UNGO Pro Security SR9000 2-Way One Mile Range Security with Remote Start System
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Product Description

The SR9000 utilizes Ungo Pro Security's advanced security features, including parking light flash, dedicated horn honk and dome light supervision. Featuring Ungo's most advanced remote start and theft prevention technology, the SR9000 utilizes Secure Digital Communication (SDC) , a type of spread sprectrum technology that operates at 900 MHz to provide increased efficiency and minimal interference to assure users that the signal will go through. With SDC and two-way remote, users can start their vehicles with a push of a button within a one-mile range, receiving confirmation back that it has started. Remote Enable Valet 6 Independant Protection Zones Dual Stage Impact Sensor False Alarm Prevention Circuitry Anti-Grind Circuitry 4 Auxiliary Outputs Compact Satellite Relays for Remote Start ProSecurity Programmer Gasoline or Diesel Vehicle Compatibility Short Run / Turbo Timer Mode Tachometer or Voltage Sensing Dedicated Horn Honk Output Ignition Controlled Door Locks Driver's Door Unlock Priority Capable Dome Light Supervision Output Power Save mode

  • SDC transmits signals over a wide range of digital frequencies and then recollects them at the receiver. These signals resist jamming and interception, thus providing long range communication between the remote transmitter and the vehicle
  • Anti-Code Grabbing Technology
  • 1 Mile Extended Range Antenna
  • Multi-level Security Arming
  • Individual Remote Recognition