Streetwise MA80 Streetwise Motion Activated Alarm with Auto Dialer
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Product Description

This 21st century security device can save you hundreds of dollars a year in monitoring fees. It can "guard" your home or office seven days a week, 24 hours a day. If an intruder is detected it will sound a powerful 125 decibel to scare away the would-be intruder and alert those inside to the attempted entry (the alarm feature can be disabled if you prefer a silent alarm). Up to three phone numbers are automatically dialed and your pre-recorded message (up to six seconds long) is played. You could program it to call your neighbor, the police, and your cell phone and play a message like, "this is John Doe, an intruder has been detected in my home located at 123 Maple St.." Features include simple operation (can be installed by anyone in only minutes), arms and disarms using a keypad (you set your own security code), and entry and exit delays help prevent false alarms. Two alarm system warning decals are included. Uses on your current phone line (an additional line is not required).

  • It will call up to 3 people when a burglar enters!
  • Silently guards your home or business
  • Infrared system senses any human motion up to 20 feet away
  • Loud 125 decibel alarm
  • Alerts you of any intrusion by phone
Customer Reviews:
  • Great product - Replaces much more expensive alarms
    Bought 2 of these! Use them at our vacation home. If someone breaks in, it calls me and I can look at the video cameras to see if I need to call the police. Simple to use and set up. Can't say enough good things about it....more info
  • great little product with one possible flaw
    does what it says, and it's easy to use and install.
    the options are nice, such as "silent alarm" mode, which dials numbers, but doesn't sound the audible alarm. comes with the cable and splitter you'll need, which is also great. not sure how fast it will chew batteries, but the unit was inexpensive. i can buy rechargeables.

    weakness: the six second message is too short to describe an address and situation without speaking chipmunk speed, and it's very low-res and muffled sounding, (worse on my low voice, i think)--much worse than a bad answering machine. the clarity and brevity might limit its use to phone the police, but if you are being notified by cell phone, for instance, (then YOU can phone the cops), it's just fine.

    i like it very much, and feel better using it....more info