Fenix L2D-CE Q5 Premium (Cree Q5 Edition LED) Digital LED Flashlight (6 Output levels), Black Color - 180 Lumens; uses 2 x AA batteries
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Product Description

The Fenix L2D-CE Q5- the mini flashlight with brilliant brightness. The L2D-CE Q5 is brighter than a 5W Surefire L2 on high, and is brighter than a Streamlight Stinger, too. These new Cree Q5 LEDs are amazing. The flashlight with a digital circuit with 2 output modes and 6 output levels can be easily and conveniently slipped in your pocket/Belt holster. The Maximum output is 180 Lumens and it lasts 2.4 hours with 2 AA alkaline batteries (batteries not included). At the lowest mode, it is 12 lumens at 55 hours. There are two modes of outputs - selected by turning the bezel (patented). The brightness can be adjusted by lightly pressing the tail switch. With the characteristic inbuilt current regulation circuit and stable high brightness, the Fenix L2D-CE Q5 is able to meet all your lighting needs whether you're a police officer, outdoor enthusiast or a person who appreciates a quality flashlight. Circuit Digitally Regulated for Constant Brightness. New ability to aid in an emergency. Super High brightness, Long Runtime, Compact size. Push button tail cap switch. Input voltage: 1.5V~4V; 5.85 inch(L) x 0.83 inch(Dia). 56-gram (excluding batteries); Available Color: Black only (batteries not included)

  • Uses a new 50,000-hour Premium Q5 version Cree 7090 XR-E Q5 LED, superior to Luxeon V
  • 2 modes, 6 output Levels: Turbo Mode: 180 lumens (2.4 hours), Strobe; General Mode: 12 lumens; 53 lumens; 107 lumens; SOS with the button and bezel
  • Made of aerospace grade aluminum. Type III hard anodized anti-scratch finish.
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  • Limited lifetime warranty. Repair is free but you will be charged for the cost of parts.
Customer Reviews:
  • Nice Flashlight.
    This has to be the brightest flashlight I have ever owned. The amount if light coming from something so compact is amazing. Bought it because of its great reviews and I am not disappointed. It has a lot of different modes and is pretty well built. If I really had to fault one thing is that the batteries rattle a little bit in there and I mean a little bit, not enough to deduct a star though....more info
  • Small and Bright
    I own a few high powered LED lights including a bunch which use CR123 batteries. These lights have been bright but with the cost of (2) CR123's in our local stores breaking the $10 mark, I had to look for alternatives. I eventually decided to try the Fenix L2D-CE Q5 after reading reviews and seeing video reviews on the net. My first impression was one of surprise at how small and light it actually is. The Fenix L2D is about an inch shorter than a Mag 2AA LED flashlight and considerably thinner in the center where it steps down. It's actually small in my hands and I've dropped it a few times without any problems. (I do try to use the lanyard now though) The different settings take a little time to get used to...I either click it off instead of the soft tap to change the setting or tap too quickly and bypass the setting that was intended. This aside, the brightness at High and more importantly Turbo mode are surprising from such a small package. The light does get hot in Turbo mode and I haven't left it on for more than a few minutes...choosing High mode instead which is quite adequate. The color and spread of light are very clean and desirable. I haven't found a downside as of yet besides the tendency to drop. Overall I'm very impressed at the output, weight (especially using AA lithiums) and ability to move away from expensive CR123 batteries. I think this would make a great light for a vehicle or hiking/fishing kit...with many modes to choose from and brightness for any outdoor activity. Definitely a great buy...can't wait to order another!...more info
  • Lower price
    Excellent product. However, you can find the exact same item for $62.50 and free shipping at www.fenix-store.com, the guys that make this product....more info
  • The brightest flashlight I've ever owned and well worth the investment.
    I bought this flashlight a few months ago to take to Egypt so I could pretend I'm an explorer and crawl around inside of things and illuminate dark areas. Compared to a regular flashlight I was using and that I thought was bright, the Fenix L2D completely obliterated the other flashlight.

    True story: I got to go inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Cairo and since it was dark (and extremely humid, but that's another story), everyone had their flashlights out. I pulled out this flashlight and overpowered their flashlights so much that I attracted a few people who were interested in what I was shining my light on and even got a few "wows" out of how bright this was. And this was even without it being super bright!

