Brother MFC-885CW Photo Color All-in-One with Wireless Networking and 5.8 GHz Cordless Phone
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Product Description

Featuring a sleek, contemporary design and a 5.8GHz digital cordless handset the MFC-885CW is the ideal All-in-One solution. It includes the industry's first wide 4.2" color LCD that simplifies enhancing and printing photos as well as previewing faxes and offers easy to understand menus and prompts. In addition to having built-in USB and Ethernet interfaces, the MFC-885CW also includes a wireless (802.11b/g) interface.

The Brother MFC-885CW Photo Color All-in-One with Wireless Networking and 5.8 GHz Cordless Phone is an ideal all-in-one solution for your office. With a large 4.2-inch widescreen LCD display, printing photos, previewing faxes, and navigating menus and prompts have never been easier. The MFC-885CW allows you to print photos directly from your digital camera's media card without a computer, and the LCD display lets you automatically remove red-eye, enhance skin tone, enhance scenery, and perform other visual tricks. Accepted media types are: CompactFlash, Memory Stick/Pro, xD-Picture Card Type M/H, Secure Digital MultiMediaCards, SDHC, and USB flash memory drives.

The MFC-885CW makes it easy to connect to your network with a built-in wireless (802.11b/g) and wired Ethernet connections. With a maximum printing speed of 30 ppm black and 25 ppm color, there shouldn't be any worry of office printing jobs causing a traffic jam. With a resolution up to 6000 x 1200 dpi, photos look wonderful. The copier works without a PC and has a maximum copy speed of 22 cpm black and 20 cpm color. An automatic document feeder tray has a capacity of 10 pages for fast copying of multiple pages. The copier can scale documents from 25 to 400 percent of the original. The scanner has an optical scan resolution of 600 x 2400 dpi at a 36-bit color depth. Included is Scansoft PaperPort SE with OCR for Windows and Presto! PageManager for Mac, making it easy to organize your scanned pages. OCR software lets you convert scanned pages into editable documents.

The MFC-885CW also features fax capability with black and white and color faxing. The 14.4 Kbps fax modem allows a transmission speed of approximately six seconds per page. A cordless telephone handset is built in as well, using the 5.8 GHz frequency for great range and clarity. The phone supports caller ID and the built-in digital answering machine has up to 29 minutes of recording time. The Brother MFC-885CW Photo Color All-in-One with Wireless Networking and 5.8 GHz Cordless Phone is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
MFC-885CW All-in-One, LC51BK ink cartridge, LC51C ink cartridge, LC51M ink cartridge, LC51Y ink cartridge, CD-ROM (software, user's guide), and user's guide.

  • All-in-One device offers printing, faxing, copying, and scanning, with in cordless handset
  • Built-in wireless 802.11b/g and wired Ethernet connections for easy networking
  • Prints at maximum 30 ppm black and 25 ppm color
  • Built-in digital answering machine has 29 minutes recording time
  • Backed by 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
    This is the first time I have purchased a "BROTHER" product. I needed a printer/scanner for my VISTA system. VISTA realy limited me from my choices due to not many on the market yet so I was extremely hesitant about purchasing this item. I usualy buy Sony or Panasonic.
    It arrived sooner than I had expected. Instructions were easy to follow. It is wireless and I set it up for this but it did not respond. I called customer service and the gentleman was EXTREMELY kind and patient. He walked me through step-by-step and would not exit our conversation until he heard the machine working properly.
    My family and I have put it to use DAILY! I LOVE my scanned photos. It prints GREAT. COLOR is GREAT. FAXES great. I love the "black" print button-no need to set it on properties! The phone works GREAT. The price was GREAT! I am so happy I chose BROTHER for my VISTA system. I am completely satisfied....more info
  • Covers all the bases, truly all-in-one.
    I've been using this printer for about 6 months now and love it. I share office space and use the MFC-885CW as my personal machine, only sending bigger jobs to my secretary. It's been under a heavy load from day one. Here's what I like:

    1. Print quality is excellent for text and photos. Whether I'm printing a motion or photo exhibits, my results look great.

    2. The option to pick up the cordless phone and roam around the office means I can grab files without putting people on hold. It has good range, too, covering our whole building.

    3. It is very easy to use. I'm not a big reader of manuals. I just started using it and i've never had a problem figuring it out. It also has tons of features.

