CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2008
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Product Description

Comprehensive Internet Security and Data Protection CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2008 provides comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam, phishing, offensive websites and other Internet threats that can jeopardize your privacy and diminish PC performance. It combines easy-to-use, award winning, and business-strength technology with preconfigured settings and automatic updates that take the guesswork out of PC security. CA Internet Security Suite Plus also helps ensure your important files, photos, music, and PC settings are safe, by letting you back them up, restore them, or transfer them to a new PC. CA Internet Security Suite Plus allows you to back up your PC data and settings as often as you like, and know that it can be restored if necessary. In addition, you can easily collect and transfer your application settings, preferences, and data to your new or upgraded PC. CA Internet Security Suite Plus includes: Anti-Virus - protects against viruses, worms and Trojan horse programs. Anti-Spyware - protects against a wide range of spyware threats. Personal Firewall - stops intruders, blocks malicious programs, and helps protect your personal information. Anti-Spam - makes sure you get messages from people you know, while redirecting messages from people you don't. Anti-Phishing - protects you from phishing attacks, Internet fraud attempts, and malicious websites. Parental Controls - allows you to control and manage Internet access

Customer Reviews:

    I currently have "CA Internet Security Suite 2009 (for 1 User)" installed on my computer.

    CA's "[Technical] Premier Support" for their products, including the "Internet Security Suite 2009" is competent, diligent and capable.

    I was very pleased with the quality of service that they offered me to restore my computer after it was infected with a deceptive rouge virus called "XP Antispyware 2009", which initially could not be removed by the now available 2009 version of the internet security suite.

    CA's general technical support was less helpful.

    They denied the availability on the market of the "Internet Security Suite 2009" (made for the "Staples" chain of office suppliers in the US). They even suggested that my product key may not be legitimate!

    Hence, I have concluded that CA's product service department may be located in a one year-long time zone behind their product development and marketing departments-- or not up-to-date with products being produced and supplied to large suppliers such as the "Staples" chain.

    CA claims that its "Services bring clarity to today's complex IT challenges."

    Such clarity is clearly urgently needed within CA's administration itself and the communication between their management about the distribution of their products on the market.

    I suggest that to fix this problem CA should "apply its... best practices to deliver customized solutions" within its own business. Such a move would make the use of its products and services less frustrating for ordinary home-based users such as me!

    CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 5-User...more info