Eye-Fi Card, Wireless 2 GB SD Memory Card
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Product Description

A Wireless Memory Card? Yes, there really is Wi-Fi inside that tiny little card. It's going to change the way people take, save and share photos. The Eye-Fi Card comes with everything needed to make it simple to set up and connect to your home Wi-Fi network. After that, pop the card into your digital camera and start capturing those memories. It stores pictures like a regular SD card no matter where you are, and uploads your photos automatically as soon as you return to your home network. All you have to do is turn the camera on.

The revolutionary new Eye-Fi Card looks and works just like a standard 2GB SD card except it has a tiny secret: Wi-Fi is built in. Now, docking your digital camera, connecting cables, and fumbling with card readers are a thing of the past. The Eye-Fi card will wirelessly upload your photos from your camera onto your computer and the web.

It's as Easy as One-Two-Three (Cheese!)
Setting up the Eye-Fi Card couldn't be simpler. Install the included Eye-Fi Manager software on your home computer and connect the Eye-Fi card to your home Wi-Fi network. A USB memory card reader is included to simplify set-up. After that, just stick the Eye-Fi Card into your camera and go out and take pictures as you normally would; it's when you return home that the magic begins. Once it connects to your home network, photos are automatically uploaded to your computer and, if you choose, your favorite photo or social networking website.

You Shoot Photos, Eye-Fi Does the Work
Uploading your photos to your computer and getting them where you want to share and print them is often a complicated and tedious task but Eye-Fi will do all the work for you, giving you more time to take more pictures and create more memories.

Upload to Computer
Uploading photos to your computer requires that your computer be turned on and running the Eye-Fi Manager software. When it detects the Eye-Fi Card on the network, photos will be uploaded into the folder on your computer that you choose. You don't have to bother with cables or camera software; everything is automatic.

Upload to Web
Eye-Fi also supports photo sharing and printing websites including Kodak Gallery, Snapfish, Shutterfly, Wal-Mart, Photobucket, Facebook, Webshots, Picasa Web Albums, SmugMug, Flickr, Fotki, TypePad, VOX, dotPhoto, Phanfare, Sharpcast and Gallery. It will automatically take care of log-ins and passwords, and it will even resize your photos if necessary for your chosen site.

Upload to Computer and Web
If you choose to have your photos delivered to both your computer and online, the Eye-Fi Card first uploads your pictures to the Eye-Fi Service, which then sends a copy to the website and one to your computer. In this mode, the Eye-Fi Service will hold onto your photos and deliver them to your computer the next time you turn it on. The photo that is sent to the website might be resized, but the one sent to your computer will retain its full resolution.

The included Eye-Fi Manager makes it easy to change preferences, letting you add wireless networks, change destinations, and adjust other settings.

Specifications and Requirements
The Eye-Fi Card works with 802.11g, 802.11b and backwards-compatible 802.11n wireless networks. It supports 40/104/128-bit WEP encryption, WPA-PSK, and WPA2-PSK for secure Wi-Fi transmission. It has a range of 90+ feet outdoors and 45+ feet indoors.

The Eye-Fi Card works with virtually all digital cameras that accept SD memory cards, but you should check the Eye-Fi website for the most recent compatibility list (www.eye.fi). The Eye-Fi software works with Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Mac OS X (10.3 and 10.4)

Please note: The Eye-Fi automatic wireless uploading process currently only supports jpeg files; if you are shooting other file types such as RAW, the Eye-Fi Card will function as a normal SD card and store photos but will not be able to wirelessly upload them.
Eye-Fi is compatible with these sites, allowing automatic uploading of photos.

Product Description
Yes, there really is Wi-Fi inside that tiny little card. We think it's going to change the way people take, save and share photos. The Eye-Fi Card comes with everything needed to make it simple to set up and connect to your home Wi-Fi network. After that, pop the card into your digital camera and start capturing those memories. It stores pictures like a regular SD card no matter where you are, and uploads your photos automatically as soon as you return to your home network. All you have to do is turn the camera on. Fits digital cameras that use SD memory cards. Offers 2 GB of memory to store photos on the card. Includes USB memory card reader to make set-up easy. Eye-Fi Card requires Internet connection to set-up and WiFi network for wireless transfers Eye-Fi Card works with virtually all digital cameras accepting SD memory cards Eye-Fi Card works with 802.11g, 802.11b and backwards-compatible 802.11n wireless networks Eye-Fi software works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X (10.3 and 10.4) Eye-Fi software works with Internet Explorer 6 and 7 (Windows only), FireFox 2.0 (Windows and Macintosh) Eye-Fi Card wirelessly connects to your home Wi-Fi network and uploads your pictures to a photo sharing or social networking website of your choice. Behind the scenes, the Eye-Fi Service intelligently handles your photos, getting them to your chosen site, taking care of log-ins and passwords, even re-sizing pictures if your destination requires it. It's secure and private, and photo uploads are free and unlimited with your Eye-Fi Card

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  • Uploads photos automatically from Eye-Fi Card inside your camera. Built-in Wi-Fi connects to your home network
  • Provides free and unlimited photo uploads to your computer and your favorite photo or social networking website. Photo transmission is secure and private
  • Supports sharing and printing websites, including Fotki, Shutterfly, dotPhoto, webshots, phanfare, Picasa Web albums, flickr, TypePad, Wal-Mart, snapfish, VOX, smugmug, facebook, photobucket, Kodak Gallery, and Sharpcast
  • Handles full-resolution jpeg images and intelligently re-sizes photos if limited by your chosen photo or social networking website
  • Fits digital cameras that use SD memory cards and offers 2 GB of memory to store photos on the card
Customer Reviews:
  • Completely Dissatisfied [OS X]
    I really wanted to like this product, but I have found it to be a nuisance under OS X (I have the latest updates for everything). When the card wants to connect (because it is not when YOU want to), the manager will transfer some files and then will crash. After that, it is a matter of invoking black magic spells to see if the stupid thing will want to sync again with iPhoto.

    I oftentimes get so frustrated that I just plug in the card directly to the computer, which defies the whole purpose of having a wireless SD card. When it works, it won't transfer movies from your camera, and it won't delete the pictures that you have already downloaded to iPhoto. So guess what? You need to connect the card to your computer; defying, yet once again, the whole purpose of a wireless SD card.

    In a nutshell, you will end up plugging this SD card to your computer more times than actually using it wirelessly. I don't know if it works fine un Windows, but as far as OS X goes, this is buggy and a royal pain in the butt to work with....more info
  • I am IMPRESSED!!!!
    I never thought it would work.....who knew!!!
    I have used this on a Canon SD1100is and a Canon g9. Both cameras were set to Superfine and Large quality modes. I paired this with both a pc and a mac for testing purposes. WOW.

    I was astounded at the speed in which my images would upload over wifi to my computer. No more removing memory cards, futzing with usb cables...NADA. Do what you do best...take pictures and forget the REST.

    The card will upload to flickr, smugmug, etc....

    Great product, great pricing, and superfast amazon delivery....more info
  • Great product for bloggers
    I'm a gadget guy, but still found this really fun and amazing: Snap your picture and it's on Flickr (or where ever you choose) in less than 15 seconds. If you shoot infrequently, this is overkill, and in fact, you have to turn off or slow down your auto turnoff so it can run down the batteries. However, if you keep a camera in your pocket all the time, and like sharing pictures, you'll love this. Remember, though, you have to have wi-fi, so it only works when you are connected. If I shoot while I'm out, it won't upload until I get home and re-connect to my home network. Eye-Fi has another product that works anywhere, I believe....more info
  • Eye-Fi 2GB Card
    Save your money and buy a card from San Disk for about 1/5th the cost.
    Card worked O.K. until they did an update and since then I have been unable to download wirelessly.
    I can only get my pictures by removing the card and inserting it into the reader and plugging it into my computer, this I paid $79 dollars for?
    As bad as this card is it is only topped by Eye-Fi's support or should I say non-support. There is nothing online
    that addresses this problem and forget emails they never respond.
    Their ads seem to good to be true and they are in my case....more info
  • Eye -Fi Wireless Camera Card
    This works as advertised and is very easy to setup....My only negative comment would be it comes apart very easily, so handle with care !!!...more info
  • Works great!
    I bought this item along with a CF to SD converter so I could use it with my Canon Rebel XT. It works like a charm - my wife calls it 'magic'!

    We used to leave the pictures on the camera for months and now with the eye-fi, the pictures are instantly uploaded on my PC and to my Picasa web albums. It is awesome!...more info
  • Would be great, if it were just hardware
    From a hardware standpoint this is absolutely awesome, and I love it, but sadly, this is highly software dependent, and EyeFi the company gets in the way.

    Hardware: robust enough; good enough speed for a DSLR, but not great: it's on par with any of the cheap but good sd cards; wifi speed is again good enough for what it does, but I doubt it ever reaches a full 5MB/s transfer, and it gets interrupted all the time, causing some images to take 3 or 4 attempts to be transferred, and others to not be transferred at all.
    If it worked without their draconian software, this would earn it an easy 2.5/5 stars, maybe 3/5 if the wifi was more stable.

    Software: this is where everything falls down. Their software is the only way to get _any_ of the features of this card. It's a combination of a local only web app and a small native applet that downloads the files and stores them. That sounds fine, BUT:
    It will only work if the machine it's on has internet access. Thanks to that, it will stop working if it detects there is a firmware OR a software update. Software updates happen fairly regularly.
    If their servers are down, or are unreachable, you can't even configure your eyefi card, much less use it (I'm experiencing that right now as I try to change the wireless password it has stored).
    The applet is poorly written, it crashes periodically.
    The web app is poorly written, it frequently stalls, misrenders important segments and it's never completely clear about what it's doing. For all you or I can tell, it may be opening up my machine to 101 security holes, or it may be uploading random thumbnails to their server for quality control. You don't know, I don't know, their docs never make it clear.

    Why the software is so restrictive becomes more clear when you start using the software. You see, many of the EyeFi's most attractive features are only available on a subscription basis. If you don't have a subscription, there's buttons next to each blocked function trying to get you to buy it.

    If EyeFi goes under, your $100 memory card is now just a plain, unimpressive 2Gig card that uses a little more battery than a normal card.

    They want you spend $100 on a 2gig memory card that requires you to buy a subscription to use it's features. That's just not right.

    If eyefi decides to release software that lets owners of the cards use their hardware in a reasonable, non restrictive fassion, then it would be an awesome, 5/5 star item.

    They don't seem like they will get there, so wait to buy one until some kind, bored soul publishes hacking instructions. Then we can use the hardware we legally purchased how we see fit.

    Again, don't bother buying it unless you really can't live without it.
    ...more info
  • Worthless Eye-Fo
    Service from the supplier was excellent. The item is worthless. Worked only once and then I was unable to get it to upload or even recognize the chip. It's a very expensive SD card reader and 2 Gig chip....more info
  • Eye-Fi more than capable
    When I bought the Eye-Fi, I was aware that you need to have a home wi-fi network to make it work. This was not the case when I discovered some folks have gotten it to work in a peer-to-peer mode using the D-Link DWL-G730AP Pocket Router. SInce the Eye-Fi is looking for a wireless router, the Pocket Router connects to the Eye-fi just fine after setup in client mode. I connected the D-Link to my laptop's LAN port and the power cord to the laptop's USB port and I was ready to go. With the current updates to the software and firmware, the transfers are speedy and reliable. I use ACDsee Photo Manager to view the picture transfers as they come over the link. I can view them automatically if you use the sync folder option in ACDsee. This is handy if I am doing a shoot. The pictures pop up almost immediately after I take them, allowing me to review the photos in full size as I take them.

    The only complaints that I have are the short range of the wi-fi connection... about 30-40 feet max., and the other is that only JPEG files can be transferred.

    All in all, I'm satisfied with the Eye-Fi. If you want to see info about the D-Link Pocket Router, see it here on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/D-Link-DWL-G730AP-Wireless-Pocket-802-11g/dp/B0002Z45DQ/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1223759894&sr=8-1
    ...more info
  • Excellent concept, good product
    Eye-Fi card is a good product, a bit slow on transfer and consuming the batteries at an estimated 3x rate compared with a regular card (due to the long "awake" times the camera needs to stay up in order to transmit the pictures - if there was any "hand-shake" between card and camera, probably it would be intelligent enough to inform "hey, I'm transmitting, I'll let you know when you can go to sleep mode" and not waste battery). Relatively easy setup, very nice packaging (simple but smart and fancy). I'm glad I purchased it, the pictures are usually in my computer by the time I finished taking snapshots of my son. ...more info
  • EYE-Fi Review by Luther M Beal
    I love the idea of the EYE-Fi card. I like it so much I bought three (3) cards, but I was disappointed to learn I can connect and register only one to my computer. I wish you would fix it so that one could own several of these at a time. When traveling, I often fill several memory cards. The first card I had no problem setting up, but the second and third I had to call for tech help and it took many ours. A nice young man tried to help, but his knowledge was limited and he had to wait for the help of those with more experience....more info
  • Easily and Wirelessly Uploads Photos
    This is the best new product I have ever seen! This card works perfectly with many of my SD cameras completely rendering cables useless!!

    First off, the registration. A quick and simple registration (which you must have an internet connection for) helps you register the Eye-Fi Card with Eye-Fi's server to prevent unauthorized users from using *your* Eye-Fi Card. During the registration process, you also set up your wireless network (with your personal wireless DHCP enabled router), which works with Open, WEP or WPA encryption. It sends a test packet to the Eye-Fi Server, and once it verifies it's arrival, BAM! Your wireless network is set up. The next two are setting up your photo sharing accounts, personally, I use Webshots, and also directing your photos where to save on your computer. After that, you slap your Eye-Fi Card in your camera, take a picture and wammo! The picture is on the hard drive and on the photo sharing web site!

