UNGO 2 Way Pro Security Car Alarm with Remote Engine Starter
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Product Description

Protect your vehicle with a comprehensive security system with features such as: Hyper Blue Status LED Remote Panic ProSecurity Programmer ProSecurity Power Up and ProSecurity Starter Disable Selectable Ignition Controlled Door Locks Dual Stage Impact Sensor Extended Range Antenna Programmable Override Sequence Remote Silent Arm/Disarm Capability Event History Diagnostics Custom Auxiliary Configuration Remote Sensor Bypass Selectable Siren Duration False Alarm Prevention Circuitry Extended Range Antenna Anti-Grind Circuitry Tach or Voltage Sense Selectable Run Time Factory Alarm Interfacing Custom Auxiliary Configuration Gas or Diesel Compatible Short Run Rear Defroster Activation Over Rev Protection

  • Compact Satellite Relay Pack
  • Driver's Door Priority Capability
  • Anti-Code Grabbing Technology
  • Individual Remote Recognition
  • Remote Enable Valet