Trek Thumbdrive Mini 2GB w Hardware AES Security
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Product Description

This solution employs a flash memory controller with built-in data encryption engine which conforms to the advanced encryption standard (AES). It provides high-end encryption to secure data stored on the flash drive. As the encryption is performed by the high-speed hardware encryption engine, the product is able to deliver high transfer speed without compromising the data protection, and it does not take up additional computing resources on the host computer. The encryption engine is able to encrypt data with 256-bit key, which is one of the strongest encryption solutions today.

  • USB 2.0 high speed, mass storage compliant, no external power supply requires
  • Compact, light and power consumption under both active and suspend modes
  • No installation required. Plug and Play via USB port
  • Solid State drive with no moving parts, LED indicates the state of the drive
  • AES encryption, only work in W2K, XP and Vista