TRENDnet TV-IP212W Wireless Internet Camera Server with 2-Way Audio
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Product Description

The Wireless 2-Way Audio Day/Night Internet Camera transmits real-time high quality video and audio over the Internet. See, hear and talk to people, in your camera's viewing area during the day or in the dark, from any Internet connection. Complimentary SecurView camera management software allows you to monitor what you value most at home or at work.The camera provides crystal clear MPEG4 video streams over a secure encrypted Internet connection. The Infrared lens provides night monitoring for low light environment. A built-in microphone and optional speakers accommodate 2-way audio communication. Advanced intuitive software includes motion detection recording, email alerts, scheduled recordings and progressive search options. This cameras brilliant image quality, USB flash support, day and night capabilities and 2-way audio make it ideal for home, small office and business use.

  • Listen and talk through the camera
  • View live video on a 3G mobile phone
  • Compact design
  • Monitor and record up to 16 cameras
  • Access the camera over the Internet
Customer Reviews:
  • I guess if you are an Engineer it might work...
    ...but that's what customer support is for. To make a long story short, after finally getting a hold of someone that spoke english, I was told to call ATT and then call them back. After calling back with ATT's instructions and still not getting any results, I was finally told by these "extremely helpful" individuals that "oh yeah" you have an ATT modem and yo cannot get a static IP address with them, I would have to purchase a static IP address from ATT if they would sell me one (which he doubted they would). Considering that not many people have ATT DSL lines (yes, I am being sarcastic) that should not be a problem and they obviously don't see a need to warn consumers. If you want to lose your shipping charges and waste three hours of your life go for it and buy the camera. P.S. If you have a case number assigned, such as when you call back a second time, be prepared to wait much longer for assistance....more info
  • So good it made me want to write my first review!
    First off I am an engineer so I am not saying my mom could set this up ...wanted to make sure I mentioned that)

    Have a new puppy and I wanted a petcam (more than just the pic uploaded via ftp like I had)... I wanted wifi so I could move it around, 2 way audio(so we could hear barking and in the future call the dog to come to the cam), and decent video.

    I have DSL with a linksys 54g and easily setup port forwarding etc. Under security you have to allow internet requests and NAT pf. Make sure to port forward the RTSP 554 port (cell phone cam video).

    After downloading a free 3gp video player I even got video w/ audio on my cell phone (a WM6 with EVDO)

    There is a few second delay in audio and video but the quality really is just way better than I ever expected.

    For $177 a.r. It was a steal.

    Quality is higher than any x10, MS webcam, etc. Wifi did really well - you are able to have user access lists etc.

    I havent tried motion triggers, emails, etc but assume those are fine since even the cheap cams do those well.

    ...more info