Monster Isonicast Ipod and Iphone Wireless Audio
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2.4 GHz Technology / Base Station Blue LED Light / Transmitter does not require a separate remote / 2-meter Mini-to-RCA Cable / Ultra-low power consumption Includes 2-meter mini-to-RCA cable for system hookup Ultra-low power consumption - no batteries needed High bandwidth 4Gbps streaming throughput eliminates compression artifacts Two-piece audio bridge wirelessly integrates iPod into home audio systems Transmitter uses iPod and iPhone controls for playback - no separate remote needed

  • Proprietary 2.4 GHz technology for pure sound
  • Blue LED light in base station confirms signal reception
  • Transmitter uses iPod and iPhone controls for playback - no separate remote needed
  • Two-piece audio bridge wirelessly integrates iPod into home audio systems
  • Intelligent frequency hopping minimizes interference for better sound
Customer Reviews:
  • Could be better, but definitely worth it
    An iPod is a wonderful gadget and the guy who invented the click wheel deserves a Nobel price. Unfortunately you will want to listen to your audio properly, through the stereo in your living room. Docks have a major disadvantage: your iPod sits in it and you are left using a flimsy remote control (if at all!) instead of your click wheel. Your iPod has just been reduced to one of those cheap & akwardly controlled mp3 player.

    I bought the Monster Isonicast when there were few reviews around, based on its amazing promise: you get to hold your iPod in your hand, control it the way you are used to. Yet audio is playing wirelessly through the stereo. Voodoo! Magic :)

    I gave this product 3 stars because I like it and it has really made me enjoy my music more. But it is not a perfect product. 30 feet? That might be stretching it. You don't want to have major interference in the way, forget about playing through a wall. And please, put your iPod down when it plays music: it doesn't like it when you start shaking it around, the music will stutter. Surprised?! However, if you have reasonable expectations then this product is definitely worth the money. You tend to listen more often to your favourite music and just your favourite music (remember, much less awkward to skip, skip, skip or manually select something) and the sound's just amazing: absolutely crystal clear!

    You will never want to use a regular dock (bad controls) or an FM transmitter (horrible audio) again....more info
  • iSoniCast
    Monster Isonicast Ipod and Iphone Wireless Audio

    Please note that you cannot use the volume controls of your Ipod as the iSoniCast uses the lineout....more info
  • Horrible Sound, Completely Useless
    I was interested in buying this so I could eliminate some cords in my house, but I was grossly disappointed. The wireless connection was horrible! It only worked in the room my receiver was in, and if I picked up the ipod while it was playing it broke up the signal. Forget about using it more than 10 feet from the receiver or while walking...the sound was so bad I had to turn it off.

    I am hoping it is just a lemon and I am returning it with hopes of trying another one because I can't believe Monster would sell a product that was as bad as this....more info
  • Monster Isonicast Ipod Wireless device delivers
    I recently bought the Monster Isonicast and I absolutely love it. I live in New York City and was very disappointed with the FM transmitters I previously tried that are more popular and less expensive. The only problem is since I live in the city it is hard to get a clear FM signal to use with my Ipod to connect WIRELESSLY to my stereo. This product works as advertised and the sound and functionality can't be beat.
    My one complaint is that I can't walk throught my entire one bedroom apartment with it. It works in the furthest part of my one bedroom from the stereo, but not in the hallway leading to my bedroom, must be some problem with the walls there. Otherwise great product and very happy with my purchase. Highly recommended....more info