4UCam REARVIEW MIRROR 3.6" TFT Color monitor + Wireless Backup Camera w/ Night Vision
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Product Description

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Get the security you need to protect your family and friends. Eliminate the blinds spots and see what's behind you before you back up. Large 3.6" TFT LCD monitor built-inside of rear view Mirror is easy to view. Wireless Back-Up Camera System, no need for complex connect wire layout, easy install. Build-in 10 high-powered IR LED night vision helping to see better at night (see sample picture below) Automatic activate LCD backup view when on reverse position. Mirror and Up/Down image switch by pushing the button on the monitor Automatic sun blocking feature viewing while camera facing the sun 3.6 Color TFT-LCD color high resolution 960x240 Monitor allows you to see what is behind you before you back up Waterproof, heavy-duty IR camera mount to your license plate location For use with 12V DC electrical systems Installation is easy with the elimination of wires from camera to monitor Comes complete with everything you need to install Easy to read English installation manual See the actual test cases on the picture link above. (Due to the integration with monitor inside the mirror, daytime image might be have glare issue if direct bright light reflection on the mirror)*** [We also have "GPS+BACKUP CAMERA SYSTEM" in one unit in our web store]***

Customer Reviews:

  • great!!
    This is an awsome company with wonderful cams and monitors! If you are looking for a backup cam system, then you really want to buy from these people. I have bought three systems from these people, so to say I am happy with them in a understatement. I had one monitor that didn't work and when I emailed joe about it, he told me where to send it back to him and resent me on back really quick. That is what I call service! If you are looking for good cams and monitors, then you don't need to look any further.
    michael...more info
  • Very useful product
    When I bought an SUV, I was always afraid of hitting another vehicle or person while reversing. This rear view camera and monitor has solved the problem to a great extent.


    Easy installation - I installed the camera and the monitor in almost an hour. The hardest part was to remove the trim from the hood for the wiring. The rear-view mirror/monitor installs on existing mirror just using the clips.

    Auto on and off - The camera and monitor turn on when I put my SUV in reverse. No buttons to press.

    No separate display - The monitor is built right in the rear-view mirror, so I do not have an additional screen cluttering my view.

    Infra red camera - I can see clearly even in dark. My rear windshield is tinted and makes it almost impossible to use the rear-view mirror in dark.

    Good quality video - the camera sends good quality video to the monitor. Though it is nowhere like a camcorder video, it is good enough for the job.

    Detailed set of instructions is included in the box.

    During bright day, the display is very hard to see (they mention that in product description though). I have figured out that turning up the brightness to the highest level helps here. I dont really need the rear view camera in the day anyways.

    Very rarely, the monitor doesn't turn on when I reverse. Pressing the power button twice (to turn it off completly and turn on again) solves the problem.

    For the price, you can't get a better product. Before trying this, I got another one from Walmart for hundred bucks, but it did not have night view and had a small monitor which had to be installed on dash.

    If you are not tech savvy or are afraid to break something, you might have to spend some extra bucks to get it installed professionaly....more info
  • Wireless Back-Up Camera System, no complex connect wire layout, complete with everything you need
  • Build-in 10 high-powered IR LED night vision helping to see better at night (see sample picture above)
  • 3.6" TFT LCD color high resolution 960x240 monitor built-in rear view mirror
  • Mirror and Up/Down image switch by pushing the button on the monitor
  • Night Vision Camera mounts to your existing license plate holder and provides wide angle viewing