Spy Gear Video Car Video Camera and Headset Bonus Mini Listener Car
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    Its great! The video is really good, it's only black in white but it still works great. The only thing is that it is hard to see in dim rooms. other than that it works great. I am going to attach a light so I can see better in dim, dark rooms. It does not have sound but you can just take the Mini listening car on it. The mini listening car works great up to about 26-7 feet through walls and corridors! The reception is kind of like an O.K. radio. What i mean by that is you have to angle the reciever a little bit. Other then that it works good also! The car is REALLY quiet and easy to maneuver. The only time somoene would hear it is if they were reading but if
    something was happening in the room (tv,conversasion,washing dishes)you would not hear it. IT IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Cool toy, but buy lots of batteries!!!!!
    My son loves this. But it takes 12 AA batteries. Six for the car and six for the remote/viewer. Would have been better if they would have utilized a rechargeable battery system like many other R/C vehicles. I ended up buying 12 rechargeable AA. Not Cheap....more info
  • Not what it's hyped up to be!
    We bought this toy for our 10-year-old son for Christmas. This was his number one pick. He was totally disappointed right out of the box. Our son is farsighted and wears glasses. Any child that wears glasses will have a problem with the eyepiece because you can't use it with glasses and the eyepiece is not adjustable for less-than-perfect vision. If not for this problem I would have rated this toy much higher. I normally don't do reviews but because of the cost of this toy and the manufacturer's oversight when it comes to vision I felt the need to review this item....more info
  • Lots of Fun
    My son really had alot of fun with this toy. It works as promised and he was able to track our dogs around the house. The dogs weren't thrilled but it was fun. It does take a little getting used to having the viewer over one eye only. But it really is incredible. The Spy Geat Video Car/Camera takes ALOT of AA batteries and a few 9 volts--that was surprising.SPY GEAR Spy Video Car - RC Vehicle with Video Camera and Headset Screen...more info