Wireless Camera Indoor Pan Scanner with Remote Controller
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Mount your wireless camera on this WirelessIndoor Pan Scanner and see everything. This indoor scanning unit turns either to the left or right direction up toa maximum of 350. With the remote control, you can make it turn to the right, left, automatic or stop. It hasbuilt-in BNC connectors to connect your wired camera and TV! Just provide yourcamera, mount it to awall orceiling and keep an eye on your valuables!

  • Wireless IndoorPan Scanner General Features: Indoor scanning unit
  • Maximum level turning angle: 350 Minimum turning angle: 30 Operating frequency: 315 MHz
  • Remote control operating distance: 30 - 80 m ( 98 - 262 feet)
  • Remote controls: A:right, B:left, C:auto, D: stop
  • Built-in flexible BNC cable with connector (male) for video input from camera