    4. Wireless. I hate cables. This machine sits discreetly off to one side (and looks ok, even in my country-lawyer style office) without any ugly cables running to my laptop. I walk in the door, sit down, open my laptop, and can print and fax immediately. Also, my secretary likes the fact that she can print docs to me without having to leave the front desk and phones.

    What I don't like:
    1. The fax is slow. It's about half the speed of most faxes. Large documents still go to our shared fax, but for anything under ten pages, it isn't an inconvenience.

    2. The paper tray could be bigger. I run out about once a week (I also print a lot). Always in the middle of something I need right away, but it is easy to reload.

    3. The document feeder only handles 10 pages at a time. No big deal to me, as we have a commercial copier, but it would be really irritating if this was my only copier.

    So, this is a great printer if you need a lot of features for a little money and don't handle many large documents. For most people it would be fine, and even with an active law practice, I'm only rarely inconvenienced. Compared to the hassle of using multiple machines, this is a lot better. It's perfect for home offices or lower volume offices, like a start up. One thing - I've seen this machine on sale, twice, for around a hundred dollars less, so you might shop around. Still worth the full price, though, especially if you want a machine that can be a fax and phone on only one line, provide versatility in printing, and copy easily....more info
  • i like it
    this is the 1st all in one machine ive bought and i cant be happier. it has done evrything ive ever wanted it to and with no problems. im stationed in germany and needed something that would fax from here to the states and it does. printing pictures is a bit defferent, but i think im using the wrong paper. so will see. all in all no problems. would recommend this for the home office person....more info
  • Has all the features I needed
    I was upgrading from a simple Epson CX-5400 all-in-one printer. I had very specific requirements for my next AIO. I wanted print/scan/copy/fax with wireless capability and cordless handset. There are very few options with such capabilites and this had great reviews.

    I have had the printer for 6 weeks and so far I couldn't be happier. It took about 10min to set up with my wireless network. Print quality is very good and better than expected, scanning tools/interface is user friendly with many options, fax works well, cordless phone is very helpful. Hopefully it continues to work well....more info
  • Brother True All-in-One
    This was the only printer on the market that I could find that was a TRUE all-in-one. While many manufacturers call their product an all-in-one they do not include a fax, answering machine, and cordless phone.

    I found the instructions very easy to follow and initial setup to be simple. The price on this product also makes it very hard to beat.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a single solution to their at home office needs....more info
  • Brother MFC-885CW
    It was my best purchase ever. It replaces my old fax machine, a scanner and of course have added a copy machine. Printed pages have good quality. Ink cartridges are very easy to handle and very easy to obtain in the local market. Delivery was very fast. I'm glad with my new Brother MFC Printer. Last thing, network connectivity have solved an old problems in my home network. Thank you very much....more info
  • Great home office machine
    The size is great and the scanning/printing so far has been very good. We started out wireless and have never looked back. We bought the machine more for the built in phone than the fax capabilities. Based on the functionality and configuration options I think Brother designed it more for the fax than the phone. It works good but there are much fewer options for the answering machine / phone than there are for the fax. The only other bummer is that there is no GUI interface but rather a config program so I cant make adjustments from any PC. I'm a sys admin so these things are likely not as important to others. I really wish the extra phone handset wasn't so over priced or I would have bought it too. Over all very happy with the product and would recommend....more info
  • printer offers multiple features w cordless cord
    I bought the "little" 685CW Brother MFC printer a few months ago. When I decided to open a new office, I bought the "older" brother 885CW because it has a cordless phone, in addition to all the features. It's a wireless color and black printer. It can also scan, fax and copy, too. It's not a "race horse" when it comes to the speed of the printing or copying but the quality is good. The ink cartridges are small, compared to other printers I own, but I found a resource on line that sells the ink at a reduced price (re-filled cartridges), which makes the 885CW printer an even better bargain. I have this printer set-up with 3 wireless computers so several employees can print documents from their offices. Based on the features and the price, it's a good "little" work horse. I have a 1300 sq office area. The wireless printing feature is good. I'm having a bit of a problem with the saving the documents after I've scanned them, via the wireless connection. I suspect it's not the Brother's fault. I suspect we haven't completed installing all of the necessary features for the scanning. I'll admit that I don't always read the handbook but I need to go back to the basics to get the scanning features working. Scanning hasn't been a high priority for our office. ...more info
  • Love it!
    There are lots of comprehensive reviews on this if you want more detailed particulars, so I just want to say if you are looking for a multifunctional system, this is a great one. Simply put, it is a great price, easy to use, and compact. Perfect for a home study, small business, or college student. We use it at home for our business and are very pleased with it....more info
  • What has happened to quality products!?
    My existing scanner, printer, etc. have worked great for years but now incompatible with Vista (it's such a waste to throw great working items away just do to the fact that it is not as profitable for companies to create new drivers vs. just selling you a new printer .. I would pay good money for a new driver if available ... but i digress)

