few compliments (nice to have an L2 tech tell you that you seem to be well versed in the technology they're paid to deal with). Continuing to play with it on my own, I FINALLY got the software to run, with the Zune connected, and was even able to sync music (another problem is the way in which the Zune software organizes and re-tags everything). At that point, my last nerve was touched. I had a few TV shows I had downloaded and converted to MP4 using cucusoft's Zune video converted (a great program, BTW). I moved the files onto the Zune software and it crashed (DLL error). I searched for a fix and thought I found one, which I put in. At that point, I was able to launch the software and get the videos to show up, but the minute I tried moving one of them to the device, it crashed again...and again...and again.

    I give up - looks like it's back to ipod-land for me.

    The amazing thing is that, somehow, Microsoft's own device fails to work with its operating system......more info
  • The One
    Before I start talking about the Zune I have to say that I've had several mp3 players in the past, from flash-based to HD-based. My newest one is this 8GB Zune. I got my Zune about a week ago, after getting rid of my 3G 8GB Nano, that I was not happy with. So this is why I'm more satisfied with the Zune vs. the Nano...

    -Shape is easier to hold and use than WS Nano
    -LCD is glass, more durable and sharper than plastic on Nano
    -Zune Touch Pad is more responsive and precise vs. click wheel
    -Wireless sharing/syncing option
    -Built-in FM Tuner
    -Better sound quality even without EQ...I just hated how bad the Nano sounds even with Shure headphones

    -Very simple and easy
    -Asthetically better than iTunes

    User Interface
    -No Coverflow but interface is more organized and intuitive
    -Customizable background, not an option on Nano
    -Easier to read

    I have not tested the battery life but it's rated close to the Nano so I'll live with whatever it really is. One thing I haven't checked on but someone else wrote about was the Zune not being a UMS Device when plugged in. Hopefully that's something Microsoft can/will change so that you can store other files on it. Overall, I'm must more satisfied with this player than the Nano.

    ...more info
  • Great interface; semi-good player (3.5 rather than 3 stars)
    I completely skipped Zune's first outing but thought the redesign was worth a shot. I upgraded from a Sony NW-S205F wanting something with more space and more features.

    The best thing about this player is the interface - it's extremely intuitive and looks great (especially if you've downloaded the album art). The 'squircicle' gives you the option to flick your thumb to scroll left/right and up/down OR simply press and hold the edges. I liked the touch function, although I found it a little too sensitive and turned it off. I also found it didn't always respond to button presses and occassionally i had to press a button more than once, but it never became annoying. The software was pretty good, although I feel ALL mp3 players should offer drag-and-drop functionality.

    Now for the bad stuff: where is the EQ??? To me this was the biggest problem. Coming from the sony player (their mp3 players are notorious for their sound quality!), the music felt sort of plain - although I'm a fan of bass so this may not be an issue for you. Also, there's no mass storage function so you can't move files - music or otherwise - which seems silly to me since its got 8G to play with. And I found the battery life merely adequate (I got about 15-18 hours without WiFi).

    **Speaking of the battery, I should note that on my third day of use, the battery completely drained itself without my knowledge (i had used it for 30 min, turned it off, and it wouldn't restart later). There are a few noted cases of this which you can google or find on Engadget. It didn't happen again, but it definitely took away my confidence**

    Overall, I thought the Zune 8 was good, but not great and I ended up returning it. However, if you don't need a lot of bass or a long battery life, it's definitely a good choice....more info
  • I Would Give the Zune 0 Stars if I Could! Don't Buy It!
    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! I bought a Zune for my husband because all of our music files are in .WMA format, which is a Microsoft format. I have downloaded ALL of my music legally over the years in a .WMA format. The ONLY REASON I bought the Zune was so that my Microsoft-formatted songs would be easily loaded onto the Microsoft Zune. Imagine my surprise and distress when I discovered, after purchasing the Zune and attempting to load my LEGALLY purchased music, that it will not play ANY songs downloaded from any site OTHER than the Zune marketplace! In fact, when I called the Zune support line for support, they graciously offered to sell me all the songs that I have already LEGALLY downloaded and purchased from other sources! Isn't that generous of them?