    With so many new features added in the past few months, like geotagging and hotspot access on the Explore Card, this has become a necessity for anyone who uses a digital camera on a regular basis. I have not noticed any excessive battery usage on any of my cameras, which are two Nikons and a Canon.

    Now, there are additional features, such as e-mail and SMS notifications, so if I'm not near my computer, I don't have to check the Eye-Fi Manager to see if my pictures have uploaded, my phone will tell me so.

    It's a great product, but, please, don't buy this card with the intention that it will do what it is not advertised to do, such as create a wireless connection for your PDA, transfer RAW and movie files, send pictures back and forth between your digital picture frame and your camera. No, only JPG files, folks. And it does it flawlessly!...more info
  • Eye-Fi Wireless Card
    The Eye-Fi Card only transfers jpeg files. Nowhere in their advertisement does it list limit type of photo uploads. Althought the ad does not mislead it fails to completely inform. If I had know how it works I would not have purchased the card. ...more info
  • Don't trust your precious pics to this card!
    My husband bought this for me for Christmas 2007 after I saw it on the Today Show. I thought it would be the coolest thing. We left for Disney World in January and I thought this the perfect opportunity for the first use. If I only knew what headaches it would cause! After about 25 pictures being taken on a Kodak EasyShare camera ( which I was told the card would be compatible with) the card would not take anymore pictures and kept saying on screen that the card needed to be formatted ( which I had done the day I received it as instructed in directions ). Needless to say I was upset, but not as much as when I got home and called tech support. They tried to do everything in the world over the phone to fix the problem. They told me they had been having trouble with Kodak cameras with this card! They said they could not do anything for me, but send me another card. That did not make any difference to me,because we have been to Disney World many times, but this set of pics were the most special! My 6 year old son has been a Star Wars fanatic since he was 3 and they have a Jedi Training Acadamy and he was chosen to be in it! So I had all those pics of him fighting with his light saber and several pics of him fighting DARTH VADER! He also had his pic made with his jedi master! It was a dream come true for him and I wanted to have them framed for him. But, because this defective card failed, I could do nothing and we will never have them! They even tried to send them to the tech guys at the company and they could not retreive my pics either. I would think if you make a product, you could fix it or open it to transfer pics to a CD. Guess not! So, I was told today JULY 23,2008 that they were sorry they could not do their job! I sent the replacement they sent me back and got a refund because I would not risk losing anymore precious memories! Be careful with this product!!!!!!!!!!!!1...more info
  • Eye-Fi Memory Card
    Easy to install and use. A great convienence to upload your photos to your favorite photo sharing website....more info
  • Eye-Fi Card Problems
    Ever since I got it I have not been able to get it to work. Been with tech support via emails while they look at the logs. Since 6/25/08 and still ongoing. So at this point, I'm not much for this card....more info
  • Eye Fi with Canon SD550 and 30D w/Compact Flash Adp.
    This has turned out to be a great product both for personal use and business/professional use.
    The product works flawlessly with my SD550 point and shoot. My initial experience with it in my 30D was somewhat of a headache do to trial and error. Here are the steps I took to get it working. It did not work at all by default.. initially I got a CF error and I thought it had completely killed the card.

    1. First I checked my firmware on my canon 30D.. I was one behind.. My camera was running 1.0.5 and I downloaded 1.0.6 from canon.
    2. After the camera was updated I put the eye fi in the card adapter and put it in my 30D camera.. I still got the CF error. So I tried formatting in the camera and that corrected the CF error. I could take pictures with it.
    3. I put the EyeFi card in the USB reader and plugged it into my computer and the Eye Fi manager was finally able to initialize the card again and restore the wireless settings..
    4. The card now works both in my SD550 and my 30D.

    Its possible that I could have just formatted the card to begin with in my 30D without doing the firmware update and that would have corrected it.. I dont know for sure.

    You do see a reduced wireless radius while in the 30D probably due to the compact flash adapter. I added High Gain antenna to my router to help compensate.

    Be very careful on which CF adapter you buy for this card. If you use the wrong one it can kill the card.
    I recommend this store for the CF adapter. They have been thoroughly tested by the store and Eye-Fi.
    ...more info
  • Excellent idea, too few formats!
    I love the convenience of this card. The download software is very easy to use. After initial setup, it works on it own! I like that it creates new folders by date as it downloads the photos. Makes organization quite easy. Download speed is quite fast. The only thing I would like is more formats for the cards (other sizes). This may not be technically possible, but I would buy another one for my small point-and-shoot camera as well, if Eye-Fi made a Memory Stick version... Great product!...more info
  • Fantastic device, makes it so much easier to share photos
    This is a great product, I would highly recommend it. After using it for the last 6 months, it's consistently delivered on what it says it would do, but more importantly I'm noticing it really has made a difference in how we share photos with our friends and family making even the distant relatives feel more a part of our growing family.

    It's not that using the cables to quickly pull a batch of pictures off of our camera was that hard before, but it was just annoying enough that we would wait for a week or two between download sessions. With the EyeFi, it's so super easy to get the pictures from the camera to our computer that we do it the same day they're taken every time. What I didn't realize ahead of time was how big a deal that seemingly small change would be. We happen to have a 1-year old daughter who changes every day, and getting pictures up onto the photo sharing site (Flickr for us) on the same day makes all the extended family feel like they're part of her growing up. Somehow seeing a new picture every day or two just feels more like you're there than seeing a batch of new pictures every week or two, and the EyeFi card makes it so simple that it's easy to do...

    Packaging is very slick, somewhat Apple-esque, and gets you up and running quickly. Installation is a quick plug-and-play with your PC, pop it into the camera, and you're off and running. The EyeFi has worked flawlessly for us without having to touch it since installing. They do release updates every month or two to improve performance or add features, but it's up to you whether you want to download them (super simple if you do). Hasn't impacted batter life in any noticeable way, we're still getting hundreds of pictures between charges on our camera.

    All in all delivers on its promises perfectly, and changes the way we share our photos (a bigger impact than I guessed before we started using it). A definite must-buy for any frequent photographer....more info
  • Eye-fi is a Great Product!
    When I first read about this product, I thought that it may be just another camera gadget that would clutter my bag - after all, how much effort does it take to pull and SD card and put it in the computer? Then I thought about something: If nothing else, this will save wear and tear on the camera and the socket that the card plugs in to.

    I use a Canon XTi, so I got a CF converter to go with the Eye-Fi card. After setting it up on the PC, I plugged the card into my camera. It went in and started working flawlessly. I lost no functionality at all. When I take pictures, they upload to my computer via my wireless home network, and they also upload to my Smugmug site if I select that option. Double redundancy. If I am shooting in the field and have Internet access, which I usually do, someone at home can see what I have done.

    The big advantage for me personally is not having to unplug cards from the camera or use USB cables to download pictures. Once I am sure that the photos are on my computer, I can delete them from the camera and start over again.

    Well worth the price!...more info
  • Love the technology
    I dabble in real estate photography and have always wanted to be able to take photos and instantly send them to a client while I am on the phone with them. This great device makes that possible and it is very easy to use. I am always near some sort of wireless hotspot so connecting is never an issue and I am very impressed with the speed and accuracy of this product.

    I would definitely recommend it....more info
  • Eye-Fi
    I am a techno-geek and am always looking for the newest gadget. A friend recommended this to me but I was quite skeptical. This is by far one of the cooler products that I have purchased. The annoying part of digital photography is what to do with all the pictures and how to get them into the computer, to the web and eventually printing the best of them. This little product does it all effortlessly. A one-time 10 minute set-up on the front end is all it takes to automate the process of moving your photos from your camera to your computer and eventually to the web (I use shutterfly, but you can upload to any photo site that is listed on their site). I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Works as Promised
    Have had card since introduction. Use with a Pentax DSLR and does not seem to affect the battery life much if at all. As an aside the batteries seem to last for ever in my camera. Yes to delete pictures off the card requires a separate step. I format the card to remove the pictures and start over which is the same as with a standard SD card. My uploads are fast but my image size is in the 1-3 mb range. If I shoot RAW I have to download it into a special app anyway. You can now have E-Mail notifications sent to you about what was downloaded from your camera. And, according to the company, a new version of the card is coming out which will support Wi-Fi hotspots and geotagging. It will use the Wayport network which, being a AT&T DSL customer, is free for me. Might have to get it if the cost is not too high....more info
  • Eye-Fi card
    Have not had a chance to use the card very much yet, but I see a great potental in its use.
    Sofar the only Con I have have is that it uses alot of battery power
    Transfer is very quick on the 1 to 3 megapixle pictures and then a noticalbe slow down on larger files
    Other than that I like it a lot and will continue to use it ...more info
  • Birthday Present for Both of Us
    You're playing your favorite game, Wow/Guild Wars/CoD4, and she asks, "Could you get these pictures off the camera?" Well fret no more my friend! This slick product automatically uploads the pictures without ever having to do a thing.

    So far the only configuration option I haven't figured out is how to automatically delete the pictures from the card after uploading.

    Make her happy, make him happy. Buy this....more info
  • Great for parents
    I purchased this for myself and found it to work great. It will load your pictures up to your favorite sites and to your PC. The only problem I have found is that you need to set your camera to not auto turn off, and it does cause the battery to drain a little faster.

    I found this to be even better for my parents who are not technical people. They can take all the pictures they want and then they are automatically loaded to the web and PC for us kids to see. They then can order prints right from the Kodak website. Its great......more info
  • Best Camera Product of the year
    I still haven't gotten over the awe that my camera now uploads pictures automatically. As soon as i bring it back to my house, the pictures start copying to my computer & picasa. It doesn't change the camera's battery life (as far as i can tell) and the interface is convenient and extremely well designed. I think this might be the best high-tech product i've bought this year....more info
  • Great Value
    This is a fantastic product. No more USB cords to attach, just turn on the camera near your wireless station. Shazam!!! Pictures ready to send or edit....more info
  • Works great
    The product is just as described and worked fine with my Canon A540. Integration with TimeCapsule was seamless in WPA/WPA2 Personal mode. In WEP security mode, the Eye-Fi card detected the network but was unable to logon to it....more info
    I thought this was really cool until I read the details. Why is there always a 'gotcha' in high tech? No delete is the big one here. OK, I shoot pictures, upload effortlessly, then manually delete one-by-one each image from my camera. duh! OR, I start up my camera software to delete them all at once, in which case I might as well use the camera software to upload the pics! If I don't delete, duplicates will be uploaded next time! I know, I know, this is a feature!! ...more info
  • Uploading pictures has never been easier
    I read about this little wonder and had to try it out, no matter what the result. I was not disappointed. While they spent quite a bit on some modern packaging, the setup was simple. Push the card, that comes in a USB device, into your computer and tell it what wireless access points to use.

    From there you can decide if it should also store them on your computer while uploading to picture sites like Flickr and Picasa.

    While it can eat battery life a bit faster, it worked seamlessly for me at a recent conference. I put the SSID of the wireless from the conference in the card and as I walked around taking pictures, they uploaded to my account. People were baffled how I was getting them online so fast without even touching my laptop.

    I grinned and walked away knowing this device, well, it just worked....more info
  • Antique interface, not well thought out
    I had high hopes for this gadget. After all, I've been happy with my old Hawkings WiFi webcam for years. Imagine being able to upload pictures from my camera without having to lug a laptop around! That would be sweet.

    Unfortunately, the software is very 1960s, closed, corporate and proprietary. Worse, the clever stubby USB plug means was not as clever as it seemed. The Eye-Fi was not what I expected.

    I expected the Eye-Fi to make my camera a WiFi accessible device. Maybe it would require some software like Apple's Airport Express, and I could configure it that way. Even better would be for it to join the nearest open network, then I could just connect to it via telnet or a web browser and configure it that way. As a backup, the little dongle could have done ethernet, perfect for downloads, uploads and updating. I always carry an ethernet cable so I can use my Airport Express.

    Instead, you have to plug the gadget into your USB connector. This means you have two WiFi radio stations only a few inches apart. That means they interfere, so you can use EyeFi or you can use internet, but not both. Unfortunately, their EyeFi manager software assumes you can use both. I used a USB extension cord and managed to get this working. Maybe I'll get a shorter cord. The stubby USB connector is a great idea, but it doesn't work, not without some outside help.

    As for the software. I imagined that I could just mount the camera like a disk, except over the network. Look ma, no wires. Unfortunately, the 1973 code for an FTP server is still patented, encrypted and inaccessible to modern corporate cultures. Newer network file systems, post 1970s, are way off EyeFi's radar. Imagine, just finding my camera on the network, hit connect, start up iPhoto or whatever and accessing my photos. No such luck.

    Still, I pressed on. It would be neat to have my camera talk directly to my Airport Extreme on the road, when I didn't feel like lugging my laptop and USB extension cord. (Yes, I know, I could just take the little camera cord with me and leave the EyeFi at home). So, having configured the EyeFi to work with my household network, I decided to add a few of my favorite remote networks. I figured that all Holiday Inn Express's are the same, so that would make sense, but first my Airport Express.

