Auto Dialer with Security Safety Home Alarm Home Motion Detector Safe Protection That Calls Your Phone
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Auto Dialer With Security / Safety Alarm The PERFECT AFFORDABLE Home ALARM! Alarm will sound when motion is detected and it will call you on your phone. (cell, office, work.....) PERFECT and AFFORDABLE! This is a GREAT unique passive infrared system. Concentrates on the protected area you select. Whenever the unit set at ARMED, the motion detector will watch the protected area. Once there is a movement, it will be detected. The alarm will turn on alarm and call to the memorized telephone numbers one by one. In chime mode, the chime will Ding Dong when movement is detected. Made by Home Safe. Brand New and comes in a nice retail package. Make a great gift! You work hard for your stuff! Cost so little to protect it! Protect your family and your property! *Motion Sensor Detects Motion and *Activates Auto Dialer *14 Digit Large Number Display with *Date/Time *Programmable Security Code, Entry *Delay Timing *5 Emergency Telephone Numbers (Up to 14 Digits) *Pause Key / Panic Key / PROG Key *Battery Low Indicator (Shown in LCD)) *Tone Dialing Only *Alarm/Door Chime Switch *Built-In 105dB Alarm (With *Programmable Alarm On/Off) *Adjustable Sensor Head *Test Mode Function *AC Adapter Operated (Included) With 9-volt Battery Backup (Not Included) *Wall Mountable

  • Brand New! Great Home Alarm! Great Motion Detector
  • Motion Sensor Detects Motion Activates Auto Dialer and Alarm
  • 5 Emergency Telephone Number
  • Pause, Panic and Prog Key!
  • Built in flash memory to protect system data for power failure and many more features.....
Customer Reviews:
  • Works as promised, but unit itself isn't secure
    In terms of stated functionality, the sensor and dialer don't disappoint. The alarm is loud and annoying but can't be heard too far outside.

    The biggest issue is that if a crook gets a hold of it and yanks out the phone cord it won't complete the call and you won't be alerted. Thus, it makes sense to confuse people about its location and make the phone line hard to pull out, using a shim, tape, etc.. Covering up the giveaway red light or turning it sideways would help (just rotate the motion sensor). Having a dummy device nearby could confuse someone into grabbing it first if they panic.

    The 9V battery will take over if the power is unplugged, and they were smart to secure the cover with screws to delay access. I wish you could record a custom message instead of just an alarm sound playing. If you have more than one unit in different buildings you may not know which one called, except for caller ID....more info
  • DIY decent budget security
    If you're looking to add a little protection to your house or apt, this might be what you're looking for.

    First off, it's got some nice features. The dialing of numbers works well, and there is a panel you can remove that gives access to some terminals that allow you to add other inputs and an external siren. Also, the siren inside is plenty loud in my opinion.

    The longest delay you can set before the system triggers is 20 seconds. So if this isn't mounted right near your door, you pretty much have to go straight to it and disarm it. The delay after arming it is a solid 60 seconds.

    My biggest problem with it was that it's all one piece, because the best place to put a motion sensor is high up in a corner, and the best place to put the control box is somewhere hidden near your door (and near a phone outlet). I actually hacked apart the device and extended the wires connecting the two pieces so I could mount the motion sensor farther from the control box. This arrangement is working out nicely. The battery backup works fine, and I also extended the power cord to the control box.
    The motion sensor itself picks up movement very nicely and doesn't pick up movement outside glass windows, exactly what you'd want.

    The ease of adding inputs and outputs and extending and modding what is there makes this device a good brain for a DIY security system. Plus, you can't beat the price....more info