Nikon WT-4A Wireless Transmitter for Nikon D3 and D300 DSLR Cameras
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Product Description

Wireless transmitter for D3 and D300 allows WiFi remote operation (with optional Camera Control 2 software) and image transfer

  • Transmission Range - Transmission range when wireless LAN is used is approx. 590 feet (IEEE 802.11b/g) or 850 feet (IEEE 802.11a). (Varies according to transmission conditions.)
  • Power Requirements - - EN-EL3e battery (sold separately) and MH-18a charger for EN-EL3e battery or AC Adapter EH-6 (sold separately)
  • WiFi Support - Supports wireless LAN conforming to IEEE 802.11b/g, IEEE 802.11a (WiFi a/b/g), and wired LAN conforming to IEEE 802.3u (100BASE-TX) and IEEE 802.3 (10BASE-T)
Customer Reviews:
  • All works well with Mac OS 10.5.5 (Jaguar) except Thumbnail Selector
    I picked up a WT-4A on Oct 17, 2008. The Firmware in my unit was 1.0. A search of the Nikon web page with a search for WT-4 got me to the information to do several upgrades. I updated the WT-4 firmware to version 1.1. My Nikon D3 was already running firmware 2.0. I downloaded updates for the WT-4 Setup Utility (version 1.1.0) and Thumbnail Selector (version 1.10).

    Configuring and setting up the WT-4 to work with my wireless network in "infrastructure" mode was easy. The camera functioned just fine using Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.2. Using tripod live mode I was able to make focus and exposure adjustments from the computer and take pictures easily. It takes a while to transmit the raw images to the computer, so taking rapid sequences is not possible. Downloads seem to take 5 seconds or so, but I didn't time the download exactly.

    I was not able to get Thumbnail Selector to work at all with my setup. Thumbnail selector launches just fine, the connection to the D3 works just fine. But no thumbnails appear in the application even though I can look at pictures stored on the camera using the camera's functions to view stored pictures.

    I wonder if this is a function of Apple's software. Aperture 2 is unable to view Nikon D3 thumbnails, either, when the camera USB setting is set up as a camera, rather than as auxiliary storage.

    So if you need a way to remotely view, focus, and expose using the WT-4A as your wireless line to your camera, this is a great device. But there are still some problems with the software for other features, namely, the Thumbnail Selector application, which doesn't work with my setup....more info
  • Best one yet
    Manual is a little confusing, but set up is really easy. Transfer works great. Make sure to buy a battery/charge, not included. Does eat batteries pretty fast and gets warm. Battery would last me 3-4 hours of shooting.

    It is expensive but does work very well....more info
  • WARNING! Software not compatible with Mac/ Leopard
    Bought this only to find out Nikon does not support ANY network protocols under Leopard. They are working on an update. I only found this out afterwards had to go to their support site to understand why the program kept crashing. ONLY on the software update site, way down at the bottom does it say "Not compatible with Leopard". Mac users please read the fine print on compatibility. Only compatible up to 10.4.11 You would think Nikon would be able to release a new product capable of using the current operating system. This was release after Leopard was on the street. Another kick in the teeth for Mac users. Make sure the Leopard update has been release before you buy!!!!!...more info