iPod Touch Clear White Silicone Skin from Prima Cases
List Price: $14.95

Our Price: $8.99

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Product Description

Shelter your iPod Touch from scratches and dust. This custom designed case is made of premium durable silicone with a soft feel and anti-slip grip. The unique fit of this case allows easy accessibility to controls, ports, and the signature iPod Touch screen. Get it now and step aside from the crowd!

  • Perfect fit for iPod Touch
  • Soft feel with anti-slip grip made of premium durable silicone
  • Easy access to controls, port, and touch screen
Customer Reviews:
  • iPod Cover
    I ordered this product. It took a long time to arrive but when I emailed the seller they refunded the entire amount. The product is fine but a little big for my iPod....more info
  • Price???
    I didn't buy this product but i just wanted to let everyone know that i think someone screwed up when they put the price on here because i am pretty sure no one would buy an ipod case for $300 unless it was bomb proof or something....more info
  • Good but not great
    Prima is a good company and this is a good case, though it's not quite perfect. While the fit is quite exact, I find it's not quite as snug as I would like, which makes it pretty easy for dust and debris to get into the case. For example, the edges can flip up as I'm stowing my touch in my pocket, letting crud get trapped between the case and the iPod, which can't be good for the finish.

    I also found that while the silicone texture provides excellent grip, that same grip creates a lot of friction when trying to slip my iPod into a pocket or tight space. So your precious iPod will be less likely to slip from your fingers, but it's also harder to access, which I think is not a good trade-off because the iPod touch can't really be operated without holding and seeing it (i.e., you can't easily change the volume or skip a track while it's in your pocket), so I'm always putting it away and retrieving it.

    In the end I opted for a clear hard case from another maker.

    ...more info