    Ok. So I shop Amazon and read the reviews about the similar Epson model, seems like it has serious issues with using way to much ink and then shuts down your ability to scan and fax if empty (functions that don't even use ink)! No good. Then I look at the similar HP model, only to find out it appears to have issues with paper jamming, software bugs, and so on. The reviews on this Brother model did not seem so bad in comparison - so I took a chance and purchased.

    Here is a quick summary of what you will find:

    - Stylish, well made.
    - Uses a paper tray
    - Scanning was good quality and fast
    - Printing speed seems ok (but really only as fast as my old printer)
    - Automatic document feeder on the top is nice, and works well.
    - Separate phone with the ability to listen using machine speaker phone

    - COLOR PRINT QUALITY IS BAD. When I print the exact same Google map (for example) on my very old HP P1100, the quality is far superior than this brand new one .. the Brother color print outs are 'washed out" and are sometimes hard to read (cleaning, priming, etc. on the printer heads did not change anything). I can only imagine what would happen if I tried to print a photo ... but I wanted to return while I still could. I knew something was strange when I printed a test page and it looked so strange and generic (and also 'washed out')
    - When you press the scan button, defaults to "scan and send to email" (only configures goes to outlook which I don't use anyway). If you want to scan to your PC, then you have to navigate through a menu to get there. Then, the next time you scan ... guess what ... back to the default again! Seems like a minor issue, but wait until you need to scan 200 photos or multi page document.
    - The handset nor speaker phone has no MUTE button ... a problem if you attend a lot of conference calls like I do.

    The only problem is now I have to choose between the best of several 'evils' ... is there not a good printer out there somewhere ... I am willing to to pay even up to $500 now for something that works, but where is it? Also, what has happened to quality products! Seems like they just want to sell low quality printers and then milk you for even more money later via printer cartridges that cost more than the printer itself! Seems like the industry is going backwards. The bad part is that I need SOMETHING and will end up purchasing one of these eventually and that sends the wrong message to these companies that think they can get away with it ...
    ...more info
  • Some good, some bad...
    I'm not the techy guru... so this review is for those of you who know just enough about computers and printers to get through your day.


    1. Relatively easy set-up. I haven't tried to receive faxes through my computer yet (which takes additional set-up steps) but everything else went smoothly.

    2. Printing comes out pretty quick, black and white or color (colors are also accurate).

    3. Ink lasts for a decent length of time, my Canon was MUCH worse. I also like the way it notifies you of how much ink is left. It does a little pop-up on the lower right side of your computer screen, then silently goes away after a few seconds.

    4. Replacing the ink is easy, you just open this little door on the right and pop it in. No more chasing the ink well back and forth every time you open the cover!

    5. I like the way it prints, you just press print and it does it right away. My Canon always had this extra screen that would pop-up and stay up until you clicked it closed. Drove me nuts! This all-in-one tries to be as unobtrusive as possible.

    6. The wireless feature is a godsend - now I can be on the laptop in the kitchen or living room and just send whatever I need to the printer in the home office without unplugging and plugging in wires.

    7. Faxing is reliable and accurate, but what's with the post-fax tray? It's too small, so the papers tend to just slide right off the machine after they come out. It's works the way it's supposed to, though, and that's really what matters.


    1. Maybe I just print a lot, but it always seems to be out of paper... I think the tray is just too small. Unlike other printers where you can just slip the paper into the top feeding tray when you notice the paper is running low, you have to remove the Brother's bottom paper tray to load it with paper then put it back in before continuing. An extra step that's slightly annoying.

    2. Originally, I couldn't get the wireless feature to work on my Vista laptop. Ruining the whole point of the purchase. Customer Service was VERY friendly and tried to help, but after several steps basically told me I was screwed and should contact my laptop manufacturer - Gateway. Well, lesson learned, Gateway's Customer Service has got to be the WORST - no help at all unless I wanted to pay around $200 just for them to THINK about my problem (and I've only owned the laptop for just over a year, figures). So I started searching around for help online with the error message I was getting, and lo and behold, I fixed the problem myself! Amazing, since I'm not that techy.