    Needless to say, that wouldn't work without the Air Express actually being up and running and having a network connected to the internet. I usually leave it in my bag, but I dutifully set it up, plugged it into my router and so on. Well, that was a pain, but it will save me trouble on the road. Now for the CAVU Cafe at Boeing Field. They have great coffee and great WiFi. Unfortunately, I have to fly there to use it, so EyeFi said no dice. Rather, the EyeFi manager wedged itself into some weird state half updating my Airport Express network, half updating the CAVU Cafe info, but in no way usable.

    Well, that's my signal. This card is unusable, and $100 is way too much for a 2GB card these days. Still, it was educational.

    I hadn't expected much to be honest. After all, I really wanted to upload my pictures to my website, not to some commercial outfit like Flickr or Webshots. I'm paying several dollars a month for hosting, so I should get something out of it. I had planned to run a little server to move my photos from Flickr to my online site, but I can't even get this thing to take the first step.

    I've been trying to figure out who is using these cards. It uploads your pictures to Flickr, but not to your computer. It doesn't work with a WiFi laptop. It doesn't let you configure it for use on the road without also lugging your laptop along with you. I imagine there are people who don't look at their pictures, but just upload them to Flickr, and I know there are people who still have desktop computers, so there is some market. Still, the whole neat idea was to be able to shoot pictures, collapse at some jungle internet cafe and have all your shots waiting for you on your home machine.

    Oh well, Amazon has a great return policy. ...more info
  • Paradigm Shift!
    The next camera I buy must be 'Eye-Fi Powered', I've decided. The annoying stuff with not being able to connect to random hotspots would be alleviated by total integration.

    In the meantime, I would like a way to upload to multiple services (e.g. I want to upload to snapfish and flickr so that I can print private things full size and have controlled sharing on flickr). I would I to manage the photos on the Eye-Fi itself directly (have a real time thumbnail view of the Eye-Fi card's contents and be able to delete stuff).

    Most people would love this product! It's a real boon :3...more info
  • Eye Fi Card in a Canon 1Ds Mark II Digital SLR
    I am using the Eye Fi card with my Canon 1Ds Mark II. I have had no problems at making it work. It have upgraded to the latest firmware on the card and software for the PC.

    I shoot with the following settings of RAW + Small JPG. This card is very helpful for proofing lighting setup in a "wireless tethered mode". Once the lighting is set up as required, I switch over to my high speed CF card slot (camera has both a CF and SD slots).

    If the following items were improved this card would get 5 starts from me.
    - Make the SD memory faster. This card is fairly slow.
    - Come out with a larger, faster SDHC model. Like a 4 or 8GB version. 2GB these days is pretty small.
    - Somehow tweak or increase the transmitting speed.
    - Allow it to also move RAW image files. It can only move JPG image files. ...more info
  • Don't buy if you have satellite internet access!!!!!!!!!
    I was very excited about this card, not so much for its ability to upload photos to an online album, but for the ability to automatically transfer the pictures to my computer's hard drive using the home network.

    What they don't tell you is that if you have satellite internet access (the ONLY high-speed available in my rural location) the card is USELESS because you have to connect to the Eye-Fi server in order to configure the card, and the Eye-Fi server cannot be contacted using Hughesnet (something about proxies). What's more, even if you have an alternate dial-up access, unless your wireless router allows sharing a dial-up connection, the card will still be useless because you have to be on the network that the card will be configured to use when you configure it online. It's all very badly designed, to my way of thinking. Customer service seemed unapologetic. Suggested I buy a "travel router" (for about $100), take one of my computers to a non-Hughes wireless access point, configure it there, then bring it home and use the travel router as my networking router. Hello, excuse me I already HAVE a network router - I don't wish to buy another one just to make your piece of equipment work!...more info
  • Simple, no-nonsense uploading and sharing.
    I have to admit, I was extremely skeptical shelling out $99 for this card. The size is a bit small, but even with today's mega digital cameras, 2GB is plenty of storage for at least a small trip. I read the reviews on Amazon and decided to go for it.

    Set up was a breeze, after entering settings for my secure wireless network, the card connected instantaneously. I think a lot of people are under the impression that this will work as if it were bluetooth capable. Not so. You must be able to connect to a wireless network. If this wireless network is secure and you don't have access, you will not be able to upload the photos.

    Transfer speeds seem to be very fast, especially from the card to the computer. I can't say that I sat there with a stop watch and timed a bunch of uploads. Even with a Cable connection to the internet, uploads from the Eye-Fi interface to the photo sharing website were somewhat slow. I guess I have grown accustomed to this since uploading large files to photo sharing websites tend to take a bit longer.

    Overall, I think this is an exceptional value. I have ignored all of my other memory cards for this. I am lazy and don't feel like taking my memory card out every time I take pictures. Now, I just turn on my camera and it automatically links to the Eye-Fi interface and the upload is done....more info
  • Works Great - Well worth the investment
    This device is great. I shoot lots of still life/product pictures and before the Eye-Fi had to remove the SD card, walk over the PC, insert it into SD card reader, find images and review the images on my PC. Then remove the card from the reader, walk back to the camera, reinsert the card, etc.

    With the Eye-Fi device, I just shoot, walk over to the PC and see the results. Set up was simple even with my WiFi network having a WEP key. I just love this device....more info
  • Love the concept, but some HUGE flaws
    I REALLY want to love the Eye-fi card... the concept is great. It is a 2GB SD memory card, with built-in wireless. So if you are in range of a wi-fi access point that you have configured the card to recognize, it will effortlessly load your pictures to the Eye-fi site, and also to the photo sharing site of your choice, AND to your computer. Great concept. The Eye-fi software that comes bundled with it is good, and compatible with Mac which is great.

    The HUGE problems with this card are:
    * The transfer speeds of this card are too slow to support video transfer. They SAY it will, but I can tell you it doesn't for my Panasonic TZ5 camera except on the lowest quality setting. Eye-fi refuses to publish their transfer speeds. Here is what their tech support said in response to an email from me: "We do not share the information about the Eye-Fi Card's specific read/write speeds. I can tell you that our card is on par with the speed of basic consumer SD cards on the market." Translation: Our card is so slow, we can't tell you how slow it is, or you wouldn't buy it. In my camera, taking still pics is OK, but it won't let me record video.
    * The battery drain is significant when you are transferring photos.
    * It will ONLY transfer JPEG photos via wireless, not movies.

    So.. for $99 I got a card that is great for still photos, but useless for video recording. Now I have to carry multiple cards, and switch them out, which is a hassle.

    If Eye-fi would fix the transfer speed of the memory card, I would have absolutely no problem recommending this card....more info
  • Amazing Product, but *CAUTION!
    Just received my EyeFi the other night. It is amazing, I use this item in a Canon A540 and the uploads are nearly instant at the highest settings (6MP). With my set up it is safe to assume the picture is already uploaded after the 2 second picture preview on the camera.

    I originally purchased one of these on an Auction site. *Never purchase one of these USED on an auction site. The item I received was still locked with the previous users email address and no way to recover. the EyeFi customer service is Amazing! any question they will answer and the turn around is sometimes less than a day. Without the MAC address, which is only accessible after logging into the card it was totally locked... now I'm still waiting for the auctioneer to return my money. Amazon's service was amazing. I received the item fast and it was Brand New and I was up and running in only a few moments.

    It doesn't take much to set up the card. If you set up your own home wireless router it is even easier. I limit MAC addresses allowed into my router - all I had to to was authorize the Eye-Fi's MAC and everything fired up instantly... I didn't even have to leave my laptop :) ...more info
  • Eye-Fi Review
    The Wi-Fi did not work. I returned it for a refund, not a replacement. I'm sure it was just a defective product....more info
  • Amazing Technology - The future is here!
    I'm a gadget guy who has to have the latest and greatest of everything, and I think this is the latest AND the greatest. No, it's not perfect, but it amazed me and that is hard to do these days!

    The setup worked as it should, except for some reason I had to enter my WEP password a few times before it took.

    I use Kodak Gallery, and that set-up step was as easy as telling the EyeFi program my email and Kodak password. Instant connection.

    I then put the card in my camera, took a picture, and saw from the computer it was already being uploaded to my PC and to Kodak Gallery. SLICK!

    I take hundreds of pictures every week, and I sort of dread the hour or so I have to spend doing this task. It is especially frustrating when I am taking pictures of something to post on-line because I will take a picture, take out the SD card, transfer it to my computer, then realize I need another photo, place SD back in the camera and repeat. THOSE DAYS ARE GONE NOW!!!

    I am using a Nikon D40. The setup program had specific instructions on how to change the Nikon power settings so that the card stays powered long enough to upload the photos. No noticeable additional battery drain, but the Nikon battery life is a wonder unto itself anyway.

    Room for improvement: Well, it isn't perfect. The WIFI range appears to be about half of what my laptops get. I was hoping I could be in the back yard or at least the living room (100-200 feet away) and have this magic process work, but I pretty much have to have the camery in the bedroom where my WiFi router is.

    Overall, highly recommended! ...more info
  • I take SO MANY more pictures!
    Wow, this product is SO AWESOME. If you have a wireless network at home and a camera this supports, BUY THIS!

    I had to do set up twice before it worked automatically. But after the 2nd time it became exactly what they advertised. I use it with Kodak Gallery.

    I used to miss or forget to upload pictures but now they just upload themselves and I can look thru the albums it creates and share quickly. Better yet, I can order my pictures to pick up at Target and have them in hand so quickly!

    Anyway, I highly recommend this product. If your camera is not supported, get another camera! It's really that good....more info
  • Perfect labor-reducing wireless solution!
    The Eye-Fi card is a perfect labor-reducing wireless solution for photography at home - the photos upload as you take them, so you never have to do that step. That being said, in one of my cameras with a metal body, the signal strength is poor....more info
  • Great Product but still a few bugs
    This is great product but the software behind it still has a few kinks that need to be ironed out. I thought this would be an ideal product for the non-technical folks in my family up easily upload their pictures. However with frequent (though necessary) updates and many glitches, this product is only suitable for tech-savvy early adopters.

    There is little or no support for this product when it doesn't work.

    I have had to remove mine from my camera because it interferes with the working of my wi-fi network. It's disappointing that this review is the only way I can let the manufacturer know!...more info
  • Great
    Great but not always easy to use, need some process. Wish it would be easier like with the wire. (Use a Mac book pro with Iphoto)...more info
  • Useless
    Right out of the box major problems. Card will not find wi-fi net work, even though my MacBook, iMac and iPod touch connect with no problems. Don't waste your time calling tech support...I've been on hold for 2 hours..good concept, lousy product/support....more info
  • One of the best gadgets I own!
    I have been using this since I received it Christmas morning. The cost is no more than I have spent in the past for a memory card (my how the prices of those have dropped!) and since I use my camera a lot, it saves me the time of having to stop shooting to offload the pictures to my laptop. I heartily recommend this product!...more info
  • Awesome
    This is a great idea. The included software works great. No problems at all installing this and getting it running in the camera. Having the pictures show up on the computer and online by just turning the camera on while at home is great....more info
  • works like it says just a little slow
    I really like this card but I don't like how slow it is with my canon S5-IS. If you are taking pics that the file size is big the uploading time is not the fastest. If I had to buy this card again I would still get it. It just to nice not to have to dig a cable out and then plug it into my cam, just turn the cam on and it will do everything on its own. Oya if you have a mac it works great!!!! I use it with my iMac and iphoto and it works great. ...more info
  • Best $100 i've spent Online!! JUST BUY IT (PERIOD).
    What a great idea that works easily!! AND EASY TO SET UP (5min max!!) I bought another one for friends that just had a baby and set that one up in a couple of minutes! Use on a Gateway Laptop & Powerbook!

    JUST BUY IT! ...more info
  • Eye Fi Card
    I am very impressed. It was easy to set up and use. I only wish it had larger memory, either 4 or 8 GB. I like the upgrade that allows quicker download speed direct to my computer. Uploading to Flickr takes quite a while....more info
  • Worthless product
    This eludes that it links a camera to your computer,, in fact it links you camera to a Wireless Function of a computer,,, Included software did not work.. had to download software, and register email address .......more info
  • Amazing Device With A Little Surprise
    I bought the Eye-Fi for my sister. She's still in College and must take a picture of every exploit and put it on Facebook ASAP, so I thought this would be perfect for her. We set the card up on my PC at my house across town so she could get a feel for it. Everything worked perfect, easy setup. But what happened next was...unexpected?

    She took the camera back to her place and a couple of days later she got a new tattoo and took some pictures. To my surprise they started to upload directly to my PC. Because not only is there an option to upload directly any site like Facebook or Flickr but you can upload directly to your PC. Because she never changed her setting in her Eye-Fi account, it uploaded to my PC.

    I got to thinking how cool of a feature this would be. Someone could be on vacation, taking pics, upload them right to Grandma's PC. Within minutes, she can be viewing what her grandkids have been doing all day.

    And to add to the awesomeness of the whole situation even more I remembered that my Sister had a Kodak Wireless Digital Picture Frame. It auto cycles the picture from any folder destination on yer PC! So it uploads to Grandma's PC, then automatically to the picture frame. Timeline looks like this:

    Take Pic - Auto Uploads Pic once you get back home - Uploads to Eye Fi Manager site - Sends to Facebook (or wherever) - Sends to Desktop - Picture Frame cycles to new pics from Desktop.

