Olympus FL-36R Electronic Flash for Olympus Digital SLR Cameras
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Product Description

Forget dealing with cumbersome cables when wanting to get perfect lighting for your photographic subjects. Thanks to the new Olympus remote control (RC) FL-36R, cordless lighting set-ups are a convenient reality. It is ideal for use with the Olympus E-3 professional D-SLR that enables the control of up to three different flash groups directly from the camera - no separate commander unit is required. Photographers benefit from extreme flash unit versatility and never again need to be hindered in the studio or in the field by troublesome wires. Four remote control communication channels can be set by the user to avoid interference with other peripherals in the vicinity. Photographers also have the option to control wireless transmission distance by choosing between three signal strengths - for a range of up to 33 feet. It has an adjustable head - can be swiveled without impeding their ability to communicate. A wide range of flash-related settings can also be easily accessed and adjusted using the camera's LCD panel as the user interface. Moreover, flash control is available in three groups, allowing flash mode and compensation settings to be set independently for each group - thus enabling ultra-precise illumination. The Olympus E3 series DSLR liberates you from any confines of digital photography. The affordable FL36R extends that freedom even further while lighting your way towards a wider breadth of flash potential. Option of TTL Auto, Auto and Manual modes Compact design and lightweight Energy-saving circuitry Bounce and swivel head Super FP Mode up to 1/4000th sec Flash coverage is automatically adjusted in several steps to correspond to the focal length of the lens when zooming Flash intensity setting in 1/8 EV steps possible with Olympus E-System D-SLR

  • Medium Power Bounce Flash
  • TTL Dedicated
  • Remote Controlled
Customer Reviews:
  • The Olympus FL-36R Flash
    I bought the Olympus FL-36R flash for my Olympus SP-570UZ.It was a little more than the FL-36 but it is worth the few dollars more. It takes 2 AA batteries which i like and is gives out a decent output. You can adjust the flash head to different angles for bounce light. It communicates with the camera and adjust the zoom flash head according to the zoom position that you use on the camera.It will do all sorts of TTL features that you need for a nice flash. Excellent quality and reliable performance.
    RobertLZ on flickr...more info
  • Excellent purchase
    I'm using Olympus FL-36R Electronic Flash on my Olympus SP-570UZ digital camera. The results are great....more info
  • Great for the porro mirror cameras
    This flash unit is very well built and practical. The head tilts 90° and swivels 180°, it is light, compact and very well built. You can get CV-R3 lithium ion batteries for it, which being a single unit is more practical than two AA batteries.

    It does not charge as fast as bigger, meaner models such as the Metz Mecablitz 48 AF-1, and it lacks the 58 AF-1 secondary fill-in flash lamp. But because of its compactness it is a good fit for compact cameras without remote flash capability as the E-510; for the E-420, get the wireless version FL-36R.

    Lacking the secondary lamp, it is a good fit for cameras that have a built-in flash at a offset from the hot shoe so as to be useful as a secondary fill-in flash lamp, such as the E-330, Panasonic L1 or Leica Digilux 3 -- but these cameras being bigger perhaps the Metz Mecablitz 58 AF-1 might be a nice fit too.

    For the E-1, E-3 or Panasonic L10, get the Metz Mecablitz 58 AF-1, or the FL-50R if you can live without the secondary lamp or if you need the wireless capabilities now -- the Metz is awaiting a firmware option to interoperate wirelessly with the Four Thirds cameras....more info
  • Great Flash! Slow with regular batteries though
    I just purchased the Olympus E510 digital camera with this flash for my work - and I love it! Aside from the Olympus digital SLR camera being pretty amazing, the flash is outstanding. You can twist it a million different directions and give it different lighting situations. You'll want to read the manual to learn all about it. The best feature is the slave. So handy and it works like a dream. I couldn't ask for a better flash for any of my cameras. My only complaint is that the charge time is SLOW!!!! I'm looking for an AA battery alternative, but the only one I can find is $400! If you don't mind waiting for the charge, this flash is amazing....more info