Micro-SD Card Holder / Micro-SD Storage Device for Phones, PDAs and Digital Cameras. Free shipping automatically applied at checkout!
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Product Description

A great way to store, use, and manage your Micro-SD cards! Have you ever misplaced that card full of your recently taken images or downloaded MP3 files? Have you ever been outdoors and discover you filled up your memory card in your camera and you can't find a spare card? The cost of memory cards can be high, but the content on the card could be priceless. If you own more than one Micro-SD card, you must get this case to fit your Mobile Lifestyle. It provides a perfect way to keep extra memory cards available. So if the card in the camera fills up, you can quickly swap-out the card for a fresh cone. The full card can now be carried in the case until the data can be downloaded. Free shipping automatically applied at checkout!

  • Finally, a solution for carrying multiple Micro-SD cards with your electronic devices.
  • Option: Can be easily attached to most electronic devices with the provided adhesive pad. Mechanical detent helps keep rotating door secured.
  • Slim profile is about 1/8-inch high, 1-inch wide and 1-3/4-inch long.
  • Textured top surface makes it easy to rotate the holder open, and detents lock the cover in place.
  • Free shipping automatically applied at checkout!
Customer Reviews:
  • Great form factor, harder to use than expected
    Neither the previous reviews nor the marketing text said this, but the holder does in fact hold 4 microSD cards, as you'd expect from the pictures.

    Sizewise, it's almost exactly the width of a quarter, and it's not as long as two side-by-side. It's firm enough opening/closing that I don't have fear of it doing so accidentally in a bag or backpack. The cards are a tight fit, but that's expected since there's nothing but friction holding them in.

    The big problem is that the cards are extremly hard to remove. Because of the way the pivoting door works they can't stick out past the plastic at all and so you're left trying to get a grip on the far-too-shallow ridge on them....more info
  • Good price at $1.95 shipped.
    The Kingston 2GB microSD cards I got from Woot a few weeks ago fit in this holder perfectly. They were Taiwanese made cards. The fit was snug and it took some effort with a fingernail to remove them from the holder so I don't think they could easily become dislodged from the holder if the cover was accidentally opened. I gave this product 4 stars because of the design. If the holder is attached to a device and the device is dropped and lands on the holder, I think the cover of the holder could break and fly away. And the stress could dislodge the microSD cards....more info
  • Doesn't work with all microSD cards
    I've been looking for a holder like this for a while. It's a nice small holder and just what i need. I had to give it one star though because of the 8 microSD cards I have only 2 fit in it! The Sandisk cards fit, but none of my Kingston or PNY cards will fit in. I ordered 4 of these holders and they are all the same way so it's not just 1 bad holder. I am really disappointed....more info
  • A++++
    I was able to stick the card holder on the back of my Nintendo DS and it worked like a charm. It holds up to 4 micro sd cards and I could watch movies and listen to tons of music without carrying around extra cases. Cool Item!!!!...more info
  • Just What I Needed
    My recent purchase of a SanDisk Sansa View 16 GB Video MP3 Player (Black) left me with no good way to carry extra MicroSD cards. (When I can buy four 32 gigabyte microSD cards, I'll have enough space for my entire music collection...)
    This little gem provided the storage I need. The included sticky tape worked on the back of my Sansa View perfectly.
    It would have earned five stars if the cover wasn't loose. The cards are held in with a little friction, so I'm not worried that an accidental open cover will cause me to lose my music.
    Well worth the price....more info