    Amazing. I'm sure there are business applications to all of this as well but I thought I would add a personal touch to it. Congrats Eye-Fi....more info
  • Faulty product - DOA
    Just got this today, followed the instructions, and...nothing. Two computers (Windows XP) said the card needed to be formatted. Was able to format (FAT16), but still neither computer could read the card after. Tried two other card readers, same result. I spoke with Eye-Fi tech support, and they are going to send out a replacement. Though at this point, I'm not sure I want one, especially after reading about the problems. It seems their manufacturing process is not as stable as it needs to be. ...more info
  • How did I ever live without this?
    I don't know what's up with the reviewers who said this card was too difficult to set up. It couldn't have been easier. I set it up on my Macbook, and on my PC, created an account, uploaded a picture to Flickr, and did it all within 1/2 hour. I've never gone through a setup process this easy.

    I always procrastinated uploading pictures to my hard drive, and then getting them to Flickr because it was a drag going through all the steps involved. I'd wait until I had a bunch and then sit down and do it. The Eye-Fi card makes this entire process so effortless that I'm uploading single pictures immediately now.

    Several other reviewers mentioned the need to keep the camera on during the upload which makes sense, but one forgets about the Auto Off, and it's not mentioned in the setup instructions. So the first thing I did was to set my Auto Off timeout from 20 seconds to 5 minutes. This gives me plenty of time to upload pictures. I'm a fanatic about turning off my camera anyway, so not having a low timeout doesn't bother me.

    In my opinion, the Eye-Fi card is worth every penny, and I love it!...more info
    I can't say enough good things about this product. As a professional photographer, it's so convenient to have my photos waiting for me on my computer when I'm finished shooting. It saves both time and money, since my clients don't have to wait for me to download all of my images to my computer.

    It's amazingly easy to set up and get started right out of the box.

    I HIGHLY recommend this product....more info
  • Nice Add-on
    Plunked it in my 1D MkII and set it as backup from my CF card. The Jpegs just appear magically in my laptop and on to Flickr, too. Sure wish they'd let me push the CR2s out on the net, as well. Probably get beat up by Canon' legal beagles though......more info
  • great upgrade for older digital cameras
    This is just a fantastic product! Works great, easy to install and configure and just very convenient....more info
  • Just as advertised
    This product performs exactly as advertised. Although I would like to mention that you will have to be very close to the wireless router when setting up the card. After that it worked fine....more info
  • Disappointed, then Elated
    Oh the anticipation! Oh the excitement! It's here! It's here! Oh my, what great packaging! Oh. My. Previously registered to another user?? Oh, BOO. (that's not actually what I said). Wrote the good people at EyeFi, within a week had a new card (an _actually_ new card...not a reject from someone else) and WHAM--it worked flawlessly. This thing is SO cool. I use it with 3 Macs, iPhoto, Phanfare and Picasa. Rockin' technology, rockin' product. Highly recommend. Only wish would be to have it auto-detect and use available free/open WiFi networks. BUT, that said, GET ONE!...more info
  • Best. Digi-cam. Invention. EVER.
    I just got this card, and it is the best invention to hit in-home digi-cam users EVER in my opinion. Or at least since the invention of image stabilization.

    I bought a Nikon S7 camera based entirely on it's wifi abilities, and was devastated to find it didn't work even marginally with my iMac. As in complete failure.

    But this wonderful invention 100% cured that problem! It took me about 15 minutes of messing with my wireless network to get the Eye Fi to jive with my router, but once set up it just WORKS. I make custom watch straps and send a picture of the completed strap to every customer when it's done, so I take between 5 and 20 pics a day depending on my volume. With my camera set at screen resolution (small image files) and 1 minute auto off, all I do is snap all my pics, walk to my computer and VOILA they're on my desktop. It really is like magic! I couldn't be happier about this. No more fiddling with the card every day, no more snapping pics and realizing they're all on my camera's internal memory because I left the card in my computer, no more searching for the card when I set it down somewhere... eye fi is worth every cent at TWICE the price, couldn't be happier!...more info
  • Incredibly easy!
    I have a Mac, and unfortunately, very often new great products don't function good with Apple. But here, installing and using is just a breeze.
    Coming home, I turn the camera on, and there it starts, without troubles.
    With iPhoto combined with iPhoto Library, I asked Eye-Fi to download the picture on my picture folder, and not onto my iPhoto library. Then I can select to which library I want to import the new pictures.
    What's also great, I can rename them directly from the Eye-Fi Folder in "my pictures", preventing from having photo named by date and numbers.
    I love this card, I'm sure you'll love it too. ...more info
  • A word about support
    I got the Eye-Fi card and it didn't work. New and right out of the box it did nothing. I could see that it didn't have a notch cut out to enable writing to the card, but I decided not to play with it and get in touch with support. It was late, so I sent an e-mail and in the morning I called and spoke to a tech who processed the return (they were smart enough to match the written and verbal request). There was some delay because I had to reply to their email in order to process the return (defeating the expediency of the phone call). I sent them the entire Eye-Fi with box (had to be priority mail) and got a new one in the mail two days later. I'm really annnoyed to be out $6 and the inconvenience of the RMA because their quality control missed cutting out a notch in the card. In the end I have a working unit, but the excitment I felt about getting the card is gone.

    The Eye-Fi manager is easy to use. I do wish they put the MAC address somewhere. I filter my wireless router by MAC and I had to run through several iterations of failiures before the EYE-Fi manager gave me that information. Once I got it, the software loaded properly and it works fine (if a bit slow but that could be for many reasons). I'd prefer a registration process that doesn't require internet access or require a firmware update before proceeding.

    The packaging is impressive, but I'd rather have had a working unit on the first try. I have been waiting for such an option for my Canon EOS XT and purchased a SD to CF card adapter. I'm going to try it out with a number of different configurations....more info
  • just plain doesnt work, Email support spotty, try this, try that
    it's been weeks working thru Email support and still doesnt work
    probably just returning as it just isnt worth the hassle, AND i'm an IT professional orignally purchased for EASE of uploading pics for pre teens
    ...more info
  • It just works
    I downloaded, installed and launched the software from the Wi-Fi website (I'm running OS X 10.5.1) I plugged the card into my Mac, and not 5 minutes later had configured the card to send pictures to my Flickr account and to iPhoto on my laptop through my home wireless-G, WPA encrypted network.

    No problems at all with the setup. A very nice product. Pictures uploaded and went where they are supposed to go.

    ...more info
  • Once you install eye.fi software, you can't get rid of it!
    eye.fi doesn't come with any uninstall software, so it is hunt and peck to remove the crumbs.
    And even then, it still comes back to haunt you. The software literature is outdated for a
    Mac, plain out wrong and misleading. It is a monster to set up and I can't believe that there
    is a wifi chip built into their SD card. You should be able to set this up wirelessly, but they
    give you a USB SD adapter, that takes up all the USB slots. I would recommend waiting, till
    this becomes a more mature product, with technical reviews, before buying. I sent mine back!...more info
  • Good idea, bad execution
    -Good capacity (2GB)

    -Unreliable. The first big trip I bring it on, it malfunctions, the camera can't use the card anymore, and I get home and 85% of my pictures are gone. I can't trust the card anymore so I'm probably going to return it.
    -Not enough bandwidth downloading pictures to computer. It takes a long time to transfer the pictures off the card onto the computer.
    -You have to turn off the battery saving features on your camera for it to download the pics. I've been pulling the card out and sticking it in a card reader so that it gets power from the reader.
    -If you leave the card connected to a power source (camera, card reader), it gets really warm.

    This product was based on a great idea, but I think they totally fell short on what it could have been....more info
  • Didn't fit
    The card did not fit in my camera. I was so excited to try this wireless card. I was disappointed when it didn't fit. I couldn't find any information on card size and camera compatability....more info
  • 'Love this card!
    I love to take photos of friends, family, and scenery, but never remember to get them out of the camera and uploaded to someplace where I can share them from. This card is wonderful! If I'm within reach of one of my wireless connection at home or in a hotel I've set up, I just leave the camera on for a couple of minutes while I'm doing something else and the card takes care of the rest. All I need to do is click on my Picasa or SmugMug account and share the photos with whomever I want....more info
  • so far, not good - had to return it, awaiting replacement
    i was very excited to get this product and tried it in 2 different cameras. however... it didn't work reliably. after a couple of attempts to use it, the pictures i took uploaded automatically, but then the card couldn't be read by my camera any longer and the message "please format this card" kept coming up.... repeatedly. i tried a 2nd camera, got "memory card error." awaiting a replacement, we'll see if it does any better....more info
  • Love it how did I ever live without it!
    I saw this at macworld and thought it would be fun to use since i love macs and use a macbook, It was so simple to use, No disc to install, great since the new macbook Air does not have a optical drive.

    Set it in a usb port and you are all set for a simple easy setup....took 2 minutes, my test shots hit flickr and iPhoto, so simple and a very cool product :) works with both my Safari and Firefox........more info
  • What it Is and What it Isn't
    The Eye-Fi is a remarkable device that was quite the buzz at the recent CES and MacWorld shows, and with good reason in my book. What it is a standard 2GB SD Memory card with good read/white performance that also packs in a built-in Wi-Fi connection that has been seen a feature on a few digital cameras over the past year or two. What it isn't--is without a few minor limitations you should be aware of.

    After you have set the card up using the Windows or Mac software included on the card (or downloadable from the manufacturer's website), including finding and registering the card on your local wireless network, then each picture you take with your digital camera will begin uploading after a few seconds to your favorite photo sharing/storage website. It will also support uploading as well as to your networked computer--if you choose.

    I used the Eye-Fi at a party and told my friends that they would be able to view all the pictures on my webpage as soon as they got home. It worked flawlessly, the only issue being that really large resolution digital pictures will take some time to upload, as most home-based broadband internet connections have upload speeds capped off at 128 or 256MBS--far less than the gigabytes of download speed you might have. Again, this isn't the Eye-Fi's fault, but a limitation of your internet connection.

    Don't get this card thinking it will replace the wired connection to download your photos to your computer, because it won't be as fast. Don't get it as your only memory card. Don't think you will be able to pop into any WiFi hotspot and begin uploading pictures--you have to set up the card with a computer to work with each specific wireless network.

    DO get this as a fabulous add-on for your digital camera (assuming it takes SD memory cards), allowing you to shoot pictures directly to your computer or favorite photo website. DO plan to spend a few minutes setting it up for the first time--including some special set-up on your camera if you are using the Eye-Fi with a Nikon Digital SLR model camera (D40, D80, etc.) DO use the included SD to USB adapter to set up the Eye-Fi, the card may not read on other SD readers/cables (but the compact Eye-Fi SD reader does seem to work with all other standard SD format memory cards, so that's a nice bonus!) DO understand that it will drain your camera battery a bit faster because of the WiFi radio transmitter, but not horribly so.

    In other words, the Eye-Fi rocks and is a worthwhile addition to almost anyone's digital camera set-up. Highly Recommended....more info
  • Beware
    I purchased this device thinking what a great tool this would be for simplifying the download process of my photos from camera to computer.

    While the idea is great the product is not. I have yet to get it to work properly, even after several calls to tech. support. It works fine as a simple card reader, only if I remove the card from the camera and place it into the USB supplied adapter. Thne wireless function will not work after repeated attempts!

    You may experiance different results but I use a Dell laptop with Windows XP Pro. Nothing unusual about my hardware, software or configuration so one would assume it would work. Bottom line it doesn't!...more info
  • Simply amazing, effortless, sharing!
    Now this is how digital cameras should work. Take pictures and let them "automagically" appear on your home computer and your photo-sharing sites.

    For anyone considering this card, or just wants an easier photo experience, don't hesitate to buy one. I picked up one for myself and was so impressed with it I purchased 2 more as gifts within 30 minutes.

    The card itself looks and acts like a regular SD card in your camera. Take all the pictures you want, pop it into a USB reader and you can copy them over just fine. Seems to be compatible with pretty much any camera that uses SD cards.

    The software (I've tried out both the Mac and Windows versions) couldn't be any simpler. It installs an icon in your system tray or menu bar that provides easy access to the eye.fi web site, change preview settings, and pulls down photos that were sent to the service (if you choose to have copies saved on your local computer). Even smart enough to put downloaded photos into date-stamped folders for easy organization.

    The web site is where you manage your photo services for uploads, letting you link existing accounts (like Flickr or Picasa) or set up new ones easily.

    The online help and documentation are well written, easy to understand, and to the point. I haven't had any reason to contact technical support yet but if it's as good as the rest of this product I won't be disappointed.

    My only gripe is there aren't any larger sized cards available, but when one comes out I'll be upgrading. I am currently using a 8G card for RAW photos which are not supported for uploads, only JPG files are supported for auto-uploads, but any file type is saved to the card which can be read using any USB reader....more info
  • Revolutionary Product!
    The most important thing I can say about this product is: it works! It does precisely what it says it will do.

    I take pictures with my camera, I wait a while and it automatically uploads it to my photos folder on my computer and to my Flickr account. I put it someone else's camera, like my kids' camera, take pictures and it does the same thing. No configuration necessary in the camera and it works with any camera.

    On top of the excellent WiFi functionality it's also an impressively fast 2 GB SD card.

    Highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • Huge time saver
    We bought this card 2 weeks ago, and it's been an incredible time saver allowing us to effortlessly share our photos with remote friends and family. Setup was a snap, and operation has been flawless with pictures available online within minutes.

