Fenix L0D-CE Q4 Premium CREE LED Flashlight (5 outputs types) - 75 Lumens on one AAA battery
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Product Description

This is the new amazing bright Fenix LOD-CE Q4 bin (CREE LED) at 75 Lumens maximum. It is the brightest LED for this tiny flashlight. It is brighter than a full size Maglite with 3D cells. We have it in stock and ready to ship. There is another much cheaper version of Fenix L0D. The regular L0D uses a Luxeon III that can only output 30 Lumens maximum. This is the superior LOD-CE Q4. The CREE Q4 LED is a newly developed product. It is brighter, more power efficient and generates less heat than a Luxeon V (5 Watt) or a K2. Therefore, even at 75 Lumens, the battery can last 1 hour which is the same as the Luxeon III on LOD at 30 Lumens (or you can say it is a 66% efficiency gain). Fenix LOD-CE Q4 is an ingenious mini flashlight with brilliant brightness and a digital circuit with 5 output levels that can easily and conveniently be used as a keychain flashlight. With the characteristic inbuilt current regulation circuit and stable high brightness, the Fenix LOD-CE Q4 is able to meet all your lighting needs whether you're a police officer, outdoor enthusiast or a person who appreciates a quality flashlight. Dimensions: 7.35cm (L) x 1.4cm (D); Input voltage: 0.8V~3.3V; 14.5-gram weight (excluding batteries); Water-resistant (dunkable); Toughened ultra clear glass lens with AR coating; Capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle; Available Color: Black. The unit comes with a removable a lobster claw keyring, and a spare O-ring. Our model comes with the optional keychain claw, which is not standard. Other sellers are selling the flashlight without the extra keychain claw.

  • 75 Lumens with a single AAA battery; utilizes a CREE Q4 LED with a life of 50,000 hours
  • Brighter than Maglite. Five output types: 25 Lumens(3.5hrs) ; 9 Lumens (8.5hrs) -> 75 Lumens(1hrs) -> Strobe -> SOS
  • Uses one 1.5V AAA battery (not included), inexpensive and widely available; reliable twist switch
  • Durable Type III hard anodized finish which is about 10 times wear resistant than most flashlights - made of aircraft grade aluminum
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Customer Reviews:
  • Wonderful new toy!
    I am extremely excited about this little light. I've used it every evening for the past three weeks and have yet to replace the battery. While many lights have a slew of features that one ultimately finds they DON'T use, the medium, dim and bright light features on this light are both usable and USEful. It takes only a minute or two to develop the muscle memory to select the brightness level you need at any given moment.

    So far, I've not found myself in a situation where I needed the strobe or the SOS, however, I can see using the strobe to mark evening elk kills so you can bring the truck in.

    I think I own every model Maglite has ever made, this beats, hands down, all their small lights. I also have several Inova and this one beats them in size and in using standard batteries.

    I've had no problems with this light turning on accidently, but I'm used to the old era of "twist for on/off" lights and likely automatically give it an extra half turn out of habit. Backpacking and finding you've left your light so that it went 'auto on' is NOT conducive to a fun trip and such habit of turning to 'full' off become second nature.

    I've ordered a pair of these for my parents for Christmas and will order one for my wife in the near future (after recovering from our kids' christmas bills, sigh).

    All in all, I'm very pleased with this light and feel it's an excellent dollar value. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I previously owned a Maglight Solitaire AAA flashlight and wasn't happy with the brightness of the incandescent bulb. I looked everywhere for an LED flashlight and finally settled on the Fenix L0D because it was the same size and only required 1 AAA battery. I was blown away by the brightness. I made the mistake of looking directly into it when I first turned it on and was seeing a purplish blob for several minutes afterward. The quality is better than the Maglight and the 5 settings are pretty cool. I later compared the brightness of this flashlight with the Maglight 3 Watt LED 2 AA flashlight and thought the output was comparable if not brighter from this tiny device. Although this product is pricey, you do get what you pay for and I would highly recommend this product - you will not find a better LED key chain flashlight.

    Note: When I ordered this I was expecting a black flashlight but received the olive green model. I recommend asking the reseller if possible for a color choice. ...more info
  • Perfect keychain flashlight
    Probably the perfect keychain flashlight. Tiny, light. Build quality is excellent -- strong and compact.

    Astoundingly bright off a single AAA battery. Completely annhiliates my old 4-D cell maglite!

    Can be stood upright flat on its tail. A bit wobbly however.

    Not cheap though! You certainly get what you pay for......more info
  • Simply a must have flashlight.
    This flashlight is just superb. Everyone should own one!!!

    Mine came with a lobster claw keychain clip. I hear the newer models come with a pocket clip.

    I use it several times a day usually.

    May you never be in the dark again!

    A word of caution, when you twist the light off, don't merely twist it until out, give it a good half to full rotation twist. My friend didn't and had it accidently turn on in his pocket without knowing and after awhile it got pretty "warm." :D

    ...more info
  • Nice little flashlight
    This little flashlight is just what I was looking for. I wanted something that I could keep on my keychain without adding too much bulk. I have had those tiny watch battery LED lights in the past, but while they help for some things, they don't really project past a few feet. This one is powerful enough to use as my one and only flashlight.

    I would have prefered the off position be fully tighened, such as with the maglights, rather than loosed as with this light. This would keep lint and dirt from getting into the gap while in your pocket.

    Update: After almost 6 months of use, I am still on the first battery. I no longer mind the fact that the off position is not fully tightened, as there is no problem with lint or anything getting anywhere that matters. I also remembered how all my micro Mag lights always eventually died, while I think this little guy will go on forever. As a side not, my 5 month old son thinks it is a great teething device! Overall, I think this is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time.
    ...more info
  • Is bright and well constructed
    I have had about 5 Inova lights and all of them where turning themselves on all the time during the day or night because I was carrying them in my key chain. I finally got tired and put a AAA magligth in my keys. I knew there where led mag lights and bought a 3 AA that I liked. I started searching for a small led. I saw some cr123 or something with expensive batteries. Then I found this one I love the size and that it uses a AAA. I have had it for two weeks and still the same battery. I already have a pair of AAA lithium's but haven't tried it yet.

    I am thinking in buying one for my other keys and for my wife I will test it for another month before buying one....more info
  • WOW! Super-bright and super-small!
    This tiny little flashlight is incredibly bright! To see just how bright, check out the comparison photo I posted in Customer Images. I put it side-by-side with a MAG Solitaire and a MAG 2xAA Mini MagLite -- all with fresh Duracell batteries. The Solitaire isn't even noticeable next to the Fenix. The Fenix is actually about 4 times brighter than the 2 x AA battery Mini MagLite. Some claim that it's as bright as a 3 x D cell MagLite -- it's not that bright, but still brighter than everything else.

    It weighs only 3/4 of an ounce with a Duracell battery in it (same as the MAG Solitaire).

    It's actually a bit shorter (2 15/16") than the Solitaire (3 1/4"), but slightly thicker (9/16") than the Solitaire (1/2").

    To turn on the Fenix, simply twist the barell (similar to the Solitaire). On the first twist, the light comes on to medium brightness (25 lumens). Turn it off and on again within 1.5 seconds and it goes to low brightness (9 lumens). Off and on again takes it to full brightness at 75 lumens. Again, starts a rapid strobe (about 6 pulses per second). Again, starts an S.O.S. morse code signal repeating every 2-3 seconds.

    Before buying this, I was worried that the twisting on/off to change modes would be annoying, but it's not bad. The first mode is appropriately the medium brightness which will probably be the most-commonly used mode. Then you can opt for one of the other modes.

    I LOVE THIS THING!!!...more info