SP3700 Complete Premium Portrait Studio Kit - 3 Studio Flash/Strobe, 2 softboxes, 3 backdrops, wireless
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Product Description

This new 3 light kit gives you plenty of power, is lightweight, portable, and simple to set up. Just like our other kits we wanted to offer a complete package with all of the necessary accessories. Thus, we have included a complete backdrop support kit with muslins, barndoor, honey comb filter, gels, and complete softboxes. This kit gives you all the power you will need to get perfect photos. Dare to compare. . . .you will not find anything in this price range at this quality anywhere. This is a $979 value. LAMP MODULES: The SP150S produce a superb light that will bathe your subjects in a variety of lighting effects. These are very high quality professional strobes that will give you years of service. These are flashes/strobes, NOT continuous lights. Because of the way a strobe bursts a huge amount of energy in a very short period of time, the strobe will not generate any lasting heatthis is much easier on your models/subjects. Also, the strobes produce daylight-type color temperatures (5600K), so you do not need special films or filters. They are perfect for commercial studios, location photographers as well as advanced amateurs. You can use this strobe for a main light, fill light, back light, or hair light. With the variable power setting you will have complete control over your light output. It is perfect for film or digital cameras. Similar strobes sell in professional camera stores for over $199-$399 each.

  • Two (2) Professional Studio Strobes: SP150S (at 150 Watt-Second each)
  • Three (3) Professional Duty Aluminum Light Stands
  • Two (2) 20" X 28" Softboxes
  • One (1) Carry case (designed to carry all SP3700 included equipment)
Customer Reviews:
  • dose not fit???
    the problem is that the softbox dose not fit to the flash head that is the same with the barn door i had to tape the soft box to the flash head to be abel to use it and the user manual is not for the same model it is for the other model so i had to setup the hole thing by my self

    other than that every thing is ok....more info
  • Terrific Product
    This product is well worth the price. I would recommend this studio kit to anyone who is looking at this type of purchase. Great product, great vendor! My package was damaged during delivery and Discount Tommy took care of everything! Thank you so much!...more info