    The one issue I'd report is that my camera takes video as well as photos, and the videos aren't handled by the upload process. It would be a nice addition if future versions of the card could upload video to appropriate sites....more info
  • Awesome! Awesome!
    This is an awesome product. Works with Mac and PC. I am impressed on the ease of setup and the speed and convenience of uploading images as we shoot them....more info
  • Fabulous for eBay sellers
    This little device is a great productivity improver if you sell items on eBay, especially if you just can't resist tweaking your listings and adding that one last great photo... :-) I also like the auto-upload to Picasa for family photos, and expect it to speed up the posting of travel photos when I get home. Yes, does burn up more battery, I will have to decide whether to use it on very long trips where I cannot expect internet access or easy access to power until I get home....more info
  • mind boggling product
    Just got it today.Very easy installation,works like a charm as advertised.Pictures uploaded to computer and web immediately as soon as I took them in 2-3 secs.Two Warnings if you use a mac adress security filter on your network, you must get mac adress of card before it will connect to your network. I advise temporarily first disabling filter, then install card and point and scroll over card picture on screen .Card mac # appears.Be careful when choosing web or computer as destination for pictures because they upload so fast to both.Amazing product with canon SD950 IS camera- picture perfect, and good phone card support too. I bought two cards one for me and forCanon PowerShot SD950IS 12.1MP Digital Camera with 3.7x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Titanium) my son also. ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    Some people may wonder who would want such a product. I have a relative who is not computer savvy at all, and wishes cameras went back to the days of film. Well, now that she has this great wi-fi card, all her pictures automatically upload to her computer and then to Flickr just by having her camera turned on at home. No more trying to find cables and go through the process of pulling the pictures off the camera and onto her PC. She finally 'gets it' and now everyone in the family can see her pictures online almost as soon as she takes them. I've been waiting for a device like this to bring her into the digital age....more info
  • Big Bang for your buck(s)!
    The Eye-Fi installation was so easy...a caveman could do it! Couldn't resist. Worked like advertised and works nicely. This SD chip is to instant cameras (mine is the Canon SD1000) as remote controls are to televisions. I never got around to unloading my pictures to my pc, until I was in a rush to use the camera and get out the door, this device made moving my files a bit of a breeze. Meaning the camera has to be powered up for the transfer to take place. Files are foldered by date. I tend to manage my files, so I really like the auto file breakout. I did't use the auto-upload feature, I don't use online photo services. During the install, avoid setting this up by just navigating to the bottom of the offer screen.

    ...more info
  • EYE FI is wonderful!
    Eye-fi cards is a wonderful product that is easy to use and makes it so much easier to download the photos you have taken vs having photos live in your camera until you can find time to connect and download. Plus downloading to both the HD and an online photo sharing site just saves time....more info
  • Perfect gift for that special low-tech person in your life
    I got one of these for my mother for christmas. My mom loves her digital camera, and loves sending us photos, but she finds it complicated to remember how to do all the steps necessary -- plugging the camera in, downloading the files, finding where the downloaded files have gone, remembering to go to flickr to upload them, blah blah blah.

    Now she doesn't need to remember. She just puts her camera next to her computer and the photos magically turn up. She loves it! And since it sends them to Flickr automatically instead of emailing us attachments, we love it too.

    Some caveats:
    1. Set-up, for a low-tech person, is still a little complicated. I recommend setting it up for them.
    2. Set up and most interesting operations *require* an internet connection, so if your loved one hasn't got internet access (preferably always-on broadband-style) this isn't going to work for them.
    3. If you're good enough with computers to handle cable uploads easily, cable uploads are faster and more immediate. I wouldn't get one of these for myself.

    Despite that, this is still an amazing, magical product that feels like something out of 2015....more info
  • what a great product
    It took me about 5 minutes to set it up and worked perfectly with my new lumix camera and my mac book pro running leopard. Note that when I first plugged the card it did a firmware update. I can now take pictures and have them load up on my computer and on my kodak gallery at the same time, all without ever connecting the camera to the computer or removing the memory card. ...more info
  • Great Product After Initial Problem
    We received this as a gift for Christmas. I followed the very simple instructions (plugging the eye-fi card reader with the card inserted into a USB Port on my Windows XP Desktop). Nothing happened. When I removed the Eye-fi card from the reader, I could insert a 'regular' SD card into the reader and it would work fine. I suspected a problem with the card itself. My camera would not read it either and I could not reformat.

    It was a little frustrating as the Eye-Fi website did not have this problem listed under the troubleshooting section; I used the Amazon.com reviews to troubleshoot my problem. Long story short, I called the company and they agreed that there was a problem with the card (they were really nice, no long hold time or confusing menus to navigate). I mailed back my old one and they sent me a new one. I plugged it in yesterday and it works great!

    Some of the other comments say that this isn't for a computer novice, but I found that the menus and overall setup were super simple. I have a very standard, simple internet system (cable modem with one wireless router attached), and many of the reviews where people had problems seemed to be when they tried to use the product with a more-than-basic wireless home network setup (multiple routers, etc).

    One thing that would be nice is if there was an option to allow the card to 'roam' for available wireless networks instead of requiring it to connect to a specified network. I understand that this is largely for security (and so that the card isn't using other's bandwith to upload photos), but I do a lot of real estate things, and it would be really nice to take the pictures and then pit-stop in a coffee shop with free wi-fi while the pictures upload to Picasa (you can choose a ton of photo sharing programs) so that the people in my office could immediatly start using them. Perhaps this capability will come with a software upgrade in the future and won't require a replacement of the whole card.

    One other review stated that it's a pain that the pictures don't automatically delete from the card after uploading. I can see where this might be a concern, but the card is huge and can hold a ton of pictures. I like the assurance that my pictures are being stored in three places (card, Picasa and my computer). If these things could roam as I stated above, it would be really nice to have the auto upload in the event of a camera theft on a vacation or something. If you have ever had a camera stolen with a bunch of pictures on it that you really wanted, you know what I mean.

    Looking forward to using this product more and to improvements in the future....more info
  • Critical Card Error and Bad Customer Service
    Card and network connections were easy to set up right out of box. Worked great for the first couple weeks. Card crashed on me while shooting pictures Christmas Eve night. Put in claim to customer service that night. Was amazed to hear back from them on Christmas day and try different suggestions. Now, almost 2 weeks later, still have a bad card, lost some pictures and haven't heard back from customer service on what to do next. Thought card worked great when it did, but failure of customer service to resolve my problem leaves a bad taste with me....more info
  • Great concept, but
    This was bought as a gift for my husband, unfortunately we have one of the few cameras on the list that this is not compatable with. He loved the idea, but was disappointed that it is not compatable with all SD memory card cameras....more info
  • just short of excellent--but still very good for now
    V2 of the eye-fi should be really great, if they allow you to add hotspots on the fly.

    I bought this for my wife because she loves to take pictures and put them on flickr, mostly snapshots of friends, family, and the cool things we see in our city. When she gets home and puts the camera (Casio Exilim Z80) on play, all the photos upload to her page and she begins to caption them on-line.

    If I need to add another wifi hotspot, though, I can only do it through a computer and only with the card in it's USB adapter. That is, I cannot do it remotely.

    All in all, a great idea, with current work-arounds, but still needs some more remote wifi features to make it a must-have....more info
  • Sending back.
    Got this for Christmas as a gift (I asked for it). It never found my wireless network. After emails back and forth with manufacturer, I tried several different router configurations, none helped. I also had a very difficult time registering on the Eye-Fi website. Every time I tried to log in it would not recognize my userid and I would have to re-register all over again! Overall - my experience with this product and support for this product has been frustrating to say the least! I was using an iMac running OSX 10.4, and an Airport Express router. (My computer can also find my neighbors network, this card could not find that one either).
    Good luck to you....more info
  • Amazing idea, needs a lot of work
    I really like this product but there are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing:

    1. In order to use a wireless network with the card you have to have a computer with the manager software installed and connected to that network. For example, you can't pre-configure the SID of an open access point at your local coffee shop then just take your camera there to upload. And, you can't have it search for any open access point; you have to pre-configure it using your computer with the card connected.

    2. You can only upload to one photo service at a time. To change them you need a computer with the manager software running.

    3. It takes a LOT of battery life! It drains the batteries on my Nikon D70 SLR in hours verses the weeks it would normally last....more info
  • Overall Very Good
    The only problem i ahd with this item is that the camera must be placed close to your router for the application to pick up the photos. Other than that a very good product....more info
  • great product
    I bought this product for my grandson for Christmas and he has been so happy with it. Great price prompt shipping. ...more info
  • For all you Mac & TiVo fans...
    Eye-Fi has nailed the details and created a beautifully simple product.

    From the packaging, to the desktop application, to the web application, to the card itself, to uploading to flickr -- this is a fantastic product end-to-end.

    After a simple setup process using the included card reader, I had photos on flickr within a minute or two.

    The one downfall I've seen so far is that it doesn't support video upload.

    (I'm on Mac OS 10.5, connecting wirelessly through a WPA-encrypted 802.11G network.)...more info
  • Best Invention in Years
    Bought this for my girlfriends camera which has SD. She loves it. Pretty much a 5 minute setup, now anything she shoots goes straight to our network drive when she is in range. (home)

    I even bought an SD to Compact Flash adapter card and used it in my Nikon D70s.

    Have not had any problem with it missing any photo's like another reviewer said. It just automatically detects the signal when you are in range and starts uploading.

    Love it!...more info
  • Awesome!
    This thing is great, works as advertised perfectly. One thing they don't tell you is that if your camera or computer are turned off or out of range of each other, the moment they are both on and in range they automatically download the pics with no additional instructions from you, Amazing!!!...more info
  • EyeFi
    Best "out of the box" experience I've had in a long time. It works flawlessly. Bought the CFII adapter to fit my Canon Digital Rebel. Took all of 2 minutes to setup and start downloading. If you want your camera to download automatically when you walk into your home this is the gadget to buy....more info
  • I'm a hardcore techie - and I'm amazed by this product!
    This thing is the size of a postage stamp, and not much thicker, yet it contains 2GB of memory, a microprocessor, a wi-fi transceiver, and an antenna! It boggles my mind, and I've been doing stuff with computers and electronics since the electron was invented. ;-) It worked great on the first camera we used it with (a cheap little AIPTEK that I got free when I bought a 65" TV at Circuit City), but I haven't been able to get the wi-fi functions to work with it in our Nikon Coolpix 5700. The only real complaints I have about the gizmo are: 1) the configuration method kind of sucks - you have to plug it into your computer (understandable) and sign up for an account on Eye-Fi's web site (why, if I don't want to use their web-upload service??) and 2) the company tells me (although I haven't gone out and tried it yet) that the device will only work with the wi-fi hub it's configured for - not with any nearby, publicly available hub. It would be more fun if you could have it with you and just start snapping pictures in a coffee shop or bookstore or one of the other million places free wi-fi is available and have the pictures immediately show up on a web site or in a blog. Still, the company had a great idea, and maybe some of these things will be corrected down the line with software or firmware upgrades. (Oh - and for the Linux users in the audience, the Windows Eye-Fi software installs and runs fine on my Ubuntu 7.10 laptop using WINE.)
    ...more info
  • Wow -- works as described!!
    Very impressive product, it has a feeling of "product maturity" about it -- from the very sleek packaging (wowed a couple of people that I gave these too as gifts) to the ease of installation. I have a non-standard network and expected some difficulties connecting ... which I experienced (not the products result), however I was pleasantly surprised that they're "wizard" walked me through troubleshooting and getting a setting I needed rather painlessly. Really neat to not have to cable and copy photos -- good job!...more info
  • Very useful but not for video
    I used this product for a couple of weeks and it's very polished.

    - Easy to use
    - Relatively easy to set up
    - Works!

    Not so Good:
    - It doesn't work well with video because the write speed isn't fast enough.
    - Slower networks can take a while to upload large images (d'oh). This can become a problem with camera battery life for large image.

    - This is an awesome product for family photos that don't need touch-up, but not for 12 megapixel hobby photos or videos.

    ...more info
  • Highly Recommended
    I purchased this for my wife for Christmas. Setup was fast and easy, and she loves the freedom from wires this new card has given her....more info
  • Young Product Hits Many Nails On Their Heads
    I finally had a chance to use this, and I have to say, in the short period of time, I really like it. The short version of my review is that I think it satisfies a niche very very well, with grace & ease, but can use a little polish.

    The basic precept is that if you use this card, the pictures you take will be sent to your computer via your wireless network, and also to a large number of online photo upload services. For those of us with old-school cameras without wifi, this bridges that gap, and brings new functionality to our cameras. It makes life easier, IMO.

    It needs to be beta tested on a wide array of cameras, and those vetted out. This particular combo of a CF->SD adapter and my Nikon Coolpix 4500 work very well.

    Personally, I am very happy with this. It is easy to set up, easy to use, and makes my life easier....more info
  • Great product
    This is a great product it is as advertised, it works great in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

    it doesn't have a very good range, but it will change the way you take pictures.

    I would recommend this with the picasa sofwtare and web albums...more info
  • Great product
    I'm very surprised how well this card works. I take pictures anywhere in the house and its immediately uploaded to to my computer. If I take photos outside my network, I merely turn the camera on when I get home and the photos upload.

    A very cool product. I can't understand why it hasn't caught on? After setup it works in any camera....more info
  • Couldn't get it to work with my Airport Base Station
    Just like with many of these type of gadgets, they make the set up sound easier than it is. While some Mac users may have gotten this product to work, I had to make three phone calls and they still couldn't help me enough in getting the Eye-fi to work on my computer.

    Basically they said it was an issue with my Airport Base Station (version 5.2.2.) The station is internal to my Mac Pro which is not even a year old. But I guess in order for the product to work you need a grand spanking new Mac computer with the really, really latest Airport Base station. Of course they don't tell you all this stuff in their literature. They just get your money and make it hella hard for you to return the item. The people I dealt with didn't even have an address for me to return the product.