    I haven't used the other two modes - the rapid flashing or the super bright mode that much. The rapid flashing will literally cause disorientation if you shine it at someone (good if you're a police officer, bad if you're a robber.)

    I never thought that I'd care about flashlights or just thought that Maglites were the awesome ones. Ever since I got this, I'm extremely happy and overwhelmed at the sheer awesomeness of this....more info
  • Good, bright flashlight
    I am very pleased with this flashlight. It has a decent amount of brightness, especially at the "ultra bright" setting. It gets hot very quickly at the brightest setting and the manual warns not to use it for prolonged periods. The flashlight is very light and durable. I dropped it about 4 feet onto concrete and it has been subjected to rain and various other elements with no ill effects. The barrel twist on / twist off operation is smooth. The battery life is acceptable with akalines however, I normally use quick charging NIMH's. The belt clip case is a nice touch. The only issue I have is that it is very difficult to attach the included lanyard to the the microscopically small holes on the bottom of the flashlight. I had to use a sewing needle and thread to loop it through. Outside of that, I think this is a very capable, compact and bright flashlight and I recommend it....more info
  • Shouldn't use at "Turbo" power for more than 10 minutes!
    First off, this is a fine flashlight and is extremely bright, especially considering that it is powered by only 2 AA batteries (I use NiMH rechargables).

    The problem: nowhere on the Amazon ad, or on the Fenix website, or on the side of the flashlight box is mentioned the 10 minute limitation of using the flashlight at "Turbo" power due to heat build-up, however it is stated in the flashlight instructions once you have opened the box. I call this deceptive advertising on Fenix's part. What if you bought a 1200 watt microwave oven that only mentioned inside the box that it could not be use at maximum power for more than 10 minutes...straight back to the store it would go.

    My final position: this is a good flashlight and I intend to use it a its advertised "Turbo" setting (180 lumens) without a 10 minute limitation. I will return it for warrantee replacement/repair if it fails due to being used as advertised....more info
  • Wonderful Flashgliht, super bright, durable, and cheap compared to other high powered torches
    After ordering this Fenix L2D CE Q5 180 lumens, I was very anxious to use it. This little flashlight is amazing! 6 light settings, 180 max lumens, throw and distance is very good, the best I've seen for this size. I really don't think anyone can get a better deal than Fenix brand.

    For those who are hesitant to spend $60, well its worth it. See some youtube videos you'd be surpised, and even that, its much brither in real life. I've tried it in backyard at night, its like a giant spot light. Any intruders would be disoriented and annoyed by the strobe effect.

    Incandescent is the thing of the past, circuit regulated LED's are the future. Save yourself money and stop spending on expensive surefires or other ones that uses lithium CR123A batteries, this is the one to get!...more info
  • Wisconsin Outdoors
    This is one awesome light! You can read all of these reviews but you really will not believe just how bright that this little light is until you actually try it! I was kind of skeptical at first, especially when I saw the price. It is well worth it, the quality is great, it will last a long time. Another great thing for me is that you use AA batteries instead of some other harder to find, more expensive batteries. I can tell you that this "Cree Q5 Edition LED" technology is actually very amazing! It is nothing like any of the other LED lights that I have purchased before, not even in the same league!

    I use it for my bicycle light riding back and forth to work at night. It is far brighter than the other two 5-LED lights that I had on my bike combined!! I had also bought the Fenix bike mount so the light comes off really easy so I can use it camping or where ever. I would highly reccomend it to anyone!...more info
  • What's not to like?
    First of all, what's not to like?

    The pros: There's a million positive things about this flashlight that I won't go into since many people have already.

    The cons: It doesn't seem too tough. It should hold up to daily use and probably some drops onto rock or concrete but I don't see it surviving much more. The aluminum casing is very thin. Time will tell I guess. Compared to the INOVA X series... well it doesn't compare.

    Furthermore, I had never used a flashlight with different lumen settings nor had I ever used one that went up to 180. This isn't a negative aspect of the product, but I alway imagined 180 lumens being brighter. Also, there is little difference between the brightness settings. However, it is noticeably brighter in the turbo mode at 180 lumens than at 12 lumens.

