Olympus FL-50R Electronic Flash for Olympus Digital SLR Cameras
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Product Description

The FL-50R is an external flash unit that allows wireless flash settings to be controlled from the camera body. Wireless flash transmission channel settings enable selection of flash/no flash for groups of multiple flash units. In addition it allows TTL auto, auto, and manual modes to be set; offers a bounce and swivel head; and flash coverage is automatically adjusted in several steps to correspond to the image area when zooming. The FL-50 provides GN28 at a 12mm focal length (equivalent to 24mm on a 35mm camera; ISO 100) and GN50 at 42mm focal length (equivalent to 85mm on a 35mm camera; ISO 100). Along with the standard bounce and swivel capability, power zoom and a full range of TTL Automatic, Automatic and Manual flash modes, the FL-50R offers the Super FP Mode enabling flash sync at speeds up to 1/4000th second so fill-flash can be used in the brightest of situations. This is achieved by the flash's ability to fire before the shutter opens and stay illuminated until after the shutter closes. Designed specifically for digital photography, the FL-50R flash also has more even illumination with less corner fall-off than traditional film flashes.
Four remote control communication channels can be set by the user to avoid interference with other peripherals in the vicinity. Photographers also have the option to control wireless transmission distance by choosing between three signal strengths - for a range of up to 33 feet. Choice of four channels to avoid interference Extendable transmission distance TTL Auto, Auto, and Manual modes Flash coverage is automatically adjusted in several steps to correspond to the focal length of the lens when zooming For Olympus E DSLR

  • High Power Bounce and swivel Flash
  • TTL Dedicated
  • TTL Auto, Auto, and Manual
Customer Reviews:
  • My first flash and probably my last
    What can I say, this flash is awesome!!! I am not a professional photographer but was getting tired of constantly being one of many parents running back and forth from the stage to take pictures at my childrens events. The built in flashes really don't provide enough for more than maybe 10 feet away. Even on the SP-570 I own. Adding this flash was one of the best investments I've made when it comes to camera equipment. Now I can take pictures from 40 to 50 feet away and the end result is a beautiful picture, sometimes better than the ones I took having to run up to the stage. I'm sure as I learn more about the proper use of the flash my picture taking skills will continue to improve....more info
  • I'm using it with E-510 & Canon G9
    This flash is a great choice for indoor photography and also nice for macro. In the past I used the built-in flash which is making dark shadow behind any subject. But using the 50R with the diffuser or reflector is really awesome. No more shadow, balanced lighting and clearer photo. For me, the max ISO I used was 200.

    I tested it with my Canon G9 and it works just fine using the manual setting.

    For the price, It's great and better choice than the FL-50. I can't use the wireless option but it's the best flash for the future if you are going to upgrade or buy a new cam from Olympus. recharges fast and your hero in a dark place.

    ...more info
  • very good
    I use the flash with my Olympus E3 and it is very fast to recycle. It is ready when I'm and the build quality is great....more info
  • Olympus FL-50 Flash Review
    There is an old saying in photography, which goes something like this: "What really determines the quality of a photo is the lighting and not so much the camera that you are using" I find this to be emphatically true. So to have good lighting I needed a powerful flash. The Olympus FL-50 is one of the most awesome pieces of equipment you could ever add to your photographic arsenal. I have been use the FL-50 since way before I even upgraded to using the Evolt SLRs to take photos. I used my Olympus FL-50 originally with an Olympus C-770 UZ camera. I have shot thousands of photos using this flash and I shoot 99% in bounce mode even if the ceiling is 60 feet above the subject. (Baruch College Relay for Life 2008) Most often times I have the flash heads pointing straight up at the ceiling so I get a nice effect of soft overhead natural lighting. Because the flash works through the Olympus TTL system the exposure comes out right no matter which way the flash head is pointing. I shoot mostly events and gatherings and I use this flash exclusively. You can view hundreds of photos I shot with this flash at "Rutherford High Class of 77" and "Baruch College photos". Just type those words into Google and click on the 1st link to see the photos. I have upgraded my cameras to higher-level models, but the FL-50 is my number 1 flash unit and goes with me on every event. ...more info
  • FL-50R
    This is my second FL-50R. I also own one FL-50 and one FL-36. For the money, the FL-50R is my choice. With my E-3, I can now use three flashes at once. I do weddings and in the past used Quantum flashes. Now with the very easy to set up FL-50R's I can use studio type lighting for my wedding formals. I can very easily set up ratios and with three flashes ( one on camera and two externals) I can light up the darkest of churches. The price on Amazon was absolutely the best. Hight recommended. ...more info
  • Need more of these!
    I have 2 of these, and am about to get another. These things absolutely rock! Quick recharge especially using Calumet rechargeable AA batteries. With bounce reflectors on stands, they make a great portable 3-point lighting system. Powerful and flexible with the E-3 and E-520! I love the remote-control system!...more info
  • Olympus FL50R electronic flash
    This flash was exactly what I was looking for. I own an Olympus E3 camera and this flash works flawlessly with this camera....more info
  • review flash unit
    Dear Amazon: Thank you and the seller for my flash FL-50R purchase, which
    was a needed accessory. Thank you also for the ease of shopping on Amazon and the really fast service.
    Marian Umhoefer
    ...more info
  • Olympus FL-50R Wireless Flash
    I now own three of these and recently used them along with Gary Fong Lightspheres to create an instant Pet Portrait Studio. The results were fantastic. I shoot with the Olympus E3, but I understand the new E520 also can control the wireless FL-50R. You might want to invest in light stands. The tabletop base has extremely limited uses, especially if you need to tilt the flash along with a Lightsphere!...more info
  • Future proof version of the FL50
    If you ever think you might upgrade your back and are deciding between the FL-50 AND FL-50R then the smart money goes on the R. A few items from the existing 4/3 system (such as the FL-50 and the 50-200 mm zoom lens) have "R" versions that work with the new E3 and also the older models. The FL-50R incorporates a radio trigger so that multiple flashes can be setup and triggered from the camera's flash. That is the added feature you are buying with this flash. All in all, it's worth it when later on in life you have an E3 and 2 flashes (one subject / one background) and want to tie them together. The amount of work doing it with cords is a nightmare, and the radio would sure be nice at times like that.

    If you never plan to go to an E3, the FL-50 will do everything you need in a flash and save you some cash.

    That's all there is to it - no more power, no more features, works with the existing flash system and is future proof to the E3 camera back....more info