    So my suggestion is keep your receipt and order directly from the company rather than Amazon, so there's one less step in the process....more info
  • Check for compatibility first!!!
    Honestly, this product is excellent in theory, but is lacking in practice. I bought this for my father for Christmas because I thought it'd be a neat little gadget thats easy to use and would save him the time of uploading his photos to the family site. What we found is that this is just not compatible with the camera he has. He's got a Panasonic Lumix FX07, but apparently it is only compatible with an FX01 at this point. I'm assuming down the road they'll expand the range, but right now we're returning it. Basically what happens is before a photo can be uploaded, the camera shuts off. There isn't a longer setting on the camera, so no photos uploaded. That, coupled with the fact it takes ~5min/photo to upload, makes it easier just to connect via USB. ...more info
  • EyeFi Magic
    I gave this as a gift. The recipient told me it was a fabulous, time-saving piece of magic....more info
  • play with your network for hours on end
    If you enjoy messing around for hours with computers this is for you. Instead of just plugging your camera into your computer for a minute to download photos, you have to spend more time fooling with this thing. Since most cameras have auto off features (mine max's out at 10 min) and this seems to take minutes per photo, you have to turn your camera on and off 10 times to get the photos. In addition this thing has the range you might imagine it has given its antenna size- good transfers at 10-20 feet-forget about upstairs/downstairs. I have 4 wireless computers on my network that work fine in different places as well so not a network problem. ...more info
  • Didn't work at first, but excellent customer service saved the day!
    This card is supposed to work "out of the box" but ours didn't. When you plug the USB adapter (with the card in it) we got recognition of a generic removable hard drive, but neither the instant set up wizard nor even the "Eye-Fi" icon/label of the drive.

    I downloaded the Eye-Fi manager separately from their own website successfully and manually installed the manager. But, when I tried to run it, I was given the "insert a recognized card" message when the card was inserted.

    I figured I had a dud and was about to return it, but I decided to contact Eye-Fi support first, on the off chance they had any suggestions. I got FANTASTIC (and almost immediate) email support with detailed instructions to reformat the card. (I would have thought that this would have ruined my chances entirely, but in fact it worked). I'll copy the instructions I was given below in case anyone else has the same problem as this is not on their FAQ or troubleshooting page.

    Since then it has worked exactly as advertised. Sitting in the living room on our laptops snapping pictures, and then seeing them show up not two minutes later on Picasa was really cool, I have to say. Later, my mom took the camera to my niece's Christmas concert and as soon as she got home (and turned on the camera -- very important) the pictures uploaded to both the computer and Picasa without incident.

    The only confusing part of the process was in the set up of a Picasa account, actually, and that's not the fault of the card at all. It's handy to know that you don't even need to set up the web album before configuring your card. When you are in the Eye-Fi manager and choose your online photo system (at least for Picasa), you'll be given an option at that time to create a new web album account.

    I'm very pleased with this purchase, with the delivery from Amazon, and most of all with the customer service from Eye-Fi.

    Here are the steps I was given for a "non responsive" card, though you may wish to verify with them before going through the process yourself. I know I felt more comfortable having an email from them that gave me permission to reformat! :)

    Discussion Thread
    Response (Wanda) - 12/18/2007 08:03 AM
    Good Morning, Sarah,

    Would you please be so kind as to try one more thing for me ;) Please format your Eye-Fi Card in your Mac by following these procedures:

    1) Shut down the Eye-Fi Manager agent running in the upper right-hand corner of your computer by clicking on it and selecting "Quit"
    2) Insert the Eye-Fi Card into the USB card reader and into a USB port on your MAC
    3) Make sure that all of the pictures that you have on the Eye-Fi Card in the DCIM folder, and want to keep, have been transferred off of the card
    4) Click on Go at the top of your Mac Finder window
    5) Click on Applications
    6) Double-click on the Utilities folder
    7) Double-click on the Disk Utility icon
    8) In the left side of the Disk Utility panel you should see "1.9 GB SD/MMC Card Reader"
    9) Click on "No Name" underneath "1.9 GB SD/MMC Card Reader" to select it
    10) Click on the "Erase" button in the middle near the top of the Disk Utility window
    11) Choose "MS-DOS File System (FAT16)" from the "Volume Format" pull down menu
    12) Enter "Eye-Fi" in the Name Field underneath the Volume Format field
    13) Press the "Erase" Button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Disk Utility window and wait ... this may take several minutes.
    14) Remove the Eye-Fi Card and USB card reader from the computer.
    15) Double-click on the Eye-Fi Manager icon in your Dashboard and start the agent running again in the upper right-hand corner of your computer
    16) Insert your card back into the USB card reader and into your computer
    17) The Eye-Fi Manager should now launch

    Please reply to me whether this procedure fixes your issue or not?

    Have a wonderful day,
    Wanda...more info
  • Great buy !
    Everything's been covered pretty well here already. I mostly just want to add my vote.

    If you're an advanced photographer, don't buy.
    If you're a computer novice, don't buy.
    If you are in the 80% in the middle... this is a great product....more info
  • Eye-Fi lacking in "RAW" power.
    My digital camera (Canon G9) captures images in Camera RAW mode. All other things being equal, I will always shoot RAW. I use Flickr for uploads, and they don't accept RAW files. The files are also really big, and seem to take forever to transfer to my computer. Hard wire is a lot faster.

    If you shoot/store in the jpg mode, this is a way cool device. It's convenient and quick. If you shoot/store in raw mode it is likely to leave you wanting....more info
  • Decent first version
    Ok, the card is definitely nice.
    But the reconfigurability of it is very lacking.
    The only "online" methods of transfer are web based applications & websites. No FTP/SSH/RSync/whatever is available.
    And when you do decide to have it send to an online storage, the file is first sent to the eye.fi website, then sent from there to the online storage.
    Basically it has 3 choices for transfer
    1: Online storage
    2: Local computer storage
    3: Online & local storage

    the local storage means you must have the Eye.Fi client running on a computer within the wi-fi network your card connects to.

    I think if they were to at least make it so you could set an online address of the host computer running their software instead of dealing with web applications and the delay of sending to eye.fi, then to the remote server.

    Also it does not allow transfer of any non-jpeg images. So RAW/CR2 images will not transfer off of the card.

    I like the card, but I hope they make the changes I listed above and others available through a software update soon....more info
  • Mindless photo synching
    This little card is great for having your photos waiting for you when you're ready to edit them. Personally, it usually takes me a day or two (or more) to upload my photos when I get home from shooting - and part of that is due to procrastination because I know I have to transfer the photos.

    But with Eye-Fi - when I get home I just turn my camera on and forget about it. Then, next time I sit down to edit the photos - they're there waiting for me. Pretty cool.

    I also do a lot of stop-motion work that requires me going back and forth a lot between the camera the images on the computer. Previously I either had my camera directly hooked up to the laptop - which was a pain trying to get the latop near the tripod, out of the way, etc. Or - I would shoot onto a regular card and have to run back and forth to the computer with the memory card reader - also a pain. The Eye-Fi has been a great solution - I can shoot away and watch the images as they transfer to the computer. ...more info
  • It's like living in the future
    Wirelessly, seamlessly, beaming photos to your computer. It's something everyone's probably wanted to do at some point, but for reason it's taken camera manufacturers years to start adding Wi-Fi to their cameras, and then only in limited form. Eye-Fi adds WiFi to any camera. Killer.

    If you're the type that's going to download a full card of 2GB of photos at a time, you'll still want to use a card reader. But if you take photos often and want to get them up onto Flickr or Facebook as soon as you take 'em, there's nothing better than Eye-Fi.

    (But Eye-Fi folks -- find a video partner!)...more info
  • It works!
    I have been using the Eye-Fi card on a daily basis for over a year during the beta and gamma testing periods and now continue to use the production model for two reasons, it works and it saves me time.

    I mainly use my card to shoot photos around the house of my family members, but also use it away from home. While at home I let the card upload while in the camera. Additionally in both scenarios, I put the card in the card reader before going to bed...and by morning all of the photos have successfully uploaded to my account at Phanfare and my local computer. I have also successfully setup multiple wi-fi access points, which works well when over at other family member's houses and around town.

    I am not saying the card is perfect, but what computer related electronics are? And what type of cutting edge electronics even come close to what they are marketed as being able to do, like Eye-Fi?

    Even with some of the less desirable attributes (battery drain, not being able to upload video or RAW format, the wireless router requirement for connections, non-auto connections to open wi-fi access points and a slow write speed) I still use the card daily and will continue to highly recommend it to family, friends and colleagues.

    This card is marketed/geared for the everyday photographer and will perform well for them. Although it will work for a pro, I would still stick with a standard memory card for that use.

    I am guessing the Eye-Fi card and service will be continually developed over the next year, but this is no reason why one shouldn't buy it now. I look forward the new developments!

    Alex...more info
  • Eye-Fi delivers on its promises!
    The Eye-Fi Card has changed my photo taking and sharing behavior!

    My husband and I work full-time, are both in graduate school, and have two young children. We don't generally have a lot of time to fiddle with wires, edit photos, or create web pages. We have family and friends overseas and across the U.S., and are often asked to share current photos of us and the kids. Until recently, we found it challenging to accommodate these requests.

    A few months ago, a family friend had acquired an Eye-Fi Card as a Gamma user, and would sing its praises to me whenever we spoke. As this was right around the time of the card's public release, I decided to try it out for myself, and ordered one online. When my card arrived, I was immediately impressed by the attractive and compact packaging. The instructions for setting up the Eye-Fi Card were easy to follow and accessible, even for me (I'm not the most technologically savvy person). I ran into a set up glitch because of an outdated router, and had to call Eye-Fi for tech support. I received immediate and detailed attention, and was quickly on my way to snapping and sharing my digital photos.

    Since acquiring the Eye-Fi Card for myself, I have taken to carrying my digital camera with me wherever I go, and have become an avid photographer. My subjects are usually our four-year old son and his LEGO creations, or our drooling six-month old. Nonetheless, it is incredibly rewarding to be able to painlessly share these priceless images with our extended network of friends and family, on the very same day they are taken. We enrolled in Phanfare so that others can easily access our photos, in high resolution, for themselves. We also utilize Snapfish and Facebook as sharing mediums - mostly for work-related projects. We upload all of our images onto our computer, so that if we do have a spare moment, we can edit and print or publish any and all of the images we capture. I love the versatility of the Eye-Fi Card, and am grateful for the ways in which it has simplified my life.

    I would highly recommend the Eye-Fi Card to anyone who owns a camera - but can especially vouch for its benefits if you have a busy lifestyle, and possess little desire to deal with the otherwise taxing process of sharing or printing digital photos. I love Eye-Fi, and look forward to seeing how this product advances in the near future!...more info
  • Best holiday gift this season!
    I just bought the Eye-Fi card and used it last night at my company holiday party. My colleagues were enamored by how quickly my pics were going up to my Phanfare site. I think I convinced them all to buy the Card for their family members this holiday season. Eye-Fi is easy to set-up and use. I was able to add my company's wireless network very easily. The magic truly is in the wireless, instant upload. Kudos to the team of geniuses that put the wireless technology into this tiny SD card. :)...more info
  • Terrific product!
    This is a wonderful product for those of us that take tons of digital pictures and fail to take the time to connect to our computers to upload the pictures. Not only is it wire and adaptor free, all you have to do is turn on your camera and it does it all for you.
    I have to be honest and say I am not so most tech savvy person out there and dislike anything that requires a lot of tech knowledge to work it. However this product is perfect. The installation was easy and the directions for use are very simple. For me the biggest advantage is the lack of adaptors and wires, I am forever misplacing them and don't want to try and dig them out every time I want to upload a picture. I also like the fact that it automatically uploads to a photo sharing site. I use this feature a lot when sharing my photos with family or ordering prints of those that I have taken, so this as well saves me time and energy. It is all at my fingertips. I highly recommend this product.
    ...more info
  • Best tech purchase I made all year, and I'm a tech junkie...
    Just plain awesome. This card with WiFi was a great experience. It arrived quickly, the software for the WiFi configuration came right on the SD card, so you just stick the card in your computer and it allows you to set everything up super easy. Configure where on your hard drive you want the pics saved and if you want them automatically uploaded to any of the dozen or so websites they are preconfigured to upload to, and you're all set.

    I work on designed user experiences for web applications for a living - the user experience for this product was just great. Simple, intuitive, and it just worked right away....more info
  • Bye Bye Eye Fi
    Great Concept, Faulty Manufacturing.

    Easy Setup, Test Picture uploaded to Flickr,
    then the card died. Unreadable.

    Replacement Eye.Fi card, exactly the same behavior.

    Now getting refund.

    ...more info
  • Works Much Better Than I expected
    After reading some of the bad reviews here I was a little nervous buying this card.

    We will be traveling all of 2008 and we always bring a router with us. I found that even in a hotel room if you have 2 computers (which we always do) a router is now a necessity.

    Even with our router getting photos up on the net to drop on a travel Blog has always been a pain. FTP'ing photos up to the site was just another long process I didn't want to go through after a day of exploring.

    When at home I always forget to upload the photos off the card or can't find the cable to my camera when I need it.

    I got the card and fired it up so to speak. I have security on our wireless router and just plugged in the code. Bam it was on the network.

    I don't normally use the online photo services (why upload them there and make an extra step) at all but went ahead and signed up for a picasa account just to test this thing out. I want to eventually use it with Google Earth anyway and Picasa fits in with them seamlessly.