    These two minor issues weren't enough to lower it a star. It did everything it said it would and I've seen test where the light output last longer than the factory specs. It never claimed to be extremely tough (so therefore no stars removed) and it never said "180 lumens will be as bright as you always imagined" (and so therefore no stars were removed).

    All in all, worth the money IMO....more info
  • Best Flashlight I've ever bought
    This is the 1st Quality flashlight I've ever bought. I needed a small high powered flashlight for work. I was very impressed with the output of this unit. It is much brighter than I expected. I've had this for a few weeks and use it everyday and still on the 1st set of batteries...

    Would definately recommend this product...more info
  • Very versatile and powerful.
    I bought this flashlight because I work in a plant and need a different brightness of light for different situations and it helps if it's very easy to carry around. This light really fits the bill. At full power it's bright enough to see pretty much anything I need to see within 50 feet or so. There's no way to focus the beam to check a certain thing but with this much power you can just light up the whole wall.

    The flashlight is pretty durable I've found. I keep dropping it on the concrete floor from about 4 feet I would say and haven't hurt it yet.

    All that being said if you're looking for the convenience of a mini maglite with the power to put it's 5 D Cell buddy to shame, this is light you want. ...more info
  • awesome flashlight
    This is a great little flashlight. With 2 regular batteries, it was brighter than my Surefire flashlight. At half the price of a comparable Surefire flashlight, you can't beat the value. My rechargeable lights keep dying on me. Being able to use regular batteries and not having to worry about a dead (rechargeable) flashlight is a life saver. I was totally amazed by the amount of light produced. Also the light is easy to turn on and off. No need to rotate anything. Just push the end cap to turn on and with each tap (on the end cap), changes the setting. Very fast and easy. It comes with a nylon holster that you can easily attach to your sam browne belt. ...more info
  • Amazing !!!
    I just got this flashlight recently and have been very impressed by the light output and versatility. First, it's very small and only uses two AA batteries yet it's incredibly bright!!! Even at the lowest setting of 12 lumens which is brighter than your ordinary mini Mag (I own mini maglite non-led and there's no comparison whatsoever). I'm also impressed by the fact that it has a few modes on it ranging from the 12 lumens (great feature as it saves battery life) to the very bright 180 lumens !!! Let's just say that at times I don't need to use the powerful brightness, then there's the 12 lumens which is plenty enough to find keys, etc but if I NEED to change a tire by the dark roadside, I'll be glad to have the powerful 180 lumens at my disposal. There's no such option on maglites nor any other quality flashlights in this price range! You're pretty much stuck with one light mode and that's that. Furthermore, the construction on the Fenix is very solid, aircraft? aluminum with durable coating and reportedly waterproof. Additionally, there's a talon hole to attach a lanyard. I can't comment on the quality in the long run and although Chinese made, does seem high quality and alot of value. ...more info
  • Extremely powerful and versatile
    Having tried out a regular L2D-CE and being impressed I decided to see if this Q5 was any better. Essentially, the Q5 is exactly like the L2D-CE with the same battery runtime but is brighter on all modes. This is what really peaked my interest in this light. As advertised, it lives up to this claim much to my joy as companies don't always deliver what they promise.

    The turbo mode of 180 Lumens (vs 135 for the L2D-CE) is just incredible power for such a small flashlight running on just 2 AA batteries. For those wondering if I can really see the difference between the two, the answer is absolutely yes. This flashlight is astonishingly bright on Turbo mode, so bright that's it's like someone shrunk a larger handheld spotlight into something as small as a mini-maglite!

    To me though the coolest thing about this flashlight is being able to run it on "Low mode" (12 Lumens) for 80 hours straight if you run Energizer E2 Lithium batteries (around 55 hrs on low mode on Alkalines) but having the ability to switch to different modes, all the way up to an incredible 180 Lumens if you really need a bright light.

    I bought this as an outdoors\camping light because of the its extreme runtime on Low mode but also having the versatility of a brighter light if needed. FYI Low Mode (12 Lumens) is about as bright as a late model mini-maglight (non-LED) if not brighter so this mode has enough light most basic tasks.

    The clicking tailcap is easy to use and seems to work well so far. Overall just a monster flashlight in a very small package.
    ...more info