    3. The cordless phone that it came with was defective and would not let you hear phone calls. You couldn't even hear a dial tone unless you pressed speaker phone. Strangely, the person on the other end could hear me fine. This became a major issue trying to get only the phone swapped out. After numerous phone calls and finally going through a supervisor, I had to fax my Amazon receipt and put a $1 deposit on my credit card to ensure I sent the defective phone back. It's like they didn't believe me that it didn't work, I think they thought I turned the volume way down and didn't know how to adjust it. New phone does work, but my unit's phone cradle does NOT come off the base and it doesn't have an AC adaptor (to allow you to put the phone somewehere else on the desk if need be). It should (based on the product description), but you're stuck if it doesn't...though it's not the end of the world.

    4. The fax format is tricky if you have your own answering machine or voicemail through your phone company. You have to leave the Brother on MANUAL, but then you have to change it each time you want to receive faxes. It won't receive automatically without interfering with your personal answering machine.

    5. Sometimes it simply won't turn on. It gives me 3 short beeps. The woman that was helping with the phone exchange suggested I plug it into the wall - that it might not be getting enough power to the unit. It won't reach a wall outlet where I've placed it, just the power strip. It's only happened 3 times since I've owned it (2 months), but I've figured out that if I unplug it and then plug it back in it turns on fine. Maybe she's right about the power, but I've never heard of that.


    Would I purchase this unit again? Most likely, though now I've seen it advertised at a local warehouse for $20 less so that's annoying. I got this one because of the cordless phone feature, but now that I have it you could easily purchase the step below model that has the regular phone. That unit is even less money for basically the same features. The good news is that I don't see needing to replace this unit any time soon. It's construction is sturdy and I don't think its features will lose their usefulness. My Canon was always having ink/printing issues and I thought about taking a sledgehammer to it. I definitely prefer the Brother product over Canon.
    ...more info
  • Fax conflicts with seperate answering device
    The Brother MFC 885CW works perfect with all it's systems except it conflicts with my answering device that is seperate from the MFC 885CW. The tone of the answering device activates the fax ringing and therefore the messages left are mixed into the ringing. ...more info
  • Brother All-in-one Printer
    I upgraded from an HP 722C Printer because it was so slow. This printer is so much faster. The setup was very easy and took about 15 minutes. I was printing documents from my computer 1 hour later. The color quality is good for documents however I don't know about photo color because I did not purchase this printer to print photos - though that is another feature. The cordless phone for the fax machine was an added bonus since the quality is good.

    Bottom line is I love this printer....more info
  • Buyer Beware
    This system would be a great system, if not two major factors. 1) The printing systems has a feature on it called "automatic cleaning." This feature uses ink to clean itself, and sometimes lots of ink. Moreover this feature seems to be ran by a timer, and not by usage. It makes no difference if you print 5 sheets or 100, when it is time for it to clean it cleans, day or night by the way. I called Brother tech support, to see if there is a way to turn it off, there is none. 2) the ink cartridges are very expensive, especially if you buy them from Brother. A full set of them will cost you roughly $80.00. If you look around, you can find them cheaper, but even then, they are expensive, and rated at 500 sheets at 5% coverage. There are other printer that have all of the same features, and are cheaper to maintain. This is a BUYER BEWARE system. Don't expect to get off cheap using it. ...more info
  • Fantastic printer for very reasonable price

    We purchased this printer to service our home's wireless network. It has turned out to be a great printer, well worth the money. I'll summarize our observed pro's and con's after several months of hard use.

    1. It's simple to setup, and operate, and interfaces with a wireless or wired network flawlessly.

    2. Beautiful print jobs for both pictures and text.

    3. Print costs per page appears reasonable, and in line with other printers in this class.

    4. Scan and copy quality is excellent.

    Con's (minor complaints)

    1. Paper tray does not hold many pages.

    2. Would be nice to have a simple button to disable fax recieve rather than extensive menus. Fax answer is a problem when machine is hooked to the main phone line.