    After getting it on the network I just popped the card into my camera and started taking pictures. By the time I got back to my computer they were all in a folder I told it to save to during the setup. Very cool!!! Logged into my Picasa account and they were there too. Made a Blog post and used the URL from the photo and there it was.

    Camera and Eye-Fi card took care of it all. No FTP, No cable hook up, No pop the card from the camera and upload to computer. Works much better than I would have expected!!!

    Only thing I would ask for is a 4GB version.

    Keeping my old Hi-speed card as a backup for fast action shots and will have to do it the old slow way.

    FYI - I did notice someone said that they could not find the software for the card. The software for the card is on the card when you first set it up. Windows XP saw it right away and asked if that's what I wanted to open when I first popped in the card. If you look for it I am sure your setup will go as easy as mine.

    ~ Steve
    PillFreeVitamins.com...more info
  • Not Ready For Prime Tine
    I tried this with a new iMac Dual Core and a Leica DLux 3. First of all for you Mac users this card does not support Safari at all. They insist that you download Firefox which is defiantly not my favorite browser. As far as it goes after you download Firefox set up is a snap. Now let's talk about speed. If your shooting large format 10 MP or 8 MP you better have a some time on your hands because at those sizes this whole process is really slow. At 5 MP you speed it up somewhat and at 2 MP you're golden. I do have a feeling that this is a very slow card as compared to others I use on a regular basis which doesn't make me very happy. Well that concludes my very first Amazon review so now I'm on my way to repack it and send it back. The problem here is the concept is good but I can plug my Leica into a USB 2.0 port and DL the pictures in seconds. ...more info
  • Not sure why this happened
    Couldn't find any installation software on the Eye-Fi card I received.
    It works OK as a 2GB SD card, however, so it isn't a total loss....more info
  • Intuitive and easy to use...
    The Eye-Fi wireless SD card is a great idea; especially for those who get confused as soon as a wire is involved in connecting a camera to their computer. I got this as a gift for my parents for this exact reason (and though their new camera was using an xD card, so this didn't fit) I tried it out in my own two cameras as well. In my small Canon PowerShot SD600 camera transfers from the camera to my computer and my chosen photo service were speedy and seamless. In my big-boy Nikon D80 camera transfers were a little slow (since the pictures are taken in such a large resolution and are rather big) but still worked seamlessly.

    I don't think I would use the card in my D80, only because I generally use it to take a lot of pictures and sync them as soon as I get home and want to review them right away. However; in the smaller camera that takes smaller pictures, it was nice to be able to take random pictures and come home and turn the camera on for a few minutes and let it do all the work.

    To sum up my review, here's some pros and cons:

    Pros: Decent transfer speed for smaller pictures taken with your typical smaller cameras. Seamless integration with the Mac (OSX Leopard) and PC (Windows XP). Compatible with many popular online photo sites; you are likely to already be using one of them.

    Cons: The transfer speed is just a bit slow for larger pictures taken by more professional cameras. It's still only SD, so there's some camera incompatibility still. The price is more than I'd like to see still, but it's a new product fresh on the market that nothing else can touch yet....more info
  • The RAW truth in advertising
    On the EYE Fi website front page they state:

    "The Eye-Fi Card is a wireless memory card. It automatically uploads pictures from your digital camera to your PC or Mac and to your favorite photo sharing, printing, blogging or social networking site."

    Well, it doesn't upload pictures if they are RAW files. Nope.

    Case closed. If they fix/change their website claims this "problem" will go away. It doesn't do other things either like make coffee, but Eye-Fi don't claim to do that. Just change the web site claims. Easy. ...more info
  • Eager marketing ruins a good idea.
    Okay, part of the description above, verbatim, is:

    Upload to Computer
    Uploading photos to your computer requires that your computer be turned on and running the Eye-Fi Manager software. When it detects the Eye-Fi Card on the network, photos will be uploaded into the folder on your computer that you choose. You don't have to bother with cables or camera software; everything is automatic.

    NOT SO! The card uploads to your NETWORK. So having a laptop with a wireless capability is not enough. You need a router and it has to be wireless. Add in another $100.

    I got this card because I travel a lot. I am in Tajikistan right now even as I write this. Not only do I not have access to the wireless network, even if I did I would not trust my information to it. I wanted to carry my laptop with me and upload while having lunch. NOPE! WON'T WORK! Not unless I have access to the router and the router allows the camera to connect. For security reasons a lot of wireless routers are locked down, so you need YOUR router. Not feasible.

    So it is like the software on your computer will "suck" the pictures off the card but USING the wireless router which you need.

    I am bothered that the people who write this up neglected to say that "ad hoc" connections will not work. You still have to connect the card to the laptop via a little card reader. The good news is that they give you a card reader too. The bad news is that it is so far that it blocks other USB ports beside it. Way to go Eye-fi. You have a good idea but did not think it out.

    - Wireless router needed.
    - You need the router to be able to receive the connection.
    - Will NOT work wirelessly with your computer as stated in the ad.
    - Tech support web site even admits there is no ad hoc capability.
    - Included card reader is so fat it blocks whatever is beside it.
    - You can take your laptop to a friend's house but need to reconfigure the card for their network in order to to use it.

    REFUND TIME!...more info
  • Finally works for me, with some warnings
    I tried it on two Windows XP computers and the card wouldn't even install. The memory card did not have the install files on it (warning sign?) and then once the software was downloaded from the website the card would not "initialize" in their software. I tried to reformat it in Windows and now not even Windows will recognize the card. I think this one will be going back to the vendor too.
    UPDATE: Have RMA to return it. By the way, don't put it into a camera first thing, it has to be setup on your computer first, and if you re-format it, use FAT16. They suspect FAT32 will kill it.
    UPDATE: Today I received the replacement and it worked as advertised. As a note, I am using the Datafab systems SD/MMC to CF adapter on two canon cameras and it worked fine for me. Remember, don't take any pictures on the card before setting it up. If you do, then delete them (don't format it unless you are sure you using FAT16.)...more info
  • Great product for Nikon D80 and webshots
    Talk about converting your camera into a wireless device for under $100.

    Can't say enough about this wireless product. I installed Eye-Fi card into my Nikon D80 and the Eye-Fi card reader into my Dell laptop and was shooting photos, downloading and uploading photos to webshots albums all in one easy step within minutes of receiving this product. For $99 dollars you can't beat it and you get a USB SD card reader that can be used with any SD card for downloading photos manually. ...more info
  • Eye Fi -------SD card
    One thing for sure this is the greatest SD card I have every owned.
    You can take pictures and have them downloaded in just a few secs.
    But they are things I don't like,
    You have to be hook up to the internet to change the download folder.
    I email Eye Fi and asked if there was any way I could change the folder without the internet because we are a mobile photo business, PicturesNow.net and there is times we can not get on the net...They said NO....For godsakes you made a card that will do all this and you said NO. Eye-Fi said they would pass it on to their Engineers. Last thing I heard???? By the way, Forget about Phone Support, They dont have it
    But I really LOVE this card, Buy one you will LOVE it too....more info
  • EYE-FI makes Wi-Fi a little more friendly
    It doesn't ship with a CD, just the SD card and a USB adapter used only for configuring the device. The software, both for PC and Mac was on the card, and installing, at least on the Mac, was a snap!

    Configuration was trivially easy on my Mac laptop, probably in large part because it was a laptop and already had its wireless connection configured. The Eye-FI card cleverly and quietly sucked down the wireless configuration data from my laptop and configured itself.

    The only thing I wasn't prepared to do as part of the installation was select a photo site to which Eye-FI would automatically upload photos. Instead, there's an option to only copy them to the computer on which you configured Eye-FI. This works great, by the way!

    I was initially concerned about range, because it seemed to require setting the camera near the wireless router before pictures would upload, but by the third picture, it was able to transfer them from 15 yards and through a wall.
    ...more info
  • Huge step forward... But more work to be done
    This product is the only one of it's kind out there at the moment, so initially I would give it a 5 stars just for the concept... and now for the issues...

    1) I have already experienced some connectivity difficulties using Mac OS 10.5.1 where all the files just didn't transfer?. Maybe this can be a software fix in the future though?

    2) The write speed was much, much slower than the SanDisk Ultra 2GB CF card (currently using Eye-Fi w/ adapter), so don't get this card if you take quick consecutive shots a lot, after about three of four shots you have to wait for it to catch up. Although for most people with direct SD Memory card type cameras, the speed issue will probably not affect you much.

    3) Another issue is that the camera has to be on so the transfers can occur, which I understand the need for, but the bottom line is, it's not a great option... unless cameras start coming in energy efficient ON modes? In most cases I am finding that it is almost easier and faster to just transfer them manually the old way....more info
  • couldn't get it working / bad customer service
    i was so excited about this product, i placed my order on the first day they were available.

    i was frustrated when i couldn't get my eye-fi working with my router (a _very_ common linksys wrt54g). over the following three weeks, i corresponded daily with eye-fi's customer support via email & talked to them on the phone several times. the response they kept giving me was "sorry, our tier 2 engineers are working on it, please be patient." 3+ weeks of waiting, and still it doesn't work... so, i'm returning it.

    for a brand new company with such a great concept i was really disappointed with the quality of this product & the non-action of their customer support.

    fwiw, i write software for a living, and i'm very comfortable reconfiguring my router. i'm not sure how they expect non-technical people to get this thing working....more info
  • Perfect Merger of Wireless and Digital Camera
    Near perfect merger of worlds of wireless and digital camera. I have been for a product like this for the past several years, and it is truly amazing what they have managed to squeeze into this SD Card. Product works flawlessly, and was incredibly easy to set up. Software is largely web-based (and even the initial set up files are all contained within the USB reader--no extra CDs).

    Pictures upload within minutes to both my computer and Snapfish (you can also choose Flickr and a number of other services). I imagine as the software develops, the options will only continue to improve.

    In short--works great, easy to set up, running in minutes. It was even easy to set up with my hidden WPA protected wireless network....more info
  • Not as easy as it sounds
    When I read about this product in the New York Times, I thought it was probably too good to be true, but still worth a try, since I've had endless issues trying to get my pictures from my camera to my computer. My pessimism proved to be fully justified. Before commenting on the product, I must salute the customer service, which promptly responded to my emails, and then called when I requested telephone assistance. That's why I rate this product three stars, and not lower.

    As for the product itself, I never got it to work. It seems not to be compatible with my Belkin router (Airgo). I was told that Linksys and Delink work better. I don't who should shoulder more of the blame for this, me or Eye-Fi, but it's exactly the reason why I don't buy more high-tech products -- simply put, I find that they rarely work as advertised. While I'm far from a technical expert, I'd like to think I don't have to be in order to make simple products work. The prospect of buying a new router, and then hiring someone to set it up, is simply too much. So I'll be sending back my Eye-Fi, and looking elsewhere for a simpler way to get my pictures from my camera to my computer. ...more info
  • Excellent: Does exactly what it promises!
    This product is exactly what I've been hoping for! I run a home-based business selling cashmere online. My photo studio is in the basement and my office is on the 2nd floor of our house.. With the Eye-Fi, I shoot my photos... walk upstairs to my office..and voila! -my photos are wrapping up their transfers.

    I'm shooting w/ a Fuji Finepix S8000fd and typically am using 3GB resolution (due to their eventual destination online), and we've rigged our home network router with homemade parabolic antennas... so the average user may not experience the same fast upload from two floors away.. Still, initial installation took less than 5 minutes, and w/ instant downloads, I'm not wasting my time fiddling w/ cables anymore -what's not to like? Life is Good! Thanks Eye-Fi! :-)

    ...more info
  • Not good for High Definition cameras
    When emailing Eye-FI about the RECORDING MB per second speed of this card because High Def requires faster than average speeds. ****Here was Eye-Fi's response......

    We appreciate your interest in the Eye-Fi card. We do not share the
    information about the cards specific read/write speeds. I can tell you
    however, that the card is on par with the speed of basic consumer SD
    cards on the market.

    Have a wonderful day,

    ********* What kind of company has to hide their specs? After all they do own the patten. I guess you want everyone to buy the card even though some will be disappointed. Or is the reason for not publishing the specs because they are the slowest speed? Thats about all we can assume Eye-Fudge. ...more info
  • Eye-Fi Wireless Camera SD Card - Not Ready
    I received my Eye-Fi card today. I'm using it with a Canon SD1000 camera, Apple MacBook Pro and Apple Airport Extreme.

    The Eye-Fi installation software took 3 tries to get it properly installed and working. I couldn't figure out why it didn't work the first time. Once it was installed, I configured the Eye-Fi and it seemed to work the 1st time and only took a moment to configure it to my closed network.

    Then I popped the card into my camera and it worked. Approx 6 seconds after I took the first photo, it started to upload automatically to my computer. The upload took approx 15 seconds for a 2.5 MB photo. All was good......

    Then, it wouldn't work anymore. I hadn't changed anything, but it wouldn't work. I tried everything on the Eye-Fi website, but still it doesn't upload. Later in the evening, it started working again.

    Seems like a great idea, but the s/w seems to not be robust enough.

    Follow-Up Nov 27, 2007:

    I've had 3 go arounds with Eye-Fi product support: 1st I sent them their log file, 2nd they wanted my computer configuration and 3rd they wanted me to reformat the card in my camera. After all three of these they do not have any idea why it won't work reliably.

