Vivitar VIVI 5MP DVR DVR560G
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  • 2.0 LCD
Customer Reviews:
  • Not that good
    This is a very stylish camcorder. But, as I wanted only a camcorder, for me it has too many left and unnecessary features (PC camera, MP3, etc.). I tried it right away and was a little bit disappointed. It is not usefull indoors or at night (do not have night shot features), and if the objective moves (or you move), the recorded image blurs also (do not have steady shot either). Maybe the producers can remove the PC camera, the MP3 and the voice recorder, and improve features more needed in a digital camcorder, such as the night shot and the steady shot. ...more info
  • amazing
    Just amazing what you can do with this little camera.
    I'm a Mac guy and this beauty works perfect with the Mac no software need it. I purchased this camera for my 11 year old son and now I'm buying one for me, the quality of the videos it's great and to my surprise the pictures
    are more than decent quality. this one is definitely the one, I'm glad I
    didn't buy the flip camera this one is cheaper and do lots of things.
    I love this camera ...more info
  • Great all-around super-compact, extra-slim digital video camera for little over 100 bucks
    Vivitar DVR-560G is a super-compact digital video camera addressing some of the needs that more expensive cameras don't. After receiving and briefly testing it I was so excited I purchased 3 more as gifts!

    Here are just a few advantages and features that I like:
    - Decent video quality. The video quality is somewhere between a webcam and an average video camera, keeping in mind that its recording at 640x480 resolution and 30 frames-per-second, while some Webcams are still rated at 320x240 and 15 fps. I do treat it as a portable Webcam that I can take with me and record videos to a removable memory card. This is awesome for non-critical videos that can be quickly shot in everyday situations. Though recently I was attending a wedding where no one was recording video and now I wish I had at least this little Vivitar with me.
    The only problem is that video can be smudgy/blurry when you move the camera too fast, especially in low-light.
    I also uploaded a test video to YouTube and you can find it by searching there for "Vivitar DVR-560G". I may upload additional videos as well.
    - Decent video quality in low light when compared to standard video cameras. This doesn't mean that this camera takes good videos in the dark, but it's probably not worse than most webcams out there. (I also have couple miniDV cameras like Samsung and JVC that don't perform much better). However, the smudges intensify in low light due to longer exposure, therefore this camera really needs to be positioned statically in low light.
    Note: there is a "night-mode" option in this camera, but I didn't notice a difference in quality when using it.
    - Take-anywhere video camera. Great portability through its ultra-compact size, smaller than even most digital photo cameras. Can be easily put in a larger pocket or small purse. The size is actually quite similar to the extra-slim digital photo cameras Casio Exilim. Vivitar is only 25% thicker.
    - Portable, reusable & removable media (memory) that can be easily copied to computer (although the memory must be purchased separately). You can also purchase multiple memory cards at 20 bucks each. Compare this with almost as expensive miniDV tapes, or cameras that have built-in hard-drive that is not removable and may require slow data transfer to computer via cable.
    - Data compression. Movies are compressed in MPEG4 format and 1 hour movie takes about 1 GB, thus there is 2 hour recording capacity on 2 GB SD memory card. Compare this with 12 GB of your computer disk-space eaten per hour of an AVI video recorded with miniDV digital cameras. (unless you spend time re-compressing miniDV AVIs).
    - Motion detection mode. This mode is not very usable due to the default setting that usually records only a few-second long clips after detecting a movement for 3 seconds. This means that many times the camera will start recording only after something happens, without catching the actual event. However, this feature still enhances the camera's use and can be interesting to some. For example you may leave your camera on for the whole day or a week and let it record short clips of your family's life throughout that time.
    - The built-in 8x digital zoom is actually usable and up to 4x doesn't produce "digital quality" when taking videos. This might be because the camera has much larger resolution (5.2 megapixel) than it records on video. (the higher resolution is used for taking photos)
    - The built-in voice-recorder is basic feature-wise but records decent audio quality. And hey, dedicated memory-based voice recorders can cost 50 bucks or more, even without removable memory.

    Now for a few negatives:
    - The built-in speaker is not too loud and low-quality. Actually one time it was making such a strange clicking noise when playing videos that I was afraid that the sound didn't get recorded. Later it turned out to be a temporary problem, possibly with the volume set to maximum on such a low-quality speaker.
    - The built-in MP3 player is very basic. The DVR-560G didn't seem to recognize my music folders, and it has not categorized my MP3 files. This means that I have just a long list of MP3 files to scan through. I won't comment on the music quality as for me all MP3 players sound the same.
    - The built-in digital photo camera mode takes only mediocre, video-like photos. I'd rate these photos at only 25% quality of photos taken with a dedicated digital photo camera at the same resolution. Therefore I would carry a separate digital photo camera for taking static pictures. However, possibly Vivitar could be useful as a photo browser, just like some MP3 players currently have (although I haven't tested this).
    - The built-in 20 games look cool, but are quite nonsensical and you'll get bored after trying each one for couple minutes.
    - Holding the camera when taking videos is little awkward therefore you may consider the DVR-550 model instead. I chose DVR-560G mainly because it is approx. 40% less thick (0.88 inch vs. 1.35 inch) and therefore provides maximum portability. Also, I was interested in using it as an MP3 player and photo camera, but now little disappointed with these features.
    - Short battery life, about 40 minutes. I've purchased couple spare batteries on eBay at 8 bucks each.
    - This camera could be incredibly more useful if it had just a little more video capture customizability/options/features. I won't get into details, but with a just a few more features I could probably write an article about many uses of Vivitar DVR-560G. The voice-recorder also lacks voice-activated recording and is too slow to start for taking quick voice notes.

    In summary, don't buy this camera for taking photos, but you won't regret taking videos with it, or give it to your kids. You may also like to use the built-in basic MP3 player and voice-recorder. I rate this camera 5 stars only for it's video features, small size and low price. Many other features are extras that can't hurt either....more info