2 Pack!! Brand New Mobile Phone incoming call sensor
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Product Description

This Mobile phone sensor car has a head of red LED light that flashes whenever a mobile phone call is sent or receives. It auto detect cellular phone signal (GSM900/1800). Great for the office, you can on silent and let the car let you know when you've got a call or message. Never miss a call even when the ringer is turned off. Comes with the 3A batteries of 2pcs Features : * Real time display with " Hour : Minute" * Auto detect cellular phone signal (GSM900/1800) * Calendar display with "Date : Month" * Daily Alarm * Smart car with flash light & moving alert when mobile phone rings and receive text messages. * Include 3A battery x 2pcs * On/Off Button - Power up/off the phone sensor unit. Package Includes : * Mobile Phone sensor x 2 * 3A battery x 2 x 2 * User Manual x 2

  • Input Power: 3A battery x 2 Qty:2
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 63.00 x 79.00 x 56.00 mm
  • Packaging Type: White Box