    2nd Follow-Up Nov 28, 2007:

    No word from Eye Fi Customer Support. This sd card is being sent back. A great idea with spotty implementation. ...more info
  • Good and Bad
    The Good: The product, as advertised, effortlessly uploads photos from your camera. I am using the 'upload to my PC' option and the transfers were prompt and fast.

    The Bad: While EyeFi offers the option of creating a sub-folder for groups of images based upon the Date Taken field, it oddly names the folders using the month name, e.g. November 19, 2007. So, of course, they do not sort properly.

    A bigger annoyance is after uploading a picture EyeFi does not delete the image from the card in the camera. So, you'll have to verify that all of the images have been transferred before deleting anything. Considering this 2GB card can hold over 500 images for my camera this can be a daunting task....more info
  • Brilliant concept but needs some more work
    After reading the advertising on one of the tech review sites, had to have one. The idea of having photos downloaded directly to the hard drive and skipping the card reader end of it was very appealing. It was delivered more quickly then promised - and nicely packaged. Very easy to set up just like the review said, and the first downloads went flawlessly. However, after the initial use the card would not download the photos every time a new photo was taken, and sometimes not work at all unless the eye-fi software was re-started, etc. Even after adding a WDS wireless access point to give it an excellent connection to the network, still does not connect every time, even after considerable tweaking. The software does not offer many options and there is very little documentation available for the more technically inclined that would want to troubleshoot. It does work as advertised most of the time, but not all of the time.
    If you are expecting a product that works every time you want to use it, this is probably not what you want. You'll likely end up fiddling with it to get it to work, as it seems to have some bugs yet. Your results may vary. I'll give it 5 stars for concept and a reasonable price, but only 1 star for function, as it fails to transfer photos reliably.
    12-5-07 Update:
    After spending way too much time with trial and error (I don't expect much in the way of tech support on a $100 item) it's working much better then when I initially reviewed it. While the card has some limitations on what type of wireless access points it will connect to; for example, it won't connect to a WDS AP, I'll bump the rating to 4 stars.
    ...more info
  • Impressed! These will be my Christmas Gifts this year!
    I've been long waiting for these to be released, and plugging it in for the first time to configure it, I was not disappointed.

    It doesn't ship with a CD, just the SD card and a USB adapter used only for configuring the device. The software, both for PC and Mac was on the card, and installing, at least on the Mac, was a snap!

    Configuration was trivially easy on my Mac laptop, probably in large part because it was a laptop and already had its wireless connection configured. The Eye-FI card cleverly and quietly sucked down the wireless configuration data from my laptop and configured itself.

    The only thing I wasn't prepared to do as part of the installation was select a photo site to which Eye-FI would automatically upload photos. Instead, there's an option to only copy them to the computer on which you configured Eye-FI. This works great, by the way!

    I was initially concerned about range, because it seemed to require setting the camera near the wireless router before pictures would upload, but by the third picture, it was able to transfer them from 15 yards and through a wall.

    Overall, I'm very impressed with the quality of the hardware, the ease of installation, and actual functioning of the system. So much so that I've ordered two more for Christmas presents for some gadget/photography buff friends, and a third for my mother!

    I'm hopeful having this card will encourage my mother to actually use her camera, as well as prove useful for "remote tech support" as we live in different states. If she can't figure out what wires to plug in to the DVD player, just take a picture of it, and I can walk her through it over the phone!
    ...more info
  • Great card. A few technical things people missed on other reviews. (UPDATE 10/10/08)
    A few things to consider after getting the card:

    1) Warm up time. If you haven't used the card for awhile or move to a different Access Point/Wireless router. It will sense it can't get a connection and goes through the access point list until it gets a connection if you have multiple WPA-TKIP entries it will add to this time. Hence the slowness of getting it started. Once it knows which AP to talk to. Uploads start within a few seconds after you take the picture.

    2) As i tested it. It has the maximum security of WPA/2-TKIP. It can't do AES ecryption. They say WPA/2-PSK but don't mention at what level. It may frustrate some users trying to set it up. I spend 2 hours of pain until i reduced security on my wireless router.

    3) The client is only required to setup the card. Afterwards the only reason why you need it is to recieve files onto a computer or setup more wireless access point.

    4) Here's the big one. It always requires an internet connection. It always has to call home to the eye-fi service. Transfer to your computer is limited to you line's UPLOAD bandwidth. What it does is uploads your photos to the eye-fi service. The eye-fi service then sends it to your online service and then waits for contact from the eye-fi Client on your computer. Once the client connects it'll start downloading the image to the computer. So you can turn your computer off. Take a bunch of pictures. Turn your computer on and it'll start downloading all the pictures.

    Almost 1 YEAR UPDATE

    What can i say. The company is awesome. They've kept up with updates so early adopters can "upgrade" their cards to the newest features.
    In fact all the new cards are the same card in reality just priced differently because of the features.

    So with all the updates My old Problems #3 and #4 have been somewhat solved.

    #3 - You still need to pre-configure the card. But now you can now pay $15 dollars a year for Hotspot access. So now you can go to a closed hotspot service and it'll connect. Check Eye-fi to see what hotspots you can use.

    #4 - With the Eye-Fi Home edition they introduced the feature where it uploads to your computer first. And with the "Share"(original) and "explore"(geotag+hotspot 1 year subscribtion included) versions it'll upload to your internet spots afterwards. So now you can setup your computer and wireless router in a room. Take pictures and after a few seconds it'll show up on your computer. Also provided that you have the card setup with the access point and computer ahead of time. You can now shutoff the internet connection and it'll still work. Eg. Cheap man's wi-fi camera without internet connection. So if you bring a laptop and Wireless router (anything with DHCP enabled). You can shoot wirelessly directly to the laptop in the field even with zero internet connection. The coolest update.

    You many have noticed there are various versions of the card. In reality ALL the cards are all the same. You can future upgrade even the most basic one. It'll end up costing nearly all the same. All it needs are firmware updates.

    On another note. I never wrote about this but i was kinda mad that once you registered the card you couldn't tranfer the card to another address. I honestly thought i'd get rid of the card. But i didn't. Whats really nice. If you camera gets stolen and you have enough "open" access points pre-configured and maybe even the hotspot service. You might even catch the criminal like this lady did. http://www.ephotozine.com/article/Wi-Fi-Wireless-Memory-Card-helps-catch-thief
    As they can't re-register the serial numbered card. And maybe you'll even get your pictures too....more info
  • Eye-Fi - Works, but a few considerations
    Would like to change to 1; but Amazon will not allow rating change. I have only used for a few hundred pictures and NO Longer working. I had spent 4-5 hours with tech support getting it to work the first time; don't have more time to waste with inexperienced tech support. Good idea; not ready for prime time. I would encourage you to save your money! As the reviews are moving past the early adopters you are now seeing more NEGATIVE, than positive.

    Prior review:
    I would only recommend if you have very specific needs for this product. I like it because my wife takes pictures while I'm at work and refuses to load them onto the computer and upload them. Eye-fi solved that problem!

    Product works if you have a single router connected to your modem; will not work properly if you use a second router in bridge mode to extend coverage. Tech support has not created a solution. Will only upload JPEG, creates a new folder based on calendar day and if you take more than 5 pictures Canon cameras will shut down prior to uploading (on max time till camera shut down.) You can not tell when it is done uploading and no way to turn off wi-fi feature if taking a bunch of pictures and willing to use card reader. It definitely eats up your battery due to setting the camera to stay on to do upload. Upload does not happen immediately after picture is taken, it pauses for a while before it does the upload. Personally I disagree with earlier review about working better with DSLR (Nikon D80.) I use with Canon SD870 for quick shots and auto upload for others to see. DSLR I shoot raw, take a ton of pictures and prefer using program like Aperture. If you find yourself doing a flow similar to this I would not recommend this product. It would add additional work/steps.

    I tried multiple picture sharing sites to see which works the best with this product and have NO affiliation with any services (I'm a physician.) Phanfare does the best job because my wife can take a picture while I'm at work and after automatically uploading to Phanfare the picture downloads to my laptop Phanfare screensaver software. Nice treat at work to see new pictures of my Newborn without my wife doing any additional steps. Too bad Phanfare doesn't work with sidebar RSS or digital frames for the true closed loop experience. ...more info
  • Works great, if it installs...
    This review was revised because I got some incorrect information from tech support and has been updated accordingly.

    I was really excited about this product because my wife's computer has a flaky SD card port and she doesn't like to work on my desktop, so I thought this would be the perfect solution. And it is, if configuration work correctly.

    I tried to install this card on two computers. The first, a Dell desktop system about 1.5 years old, worked fine. The second, a Dell laptop about 6 months old, would never see the card. I talked with customer support who then forwarded me to the developers, but nobody could get the card to work on the laptop. Back it went.

    One drawback is that the card gets registered to only one user at a time. This means my wife and I have to share a user account. Not a big deal, but I do like to keep our accounts separate.

    The card requires a client program (OSX and Windows XP,Vista) to be running on your computer to upload photos. Not a problem, but I don't see why this is needed. Linux and Windows 2000 are not supported.

    Also, you are required to be connected to the internet to change any configurations on where files are saved or to which computer the card is "registered". This is really annoying since I've purchased the card. What happens if the company goes out of business in a year? They are a private VC funded company with no guarantee of future support.

    The client program is also a little annoying in that it pops up a window to show the photo whenever they are downloaded. I would prefer that it does that silently in the background.

    As others have noted, the card only transfers jpg files. It would have been really nice to use this in my MP3 player which I also use to transfer files from work.

    They company has no plans of releasing an SDK for the card. I have the feeling they are trying to keep this locked down so they can get kickbacks from the online photo print shops.

    If you're expecting the card to download photos to your computer and online photo services it works great. I, however, am not thrilled by the card right now and have since returned it for failing to install on my laptop....more info
  • Huge step toward wireless camera of the future
    We all know that in the future you will take photos and videos and they will wirelessly float up to the net, but camera manufacturers have failed to deliver a compelling product in the category that works with a wide variety of online services.

    I have been using the eye-fi card on and off for a while now (beta and gamma programs). Overall it works very well and increases the convenience of digital photography a lot.

    In my mode of use, I shoot with it around the house and then the let the photos float up wirelessly to phanfare (disclosure: I am CEO of Phanfare). With Phanfare it works especially well because I can still get to the fullsize original images from the desktop client and from my Phanfare website.

    You configure the card in two places. First, you have to configure it communicate with wireless networks you trust. Second, you need to configure your account at Eye-fi to transmit to the online service of your choice. That means telling Eye-fi your username and password, for example, for Phanfare. You do this once.

    After the initial provisioning, which is the most difficult step, the card just works. Because the camera sees the card as a standard SD card there is absolutely no increase in complexity from the camera side. You shoot and the images show up in your online account. The good folks at Eye-Fi set an option for Phanfare to allow you to suppress publication of new images by default. That way I can shoot, and then go into Phanfare and choose what to publish, shoeboxing the rest.

    Because there is no way to see what the card is doing from the camera side, you need to have the camera on long enough to transfer the images. That is why I said I mostly use it when shooting around the house, because there the camera gets enough on-time within my wireless network that the images float up without my thinking about it. Also, the eye-fi card uses more battery power than a standard card and it is around the house that I worry least about that.

    I own a DSLR and a point and shoot. It is with the DSLR that I find the card most useful (Canon EOD-5D with compact flash adapter for Eye-fi SD card). I rarely shoot raw and the the DSLR only shoots images. With my point and shoot, I almost always take one video along with the photos and Eye-Fi won't move that up to Phanfare. Hence, I still need to tether the card to get the video, and that is tedious. Plus Phanfare has no built-in de-dupe to figure out what is already on the service versus on the card.

    Note that the Eye-Fi card can also be used in studio mode where it just moves images to your PC. That is not interesting to me and I don't use it that way.

    I am far from unbiased, but for Internet mode, the Eye-Fi card works especially well with Phanfare because it meshes so well with out vision for merging the desktop and Internet. Our desktop client automatically synchronizes with the network cloud, showing you your whole collection (unlike a Picasa for eg. which just gives you a view of your local disk). Hence, even when I use the Eye-Fi card, the images I take feel like they are locally accessible on my PC, even though they really live on the net.

    the pros on this product are:

    *moves images in the background to internet without USB acquire wizard.
    *greatly enhances the convenience of still image photography
    *works with all cameras
    *works with 17 online services

    the cons are

    *reduced battery life
    *no way to see what the card is doing or control the card from the camera
    *does not handle video
    *does not handle raw
    *does not automatically connect to open public access points

    All in all, this is a very innovative product and a great gift, especially for a parent who is challenged by their camera. You buy it, provision it, and then they have a magic camera. I love mine. When you get it, you will just stare it and wonder how they packed a full wifi implementation plus memory card into the diminutive form factor of the SD card.

    ...more info
  • No Workey with Raw
    You should know that Eye-Fi doesn't allow you to wirelessly transfer raw files, although you can save them to its 2GB built-in memory (just as you can with any standard SD card). It can only transfer JPEGs wirelessly.

    I was fired-up about this product until I learned of this shortcoming. For me, it was a deal-killer....more info
  • Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card is a winner!!
    Don't even think about it, just buy it! It works seamlessly with your selected desktop or chosen photo-site. Just take the pictures and leave it to the card and its SW to move it immediately and automatically to the targeted location, as long as you are within range of a wireless service that you have registered the card on. If there are no registered wireless routers nearby, then it will transfer the pictures when you are within range. I don't know what the true range of its wireless antenna is but at home, I have absolutely no distance limitation. Worth every penny!...more info