20'' Lorex SG20C6144-A Color Quad VCR Combo w/4 Cameras
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Quadruple your protection! This Lorex SG20C6144-A Color Quad VCR Combo comes complete with everything you need to set up a security surveillance system! It includes a 20-inch Color Monitor with a built-in VCR, 4 security cameras that lets you view locations simultaneously in real time, cables, remote control and more!! The Lorex SG20C6144-A features a high resolution20-inch color real time quad monitorwith a built-in 1280 lapse time VCR, on screen programming for date, time and camera, two time zoom capability and four alarm inputs to add additional alarm devices! This system includes four 1/4-inch CCD color cameras with built-in speaker and microphone and a PIR Sensor function that detects movement and triggers monitor to full screen displayThere's even a 2-way audio feature so you can listen in on what's going on! Use this Lorex SG20C6144-A Color Quad VCR Combo to keep an eye at your business, home, by the pool, driveway and more;the possibilities are endless! Order today!

  • Lorex SG20C6144-A 14-inch Color Quad VCR Combowith 4 Cameras General Features:
  • Color Quad Combo with Multiplexer function Video and audio surveillance system
  • 20-inch Color Monitor with built-in VCR View up to 4 camera locations simultaneously in real time
  • Remote control or Main Panel operation Monitor Features:
  • High resolution 20-inch color real time quad monitor