Ridgid 25643 SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera
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Product Description

"RIDGID" SEE SNAKE MICRO AMAZING TOOL Highlights: Display: 2.5" Color LCD (160 x 234 resolution). Camera diameter: 0.7" (17 mm). Lighting: 2 adjustable LEDs. Cable Reach: 3' (expandable to 30' with optional extensions). Waterproof: Camera & cable to 10' (when properly assembled). Power Source: 4 AA batteries (3 hrs. of continuous run-time). Attachments: Mirror, hook and magnet. Waterproof camera head and cable. Fully adjustable led lighting.

  • Easily perform visual inspections in hard to reach areas
  • Inc. waterproof camera, adjustable LED lighting, flexible 3-foot cable, twist & lock attachments, 4-AA batteries, comfort grip, high visibility 2.5 inch color LCD & storage case
  • Allows user to view image on LCD monitor
  • A Flexible 3' cable puts your eyes where they are needed at the point of discovery. All from the comfort in your hand of an ergonomic grip.
  • The SeeSnake camera makes identifying the problem easy
Customer Reviews:
  • every gearhead needs one of these
    Great for tracing wiring, finding fasteners, "aiming" tools, and locating leaks in engine bays and up under dashboards. Beats the old mirror-on-a-stick by a country mile. ...more info
  • Great tool, just not for me. Wish unit had a trigger-claw.

    This product worked very well for me. I did not have any upside down image problems that other people are talking about. I think you just have to turn the snake-cable 180 degrees and that will solve this issue.

    I guess some of the minor things I would say in the negative about my experience with this item would be:

    --Once you have the snake inside a wall, it is hard to get it to go where you want to see something specific. You can only control direction by clumsily twisting and turning the handle to look around. I guess adding directional controls would make the unit more expensive.

    --I would definitely like to have the ability to grab onto things by adding a trigger to the handle so I can grab onto something which has fallen into a wall or small hole. I lost a wood file inside my wall which fell down to the 1st floor. I can now see the file with the Snake, but cannot grab it. I guess I at least know exactly where the tool is now, DOH!

    If you do inspection work into small places this tool is a very good product. I guess not being a handyman by trade, just a homeowner, I can't see myself using this tool more than a few times.

    ...more info
  • Not perfect, but a very useful tool.
    I'd been eying inspection cameras for some time and finally pulled the trigger on this model as the price was reasonable and, as somebody else has already mentioned, it included a set of small attachments. So far, I've used it while retro-fitting an exhaust fan into a bathroom that previously had none. Suffice it to say that there is no way I could have fished all the required Romex without this device. The hook attachment is indispensable for such a task. I was able to catch my fish tape at a 90 degree angle through a floor joist and double top plate even with a fair amount of existing Romex to get in the way.

    The camera can become a little shaky and difficult to maneuver when the gooseneck is fully extended, but I can't see how this could be avoided without adding expensive directional control. My biggest disappointment was the mirror, as the lights at the end of the camera shine directly into it, making it completely useless in any environment that is not already lit. (...and when would you ever be using an inspection camera in a space that was lit?) I did not experience an inverted image as many people have previously complained.

    If you find yourself fishing power or data lines through existing wall cavities with any degree of regularity, this tool is well worth the price.
    ...more info
  • Great while it lasted
    I received this product as a gift. It worked great for a few minutes. Then, the screen started intermittently showing solid-blue alternating with static. New batteries didn't solve the problem.

    I now have to ship the product back to the manufacturer at my expense. They estimate that it will be repaired within two weeks.

    This may very well be an isolated incident, but I thought I would at least add my data point to the din....more info
  • SeeSnake is great
    Great Product.

    To the guy that said the picture is upsidedown- twist the snake so it is not....more info
  • Tricky to use but very valuable
    This takes some getting used to. The image is reversed, and the natural inclination is to move the handle to adjust the view, but you need to jiggle the cable - moving the handle of course does nothing. So it really takes a while to get the hang of it. But we use it for snaking cables in existing house walls, and it has proven valuable over and over again. It's kind of a "rough" tool, but being able to see what you are after can save big time, and give you confidence you are in the right place. We are happy with the purchase....more info
  • Ridgid snake camera
    Very good looking. But when you have it in your hands ...
    screen is very small, snake camera and whole tool is a little
    heavy,...more info
  • An ingenious tool with helpful add-ons
    I'm a contractor and was pleased to see an inspection camera finally out on the market that doesn't cost a fortune.

    I was looking at the Milwaukee inspection camera when I saw this one. The biggest reason I chose the Rigid over the Milwaukee is that the Rigid has 3 helpful attachments with it: a mirror, a hook and a magnet. These attachments are great for doing down the wall cabling and retrieving lost items.

    I could honestly care less about a rechargeable battery. If you don't use a rechargeable battery all the time, it doesn't hold it's charge and then it delays the job. Alkaline batteries have years of shelf life and are easily obtainable.

    The picture being upside down doesn't make a difference. If you're looking up a wall, everything is going to look somewhat confusing anyway. The idea of a picture is to see leaks in pipes and you already know what direction pipes run so it doesn't matter if you're looking at it upside down. Besides it's easy to twist the unit to change the camera orientation.

    I haven't tried the Milwaukee so I can't compare the Rigid's picture to it. I was fairly impressed with the picture on the Rigid so I don't have any complaints. Since this type of tool is new to the consumer level market, I'm not expecting miracles as far as the picture. It does the job fairly well....more info
  • Rigid SeeSnake
    This machine works very well. The only issues is that you can not take a picture of the screen nor can you save or download anything you see. This is very important. Customers want to see what you are talking about. ...more info
  • Excellent idea for a very practical tool!
    Awesome! Millions of uses, even just around the house ... let alone my field of work --- HVAC and refrigeration! Highly recommend this tool!...more info
  • Incredible!
    This tool is amazing! It helps make work a lot easier by looking under and around things. It saves a lot of time and energy. I can't wait to see what Ridgid does to one-up this tool!...more info
  • Rigid SeeSnake micro
    I'm a plumber and I've waited a long time for somebody to make one of these. Some reviews complain that the image is upside down, but all you need do is grab both ends of the snake and twist it until the image is upright. It also comes with a hook that attaches to the camera end or a very powerful, very small magnet. The magnet is only about 5/16 diameter but will pick 6 ounces straight up.
    It says right on page two of the instructions " Do not use this device for personal or medical use/inspection in any way." So if you are thinking of starting a roadside proctology service, forget it.
    I think I am going to be very happy with it....more info
  • Micro See Snake
    This gadget is one of the best tools on my service truck. I can now see down into drains and into wall cavities that was heretofore not doable in any practical manner. If you have nay doubts about its usefulness just check the on-line video available at Ridgid....more info
  • worthless piece of junk
    being the ultimate tool freak I had to have this one. what a waste of money! the screen is so small it's hard to see, the flex camera shakes so bad when extended you can't see a thing. the image is upside down and when you twist the flex arm to straighten it out it almost kinks and then moves all over the place. the slightest vibration make the focus unbearable. I would not recommend this to anyone!...more info
  • SeeSnake
    Using the pistol grip handle one would expect the picture you see would be a normal view. Unfortunately the picture is UPSIDE DOWN. It is confusing what actually one see. Geting disorientated. Virtually one have to twist the arm to see the way should be seen. Works OK, but not too well impressed. Should modify to able to rotate the camera. Theo at STAR-VAC from Australia....more info
  • Phenomenol product for the money
    When I first purchased this item I was weary of the product. However, after some use, I was amazed at how efficient and highly workable this item was for me to use.

    Thank you Rigid for producing this tool....more info