    3. Would be nice to have a screen dimmer option. Screen is constantly brightly backlit all the time, which seems unneccessary use of power. (yes, being really nitpicky here -- but Brother can you be GREEN?)
    ...more info
  • What are they thinking?
    I don't know what expectations the others had in their reviews, but I strongly disagree.
    First, the print rate is a wild exaggeration. I know, everyone exaggerates, but this is crazy. 30 pages per minute perhaps, if there is one word per page. A typical text page prints in 20 seconds, not 2.
    Second, if you want to print in reverse order (so you don't have to manually reverse the stack after it comes out) you have to specify that every single time you print, instead of having a default.
    Third, the user manual is very difficult to use.
    So, if you still want one, I have one I'll sell cheap.
    Or, perhaps I'll just hit it with a brick, which would be a waste of a good brick........more info
  • Brother MFC-885CW
    Easy setup. Works well. Prints and pictues are good quality. Very quiet while printing. Faxing works well. Small footprint. All around nice all-in-one printer. Second brother I have owned much better then Epson....more info
  • Must have for the home office!!
    If you run your business or office out of your home, this is the multifunction machine for you. The feature set is better than any in its price range. Setup is quick and easy using the Quick Setup Guide. Once you're done and you actually get a chance to read the manual and play around with it, you won't believe the features. I set it up on my wireless network, where I have had no problems with any features while using XP Home (desktop) or Vista Premium (laptop).

    The most important features that set this above the rest are as follows:

    1. Built in CNG (fax) detector - If you have distinctive ring for your fax, you can quit spending the extra dollars per month on it. The MFC-885cw takes the call determines if it is a fax or voice call and then either receives it or transfers the call to the phone. To buy a CNG detector for your phone line usually runs around $100 or so.
    2. Built in 5.8GHz cordless phone with caller ID - very nice not to have to find a place for another phone in my office. Also works as a wireless base station and 3 more phones can be added.
    3. Built in answering machine - If the phone isn't answered then the answering machine picks up.
    4. PC Fax. No need to print a document or PDF file, fill out a cover page and then fax. Just File|Print and change to brother fax v.2 and then enter fax number from your computer and fax is sent without printing anything.
    5. Wireless networking - Just follow instruction for setting up with your network, load the cd on the computers you want to use with this printer and everything works flawlessly.
    6. Separate paper tray for holding 4X6 photo paper. Again a very nice feature for not having to remove paper to put in the photo paper.
    7. Large Widescreen Color Display
    8. Memory Card Reader
    9. Separate Color (CYM) Ink Tanks - No need to throw away the entire color cartridge if you run out of Cyan, Yellow, or Magenta just replace the color you're out of. The brother color ink cartridges typically run @ $12 and black @ $20.

    Print quality for a multifunction is very good. Does a nice job with borderless photo's. If you are looking for outstanding photo quality you should invest in a dedicated photo printer.

    Scanning features are also good and it comes with OCR software.

    The only negative is the small capacity of the fax tray (10 pages)

    Overall, this device has exceeded all of my expectations. This is definitely a printer worth the price.
    ...more info
  • Fabulous idea with cordless phone
    I would recommend this printer to everyone. With the phone all-in-one idea, no space has to be allocated for a seperate phone which would even further clutter up a workspace. The printer is fast. The ink compartment is ideally placed for easy swap-out of cartridges. The paper tray with the cover on it, has to be pulled out so far and then does not hold a large quantity of paper. Also, if you subscribe to a distinctive ring package through your phone provider, cancel it. With this printer, it conflicts and offers it's own ring package. NIOCE Save me $4 a month on my phone bill!! Nice going Brother. ...more info
  • great printer
    I was looking for a printer that would stand alone without a computer hooked to it, so we could print from our laptops. Does absolutely everything we wanted and much more. Plus generic ink is dirt cheap, can find them for less than $1.50 a piece shipped (from a popular auction site :)

    Not much more to add that hasn't already been posted.
    ...more info
  • incredibale useful!!!!!!!
    the multifunction is great! so convenitent!!! this is the best printer I have ever used!!!!!!!! I recommended this Brother printer to you!!!

    However the only problem, is that i have to additional USB wire which cost me "a lot of" money...more info
  • Too Many Features To List
    I had an All-In-One HP that did almost everything I wanted and I was happy with it until it finally died. I decided to get a different brand just for a change. At the top of my list was wireless to connect to my laptop. I decided on this Brother MFC-885cw Color Inkjet Multi-Function Center.

    I use to have a cordless phone/answering machine hooked up to my HP. Now, I do not need it because the Brother has them built in which saves space. This machine has so many features and functions that most people simply would never use them all. Although, it is nice to have those things just in case you need them.