  • It is very good
    I own iPod before, and Zune is definitely better than iPod. I like the size, the user interface, the sync software(even it can be dificult to install at some times), the wireless sync, support for wma, 2-way media transfer (iTunes does not allow you to transfer music from iPod to PC)....more info
  • better then ipod ?!?!?!?
    well until a week ago i had a 4Gb iPOD naon for all my music needs. but when the new ipod nanos were released i decided to upgrade. but when i got my hands on aone it was so small and thin in my hand it felt like i was holding a gram cracker. so i decided to search for something else and then i came across the ZUNE it was the same size as the old nano but with video and a radio. the interface is so easy to use and the scroll pad is awsome . Video is small but super clear i was able to put 300,Transformers, and a bunch of south park episodes.not to mention the Zune software for your computer is way better then Itunes and super easy to place media on your Zune. the only problem is that it does not include extras like stopwatch,calender,and clock. but unless you really needed those you wont miss them.if your in the market for a new or 1st MP3 player or you want something different dont pass this down....more info
  • Great device
    Ill start off by saying that this is an awsome device, i bought this for my mom sence her philips is starting to wear out. I own the 1st generation zune and it was awsome, well i didn't have much cash so i went to numerous pawn shops and all i found were ipods and a couple of 1st gen zuns that they wanted $200 for, i refused to use the ipods since my friends always seem to have problems with them, and the fact that all my music is on zune software. So after over 6 hours of searching i finnaly gave up and decided to go to Circuit City, i picked up this 4 gb for $135 which was about $35 more than a used ipod. Well the software that was downloaded from my previous zune (the same software) took about 10 minutes which isn't to bad. I dont really use the zune market place, but the few times i did it worked fine and it had good quality music. Although i am very disapointed with microsoft not using wma format instead of mp3, because you get twice as many songs but i dont think my mom will be able to fill up 1000 songs very easyly. ...more info
  • Wow!
    I just got the 8GB black a couple of weeks ago as an early present and it is incredible! Great sound, great scratch-resistant screen, great UI and the biggest surprise, the software. Yes, it's simplistic, but it also works well and makes syncing up your collection a breeze. Wireless syncing works well too; as a test, I was able to sync up with my home PC and get the new Ministry album I ripped to my library in about 30 seconds. Oh yeah, the FM transmitter is a much-improved feature, it actually works very well. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Fantastic MP3 Player
    I wanted an MP3 player primarily to use while I'm working out and I wanted to be able to easily switch between radio and music and the Zune seemed to fit the bill perfectly for me. One of the first things that I tried doing was to preset radio stations; but, I couldn't figure out how to manually select radio stations. The manual stated that you would need to turn the 'peek' function off, but it didn't explain how to do it. After much frustration, I called Microsoft support. After much explaining about what I was trying to do and the support person asking me several times to hold on, I was told that the 'seek' function could not be turned off because of the frequencies. I told him that the documentation stated that stations could be manually selected. They still insisted that it can't be done. The next day, I went to Best Buy, the Sales Person there showed me in 1 second how to turn peek off and select stations manually. So I give Microsoft Support zero stars.
    Overall, I am very, very pleased with my Zune. I simply love the way the Software works in handling of creation/deletion of music. I had been looking for several years for an MP3 player. Up until now, I was not pleased with what was available on the market. This fits the bill perfectly for me. ...more info
  • zune / nano
    Have used both the new nano and the 4gb zune. Gave up the nano because iTunes does not support 64bit Windows (XP or Vista).

    The zune software that is installed on the computer is good. Like it better than iTunes. Don't have any use for the iTunes store or the Zune Marketplace. So they are not an issue with me.