    Features: This is a printer, copier, fax machine, scanner, answering machine, photo printer, phone and memory card reader.

    Setup: The manual is detailed and informative. However, because this machine can do so much it can be a little intimidating. However, I strongly recommend you read the manual to see what the numerous settings do. After reading the instructions, I set my preferences from the menu button. Then I set up the wireless in less than two minutes. I installed the software and I was up and running. The whole setup process took about 15 minutes. Just follow the set-by-step instructions, and you should not have any problem.

    Printing: The print quality and speed are good to above average. However, the ink takes forever to dry on glossy paper.

    Scanner: You can scan different file formats to your computer or memory card. This too seems to work well.

    Copier: Make copies from the flatbed glass or sheet feed tray. Copy quality is comparable to many other copiers on the market. Not too bad, but not great either.

    Card reader: You can plug in one of 5 different types of memory cards to preview then print your photos.

    Fax: You have different options and methods for sending and receiving faxes. A major function is the Fax Preview. This comes in very handy when sending more than one page. It shows you the fax on the LCD and tells you how many pages it scanned. This is helpful because you can see if it scanned all the pages. And if not, you can see which page it missed. Then you have the option to send the fax as is then fax the page it missed. Alternatively, you can rescan all the pages again to see if it scans all of the pages. The one drawback is that the sheet feeder only holds up to ten pages. Therefore, if you want to send more than ten pages, you have to send more than one fax.

    Bottom Line: This has several machines all in one small package at a reasonable price and is well worth giving it a test drive....more info
  • Brother comes through
    This is a true networkable multifunction printer that does everything well. The setup was simple and easy. The 5.8 Ghz wireless phone and digital answering machine along with its wide LCD display put it over the top. It does print slower when used wirelessly but it was accurate. There was a slight loss of sharpness when I printed photos to glossy paper. The ink requires a little longer to set. Its nice to have a built in sheet feeder rather than papers sticking up in the air. For the price its value can't be beat. Works well with Macintosh. Do yourself a favor and order a second handset. Take my word for it, you'll be glad you did....more info
  • Coudn't be better !
    This product has everything you need, especially for an in-home business such as I have. I've used it extensively for three weeks and not a problem one. Copies are so realistic I can't tell the copy from the original, colors are perfect and the scanner and accompanying software are straightforward and user-friendly. I highly recommend the MFC-885CW....more info
  • Brother MFC 885 CW
    Its a nice machine, BUT it is not running on ALL operating systems.
    This was NOT shown in the product description. Windows ME is NOT working with that machine....more info
  • Good Choice
    I reviewed a number of All in One's and chose this one based on it's features, cost and previous reveiws. It is not used for business, just for personal use. I have faxed,copied to file,scanned and printed and have used the phone.
    I have not tried the photo copier yet. I tried to copy a form that needed blanks filled in but when it shows up on the computer there is only continious text and no blanks. The text can be edited though. The unit is just a bit noisy but I think it's a great machine for the money. I'm a happy camper....more info
    I am far from a computer expert.Thus,when I read some negative reviews on other Brother all-in-one printers (virtually none being available for this exact model),it was with great trepidation that I decided to purchase it. I had concerns that I would not be able to connect everything properly or install the software correctly. Much to my surprise, it was easy. Some reviewers on other Brother models had indicated that customer service was poor. I found it to be excellent with the one small problem I encountered with the black print quality. The Brother representative talked me through some diagnostic steps and in short time had corrected the problem.

    I have had the unit for over a week and very pleased with all 4 functions. It is especially satisfying to have cleared desk space by eliminating my old stand alone fax machine and no longer having to use it as a third rate copier....more info
  • Wonderful
    Just as expected. Scans flawlessly. Phone and answering system works great. Printouts and copies seem just fine. Wireless hookup was simple. In this day and age, for so many functions to work so easily, so quickly, without fuss is rare. Too many manufactures come up with great ideas, which are fundamentally flawed once you try using them, but this unit meets all expectations. The small size is a plus as well. I usually find at least something to complain about with any product, but nothing stands out here. The icing on the cake? The price - under $200. Simply exceptional. Let's hope it stands the test of time....more info
  • Excellent all in one..
    This is my second Brother product and I am extremely happy with both, this one in particular. The fax works as it should, hooked up to a shared line, the network setup was simple, print quality is great, the message center also works as it should. I haven't checked out the photo capabilities as this machine is being used in my home office - photo is not important to me on this one.