    The zune feel solid and well constructed. Screen is very good, images clean and sharp. Sound better than the nano. Radio simple to use. Sync between device and computer easy. Podcasts simple to find and to subscribe too (although wish that you could create a playlist for Podcasts).
    ...more info
  • Good product X Tough software download
    I purchased a Zune not long ago. It's a great product. Easy to use, no hassles with one single exception. The software took forever to download. I mean, over 2 hours over a cable connection. This is the only reason I didn't give it a 5-star rating. I hope I don't have to download the software one more time. But again, the product is great. Just the right size, nice controls and awesome screen. Go and get one. You'll love it!! ...more info
  • Zune Flash Vs. Nano?
    Definitely Zune wins. Apple, on defence, shipped out their new video nanos with that cute little Fiest advert. But the Nano design is simply horrible It's an ugly little chode, by all standards. The flash Zunes have better screens, they're smaller, and fit better in your pocket, which is exactly what people buy flash players for. Second-Gen Zunes are an underdog winner, for sure....more info
  • Good, but better options available
    I bought a Zune to replace an iPod that I lost. Bad decision! The battery seems to go out right away, and I never use the Wifi for anything - so I feel a bit like I paid for something I'll never use.

    In the end, I bought a new iPod, and have been much happier with it....more info
  • New to Zune
    This is my first attempt at MP3 technology. I wanted something compact, powerful, and easy to use. Zune met those requirements. It is sleek, very lightweight, and extremely easy to use. Unfortunately the ZuneMarketPlace leaves a LOT to be desired. Adequate music sampling, very view video's, no movies. Why have the feature on the unit, if the material isn't available via their own marketplace? That brings us to product quality. After one week I am now on my second unit. The identical problem with both units. The ear phones simply do not function unless the jack is precisely positioned in the unit. So you have to manipulate the jack, not too far in, not too far out, wiggle it a bit, and do not move it or you will simply loose sound altogether. Mind you I'm not at the gym or jogging. I am sitting in my office with the Zune in my shirt pocket. And I still loose sound. I am returning my 2nd (and last) Zune tomorrow. I will not be getting another one. BUYER BEWARE. ...more info
  • Great MP3 player
    I got this Zune last week and am very impressed. The thing that really impressed me was the vivid screen & the Zune software. The software was easy to download and within a short period of time, I was up and running with music. I also really appreciated the fact that this player had an FM radio tuner. I used to have an ipod before, but wanted to be able to listen to the radio too. I am glad I switched and this product rocks! BTW - The red color is beautiful....more info
  • This is a great device
    This is my first mp3 player. I'd always thought I might like a small device that could be used while exercising, but I've hesitated to buy one because I wasn't sure how much I'd actually use it. The Zune feature that pushed me over the edge is the FM radio, which made the device too attractive not to try out. I'm extremely happy that I made the plunge and bought the Zune. I now take it everywhere and listen to music or the radio at work, on the bus, at the gym, everywhere. It has easily surpassed my bar of usefulness and utility. I'm not a big gadget person and I don't like the time and energy it takes to figure out how to use a new program or game, but the Zune user experience has been everything that I could have hoped for. The controls are simple and a pleasure to use. Right out of the box I was able to get it figured out and working. This is a great device....more info
  • Great player!
    Gorgeous screen, great sound! Love that I can put pictures, video podcasts, etc on my player. Hopefully accessories will be available quickly, I need to listen to music/watch video while working out. ...more info
  • Zune vs. Nano?
    I've owned the 4 & 8 GB Nanos...and today I picked up the 8 GB 2nd Gen Zune. The Zune hardware is much better where it counts for me (sound quality, screen). The new touch area takes a little getting used to. My main HUGE dissapointment is the simple and VERY limited Zune software. Secondary dissapointments include the lack of an EQ (although with better earphones than the iPod, it's not as important), lack of customizable menus, and lack of a...CLOCK and calendar. With XP and an older 2.0 GHz computer, the Zune software install took nearly an hour (without adding music). Uploading music to the Zune seems slower than with the Nano. Time will tell is the positives outweight the negatives over the Nano. Sure wish it had come in 16 GB!