    I have three machines connected to it, a desktop XP through ethernet, and two notebooks, wireless, one XP, one Vista.

    I also like the fact that there are generic ink cartridges available for this machine. I was looking at the canon MX700 and HP C7280 as well but each of those seem to have some issues.

    For a comprehensive review read the first (excellent) review of this machine. I can't add much to that, except to agree that it is a great product, perfect for my needs.

    My last comment is on the LCD screen, the photo's don't do it justice. It is really a nice feature. ...more info
  • Awesome printer!
    First off, I just got this today, so I cannot comment on the long term reliability of this machine. From the initial setup and run through of its features, this is what I've come up with.

    Print quality is awesome. I first copied the registration card as a test. It was amazing how it came out. I couldn't really tell which was the original and which was the copy. Even the handwritten portion was reproduced flawlessly. I then decided to make use of the 5 pack of high gloss 4x5 paper which is included so I figured I'd try it out on a very small prom picture of mine. It came out perfect. I copied it right onto the 4x5...expanding it to 176% and brightening it a little using only the settings on the 885CW itself to do so. The picture came out looking flawless. I also printed a quick word document that had similarly impressive qualities...the text was very dark as opposed to my old Lexmark AIO.

    Then I scanned in the same picture and edited it with Photoshop. The picture looked very good at 900 pixels. No complaints there.

    I also tried out the fax by sending in my registration form. It was a breeze and the fax preview proved very handy. You can have it scan the paper (either by feeding it like a normal fax (ADF) or the scanning glass), then preview it, mess around with a few settings and when it's all nice and pretty, off it goes...or skip the extra steps and just send it like a normal fax as most would probably do.

    The cordless phone is an appreciated feature, and the speaker phone is loud and clear. Anyone who complained about the MFC-845CW's 20 second limit on incoming voice messages will be happy to know their feedback was heard by Brother. You can now select the time limit for messages, between 30 and 120 seconds.

    I tried out the OCR feature which allows you to scan a document onto your computer and edit the text in a word processor. I was impressed with its ability to recognize typed documents, although anything handwritten is understandably out of the question.

    Printing from a memory card is also simple. I did a real quick print and everything was good with it as well. There are some basic editing features on the machine, although I haven't really tried any of them and most likely won't in the far as I'm concerned that's what Photoshop is for.

    Overall layout of the Navigation screen was nice. The widescreen was very helpful and made selecting different options simple as you can fit more in at once. Easy navigation and very basic information...Setup was a breeze with my Linksys network...taking only the push of a couple buttons and it was good to go. I've got 2 computers currently sharing this is a laptop (wireless) and the other a desktop (USB). With the laptop comes my one and only on...

    I'm running Windows XP Media Center Edition, Service Pack 2 on my laptop. The main program (Control Center 3) will not run on it. Whenever I try to load it, I get a terminal failure (The kind that asks to send Microsoft an error report). I did as much snooping around for a fix as I could...but didn't find anything. So I downloaded the latest set of utilities for the machine...but no help there. So this means that on my laptop right now I can still print, however I cannot receive information such as scans and such from the machine. I'm more then confident that when I get on the phone with Brother they will have a solution, or that an updated version of the program will be released fixing this. But I'll have to wait until Monday to do so.

    To be fair I did purchase this fairly soon after its release so bugs are understandable. And they do not specifically mention Media Center Edition as a compatible operating system although it is implied when they say XP Home. My desktop is my powerhouse anyway so I do most of the editing on their...but still it's a frustrating problem none the less.

    I've been through my fair share of printers...from Lexmark to HP. This is the best I've come across. I'm a very demanding consumer, and spent hours researching before making this purchase. It was the most expensive on my list of "maybes"...but I figured I'd take a chance and I don't regret it in the least. I'll probably be using this printer for at least the better part of a decade so I decided to make it a good one. As far as the software is concerned, yes it is an inconvenience, but most likely a temporary one...I'm certain many people would have docked a point or two for that, but for me the excess of quality makes up for such a blaring issue with the software...and most likely the people reading this review will not have an issue with it because I'm sure my case is fairly isolated and isn't directly related to my Operating System, rather something else that's going on. In the future I'll install it on an identical laptop with the same operating system (we have 3 in my house) and see if the problem reoccurs.

    Good luck with finding the right AIO for yourself. It would take a rare breed to find disappointment with the MFC-885CW, but everyone has different standards for their different uses. For me, this is perfect.
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