    Update 05/21/08: Forgot to mention the stellar FM tuner. The sound quality actually seems to trump that of a $1500 Den_n receiver! Last, and largest complaint: ~30% of imported album art doesn't match the artist / album..... ...more info
  • Terrific Product
    I purchased the black 8GB Zune and couldn't be happier. The 2nd generation Zune has everything I'm looking for in an PMP and more. The device is light, easy to operate, and loaded with functionality.

    - Although my 1st generation Zune's software had a few installation quirks, the new Zune software installed perfectly. The installation time took a total of five minutes and worked without any problems.
    -The Zune marketplace has been totally redone and has a slick new interface. Microsoft has added podcasts and music video downloads to the marketplace.
    -The new touchpad is easy to use and actually fun to play with. There is still a 4-way directional pad, but it feels much sturdier than its predecessor's.
    -Setting up wireless syncing with my laptop took less than a minute and works perfectly. I'm using a D-Link router with WEP and I didn't have to modify anything on my network, or enter my wireless key for this to work. I was pretty surprised by that.
    -Although slower than tethering, wireless syncing is a great feature. I lose cables on occasion and like the fact that I'm no longer required to have one. If you're syncing 500 songs, this may not be very practical; but, if you're syncing an album, this is a convenient feature.
    -Transferring songs between Zunes works flawlessly. You can send an entire album to a friend in a minute or so and it's as simple as hitting "send".
    -Video looks surprising sharp on the Zune's screen. Although it's not very big, the image is crisp and very colorful. I wouldn't recommend watching Star Wars--or any full length movies--on the tiny screen, but video podcasts or an episode of Family Guy would be fine.

    Overall, if you're looking for a PMP, you won't be disappointed with the Zune. It's light, well styled, easy to operate, and has features you won't find in other PMPs like wireless syncing/sharing, and a subscription music service with 3,000,000+ songs. When you combine the Zune with Zune Marketplace, it's a truly amazing product. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys music. ...more info
  • It's awesome!
    I have the 30GB Zune and I thought that was great, but it's so big. I'm so glad that they came out with the 4GB and 8GB. I recently purchased the 8GB, which I pretty much just use when I'm working out. What I really like is that I can download an unlimited amount of music for just $14.99 a month. I can't wait until them come out with more accessories for the 2nd Generation Zunes....more info
  • love it
    i traded in my ipod nano for the zune and am incredibly pleased. the touch pad was easier for me to get used to than the clickwheel of the ipod and the display is worlds better. i also prefer the zune software to itunes, easy to use and much better looking. this makes my nano seem boring and primitive. i would definitely recommend the zune! ...more info
  • Excellent media player
    Although the Zune software isn't as user friendly as itunes, the media player itself is awesome and much more useful to me because of the radio. The last 2 gyms I've gone to broadcast tv sound through fm radio. Ipods radio headphones really suck. The new 8gb zune is like an oversized nano or a mini. The form factor is cool & most importantly I don't need 2 programs to get podcasts on the media player. I can't wait to get a cablecard media center pc to get episodes of hbo shows and colbert report to watch on the metro....more info
  • Zune- bye, bye Zen and Windows Media too
    I have a couple of Zen MP3 players that have worked well for me for a couple of years now, but both have begun to have problems and I decided to take a chance on the new V2 Zune. It was a good decision. This is a great product. All that comes in the box is the Zune, a sync cord, earphones, and brief documentation. You need to go online and download the Zune software to a PC and then hook up the player before you can get it to do anything. This doesn't take too long and the Zune will provide you with some sample content to try out as part of this process. The Zune sounds great, with plenty of volume and a decent set of earphones. The click wheel is intuitive and masterable in just a few minutes use.

    As nice as the Zune is, a pleasant surprise is the Zune software. This is really more than just a tool to sync your tunes with your Zune. It is an attractive, intuitive, easy to use full fledged media player as well. It can easily replace Windows Media Player and is better looking than any other offering out there- Apple included. ...more info
  • Thank you zune for being the first to kick the corperation call apple with the IPOD in the balls
    this thing rocks i got it for my birthday. i was tring to decied between this and the itouch and my friend told me that it suckes compared the zune now i laugh at the crapiness of the itouch ZUNE ROCKS...more info